Huangshan Couple Taiping Lake, Mountain and Water Tourist Resort

Huangshan City has more than just Huangshan, Hongcun, and ancient Huizhou cultures. There is also a Taiping Lake called “Eastern Lake of Geneva” at the foot of Huangshan Mountain. The clear and translucent lake, the rolling hills, and the true scenery of a paradise. The so-called “Huangshan Mountain, Taipinghe Water, Jiuhuashan Buddha” came to Huangshan how can it bear to live up to this piece of lake water?
xia ying shuangqiao by wu duoming_d0cf7d

A picture lets you know where Taiping Lake is in seconds

Taiping Lake is on the golden tourist line from Hefei to Huangshan. From Hefei to Huangshan, it is necessary to drive by car or take a bus to Taiping Lake (high-speed exit is called Taiping Lake). Taiping Lake is located between Huangshan Mountain and Jiuhua Mountain, 30 kilometers apart, and 143 kilometers away from Tunxi, where Huangshan City is located.

Tips: The
name of Huangshan City is rather beautiful. Huangshan City, Huangshan District, and Huangshan Mountain Scenic Area (Welcome Pine) are named for Huangshan City. It simply gives us doubts: Huangshan City is composed of three districts, four counties, and a Huangshan Scenic Area. Including Tunxi District (where the city government is located), Huangshan District (Taiping Lake, Huangshan Scenic Area North Gate), Huizhou District (Yan Temple), Xiuning County, Shuo (Yī) County, Shu (shè) County, and Qian (qí) Menxian County. Huangshan Scenic Area is located in Huangshan District. Because it is so famous, it is individually pulled out to facilitate better management.

Summer of Taiping Lake by Fang Yuan

Taiping Lake has a vast area and mainly includes three playable islands, Taiping City (also known as "Baguao Island"), Long Yao Village, and Monkey Island. It is worth mentioning that this is still the location of the 87 version of the TV drama "Dream of Red Mansions" and has hosted events such as the Chinese Walking Championship and the China Triathlon.

What to play in Taiping Lake?

Take a walk on the boardwalk and visit Fisherman's Wharf

Landscape wood plank road by scenic area

Taiping Lake can be said to be a real “natural oxygen bar”. Walk on the landscape wooden plank road, and watch the distant mountains on the lake. Put down the earthly tiredness, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, feel the tranquility of the lake, the tranquility of nature, and enjoy the tranquility of this paradise. Fisherman's Wharf is a small square built on the lakeside steep slope and the lake beach. The traditional Huizhou-style landscaped wall and fisherman's song sculptures can be seen here. You can rest here, sightseeing and taking pictures.

Experience a variety of exciting or laid-back water sports

Pinghu Fan Ying by Chen Xuejun

There are various water items such as water bicycles, power sailboats, water bumper boats, jet skis, and European kayaks on the edge of the landscape wooden plank. You can experience the different flavors of water sports.

Take a boat trip to the lake and enjoy the scenery on the island

Tai Chi Health Punch By Area

The world's Taiping City, also known as the "Yaoji Island," has a gossip maze built on the mountain, a map showing the origins of the Book of Changes, a Luoshu book, a yin and yang well with a test of luck, and an observatory bell that can be prayed for. There is a lucky turntable, walking a gossip maze, while visiting the landscape, there will be a more visual understanding of the Book of Changes culture. Here, you can personally experience the charm of the Book of Changes culture.

Scenic staff feeding monkeys by scenic area

Monkey Quebec Island, named after Taiping Lake's famous tea "Taiping Monkey Quake," is also known as "Monkey Island". It is said that "Monkey Deer" symbolized the closure of Hou Delu in ancient China, so Monkey Island is an auspicious place. The Monkey Island is composed of two small islands. The middle one is connected by a wooden bridge. It is interesting that when the rains rise, the water level will drown out the wooden bridge, and in the distance it will be two separate islands. On the island, there are famous Macaque monkeys in Huangshan. Tourists can see large and small, lively and lovely monkeys jumping up and down the trees and rocks. If lucky, they can see the staff feeding monkeys. There are also monkeys performing on the island. Oh.

In Long Yao Village, the history of firing pottery in the waters of Taiping Lake can be traced back to the Neolithic Age 5,000 years ago. Walking around the island, you can see all kinds of tools and facilities for making ancient pottery, and you can also go to ancient pottery. Cultural Exhibition Hall to see all types of unearthed ceramic products from the Neolithic Age to the Qing Dynasty. In pottery workshops, you can see the potters working on the potter's site. Interested visitors can also try it out and experience the fun of making ceramics.

1. When you get on and off the boat, wait for the boat to stop; take a picture when you take pictures on the boat or on the shore; make sure that the camera and clothing and other valuables are stable, prevent falling into the lake and cause unnecessary losses.
2. When visiting the Monkey Island, do not intrud the monkeys to prevent them from being caught by the monkeys. Don't rush into the dragon kiln when you visit the Dragon kiln and stick to “Aura” to prevent the road from slipping in the kiln.
3. Caring for scenic relics, cherishing scenic flowers and trees, and cherishing clear water.

Ticket policy

1, scenic Working hours: 07: 00-17: 00 (scenic points off-season, high season, low season from December 1 - February 28, peak season from March 31 to November 1);
2, liner open Boat time: 9:30 am and 14:00 pm each one (capacity ranging from 25 to 65);
3, here are divided into two kinds of boats, one is a large class boat, the other is a small speed boat There are seven speedboats and nine speedboats.
If it is a team trip, it is the most affordable to take a boat. If the family travels, the number of people is small, and just missed the boat sailing time, it can only choose to take a speed boat.

On the island must be a boat, scenic tickets and class tickets (fast boat tickets) are separate, to cruise the island to play must be tickets + class tickets (fast boat tickets) to buy together! Buying a ticket without a ticket is not a boat. The proposal is to buy ticket + class ticket (fast boat ticket) coupon.

Traffic Tips

Self drive

Hangzhou - Taiping Lake: G56 Hangrui Expressway - G3 Beijing-Taiwan Expressway - 103 Provincial Highway - Taiping Lake, a total of 3 and a half hours or so;
Shanghai - Taiping Lake: G50 Huyang Expressway - S32 Xuantong High-speed - G3 Beijing-Taiwan Expressway - 103 Provincial Highway - Taiping Lake, a total of 4 and a half hours;
Nanjing - Taiping Lake: G4211 Ninglang Expressway (S55 Ning Xuan Expressway) - G50 Huyang Expressway - G3 Beijing-Taiwan Expressway - 103 Provincial Highway - Taiping Lake, which takes about 3 hours.


1. Shanghai, Hefei, Nanjing, Tongling and Hangzhou all have shuttles to Taiping Lake directly.
2. Take a long-distance bus directly to Huangshan Tunxi Passenger Terminal, take the shuttle “Tunxi-Taiping” at the passenger terminal, and then take a shuttle to Taiping Lake in Taiping County.

High Speed ​​Rail

The Huangshan High-speed Rail Station is located in the urban area of ​​Tunxi, and the Huangshan Tourist Passenger Terminal beside the high-speed rail station has a direct shuttle bus to Taiping Lake. If you missed the shuttle bus, you can go to Tunxi Coach Terminal to take a shuttle to Taiping.
[Travel Tips] The traffic on Taiping Lake is not particularly convenient. It is more troublesome to take the shuttle bus and it is best to drive by car or rent a car.  

Where do you go to Taiping Lake Resort?

Taiping Lake is not a tourist hot spot like Huangshan or Hongcun. Few visitors can see the bustle of tourists. Therefore, it is the kind of accommodation suitable for small days. With the introduction of the “Two Hills and One Lake” strategy in Anhui Province, various star-rated resort hotels, theme hotels, business hotels and bed and breakfasts around Taiping Lake have been in recent years, bringing more choices and better experiences to users. Currently, the accommodations are concentrated on the south bank of Taiping Lake due to traffic and development.

Taiping Lake Accommodation Distribution Map

Huangshan Taiping Lake Arcadia Sun Resort

Alcadia Sun Resort by Network

[Keywords] newly renovated, good environment, complete facilities, good service, Lakeview Mountain View, away from the terminal near the  
Taiping County, next to the 103 provincial highway Taiping Lake, from the pier to drive 56 minutes away. Opened in 2016, the facilities are very new and complete. The hotel is surrounded by water on one side, so the rooms are divided into two types, one is a lake view room and the other is a mountain view room. Each room has a large balcony. . This hotel also offers bicycle rental, free rides along the lake, and a different kind of fun.
Address : Huangshan District Huangshan District Caojiazhuang Rongsheng Jinpen Bay, near provincial road 103

Huangshan Taiping Lake Greenland Crowne Plaza Hotel

Crowne Plaza Huangshan Taiping Lake Green by internet

[Keywords] Good location, complete facilities, good service, quality enjoyment, suitable for parents, suitable for business meetings The
hotel is built on the lake, surrounded by lakes, and you can see the borderless Taiping Lake when you enter the hall. It can be said that every corner is view. Each room faces Taiping Lake, with balconies and sun loungers. The most amazing is the outdoor swimming pool, which seamlessly connects with the vast lake of Taiping Lake. In addition, there is a heated indoor swimming pool, a gym, indoor and outdoor children's playgrounds, and the key is that the prices are not out of the ordinary. Most people can still accept it.
Address : No. 1, Binhu Avenue, Taiping Lake Scenic Area, Huangshan District, Huangshan City, Near 103 Provincial Highway

Huangshan Taiping Lake Lakeside Cloud Resort

Huangshan Taiping Lake Lakeside Resort by network

[Keywords] family-style apartment hotel, a good environment, facilities, clean and leisurely, suitable for holiday parent-child 
compared to the hotel, the holiday apartment is more private, it will be more quiet and a lot. The facade is very characteristic, all floor-to-ceiling glass, the equipment inside is complete, broadband, hot water, TV, microwave oven, refrigerator, etc., the room is very spacious, clean and bright, bed linen and toiletries are a guest and change The sun can be washed on the balcony. Living at a high level can overlook the panoramic views of Taiping Lake, and the cool summer winds do not mention how pleasant it is. Comfortable and quiet accommodation allows visitors to feel at home in Taiping Lake, a country away from home.
Address : Huangshan Taipinghu Town Greenland International Apartment 2-3-1509, near Crown Hotel

At Taiping Lake, you can go boating on the lake and feel the artistic concept of “beautiful mountains and rivers and picturesque scenery”. You can also listen to music on a lounger, enjoy the ancient villages, smoke, and enjoy Taiping Lake. The remains of the world are independent, quiet and peaceful. Good mountain, good water, good mood, is the meaning of travel.

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