Niche Tourism Chartering Raiders, looking for different views of Huangshan

When mentioning Huangshan's tourist attractions, most of the bees were thought of by Huangshan, Hongcun, and Huizhou ancient cities. As Huangshan locals have to say, Huangshan City still has a lot of undiscovered niche attractions. Because there are not many people who go, it is original and maintains. This time, bypassing Huangshan, avoiding the crowds, and walking around the paradise of donkeys and photographers.
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Huangshan beautiful attractions recommended

Wooden Pears - Villages in the Sky

Built in the late Ming Dynasty, the wooden pear grove is the highest village in the ancient town of Huizhou, and it is also one of the top 100 photography spots in Huangshan City. Although there are no famous people such as Hongcun and Xidi, they are sought after by photography enthusiasts for the most primitive Yunhai Wonderland.

To reach this ancient village of white walls and black tiles, in addition to honestly walking the mountain road, there is no choice, more than half an hour of the mountain road, not long or short, but enough to allow you to slowly transition from the city to the mountains The tranquility. The inhabitants of the mountains spend their days in the clouds, with the sun, moon, and stars as their companions. The sun rises to the sunset, as if time is still here.

Hiking on the Pear Hill Road by Killing the Pig

Magnolia can be seen in the sea of ​​clouds for more than half of the year. Especially after the rain and snow, thousands of ridges shrouded in the clouds. The vast sea of ​​clouds spreads over the mountains and green waters, stretches to the distance, and floats and wanders around the walled villages of the wall. It is like a dream, like a fairyland on earth.

Address: Penny Bamboo Tip Hillside, Xikou Town, Xiuning County, Huangshan City 
Tickets: Free
Transportation: Downtown Tunxi takes a bus to Xiuning County, transfers the bus to Xikou Town, and the chartered bus arrives at the foot of the mountain.

Zuyuan - Dream Country, Health Paradise

The village of Zuyuan, which was built in the Song Dynasty, has a history of over a thousand years. The village was built on the mountainside of a jagged peak of 685 meters above sea level. The ancient Hui people's houses in the pink wall are dotted with bamboo in Maolin.

Zuyuan by 渺渺

For more than a thousand years, the children and grandchildren have thrived here and there. The traffic between the streets and the villages and the chickens and dogs has been heard. The village, especially ancient waters, Sixianling, and ancient yew, is the “three ancients”, and the ancestral source must see the millennium. Yew. The most beautiful scenery than spring rape, more than one hundred acres of terraced landscape is also not inferior to Wuyuan.

Address: Southwest of Xikou Town, Xiuning County, 7.6km away from the town.
Tickets: Free
Transportation: Downtown Tunxi takes a bus to Xiuning County, and then transfers the bus to Xikou Township. The township chartered to the village entrance

Tang Mo - Ancient Shuizhou Culture

There are many ancient villages in Huangshan City, such as Chengkan, Xidi and Hongcun. Tang dynasty is not the most famous in these ancient towns. Each village looks similar, but actually has its own characteristics. Tang Mo village head is composed of old trees, rivers, etc. The "passage" landscape, turbulent water indicates the wealth from the rolling, while the lush forest is a symbol of the family's prosperity.

Tang Mo Shui Street by Mountaineer Monster

Tangan River passes through the village and forms a windy water street, which is also the main street of the village. There are nearly a hundred scattered Huizhou style dwellings on both sides of the strait. The mottled whitewashed walls are facing each other across the river. Streams flow through the ancient stone bridges and the estuary is sheltered from the rain. There are still many local villagers living in the area and there is almost no commercial atmosphere.

Tang Mo Shui Street by Mountaineer Monster

What should not be missed during the Tang Dynasty tour is Tang Ming’s local dish, which is named Huizhou. It is named after Huizhou and is one of the eight traditional Chinese cuisines. Hui cuisine is good at burning, stewing, steaming, and explosion, cooking less, heavy oil, heavy color, heavy fire. Huizhou Maofu, Shanzhen Gefen Lizi, Huizhou Yipinguo, Tangmou Osmanthus Cake.....

Tang dynasty help dishes by patrol monster

Address: Tangmo Village, Qiankou Town, Huizhou District, Huangshan City
Ticket: Internet price is 70 yuan for adults, 2 hours in advance booking
Opening hours: 7:30-17:30
Traffic: Self-driving, Rock Temple high-speed exit is about 3 kilometers to Tangmo Bus, Tunxi-Rock Temple-Tang-Music; Li County-Rock Temple-Tang Mold

Qiyunshan - Taoist prayer site

Xu Xiake once toured Qiyun Mountain twice. The “Xiaike Ancient Road” that still remains is his hiking trail that he used to be.

Qiyunshan Wangxianlou by walk to see

There are thousands of Taoist paintings, cliffs, and inscriptions in the area. There are almost inscriptions on the peaks and peaks, carved inscriptions in the caves, the beautiful and elegant Danxia landforms, the thick and mysterious Taoist culture, and the Huizhou pastoral culture, which is like a landscape painting. volume. Thousands of years have attracted countless Huang Guanyu, among which the most famous are Gong Qixia, Yu Daoyuan, and Zhang Sanfeng.

Qi Yunshan by dream people

Nineteen Xiuning champions and 2,996 honorees in Huizhou in Ming and Qing Dynasties came to study in the mountains. They made Dream Bridge a sacred place for the readers. Zhu Xi wrote the Shou character, and every mountaineer enjoyed it. With the fun of “Tian Shou”, the pragmatism of the Emperor Jiajing of the Emperor of Jiajing undoubtedly made Taishou Palace famous; if the small pot was added to the official title of Jin Jue, it would be the wish of the official to “govern the country”.

Address: About 15 kilometers west of Xiuning County, Huangshan City
Ticket: Adults : 60 yuan
Opening hours: 8:00 - 17:00
Transportation: City bus in Zunyi County or Qimen County in Tunxi City, under the gate of Qiyun Mountain Scenic Area car

Xiangtan County Shitan, a paradise for photography enthusiasts

Shitan, the village that was called the last pure land left in the depths of the mountains, has become famous in the photography world. Every year in mid-March, when the rapeseed blooms, the golden undulating rape blossoms are scattered. Along with the drizzle, large clouds of clouds spread over the villages and bring out the charm of the Jiangnan Mountains.

Shi Tan by Ma Mari

Here the mountains and rivers depend on each other, and the folk customs are simple. The village and the village are connected by only one trail. The scenery of the four seasons is bright, spring rape, summer sunflower, autumn chrysanthemum and maple leaf, winter terraces, and the best part is the season of rape and sunflower blossoms.

Shitan by network

Address: Shitan Village, Xiakeng Town, Qixian County, Huangshan City.
Tickets: Free
Transportation: Public transportation is inconvenient, mainly self-driving or chartered vehicles. The mountainous roads are narrow. When driving in peak season, it is necessary to park at the parking lot under the mountain. Usually, you can drive uphill.

Yang production Tulou - not the same Huizhou architecture

Accustomed to the Huicun architecture of Hongcun and Xidi, the white walls and black tiles, we might as well go to Yang production to see the Tulou village which is not known to the world. This mountain-built cottage is dominated by earth buildings. The earth building group is its biggest feature, full of a kind of rustic beauty.

Yang production earth building by network

The Yang production is famous for sun drying. After the fall, the farmers will harvest corn, soybeans, mung beans, and red peppers from the sun in front of the earth building, on the platform, and on the windowsill. The colorful crops echo with the ancient earth buildings, adding to the Yang production. The color tone makes it fuller, richer, and more attractive.

Yang production Tulou Sun Qiu by network

Address: Yangfa Village, Shendu Town, She County
Tickets: Free
Transportation: Take the deep-driving direction by self-driving, turn from Dingtan Bridge to Wuyang, turn uphill, turn left at the top of the slope, and the car can be opened directly to the village entrance .

Recommended line

Line 1: Looking for the ancient mountain villages (wood pear, ancestral source)

Both Muli Village and Zuyuan Village are located in Xikou Township, Xiuning County. Two scenic spots can be enjoyed for one day or two days. If you want to take a photo of the magnificent sea of ​​clouds and pears, you can choose to play ancestral villages first. In the evening, you can stay in wooden pear groves and watch the viewing platform the next morning.

Wooden pear and Zuyuan road map

There is a mountain path between the wooden pears and the Zuyuan Village. Outdoor walking enthusiasts can go directly to this road. It is not difficult, and it is about two hours on foot.

Line 2: Best Photography (Shitan, Yangcai Tulou)

The biggest highlight of Shitan, a Baijia photography site in Huangshan City, is that every year when rape blossoms and sunflowers blossom, the Yang Tulou can be used all year round. If it is a photography enthusiast, it can take two days to experience If you just watch the scene for a day, it's just good.

Shi Tan by Ma Mari

Tips: The
transportation between Shitan and Yangyang is not very convenient. It is best not to familiarize local tourists with local road conditions. It is best not to rush forward. You can find a local driver or a chartered bus.

Line 3: Leisure Day Tour of Huizhou District (Tang Mo, Cheng Kan)

Several scenic spots in Huizhou District are not far from each other. If you play in one day, you have to catch up. The most recommended is to drive by yourself or to ride a bike. Use two days to play slowly and experience local customs. In addition to Tang Mo and Cheng Kan, the spring flowers in March and April in Lingshan, autumn sunflowers in October are worth a visit.

Huizhou District Attractions Map

Tips: The
two-day tour is recommended to live in the Tang Mo area. The French family hotel offers free public bicycles (limited to the Tang Mo area), as well as mountain bikes, which can be used to pay for QR codes on time (unlimited areas).

Huangshan and Hongcun are very beautiful, but because of the large number of people, they are noisy. So why not avoid the busy crowd of people and walk around these beautiful and niche attractions to experience different scenery?

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