2017 Xishuangbanna, fun, nice, delicious Songkran Festival waiting for you!

2017 Songkran Festival (cum-1379 New Year) time is April 13 - April 16, when the state to celebrate, the people Qi Hey, making this is a popular tourist destination Xishuangbanna, at this time is to attract a lot of tourists, gathered in the county and the water together to celebrate the New Year , Personal experience a fun, nice, delicious Songkran Festival.

Xishuangbanna Songkran Festival What are the fun and nice?

1. draw a dragon boat, put up

Every year the Lancang River will be held on the dragon boat race, see Dai guy together, compete with each other, April 13 can go to the Lancang River side of the viewing platform to watch, before the start will be held before the celebration of the General Assembly (mainly leadership speech like no meaning) Dragon Boat is generally 13:00 to start, while the side of the game side dance, from time to time there will be raised creak whistling sound into the sky, put the rise of the Dai family sustenance of good hope of the special way (somewhat similar to the Han Chinese New Year fireworks ), As well as national traditional performances, cockfighting performances. The day people will be very much, want to watch a friend must be early to go, or difficult to squeeze into the front row, it will be blocked to see the basic Oh, noon weather will be very hot, be sure to do sun work!

Make a wish

The blessing activity is an important event for the Songkran Festival, and for the event to be held smoothly, the Xishuangbanna Gara Airport will even temporarily shut down for a few hours. The people are willing to participate in the Friends of the April 13 20: 30-22: 30 to the Zhuangzhuang Xishuang, Lancang River side of the ceremony before the ceremony to participate in their own, the scene is very spectacular, beautiful friends, , For the relatives and friends presented the most sincere wishes.

3. Catching field

Swing activities is my personal favorite, a variety of local characteristics of merchandise sales, national traditional snacks everything, every time they always can not help but buy some souvenirs, try local snacks, April 14 10:00 -23: 00 Shuangxi Shuang King and Xishuangbanna International Tourism Resort will have a swing pendulum, show Zhuangxi double view For Xishuangbanna, just like Lijiang ancient city of Lijiang, delicious fun good looking good live In the inside everything

4. "Oriental Carnival" splashing water carnival activities

Splashing water is the highlight of this festival, although the festival will have a small scale throughout the season of water, but the real climax is generally the third day of the holiday, that is, April 15 (generally 11: 00-16: 00 participation in water More people), this is the city crazy water splashing day, the city can take water everywhere, the official will open the streets for everyone to use the water, the city will be open all day water spray has been full of blessing Of the water, really a little world war feeling, and some groups walking on the road like a regular infantry company, but the weapons are water guns, buckets, water basins, water balloons, the task is to ensure that all passers-by Wet body. Tactical units also do not show weakness, all kinds of convertible car (pickup trucks, trucks) on the soldiers "heavily armed", the car is also full of water, condescending, crazy to the infantry who greeted. Street streets everywhere is the battlefield, the building may be floating at any time a few water balloon missiles, which should be the legendary air force it

The official words first in the Lancang River held a water abstraction ceremony, invited monks chant prayer, million people pray for water, led by the saint escort "auspicious water" delivery splashing scene. Splashing water field million people splashing scene is very Hong great, interested friends can go deep into them, or in the periphery can be involved, or may be poured out of breath. Hot weather, high enthusiasm, cool water, which is the splashing festival.

Festivals celebrate how much music can be made

This year's Songkran Festival specially invited to the famous female singer Tan Weiwei, Bulang singer Yu Zhangying and other singers, like music friends blessed, and must not miss it! Tan Weiwei special concert is April 12 20: 00-21: 30 in Jinghong City, held in splashing Square, open this year's splashing festival. Xishuangbanna well-known Bulgarian singer Yuzhang led interpretation of Xishuangbanna gorgeous song and dance culture will be held on the 14th 20: 00-22: 00 in the splashing square, 15 the same time and place, as well as "Xishuangbanna new voice" original song concert, A song and dance feast so that the whole song and water festival happy day and night, simply can not stop.

2017 Songkran Festival other activities

In addition to the above-mentioned most important activities, there are some special places worth a visit, the creative national costume welcome party at 13: 20-22: 00 at the splashing square, showing Xishuangbanna Dai and Lancang River Mekong River Basin National dress culture; 14 at the same time place, there are Xishuangbanna national intangible cultural heritage Dai brocade national culture show, floats tour. Xishuangbanna National Stadium April 9th ​​- 11th there are folk cockfighting contest, Mengla, Mohan April 7-15 There are tropical rain forest motorcycle through the race, like sports friends can go to watch experience.
In addition, Xishuangbanna is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Yunnan. Since there is no reason to play the attractions, the faithfuls may choose to introduce the tourist attractions of Xishuangbanna, as well as the introduction of the tourist attractions of Xishuangbanna, Can see my other Raiders (see the bottom) has been introduced in great detail, and not here to say

Songkran Festival fun, accommodation is a big problem!

April 12 - April 15 hotel prices doubled into two or three times the growth of 11 to 12 relatively low, even if it is also a room hard to find, there may be no money to live in the embarrassing situation, there are Plan the splashing Festival to Banana play friends must be early booking. Recommended a few hotels for reference only:
Splash Square near: Bodhi Island Boutique Garden Hotel 450 yuan / night, guest Dina Hotel 800 yuan / night, Huixiang Hotel 700 yuan / night
Man listen Park: Century Golden Resources Hotel C Block 1,100 yuan / night, Huixiang Business Hotel 600 yuan / night, Jing Chu Business Hotel 350 yuan / night
Man Man Feng: Jia Sheng Ramada Plaza Hotel 1150 yuan / night, Dasheng Hotel 600 yuan / Night, Tianhe Hotel 600 yuan / night
Wanda International Resort: Hilton Linyi Resort Hotel 1350 yuan / night, Wanda Crowne Plaza Hotel 1400 yuan / night night
Zhuozhuang double view: Aegean Sea Resort 1050 yuan / night , Kington shelter hotel 1060 yuan / night, Pattaya theme inn 700 yuan / night

To Xishuangbanna must eat authentic Dai flavor!

1. Man reclaimed, located in Ga Dong, Wanda International Resort, a mere Dai flavor and the existence of the Dai village, every household is a restaurant, diners flocked, 300-400 yuan / table, dishes rich chic, Wumart Cheap;
2. Man listen to Xiaozhai, located in Man listen to the park next to the whole street are Dai flavor restaurant and barbecue, are authentic authentic Dai taste, and Man recruiting almost 300-400 yuan / table.

What do you need to pay attention to?

1.4 months of the BoA like fire, the temperature of about 29-32 degrees, be sure to do sunscreen, bring umbrellas and sunscreen.
2. During the splashing festival, wherever you are, be sure to use a waterproof storage bag to keep your phone, wallet and other electronic equipment to prevent damage to the water, maybe when there is a passerby splashing your water. Bags can be purchased everywhere.
3. do not want or inconvenient to participate in the splash of water friends please try to avoid, during the splashing water splashing water unscrupulous, so as not to pass the water splash caused by disputes, resulting in unnecessary trouble, affect their feelings and even property damage.
4. Xishuangbanna summer mosquitoes more need to be preventive measures can be applied to the toilet water or mosquito coils.

Said so much is not just want to come to the Banna experience about the Songkran Festival, more version of the play can be poke ☞ Xishuangbanna super detailed Raiders  

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