Xishuangbanna tourist attractions, this is the most accurate way to travel!

Xishuangbanna, the ancient Dai language as "Meng Bala Naxi", meaning "ideal and magical paradise", to the magical tropical rain forest natural landscape and ethnic customs and famous in the world every year in April Dai Songkui Festival, to attract the world The arrival of countless visitors around.

Exotic wind of Xishuangbanna

Xishuangbanna in the territory of Buddhist architecture spread everywhere, full of Southeast Asia-style Buddhist temple, pagoda, which Manfei dragon tower is a model of Xishuangbanna pagoda, very rich in Southeast Asia; King really octagonal pavilion is Xishuangbanna famous Buddhist architecture, resembles Dai bamboo house ; Man Ge Buddhist temple has a long history, is a well-known Buddhist marshals club, incense heyday.
Xishuangbanna is the hometown of the Dai, due to the proximity of Thailand, Myanmar and other Buddhist countries, Hinayana Buddhism here deeply rooted in the people, the Dai people are basically devout Buddhists. Xishuangbanna is also a veritable "animal kingdom" and "plant kingdom", the territory of a wide range of animal and plant resources, many of which are rare, ancient, strange, endangered animals and plants is Xishuangbanna unique.

Must visit the attractions TOP5

First, Xishuangbanna wild elephant valley (AAAA)

Wild elephant valley ditch, forest lush, wild elephant, bison, green peacock, giant python, hornbill, dolphin monkey, macaques, black bear, pangolins, big civet and a large number of butterflies, birds and amphibians In this habitat. There are existing facilities such as the elevated corridor, tree hotel, forest bar and other facilities for visitors to watch the elephant's activities. Into the wild elephant valley, during the day can watch the elephant show, see the forest plant strangulation, plant root and the old stem flowers and other phenomena, you can enjoy the tropical rain forest style. Night can also see from the forest to feed the real wild elephant style.
Transportation: At Jinghong Bus Terminal take the car bound for Guanping, so that drivers in the Sancha River elephant Valley stop, the fare 15 yuan. From Simao can take the ride to Jinghong, Mengla car. Called the driver stopped at the back door of the wild elephant valley, from there into, you can take some less way.
Tickets: $ 65. Tropical rain forest sightseeing cable, one-way running fare 50 yuan, about 35 minutes, 70 yuan to and from.

Second, Jing Hongman listen to the park (AAAA)

Man heard Dai language called "Spring Huan", meaning "soul of the garden." The park has a national cultural square, the vine plant area, tropical Lanpu, peacock garden, release lake, Buddhist cultural area, tree planting area, tea garden culture area 8 scenic spots, there are well-preserved more than 500 ancient iron knife wood and vegetation , As well as the bronze statue of Chancellor of the Chancellor, Burmese Temple, Peacock Garden and the King of Thailand to visit Jinghong two kinds of trees symbolizing the Sino-Thai friendship of the bodhi tree and inscriptions. In addition, the evening "Lancang River • Mekong River Night" theatrical performances and bonfire party is the park's biggest bright spot, it is worth a visit.
Traffic: Jinghong city take the 3 bus can be reached
tickets: day tickets 40 yuan / person, night performances tickets: VIP ticket 480 yuan / person, VIP seats 380 yuan / person, ordinary votes 200 yuan / person

Third, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Tropical Botanical Garden (AAAAA)

Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, also known as Menglun Botanical Garden, the Lancang River flow here to the tributary of the river Luojiang just turn a bend, the land surrounded by a gourd-shaped peninsula, people call it Huludao, the botanical garden built on the island. Huludao are surrounded by mountains, natural vegetation protection intact, the island all kinds of exotic flowers, lush, there are more than 3,000 kinds of domestic and foreign tropical and subtropical plants, is a tropical rain forest-based, scientific research, plant germplasm preservation, Science and ecological tourism as one of China's largest botanical garden.
1, Jinghong passenger station ride to Menglun, Mengla car, to Menglun get off, fare 17 yuan, 1.5 hours or so (back when the bus stop at the door directly to return Jinghong bus, Do not have to return to Menglun passenger station)
2, from Kunming, Simao can take the direction of the car to Mengla direction to the small Menglun town get off. Menglun Bus Station to walk to the bridge to take 10 minutes to buy a ticket after a bridge is the scenic garden
tickets: 104 yuan / person, students and minors, over 60 years of age under the age of 70 elderly people with their valid documents half price 52 yuan; Park West battery car 40 yuan / person, the whole park battery car 100 yuan / person, rent a bike 5 yuan / hour, double 10 yuan / hour.

Four, Xishuangbanna Dai Park (olive dam)

Olive Dam named for the shape of the olive, in Thai called "Men", Meng Han one, meaning that the cloth rolled up the place. The olive dam is one of the main settlements of the Dai nationality in Xishuangbanna, and the Lancang River flows from north to south across the center of the dam. Olive dam flat dam in the distribution of more than 80 villages, households farming, every kind of fruit, the village has rubber garden, Zhaizhai trees, climbing overlooking, a seat of the mansion and Buddhist temple pagoda deep in the Among the tropical trees, into the village, banyan tree, green trees and other trees cover the sun, lush, green grass on the ground, flowers. As the poet said: "day guest olive dam, every night dream Dai Garden".
1, Jinghong National North Road every day 7: 30-21: 00 a small bus can be, about 20 minutes to send a class, travel about 1 hour, the fare 6 yuan, chartered to 50 yuan. But also to the Banna passenger station car, rolling all day, take the ride from Jinghong to Mengla long-distance car, halfway off the olive dam, fares 9 yuan / person
2, the boat can be in Jinghong City, down the river, takes 2-3 hours one-way
ticket: 65 yuan / person, scenic cable car 40 yuan / person, rent splashing clothing 40 yuan
ticket 190 yuan / person (includes: tickets, car batteries, splash suits, splashing VIP seats)

Five, Xishuangbanna virgin forest park

Xishuangbanna virgin forest park in the south of the Tropic of Cancer to save the most intact tropical valley rain forest, as well as peacock breeding base, monkey domesticated base, large national customs performing arts field, Kowloon waterfalls, Man Shuanglong Baita, national flavor barbecue field more than 50 A scenic spot. Unique tropical valley valley rainforest across the park, the beautiful Laiyang River like a gold belt, flowing in the green jungle, along the way to enjoy the roots, strangulation, old stem flowers, ancient vine and other strange landscape, but also to watch hundreds Peacock flying only the spectacular scenes. In addition to the natural landscape, love cottage folk customs and festivals will make people linger.
Transportation: Jinghong City Jingyong Hotel opposite the Agricultural Bank of China main gate bus station, take the flower garden - Forest Park bus, to the end that is off. 8: 00-12: 00 every hour, afternoon departure time is 15:00, 16:30, 17:30 yuan / person;
scenic car battery, one way 40 yuan / person, full 70 yuan / person, along the way According to the attractions stop
tickets: 65 yuan / person, 1.19 meters (including 1.19 meters) children, over the age of 70 elderly, active officers, disabled persons with relevant documents free of charge; 1.2 meters and students holding student card ticket 40 yuan / person
open time

Line itinerary recommended

Many tourists do not know what to play, after all, Xishuangbanna travel attractions or a lot of. What is worth going of which is not fun. Personally think that because Xishuangbanna has about a dozen scenic spots, these scenic spots are mostly virgin forest or ethnic tribal tribes or Southeast Asian special attractions. So inevitably some will produce visual fatigue, and scenic area are particularly large, each area to play an average of 3-4 hours, or even take the battery car. So the proposed travel friends to choose some of the more unique attractions to play. It is recommended that we arrange 3-4 days to play the main representative on the line.
The following is my Raiders listed in the more popular attractions: Keno cottage, the original forest park, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Tropical Botanical Garden, wild elephant Valley, Man listen to the park, the Great Buddha Temple, Wangtian tree, tropical rain forest valley, tropical flower garden, Lancang River rafting, Wanda Paradise, a single forest, Meng King, Meng Yuan Wonderland and other
parties are: Meng Banna Rasi, Mekong River bonfire party, Lancang River night, Wanda Dai show and so on.

Recommended for three days

One day tour: Mannie Park Great Buddha Temple
North Line day tour: Keno cottage virgin forest park (wild elephant valley)
East day tour: Chinese Academy of Sciences Tropical Botanical Garden Rainforest Valley (or recommended day tour day trip)

Two day trip recommended

City tour day tour: Man listen to the park Great Buddha Temple, East day tour; Keno cottage Chinese Academy of Tropical Botanical Garden
or urban day tour: Great Buddha Temple virgin forest park, north line day tour: wild elephant valley keno cottage.
More economical day trip Recommended: Wangtian tree carpool day trip, China-Myanmar border line day tour (non-fight day tour)

If you want a more diverse route arrangement, you can only buy a chartered, and then route optional, travel custom, more flexible and free.

Hotel recommended

Xishuangbanna Jinghong City accommodation generally have three large, Zhizhuang Xishuang area, the city center, Wanda resort. It is mainly based on inn, commercial accommodation integration area, inn main city interior decoration more distinctive, Dai type Thai style and so on, want to experience the exotic style can stay. Most of the inn are private owners, the implementation of some convenient or difficult to match those 5 star hotel. The city center is generally worthy of the city of splashing square as the center (division, Fu said there is more accommodation, and close to the riverside night market), the traffic is very convenient, and there are many hotels 3-4 star hotel prices are very cheap. Wanda resort is mainly Wanda Hilton Doubletree, Wanda Crowne Plaza, Wanda Wenhua and other hotels (division, Fu said there are a lot of fine decoration single apartment, long rent winter is very good), Wanda Paradise in Wanda Resort , Some remote, is developing, the traffic is not very convenient, a single environment is very good, quiet and beautiful.

Shuzhuangxi double view: the inn-based accommodation commercial district, the price from 100-600 or so, to 150-200 price range is very high price. The number of rooms per room is small, most of the 20 or so, mainly to the private owner!
Downtown area: mainly some of the old hotel, the price is very cheap, 100-200 will be able to set to quasi-four-star or four-star, recommended to live in the city's splash square, from the riverside night market near the evening is very lively!
Wanda Resort: Wanda new construction of the tourist resort, mainly to the 5-star hotel-based, near the apartment, supplemented by Suitable for tourist resort, near the attractions are Wanda theme park, Dai show theater. New construction lots, fewer people, some location is not convenient.

Best travel time in Xishuangbanna

Travel to Xishuangbanna for travel all year round. Xishuangbanna is one of the few in Yunnan Province, where there is no winter, in the coldest January, where the average temperature is 16 ℃, and the hottest time, the average temperature is only 28 ℃. Xishuangbanna is never snowed place, but also a long time in the sun below the place. Xishuangbanna only a dry season and rainy season, so there is "long summer without winter, a rain into the fall" argument.

Xishuangbanna package car Tips

1, the regular chartered, to witness, there will be a lease certificate, each seat there are hundreds of thousands of insurance; 2, do not deal with the driver of the road soliciting! 3, if the single woman to find their own car, be sure to license plate number and drivers are photographed, sent to relatives and friends for the record; 4, chartered with the newspaper group, like a penny A sub-goods, do not only recognize low prices. Black car oil costs are not enough to dare to go, people do charity? But there are still a lot of people choose, some people are ignorant, some people know what is going on, want to bet on luck, and finally brought to the consumer but also to complain! Some drivers are smart, will coax everyone happy to spend, and the driver when the brothers.

How does Xishuangbanna prevent fraud?

1, do not believe the hotel staff and the station, airport, roadside taxi, motorcycle and other initiatives to strike up the promotion of information. 
2, go out the best night out, do not go to densely populated, or relatively remote place. 
3, to understand the information as much as possible to ask shops, canteen and other tourism industry is not related to the staff of the Advisory. 
4, not because the chartered driver or tour guide took a rebate and affect the mood of the trip. Because each point of development to a certain stage will have a rebate phenomenon, because you did not rebate, Mission without, after the attractions will be down, unless the attractions are government-funded.

Xishuangbanna tourism five taboo

1, into the temple or Dai people to take off their shoes, pay attention to health;
2, do not touch the child's head; 
3, do not arbitrarily touch the items of ethnic minorities;
4, do not take pictures of people; 
5, do not politely refused to host toast The

Xishuangbanna weather, clothing and other aspects of the Notes

1, long summer without winter, a rain into the autumn. Day and night temperature difference, the annual 12 - January colder, sooner or later need to wear thick coat;
2, the day temperature 25-30 degrees, 10-15 degrees at night. Other seasons can wear short sleeves, shorts. ;
3, Xishuangbanna tourism Raiders essential items: Xishuangbanna is a subtropical rain forest climate, more humid, mosquitoes more. Remember to bring a good toilet water, sunscreen, rain gear, wearing sportswear, sports shoes. In case of rainy weather, photography bag remember to cover the waterproof cover, usually photographic equipment should also pay attention to moisture Oh.

Xishuangbanna save money Raiders

1, traffic, can try to choose scenic car line, and rural passenger train. 
2, accommodation, booking in advance have a general offer.
3, catering, reasonable arrangements, do not extravagant waste. People can order a little, and the vegetables will be cheaper.
4, shopping, shop around. 
5, line arrangements, you can choose a pure play line or outdoor lines, can reduce ticket spending, and can deeply feel the original ecological landscape. 
6, eat the words of the proposed to find some local people more places, something delicious and cheap. Such as alley inside or downtown. Because the tourists to downtown downtown, there are local people, so the price is cheap.

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