Xishuangbanna Raiders, the locals take you into the tropical rain forest experience national characteristics

It is a small city of Southeast Asian style, located at latitude 21 ° -22 °. There are tropical rain forest style, where there are peacocks and elephants, there are simple Dai village. Filled with Dai flavor food, Thai bed and breakfast, Dai folk customs Xishuangbanna really welcome you! Here to lead you to understand the eyes of the local people Xishuangbanna.
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First, Xishuangbanna will experience

【View the whole building in Southeast Asia style design】 living in Xishuangbanna people believe in Buddhism, the village almost all have Buddhist temples and shapes such as the spindle of the pagoda. According to statistics, Xishuangbanna has more than 550 Buddhist temples, more than 150 pagoda, called the country's most. Buddhist temple, stupa is Xishuangbanna tourism not to be missed landscape.

[View the local ethnic characteristics of song and dance] Xishuangbanna life of ethnic minorities, can sing and dance, in addition to the Dai Peacock dance, foot drum dance, chapter is also representative of the Dai song and dance. In addition, the love of the tribe of the bucket fork, bamboo dance, Bulang singing and singing and Jinuo drums are also inspired by their own, come here, we must appreciate these original folk song and dance.

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【Bianbanna night market, goods Dai Dai food】 Xishuangbanna food in the night market, when the night falls, while taste the taste of food, while watching Jinghong City night, colorful lights will make people indulge in pleasures without stop. If you have the courage to eat insect feast, in addition to grasshoppers, scorpions, as well as peristaltic bamboo insects, bee larvae, etc., will definitely let you have an unforgettable memory.

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[Water carnival, to participate in the Dai Songkran] In mid-April, Linden Tulv, Phoenix flowers in full bloom, is located in the southwest border of the beautiful "Oasis" will usher in Xishuangbanna Songkran revelry. People will meet each other, Mu Buddha, release, took to the streets, each other with water to spill happiness, joy, harmony and atmosphere will make your mood instantly, can not help but into one.

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【Tasting Tropical Fruit】 Xishuangbanna has a lot of tropical fruit, will make you coveted, mysterious fruit, Sakyamun, jackfruit are delicious fruit, local fruit often pineapple, banana, dragon fruit coconut, etc. If you encounter you Have not seen the fruit, do not miss the opportunity to taste them.

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Second, what attractions are worth to go

Chinese Academy of Sciences Xishuangbanna Botanical Garden (Xishuangbanna Zhongke Botanical Garden)

[Menglun Tropical Botanical Garden] also known as the Chinese Academy of Sciences Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, the locals generally referred to as the Botanical Garden, Xishuangbanna only 5A level national attractions, the park is divided into Western, Eastern, Green Stone Forest, the main play the West (play 4 hours) , The whole park tickets 104 yuan / bit, the battery car costs West 50 yuan / bit, the park 100 yuan / bit. The whole park is very large, there are children, the elderly, student card preferential ticket policy. Distance to Xishuangbanna 50 km, one hour drive from the hotel, the nearby hotels are Anantara Resort and Wang Lian Hotel (Park).
How the most suitable combination: often with the Dai Garden or Keno cottage with a day trip for the East

Xishuangbanna Dai Garden

[Dai Park] 4A level attractions, located in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, China olive dam, the scenic area has a well-preserved five Dai natural villages, as direct access to the Dai Park Road is under construction, so need to go to the Botanical Garden on the east line of five rural turn right Around the whole journey takes about one and a half hours, often with the botanical garden with a day tour. Tickets 65 yuan, package 190 yuan (including tickets, tour guides, battery cars, water splashing activities), there are children, the elderly, student card half-price ticket policy, but without the package.
How the combination of the most suitable: often with the Branch Botanical Garden with day trips

Xishuangbanna wild elephant valley

【Wild Elephant Valley】 4A-level attractions, from Kunming to Xishuangbanna high-speed Xishuangbanna 30km, the lower mouth. Tickets 65, there are children, the elderly, student card preferential ticket policy, one-way cableway 50, two-way cableway 70. Wild elephant valley to be able to see the elephant elephant and elephant performances and famous, but can see the probability of wild elephant is very small, 30 minutes of scenic elephant performances more exciting, also divided into python, lizard, butterfly garden, Aspect, it is recommended to take a two-way cableway, or do not sit, one-way ropeway play to spend nearly 5 hours time to play finished.
How the most suitable combination: often with the Keno cottage, virgin forest park with day trips, known as the North line day tour.

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[Kino cottage] as a Xishuangbanna a national characteristics interesting attractions, strongly recommended. Jino - China's last single nation, has a strong national characteristics of the national customs, the family is a uncle respect for a nation. Yunnan eighteen strange inside the "carrying children love" from here. Tickets priced at 160 yuan, including tickets, tour guides, snacks, performances, etc., about 30km from the urban area, near the Xishuangbanna six one of the six Chateau tea factory. Full play 3-4 hours, free travel very many visitors.

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【Primitive Forest Park】 4A level attractions, as one of the two mascots of Xishuangbanna Peacock, is held in the primeval forest park, there are several days every day. Distance 10 km from the urban area, driving 20 minutes, the ticket costs 65 yuan, the cost of the whole car 70 yuan, the main points are: love cottage, Kowloon flying cloth, splashing activities, peacock flying, valley valley rain forest. Specific arrangements for the venue will be prompted. There are children, the elderly, student card preferential ticket policy.
How the most suitable combination: often with the wild elephant Valley, Keno cottage, botanical garden, big Buddhist temple, Man listen to the park with day trip.  

【Wangtian tree】 4A level attractions, located in Xishuangbanna Mengla County 150km away from the urban area, near Laos. Experience the tropical rain forest style is the hope that the tree, breathe pure oxygen good place. Avatar is also one of the shooting. Package is divided into tickets, air corridors, cruise ships. Play 3 hours or so, driving the trip for 3 hours, as Xishuangbanna furthest attractions, play plus travel takes a day, so single-day tree area can be used as a day tour. Package 198 yuan, no children, the elderly, student card half-price ticket policy or 1.2 meters free of charge, including tickets 75, cruise 50, inn corridor 120 yuan.  

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[Meng 泐 big Buddha Temple] 4A level attractions, located in Jinghong City Man Lane maple area, convenient transportation. As one of the three major attractions of Xishuangbanna: Meng 泐 large Buddhist monastery to the Southeast Asian style of construction, Southeast Asia's largest southern Buddhism, as a hobby or pious believers in terms of this is definitely not to miss a place, standing in the Great Buddha Temple The highest point, overlooking Jinghong City part of the landscape. Tickets 120 yuan, there are children, the elderly, student card half-price ticket policy, tickets include tour guides. Play 2-3 hours can be.
How the combination of the most suitable: often and Man to listen to the park combination for the city day trip.  

【Man listen to the park】 4A level attractions, urban attractions and convenient transportation, can play their own or bus to reach the area. Tickets 54, there are children, the elderly, student card preferential ticket policy, there are battery cars, but take the battery car very little. Man listen to the park, also known as Man listen to the garden, the main Aspect is the elephant show (recommended Man listen to the park and wild elephant Valley can choose one), Man listen to the park next to a total temple, is the local Buddhist temple, Tickets. Man heard the park inside the evening there is a Mekong bonfire party. No children, the elderly, student card half-price concession policy or 1.2 meters free of charge.
How the most suitable combination: often with the Great Buddha Temple, the original forest park with a day trip for the city.  

[Sino-Burmese border]  eight hundred years of unique trees, magnificent red artist performances, strange long-necked people, thousands of years left over the ancient house of Dai King (King where to shoot), living in two Country border exotic mood, a taste of different Sino-Burmese border culture. Came to Xishuangbanna of course to look at the national door, of course, to see the Dai people left the culture, of course, to see the wonderful red artist performance. One-way two hours or so, all the way through the South waxy mountain, spring city of Menghai, but also to see the Dai, Hani, Lahu, Bulang and other ethnic minority village life, arrived at the Chinese port to play Luo, visit the Chinese national And port pictures.

Details of traffic routes

Xishuangbanna to choose travel is very important, recommend Xishuangbanna free exercise, that is easy to play and enjoy the fun, because Xishuangbanna attractions and scattered, many scenic spots between the direct car, only one day a lot of time is too time.
So Xishuangbanna more popular belong to the chartered free exercise, one day two attractions, one afternoon in the morning, accompanied by a full driver and part-time to explain, and in the tickets, accommodation can help you a lot of concessions. As a lot of ALICE do not know some of the local food, the driver is also responsible for the recommendation of the driver, the whole driver to follow, really belong to the private custom services, in Xishuangbanna have a peace of mind happy trip!  

Third, the daily travel with recommended

[1 day tour recommended]
Recommended 1: wild elephant valley + Keno cottage
recommended 2: one day time can also experience the border scenery, you can go to the following attractions: octagonal pavilion, Sino-Burmese friendship Tajita, tropical rubber base, Expeditionary Force Anti-Japanese war ruins, tropical rain forest road, the Millennium ancient banyan tree, thousands of Guanyin tree, mysterious border patrol road, ladder, 220 boundary monument, Sino-Burma bright temple / bright pagoda, mysterious cottage, three elephant square, rain forest legend, Lynch concept, daluo country
[2]-day tour recommended
recommended 1: D1 + wild Elephant Valley cottage keno, D2 Burma border
recommendation 2:  to Xishuangbanna mainly ornamental ethnic customs, tropical rain forests, cultural border town scenery, wild look Asia Like the experience of the Mino family of rich national customs, wild elephant valley can see the tropical rain forest of the fir tree miscellaneous tropical rain forest lush, watching the Asian elephant show, gambling luck to see wild elephant haunt. China and Myanmar border all the way through the South waxy mountain, spring city of Menghai, but also to watch the Dai, Hani, Lahu, Bulang and other ethnic minorities living in the village scenery, arrived at the Chinese port to play Luo, visit the Chinese national and port photo The pictures allow you to play in Xishuangbanna order the theme of the play, do not spend money wasted, do not repeat the theme of the clear choice of scenic spots.

Fourth, Xishuangbanna before the line to prepare

1. In advance to determine the starting date and return date, so in advance booking tickets more favorable.
2. In general there are very few direct flights to Xishuangbanna tickets, most need to stop Kunming, so interested in Kunming day trip or two-day tour.
3. Many ALICE to play most parts of Yunnan, such as: Lijiang, Dali, Xishuangbanna, Shangri-La. Recommended economic ticket purchase order, starting city → Kunming → Xishuangbanna → Lijiang → Shangri-La → Dali → Kunming → target city.
4. to determine a good time after the date can be booked accommodation, Xishuangbanna three more resident have Zhuangxi double King, Wanda hotel group, urban center. Each district has different characteristics.
5. Xishuangbanna tourism season: Songkran Festival, National Day, Spring Festival, tourist season time: summer vacation, winter vacation.
6. Because Xishuangbanna is more original ecology, so mosquitoes more attention to anti-mosquito, summer attention to heatstroke.
7. Xishuangbanna time more ample recommended to be a 4 days, play 3 days leisure 1 day. Compact play 2 days can also, do not recommend one day play Xishuangbanna.
8. Kunming to Xishuangbanna only bus or aircraft, it is recommended to book in advance in Kunming Xishuangbanna air tickets than the cost of the bus ride also concessions. If you take a bus ride in the southern Kunming passenger terminal, bus timetable see below

Five, Xishuangbanna accommodation choice contrast

Shuzhuang West Scenic Area: tourist resort business integration area. Main characteristics of the inn, most of the decoration are based in Thai and Dai style-based, in the end and cost-effective pricing in the 150-200 yuan, the price of the inn decoration and the environment are good. High-end pricing at 300, these inn are with unique features; for example, with a swimming pool, mahogany furniture and so on. Most of the inn in 15-20 rooms.
Jinghong City Center District: Splash Square Hotel, like Lanzhuang Villa Hotel, Beicheng Hotel, Tongcheng Hotel, Zhemei Hotel, Huixiang Hotel, Haoyu Oriental Hotel, near the riverside night market, these hotels The price is more affordable, because in the city center is also very convenient.
Wanda Resort: Mainly to Wanda Wenhua Resort, Wanda Crowne Plaza Resort, Wanda Hilton Doubletree Resort high-end brand, three within the hotel supplemented by the hotel (for long rent). Beautiful environment, near the Wanda Plaza, Wanda Dai show, Wanda theme park. Because it is also a new area, the flow is not very large, traffic is not very convenient.

Six, to Xishuangbanna tourism what needs attention?

1, Xishuangbanna is located in the tropics, where to travel to pay special attention to hot and humid weather may cause physical discomfort. Where the mosquitoes are particularly thriving, outsiders are bitten here is not easy to swollen, so here need to do anti-mosquito work, to the forest park and other places to wear thin boots can be thin and thin.
2, ethnic minorities should pay special attention to respect the local ethnic customs. In the visit to the bamboo floor remember to take off your shoes, do not arbitrarily out and peek at the bedroom of ethnic minority residents, do not hand to touch the local children's head.
3, Xishuangbanna ethnic minorities for religious beliefs are very devout, in the tour and religious-related scenic spots, the temple is prohibited to take pictures.
4, Xishuangbanna is located in the border, the local jewelry jade more, but the quality is very different, if the intention to purchase should pay attention to selection.
5, "hot" is a major feature of Xishuangbanna climate. Xishuangbanna annual average temperature of 21.9 ° C, drought, rain two seasons. Which is 11 to May is the dry season, the weather is cooler, is the tourist season. Especially in April, this time there is a grand Songkran Festival. 6 - October is the rainy season, the weather is hot and humid, but this time to Banna can enjoy a variety of fruit. And then visitors are less, the cost will be reduced.

Seven, Xishuangbanna tourism season recommended

Xishuangbanna is one of the few in Yunnan Province, where there is no winter, in the coldest January, where the average temperature is 16 ℃, while the sun is full of hot noon, the average temperature is 28 ℃. Xishuangbanna is never a place to drop the snow, but also a long time in the sun below the place. Xishuangbanna only a dry season and the rainy season, so there is "long summer without winter, a rain into the fall" argument. November to the following year in April to Xishuangbanna travel temperature is more comfortable, lukewarm is Xishuangbanna dry season, basically no rain. If you travel to Xishuangbanna from June to September, the local tropical fruit is listed in a large number and can taste fresh tasty. 5 - October is Xishuangbanna rainy season, but Xishuangbanna belongs to the tropical rain forest climate, thunderstorms mostly. Come fast also, basically does not affect the travel.

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