How do people come to Xishuangbanna? Four tour routes you choose!

The major variety show shooting, so Xishuangbanna set off a wave of tourism. But for the first time to come to the people, there are too many popular lines, different people how to choose the appropriate tour route? For the girlfriends, couples, parent-child, parents four categories of people, I made four different recommendations, I believe you read, always find a suitable for your line.
xishuangbanna brilliant night view

First, affordable and small fresh graduation girlfriend swim

Recommended attractions: Wangtian tree, the total Buddhist temple, Wanda theme park and the Mekong River. Lancang River night bonfire late  
Recommended reason: There are many graduates, good girlfriend, good base friends in order to leave more memories, often travel together, but And most of them belong to the poor travel type, so for the girlfriend tour or graduation trip, I consider after considering the days of trees, the total Buddhist temple, Wanda theme park and the Mekong River .Lan Cangjiang night bonfire party the most suitable, because they are not only well-known, and Tickets are not particularly expensive, have students preferential prices, whether it is stimulating, knowledge or play, which are absolutely satisfied with you!

Hope tree

If you look to the sky tree area to play, first of all must go to the "air corridor" to experience the kind of shocked and dangerous feeling.

Wangtian sky corridor

Not only because this air corridor is the only place in China to experience the rainforest from the water, land and air, but also because you can enjoy the beauty of the original forest and enjoy the tropical plant community The

The main attractions: tropical rain forest experience museum, the South River, Philip trail, challenge the world's highest crown air corridor, Cai Xitao trail.
Opening hours: 8: 30-18: 00
Ticket information: a separate ticket 75 yuan / person, package 198 yuan / person (including scenic large ticket 75 yuan + one-way South River tour boat tickets 40 yuan + crown corridor / rain forest bridge 120 yuan)

① "do not walk to see King, King do not walk" This is a tour guide who used to say, so please everyone in the travel photography, attention to safety, do not have to shoot dangerous areas or climbing;
② playing air corridors Please grasp the stability of both sides of the rope, do not shake, run or play slapstick, listen to the staff of the arrangements.

Total temple

The depths of the total Buddha temple

A flower a world, a leaf a Bodhi The people of the Dai people in Xishuangbanna, like other southeastern countries, believe in Hinayana Buddhism, and the total Buddhist temple has been the center of the Buddhist pilgrimage in Xishuangbanna since ancient times. There have also been many monks, and the modern monks are Abang Muni.

The total temple by the elegant hedgehog Ariel

Main Aspect: Viking Hall, Buddhist College building and other buildings.
Opening hours: 8: 00-17: 00
Ticket information: free of charge  

① Xishuangbanna is a city believed in Hinayana Buddhism, so when you enter the temple, please respect the temple and the staff of the temple;
② during the play please pay attention to words, do not loud noise, affecting others.

Wanda theme park

When I wrote this spot, I said it was painful, not because it was not fun, too boring, on the contrary, but because the park can be comparable to Disneyland, so do not know where to write The

Wanda theme park graceful ethnic minorities welcome your arrival

Wanda theme park which has a variety of tropical rainforest features a variety of recreational facilities, butterflies of the pupa, spinning, cocoon history experience, as well as incarnation into a heroic heroic captain and so on.  

Wanda theme park full of exotic flowers

Wanda theme park is both romantic and exciting spiral

Main play: Waterfall Square, Butterfly Kingdom, Jungle Adventure, Fisherman's Wharf, Tea Horse Road, etc.
Opening Hours: 10: 00-19: 00
Ticket Information : 198 yuan / person

① experience a variety of risks, stimulate the project, please be sure to follow the arrangements for staff.

Mekong River. Lancang River Night Bonfire Party

Love you travel, traveled all over the Fu Li Shan you, the journey must not see a variety of large-scale party, but came to Banna, how can we miss this bonfire party!

Bonfire party graceful people

This is a collection of cultural characteristics of the six Lancang-Mekong River Valley countries in China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. It also includes the Dai, Jino, Bulang, Lahu, Yao and Hani tribes in Xishuangbanna The performance of the folk customs of the ethnic minorities.  

Bonfire party a love story

Scenic address: Yunjing Hong Man Man listen to the park to listen to the park.
Opening hours: 18: 55-21: 40
Ticket information: ordinary votes 160 yuan / person, VIP tickets 220 yuan / person

Above recommended these are good places to save money, many scenic spots are free to visit, and most of the locals are often go to the place, the traffic is very convenient, most of the attractions are located in the urban or suburbs, you can navigate and walk, By car, or to participate in day trips, day trips, then it will be more convenient for everyone to travel, full car and driver services Oh, the valuable time on the road to more attractions.

Two, Romantic couple travel

Picture from Baidu

Recommended attractions : Xishuangbanna Chinese Academy of Sciences Tropical Botanical Garden, Dai Park, King Miaoshan and Impression of the Yangtze River cruise ship Recommended
reason: why these places are very suitable for couples, in which not only can understand the tropical rain forest plant treasure, but also experience the unique flavor Of the East Carnival Songkran Festival, aftertaste the taste of love Oh

Chinese Academy of Sciences Tropical Botanical Garden

Botanical garden dedicated to tropical palm trees

Chinese Academy of Sciences Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, is a scientific research, species conservation and popular science education as one of the comprehensive research institutions and scenic spots, flow here to the tributary of the Lancang River - Luo River just turned a bend, the land into a gourd Shaped peninsula, people put it called Huludao, the botanical garden built on the island.

Botanical Garden of the Red World

The main attractions: Palm Garden, Banyan Garden, Dragon Blood Tree Park, Su Tieyuan, ethnic cultural plant area, rare and endangered plants ex situ protected areas and other 35 special park
opening time: open every day 08: 00-18: 00
Ticket information: adult ticket 104 yuan / person, discount ticket 52 yuan / person
battery car: West 50 yuan / person, the whole park 100 yuan / person; trip if not nervous, it is recommended only to buy the Western battery car.

Tips: the
park has nurtured a lot of tropical plants, some varieties are toxic, so please do not random touch, pay attention to personal safety

Dai Park

Dai Garden every day carnival Songkran Festival

The poet once said, "one day guest olive dam, night dream Dai Garden", Xishuangbanna as Dai people's settlements, unique residential buildings of course, and ultimately, and with the changing times, social development, many Dai buildings are "innovation "There is no taste of the original; but fortunately, even if no matter how changes, still keep some of its original place. (Battery car 40 yuan / person)

Dai Park and the United States where the encounter met

Main attractions : Yingbin Square, Man Song Man Buddha Temple, Dai village tour, splashing square, the park Dai natural village, amphitheater, etc.
Opening hours: 08: 00-18: 00
Ticket information : 50 yuan / person

Jingmai Mountain

A "return to love the beginning of the place," the film left me a deep impression, not only because of its plot to attract me, more of it is inside the shooting scene - King Mai Shan

Image from the web

Image from the web

A seat full of tea trees, acres of ancient and long years of tea, a piece of both filled with youthful vitality and with some traces of the ring, Meilenmei place, so I longed for that back to the beginning of the tea The place.

Picture from Baidu

The main attractions: Jingmai Mang thousands of acres of ancient tea garden, the Chinese tea Zushan, waxy dry Dai customs Dai and Weng Bo Bulang ancient village.
Opening hours: Open all day
Ticket information: free of charge

Impression of the Lancang River cruise

Xishuangbanna Impression Lancang River Cruise is divided into two layers, the first layer mainly to provide guests with local Dai characteristics of food, barbecue, citronella grilled fish, waxy corn, pineapple rice, water pickles and tropical fruits, etc., To stimulate your every taste buds; the second layer is to watch the famous performances of neighboring countries - gorgeous dancing, with the "they" together feel the dance in the hearty, or in the corridor view King River, Lancang River New Bridge, Quicksand river, enjoy the two sides of the feasting, charming scenery.

Cruise on both sides of the colorful neon lights

The main point: Lancang River along the beautiful scenery of the two sides, exotic Simon performances, characteristics of tropical fruits, food and beverage.
Opening time: day cruise ship 13: 30,16: 00 departure; night cruise 19:30 ship.
Ticket information: 280 yuan / person

Most of the attractions are located in the urban or suburbs, you can navigate their own way, by car or participate in the local day tour. Day trip will save a lot of planning hotel accommodation, attractions lines, tickets and so the time required, so for couples and then fit.

Third, family fun parent-child tour

Image from the web

Recommended attractions : wild elephant Valley, Keno cottage, Wanda Water Paradise Recommended
reason: wild elephant Valley, Keno cottage is the classic route of Banna, because the two are not far apart, but also unique, from the city center will be about 1 hour drive , So popular; I recommend them not only because of the popular, but also because there are many items for the parent-child interaction, and Wanda Water Park, not to mention, inside the water project and the adventure is simply the child and father and mother The paradise.  

Wild elephant valley

Wild elephant valley a snuggle in the mother around the elephant

Xishuangbanna as the only habitat of Asian elephants in China, so that the Asian elephant to better protection and reproduction, the people of the people and Xishuangbanna people of all ethnic groups is also incumbent, it is so, in order to let people better understand the Asian elephant, the Chinese government specifically allowed In the construction of a scenic spot for visitors not interfere with the Asian elephant life under the conditions of safe observation of Asian wild elephant and its living environment.

Wild elephants and animals are friends

Although it comes to this, you may see the real Asian wild elephant is very small, but absolutely not worthwhile trip, those lovely simple and honest elephant performances, lively and interesting off-site interaction, will make you unforgettable.

The main point of view : high-altitude view of the plank road, rain forest sightseeing cableway, Asian elephant museum, Asian elephant breeding base, Asian elephant performing school and so on.
Opening hours: 08: 00-8: 00
Ticket information : 65 yuan / person sightseeing
cable: 50 yuan / person one way, 70 yuan / person from; about 35 minutes full length 2063M or walk into the elephant valley

Jino cottage area

Keno cottage

Scenic area is located in the misty wind around, one of the six Dasan Jinghong City, northeast of the town of Kono Village. Jino family means: "uncle's offspring", the size of the family had to uncle host, the scenic area is the only one to show the Xishuangbanna Kenuo culture as the theme, relying on the natural village of the original eco-tourism attractions.

Keno cottage

Jino is the nation's 56 ethnic groups in the last established minority, the population of about two thousand people. This nation is directly from the original socialism of the transition of the nation, also known as "from the primitive society of the nation", so retained a lot of the original living customs and national customs.

Keno cottage

The main point of view: toast welcome guests, sun flower beds, "Chico, Bugu playing", "adult ceremony show", "Kenuo drums", "knife mountain fire dance", "woven" chopper cloth "and so
open Time: 08: 00-18: 00
Ticket information : 160 yuan / person

Wanda Water Park

As the name suggests this is a water-themed paradise, but the peculiar is that it is mainly composed of many flowers and water elves, and so the water wizard to show the magic, transformed into 11 water recreation facilities, a variety of tropical flowers A ring, give you a different kind of flower fairy water experience.

Wanda Water Park to go to a song dance

Here you do not have to worry about watching the children play, but they are in the side to do a "bow family", because here is not only the child's paradise, but also you still have the old man's paradise. Is the so-called "blind as a see, never see a test," still waiting for what, hurry to experience it!

Wanda Water Park

The main play points: waves Bay, bustling heart, color vine dance and so on.
Opening hours: 10: 00-19: 00
Ticket information : 198 yuan / person

① before the play, please bring their own swimsuit Oh, there are stalls outside the area selling swimsuit, an average of 30 to 100 yuan.
② Please do not let the children play alone, the majority of parents may have to take care of them Oh, after all, there is water is still very prone to accidents.

With children to take public transport is too inconvenient, so it is recommended to bring their children to travel friends can report a local day trip.

Fourth, honor my parents sunset red

Recommended attractions : Man listen to the park, Meng large Buddhist temple, virgin forest park, Meng Bala Naxi super song and dance show Recommended
reason: This can be regarded as a few of the ancient cultural attractions, historical background is very strong, the most important is them Most of them are in the urban areas, separated by the distance is not very far, no boat fatigue, the scenic area without climbing down the mountain, it is suitable for parents.

Image from the web

Man listening to the park

Man listen to the park by the big monster.

Man heard the park, also known as "Spring Huan", meaning "soul of the park", in the past is Xishuangbanna Dai Wang's Imperial Garden, the legend of the Princess Princess to play, where the beautiful scenery to attract the princess's soul, hence the name.

Man listen to the park by the big monster.

Scenic area has been 1,300 years of history, there are more than 500 well-preserved ancient iron knife wood and vegetation, the park has hills and rivers, and ethnic characteristics rich cultural landscape, is a natural village park. (Battery car 40 yuan / person)

Man heard the park put a water lamp promise

The main point of view: to commemorate the bronze statue of Premier Zhou Enlai, Man Yilong bamboo shoots, Xishuangbanna Nazha eight Jie total Buddhist temple, Dai Sala Ting and Han Meng elephant show.
Opening hours: 08: 00-17: 30
Ticket information: 54 yuan / person

Meng big temple

A large Buddha temple blessed by the Buddha

Banna almost all of the Dai people believe in Hinayana Buddhism, every Dai village has built a Buddhist temple, and Meng is a large Buddhist temple of the local temple of the landmark building, all about the Buddhist event will be held here.

Meng big temple

The main point of view: Buddha Xianyan Muni's life and the temple, peacock flying, every day Songkran Festival.
Opening hours: 8: 00-18: 00
Ticket information: adult tickets: 120 yuan / person, discount tickets: 80 yuan / person
battery car: one way 40 yuan / person, from 60 yuan / person. It is recommended to take a one-way up, and then walk down to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way.

① scenic area covers an area of 400 acres, is very broad, it is recommended that you buy the best car battery to go, walk down to save time and physical strength;
② Please do not make much noise in the temple, respecting the beliefs of local people;
③ "celebrate every day splashing water Section "only two games a day, the first 14:00, the second 16:00, please pay attention to play time; which involved in splashing water to be replaced by the local Dai people's clothing, no need to buy, the area has to provide clothes, Of the utensils, if you do not want to splash water, but also to watch the floor to watch.

Virgin forest park

Speaking of Yunnan, a "Choi Wan of the South" can not help in the ear lingering, and talking about Xishuangbanna, the famous dancer Yang Liping that graceful dance "bird of the spirit" is already on the heart.

Virgin forest park

As the best preserved tropical valley valley south of the Tropic of Cancer, no matter how loose and tight your travel plans are, there is a fantasy nostalgia you can not miss.

Virgin forest park peacock southeast fly

The main point: peacock breeding base, monkey domesticated base, large national customs performing arts field, Kowloon waterfalls, Man Shuanglong Baita, ethnic flavor barbecue field more than 50 attractions.
Opening hours: 7: 30-18: 00
Ticket information: 65 yuan / person
Battery car: one way 40 yuan / person, two yuan 70 yuan / person.

Meng Bala Naxi Super Song and Dance Show

Meng Bala Naxi a visual feast

Banna live 13 ethnic minorities, adjacent to a number of countries, where the convergence of not only 13 ethnic customs dance, there are many Southeast Asian countries, exotic colors, to give you not only the visual impact, more coherent People laughter, singing and dancing grand scenes.

Meng Bala Naxi

Meng Bala Naxi beautiful peacock princess

The first "Banna charm", the second "peacock auspicious", the third "splashing song", the fourth "holy blessing", the fifth "a river spring"
opening time: 18: 50- 21:40
ticket information : 160 yuan / Zhang

These are more affordable, there are characteristics and no boat fatigue Dayton attractions, parents are generally not good at free exercise, you can participate in the local pure day trip, full car and driver services, so that parents play happy is not tired.

Five, to Banna, the best traffic top4

Top1 aircraft

The following routes around the recommended I selected part of the city, for more details, please refer to the major site ticket details Oh

Top2 by car

I think the easiest way to travel, the most comfortable way, the happiest way to travel over a family, because you can choose to play along the way some other city, and then contented, leisurely leisurely came to this town, you can also arrive Banna, a good rest for a night, and then unscrupulous to crazy Hi skin. But suggested that we better not choose to travel at the peak of the trip Oh

Top3 coach

Kunming - Xishuangbanna: travel in the southern Kunming passenger terminal, takes about 8.5 hours, 13 times a day, the price of 223-247 yuan / person.
Lijiang - Xishuangbanna: Lijiang Bus Terminal by car, took about 19 hours a day, the price of 285 yuan / person.
Dali - Xishuangbanna: It takes about 14.5 hours, 3 shifts a day at the eastbound carriageway at Dali Passenger Terminal. The price of 252 yuan / person.  

Top4 train

Xishuangbanna is currently not open direct train, the city's train can only reach Kunming, and then turn the car to Xishuangbanna to play. This way is more suitable for young friends, and is the so-called youth is used to toss it!

Six, tour Banna, the city travel mode


Chartered / car rental

This kind of travel I strongly recommend to the little band to play the small partners, because it is a save and worry about the choice. Like a travel chartered / car this one, Banna local travel agencies, the hotel has a cooperative business, the driver's credit and service attitude are particularly good, along the way you will tell some interesting about Banna, very humorous. Charter fare is not particularly expensive, the tourism season is also about 200 ~ 300 yuan / day, the season 400 ~ 500 yuan / day, but this chartered really save a lot of trouble, do not have to drive the bus, catch the bus, check the route And play so fast, and even a lot of time are wasted on the other traffic, so whether it is a car or a plane to the friends I really strongly recommend that you can try charter travel or choose a day trip The

Seven, Xishuangbanna travel tips

1, Dai Songkran Festival: If you are still want to come to a wet experience, but can only go to Thailand to play and depressed, then that Xishuangbanna Songkran Festival is not a best choice. Do not have to go abroad, do not spend a lot of money in the country will be able to feel cooler than Thailand's wet tour. The first day is the dragon boat race, put the lights, etc., the next day is swing, four countries (Thailand, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam) tour shows, the third day is the state to celebrate, spend the splashing festival activities.
2, Dai taboo: The following is my inquiry Dai local friends, the simple list of several common taboo
① outsiders into the Dai bamboo house, to the shoes off the door, but also in the house to light; can not enter the owner of the room, Can not ride the threshold;
② taboo night at home whistle;
③ into the temple to take off his shoes, taboo touch the monk's head, Buddha, Ge spear, banner and a series of Buddhist sacred objects, especially women to "good friends" period is to avoid The
④ meal, first and so on elders after the chopsticks to start, some places also do not allow women on the table of taboo.
⑤ closed the door (Dai calendar on September 15, the Lunar Mongolian day), Dai family ban marriage, on the new house, but can fall in love, until three months after the opening section, young men and women between the social relations into normal.
3, the best travel time: If you are not afraid of a hot person, then I think Xishuangbanna is suitable for travel all year round. November to the following year in April to Xishuangbanna travel is the best choice, even in the coldest January, the average temperature at 16 ℃, the temperature is very appropriate, lukewarm. If you travel to Xishuangbanna from June to September, a large number of local tropical fruits can be tasted and tasted fresh. 5 - October is Xishuangbanna rainy season, but here the road traffic is better, little impact on tourism.
4, dressing guide: In general, as long as with enough T-shirt, shorts, thin coat and sandals on the ok, and then is essential sunscreen, sun glasses, mosquito repellent, sun umbrella and heatstroke drugs (strongly recommended Incense gas ").
5, the level of consumption: tourism talk about the general per capita consumption of 300 yuan / person (one day), the general tourist season average consumption of 600 yuan / person (one day).

Eight, concluding remarks

About Xishuangbanna this all-round Raiders, hope it can help to more like Xishuangbanna or want to Xishuangbanna travel friends.
I believe that everyone has a heart in which a piece of land, want to settle down here, the rest of his life ... ... Xishuangbanna is for me that piece of land, one want to spend the rest of his life with its old age, common through each beam of sunshine, Each breeze breeze, every landscape of the land. I would like to wish this article, warmly welcome everyone to my piece of holy soil, but also dedicated to those who have been looking for their own piece of land or people on the road.

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