In addition to the splashing festival, Xishuangbanna can play so!

Has always been such a sentence: a person of Lijiang, two people Dali, a family of Xishuangbanna, so a family to Xishuangbanna is then fit. Xishuangbanna has the only tropical rain forest nature reserve in China, the climate is warm and humid, the jungle natural oxygen bar, and filled with haze, snow and snow, compared to the cement forest, is simply heaven and earth. Here you can see the Asian elephants, peacocks, as well as China's largest, collection of the most abundant species of botanical gardens, today we come to the Northeast three lines, said Xishuangbanna what fun.
xishuangbanna 1

Xishuangbanna tourist attractions are scattered, many scenic spots (20 or so), to Jinghong City as the center, radiation east and south three
directions, distribution : ① North Line: wild elephant Valley area, Keno cottage scenic area, virgin forest park, etc.
② East Line: Chinese Academy of Sciences Botanical Garden Scenic Area, Dai Garden Scenic Area, Wangtian Tree Scenic Area, etc.
③ West Line: Dushu Chenglin Scenic Area, Meng King Scenic Area, Hani Cultural Park, Jingmai Mountain, etc.
④ City: Man heard the park, the total Buddhist temple, , Wanda theme park, the Millennium Dai village

First, the North line is going to go

Wild elephant valley

Wild elephant valley from the urban area of ​​30km (about 30 minutes by car), as the name suggests is to see the elephant, elephant show and wild elephant, elephant show is very interesting, can interact with the elephant, take pictures, etc., 11:20 am , 13:30, 15:20 pm, 16:30, remember to master the time, do not miss it! Take the ropeway have the opportunity to see the wild elephant, come all the way to travel, always take a chance, the air cableway is very long, over the three Grand Canyon, overlooking the entire wild elephant valley, tropical rainforest , Eyeful of green and green dripping water (cableway one way 50 yuan about 40 minutes, from 70 yuan to about 1.5 hours, but also to master the time allocation). In addition to crocodile garden, monkey park, butterfly garden, bird park, song and dance performances. Scenic restaurant prices overbearing, it is recommended to eat breakfast and then bring a little to eat the first pad of a pad, the conditions can go to the North Mountain ecological restaurant to eat (Dai flavor or Hani taste), per capita 30 yuan.
Tickets: $ 65

Keno cottage

Keno cottage is the last one of China's identified ethnic minorities, they are directly from the primitive society into the socialist society of the nation, walking on the road can be seen everywhere with wood signs and cattle skull totem. There is a performance every 15 minutes in the area, the old man in the stockade playing national musical instruments, goddess stone carving, wooden pole, traditional weaving, folk song and dance performances (this particularly good, as long as you sit there, free to receive a melon pork, A bowl of boiled corn, a steamed sweet potato, must be natural organic goods, taste is not the same), blacksmith knife, knife on the mountain, fire and so on. Scenic areas have a free tour guide, must have to keep them, follow the Kenuo people to the family home to sit in the Kenuo.
Tickets priced at 160 yuan, because it is the national poverty alleviation area holding any documents are no concessions (by car or chartered tourists have to pay attention).

Virgin forest park

The virgin forest park has a peacock Villa, Dai girl dancing in the peacock group, peacock flying seven days a day (about 1 hour), each flying about 10 minutes, hundreds of peacock wings fly in the air to draw a beautiful arc Line, across the sparkling lake, landed on the shore, the scene is very shocking. Visitors can also play with these peacocks, take pictures, very interesting.
Love the cottage can watch the love of national songs, bamboo pole folder foot dance, winter bash and so on, quite a national customs. As well as ethnic customs and performing arts field, is also a very unique folk song and dance performances, the park there are small Songkran activities can participate. Walking on the bamboo plank road, surrounded by lush virgin forest shelter, deep breathing feeling very good. The forest can also see a variety of strange trees, can make the taste buds lose the ability to distinguish the numbness of the "cut tongue tree", there are two trees wrapped around the "strangle tree" to prevent the spread of venom " Day, the next does not touch the vampire "climbing the tree dragon and so on, the woods are often able to see the monkeys swing in the vines swing. Forest park dining only in Peacock Villa, and some shops selling snacks, can bring some water and food. Forest Park battery car (one way 40 yuan, from 70 yuan, 5 or more concessions).

Second, the East is a plant paradise, like the plant must not miss

Chinese Academy of Sciences Tropical Botanical Garden

Xishuangbanna only 5A-level scenic spots - the Chinese Academy of Sciences Tropical Botanical Garden, the other places to build the botanical garden are from the tree began, and here every tree is natural growth from the seed, Southeast Asia's largest botanical garden, botanical garden area of ​​about 1100 hectares, save With a large tropical rain forest, and the introduction of more than 13,000 kinds of tropical plants around the world.
Educated youth who created the plant empire, they were in that era personally planted these lush plants. Botanical Garden divided into several parks: the country tree country garden, celebrity tree park, 100 garden, South medicine garden, exotic flowers garden, cycad garden, palm garden, sitting in a battery car, you can visit a scenic spot.

In which you can see a variety of unique characteristics of tropical plants: single wood into the forest, strangulation, root, gas root and so abound; in the Soviet Union can see the tree looks like a tree of large iron trees; Garden can enjoy the shy tree, fingers touch the leaves are very shy to gently close; in the celebrity tree garden can see the national leaders personally planted the tree; in the country tree country garden can understand the country's national tree and national flower; In the South medicine garden, one into the blowing is full of nose aroma, short incense trees, where are thriving to grow; 100 garden garden maze, children play paradise; palm garden tall palms quiet Standing, as if waiting for your arrival, here is also a great place for visitors to take pictures, a scene, a tree a King, beautiful.

Chinese Academy of Botanical Garden is very large (tickets 104 yuan), divided into Eastern and Western, it is recommended to take the battery car (West Park 50 yuan, the park 100 yuan), the scenic car battery has a lot of sites, you can get off at the site after the ticket to continue Travel, such as the need for tour guides, in the scenic area of ​​the mouth, please go early, late guide was invited, let us fully understand the plant, growth knowledge. There is no place to eat in the park (canteens tickets sold out very early, and not delicious), conditional to Dai flavor restaurant to eat, per capita 30 yuan.

Dai Park

Dai campus belongs to the national 4A level scenic area, Dai campus by the most well-preserved five Dai natural village composition, Dai is the nation's national religion, everywhere has a strong religious atmosphere, a village a temple, a village of a temple, everywhere See the dome of the orange robe of the small sand Mi; scenic coconut trees, betel nut trees, mango trees, jackfruit honey, hydrangea and other tropical plants and flowers covered the whole village, the trees set off the seat of the owner of the bamboo house, pleasing to the eye; Inside the house are this Diaojiaolou, half of the residents have half of people do not live, the second floor is the living area. Dai people believe in Buddhism, since ancient times, peacocks and elephants are their auspicious sacred.

Dai Park can taste a variety of fresh and delicious tropical fruit, cheaper than other places. Every day there are hundreds of "whistle duo miles" with you every day to celebrate the splashing festival, the first splashing time 14:50 --- 15:20; unique large dance performances time: 15: 30 --- 16:10 (ahead of time To the theater, the side of the location of the ticket free to sit, the middle of the location need to buy VIP package visitors can enjoy); the second season of the Songkran 16:30 ---- 17:00.

Wangtian tree area

Wangtian tree scenic reputation is very big, the only bad is far away (one way 150km about 2.6 hours), play a scenic spot will take a day (large ticket 75 yuan, package 198 yuan), take the yacht into the area, the two sides Beautiful environment. Wangtian tree is China's precious tropical rain forest species, seeds have been with the Divine 5 roaming space. Along the Philip trail before, when you walk must be careful, because one foot may be trampled to death three kinds of valuable medicinal plants, where the rainforest are everywhere treasure ah! Into the rainforest big mouth breathing fresh air, listening to insect song called the accompaniment, all kinds of tropical plant phenomenon instantly into the eye: the old stems Huaichun, soil incense, dead wood, red beans Acacia, five fingers and so on, especially the first See the tropical rain forest strangulation phenomenon, is the bird's mouth banyan tree seeds fall in the branches of these parasitic trees or skin, stubborn rooted growth, the longer the bigger the final parasitic tree wrapped, to absorb its nutrition to its Suffocated. Wang Tian tree up to 88 meters, generally also 40 to 70 meters. It is straight stalwart towering, great piercing blue sky, want to test with the day than the high majestic. The crown corridor was erected in 1990. When your footsteps move in the 500 meters long, 36 meters high and is the world's highest crown corridor, the kind of sky long, cursed volley, will let you drift for cents.
Do not wear a skirt. Backpack as small as possible, not too wide, or walk when the corridor corridor is not good to go.

Third, the West is the Sino-Burmese border, Jingmei ancient tea mountain, do not have a taste

In your heart, what should the border look like? Many people who live in the mainland all year round, have not been to the quaint border, naturally do not know the border style.
Walled scenery, to the national port must take pictures, the country can apply for exit permits, go abroad through the buffer zone to visit the Myanmar country. Unique tree forest area in the next, the larger scenic area recommended to take the battery car (40 yuan), the area has a knife on the mountain, tongue licking iron, barefoot glass and so on. Long neck family is very strange, ten layers of the collar life can not be removed. Boundary monument where you can experience a step back home. Millennium ancient banyan tree a lot of gas rooted into a single piece of wood, unique tree into this name, very spectacular! Scenic area there is a beautiful dragon card theater, inside the demon performance is very good, did not see the real demon performance, then do not miss (tickets 180 yuan). Lunch can be used in the restaurant of the unique forest area or in the monastery to eat.

Figure: alone tree forest

Where the father to take 3 shooting base - Meng King, suitable for children to go, the village simple and elegant, Dai people hospitality, Walled 110 people Dai simple authentic life, still retains the traditional forms of living and lifestyle. Scenic areas have villagers own restaurant, is a very authentic Dai flavor.
Pu'er tea first mountain South waxy mountain - Hani culture park, you can visit the Hani / Aka Museum, feel thousands of acres of acres of ancient tea garden of the tea village, eight hundred years of South Korean tea king has adult God, natural ecology and humanities The perfect combination of ecology, tea is free, all kinds of good tea can enjoy.
A tea a world, a tree a Bodhi - King Meishan ancient tea mountain, if you do not like too much artificial development of the authentic natural scenery, this is the best place to go.
Jingmai Mountain is one of the six largest daisies in China. Jingmai Mango Million Ancient Tea Garden Area is the core area relying on thousands of acres of ancient tea garden and eight ethnic minority villages. It focuses on the development of thousands of acres of ancient tea garden, tea Ancestral mountain, waxy dry Dai customs Dai village and Wengji Bulang ancient village, is to show the national culture and experience the main scenic spots of tea culture. In particular, I would like to remind you to go to Jing Mai ancient tea tea friends, because the tea here is generally more than 300 years old, many are also more than 800 years old, Alpine out of tea, clouds filled in the mountains, in front of King Mai Shan like a green ocean, close your eyes, the air has a thin tea.

Figure: Jingmai Mountain

Lao Dabao music town - recommended index five-star, the characteristics of the multi-part singing there is the mysterious mountain culture of Christ, and now here is the national intangible cultural heritage "Mopa Mika" one of the protection of heritage base , Is "happy Lahu" sing the place. Minority "will speak will sing, will walk will dance" features in the old Paul to ensure that the pure Lahu village has been fully demonstrated.
Wyoming Gan Village - We also visited another ancient tea village with thousands of years of history - the dry pagoda and the Buddha statue of the waxy dry Buddhist temple of the waxy dry temple, told me that the daily religion here is still south Biography of Buddhism, after 800 years of communication and development, Buddhism has been deeply into the daily life of the Dai people went.

Figure: waxy dry Dai village

Wengji Guzhai - Wengji Bulang ancient village, the ancient village has a long history, primitive style rich, prominent national characteristics, Bulang ecological culture preservation and heritage integrity, ancient village has a Buddhist temple, Zhaomen, Walled, cypress and other attractions landscape. 
From the top of the Millennium ancient village overlooking, Wengji ancient village of the building is all bar structure, the roof for the steep slope, covered with a traditional tile, open platform can dry cereal or cool cool.

Figure: Wengji ancient village

To the Jingmai Mountain must live here - Jingmei Shanbai boutique hotel, here is the "world's first Pu'er tea manor" to "tea" as the main line of the hotel's natural scenery, accommodation experience, and ethnic customs, The rooms are surrounded by mountains and plains of Pu'er tea.

Fourth, the city also has a lot of fun place

Has been 1,300 years of history Man listen to the park is the highest ruler of Xishuangbanna "call film collar" of a court garden (tickets 54 yuan, 40 yuan battery car), formerly Dai Wang Yu Garden, is an important carrier of Dai culture and history, Dai many Beautiful legends are related to the garden to listen to the park, the park has a very deep historical and cultural Dai. The park has a "Peacock Princess" performance, this is a beautiful legend story, especially the

graceful charm, filling the Dai style.
Man heard the park behind, there is a total temple, the temple is not charged, for the Xishuangbanna the most authoritative of a temple, inside the Buddha, in foreign countries can be ranked on the name, Hinayana Buddhism, there are ten million kinds of charm; Man listening to the garden every day during the elephant performing elephant performances and parrot performances; Man listen to the park elephant show more exciting, no time to wild elephant friend, in the man listening to the garden can also appreciate the elephant's lovely, elephant Performance time: the first 10: 00--10: 30 The second field 14: 50--15: 20 The third field 16: 30--17: 00; parrot show time: 9: 30,12: 00,15: 40; with the elephant photo another fee, please take pictures of 20 yuan per person, self-timer, then 10 yuan per person; inside the Peacock Park do not tickets but also need to pay a photo with the birds, the park a lot of peacocks; Have to say that the elephant's lovely place, after the opening of the music, only to see the elephant's big legs raised slowly with the rhythm of the dance, the head slowly Simei Akira, just too recruited!
Meng 泐 big Buddha temple is the former Dai palace, letter Buddha friends can not miss. Tickets 120 yuan, battery car one way 40 yuan, from 60 yuan.

Wanda tourism resort is also a very good place, there are Wanda theme park (tickets 180 yuan), water park (tickets 180 yuan) and Dai show (280 yuan), costing 15 billion to build, by the world's first forrec company design For the theme of the Dai culture theme park, "Butterfly Princess" is to go to the land park must see, tells a natural scientist in a prehistoric cave investigation, found and rescued a frozen in the icicle color Butterfly story, the story very touching; water park is the parent-child's place to go. The evening can also go to see the world's top performances, visual feast Dai show.

What are the performances that can be seen?

① Mekong River Night • Mannival Bonfire Party - located in Mannie Park, tickets 280 yuan, the performance of the Mekong River Basin six countries of the cultural characteristics, but also includes the Xishuangbanna state of the six ethnic folk customs performances. The whole party set the national customs, exotic scenery, fun and humorous scene in one. 19:00 after dinner to watch the show, after the show there are lights to pray for the activities of prayer, 21:30 end.
② impression of the Lancang River cruise - located in Jinghong port (Xishuangbanna bridge next to), tickets 280 yuan, 19:00 after boarding the first meal to see the show, 21:30 end, the ship brings together national performances, including a variety of snacks, along the river Watch the river view of Xishuangbanna, the night feeling very good.
③ Meng Baranasi - located on the 69th of Xuanwei Road, tickets 260 yuan, 19:00 approach to eat to see the show, watch the Banna folk song and dance performances, 22:20 end.
④ multi-song water bonfire party - located in Man King Fa village (Man Lane maple turntable on the left), tickets 280 yuan, to understand the food culture, watch the national dance art, experience religious culture and bonfire entertainment.
⑤ Meng Ju Theater - located in Thailand Street, tickets 260 yuan, enjoy the authentic Thai red artist (commonly known as Simon) performance, 19:00 approach, 21:30 end.

Six, not to be missed food recommended

Lemon grilled fish
with respect to the reputation of the lemongrass grass, lemon grilled fish is the new favorite of the locals. Most of the lemon roasted fish is made with tilapia, nothing on the fire, a baked, put a little lemon juice, baked after dipped in a dipped in a special sauce. Do good depends on the store's chili sauce how to do, chili sauce to do good, it will be delicious. You can go to Shawan Coconut satisfied that the city is very cost-effective a large restaurant, dinner time is packed.
Pineapple Purple Rice
Pineapple Purple Rice looks very attractive, the whole pineapple is very like Meng. First to the purple glutinous rice soak 7-8 hours, the top of the pineapple cut a cover, dig out the pineapple heart, into the purple glutinous rice, covered with pineapple cover into the Zhen pot boiled, smell the smell, you can open the lid edible. Taste a little sweet, and the effect of blood and lungs Oh.
Sour bamboo shoots boiled chicken
curd chicken is the traditional dishes of the Dai, Xishuangbanna large restaurant common dishes. With the characteristics of the bamboo shoots coupled with fresh chicken boiled soup, coupled with Dai's unique spice lychee, sour and spicy, very appetizing Oh The general restaurant will be produced. Local people in particular stressed that the bamboo shoots are pickled with fresh bamboo shoots, and chickens are generally used Dai small chicken, bamboo shoots boiled chicken taste slightly acid, not greasy, tender and sweet.
Lemongrass roasted
prawns grass is also a classic Dai style dishes. The first to wash the fish wrapped in fragrant fragrant citron grass, and then placed on the fire barbecue, and put on the amount of lard, roasted when the aroma overflowing, so baked out of the fish smell, fish crisp, delicious taste The There are also friends that now the locals rarely eat. Because the taste is heavy, spices a lot. However, people who like the spicy taste can still try it. Are generally more on the night market stalls, taste on the personal feeling almost.
Chung chicken feet
Chung chicken feet is the chicken feet into the mortar in the mashed. Chung chicken feet taste sweet and sour sweet, accompanied by small bottles of beer, eat up with gusto. Recommended Yi Wu Road Chung chicken feet. Soft waxy chicken feet mixed with raw cowpea, pepper, peanuts, lemon juice and so on a dozen spices Chung system, spicy cool. And then to the opposite to buy a cup of purple rice, refreshing spicy.
Fried bamboo worms This is a tropical rain forest unique ingredients, bamboo worms grow in the wild bamboo body, with fresh bamboo for food, the locals cut back from the wood bamboo, bamboo can open the bamboo can be removed, fried with Pepper salt. Taste the oil but not greasy, mouthful of incense. Every year in the rainy season, the local restaurant can taste this dish, you can also buy bamboo from the market to cook at home. Bamboo rice, bamboo rice filled with fragrant purple bamboo Banna specialty glutinous rice, baked peanut, rice and incense bamboo fragrance blend of natural flavor, as the representative of Dai cuisine. Every winter and spring, urban and rural markets are available everywhere. Balada Balada is similar to pancakes, more similar to Indian flies, is a kind of sweets, banana flavor, pineapple flavor, mango flavor. Rice dry, rice noodle breakfast must eat the local, recommended Jinghong City Land Bureau Huaneng energy side (King East characteristics of rice noodle).

(The hotel opposite the home) with the waiter are Burmese people; the
United States and the United States coffee: King , the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States, Honggang Menglong Road No. 2 (Caiqingchun opposite)
Shawan Coconut Dina: Jinghong City, Meng Hong Avenue, Shawan International Plaza, 3rd Floor (Shawan film and television city) boss Burmese, the waiter has some local people
Hello Lao : Jinghong City Mengjiang Avenue Shawan International Plaza (Shawan Carpark) boss with the waiter are local people
in the snow ice: Jinghong City Mengjiang Avenue Shawan International Plaza (Shawan parking lot) boss Guizhou, the waiter local People
riverside night market: Jinghong City Riverside Avenue Riverside Park side (night market is very lively, did not sit to the ground), the field of people surrounded by
King Sea features barbecue: Jinghong City Environmental Protection Bureau (bazaars back door), many at night The locals eat in this place, taste very beautiful.
Man listen to Xiaozhai: Jinghong City Man listen to Xiaozhai (the whole is on the barbecue, free selection, but the price is a bit high)
No. 4 package pulp tofu: Jinghong City Menghai Road (opposite the Runfa supermarket) Is after 12 pm.

Seven, what kind of posture should be to the tropical rainforest a big hug?

How to choose the mode of transport to Xishuangbanna?
Beijing, Guiyang, Wuhan, Urumqi, Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, etc., in addition to Kunming is an international airport, the airport is located in the city of Changsha, Chengdu, Chongqing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Direct flights to fly, almost any city can fly to Kunming, and Kunming - Xishuangbanna round-trip air tickets and very cheap, just six or seven hundred dollars, so there is no direct flights to the city of Banna also choose to turn for the better.
② car, Kunming Southern Bus Terminal - Xishuangbanna long-distance bus has 13 classes, 13: 00-22: 00 an average of every hour, about 10 hours by car, ticket price one way 247 yuan, round-trip prices and the price of off-season ticket off-season almost.
③ high-speed rail has not yet opened, 2018 years later, you can also take the high-speed rail directly to Xishuangbanna.
So, on the whole, choose the plane to Xishuangbanna is the best solution, and if you have scheduled Xishuangbanna itinerary, there will be a pick up service.

Eight, travel without special feeling feeling white run a trip

Tropical fruit Needless to say, in Xishuangbanna are everywhere, as many categories, must eat Shuangzhuang!
Pu'er tea originated in Xishuangbanna in the territory of the six Dasan, like tea friends know here is the most appropriate, and in view of some are not very good at identification just want to bring back gifts, recommend several places more cost-effective procurement, Man Get maple tea culture center, Kenuo mountain tea factory.
Xishuangbanna is located on the border, the local jewelry jade more, there are several relatively good Dai bamboo museum, poly jade hall, want to buy can go to see, met the like on the hard bargain, cut to the psychological can accept Buy it.

Nine, Xishuangbanna tourism tips

1. Banna area: located in the tropical, to Banna tourism to pay special attention to hot and humid weather may cause physical discomfort. Where the mosquitoes are particularly thriving, outsiders are bitten here is not easy to swollen, remember to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, umbrellas and bath suits. Clothes: no matter when to Xishuangbanna are prepared with the summer clothes and shoes absolutely no mistake, here is always warm like fire!
2. Banna season: October to next year in April to Xishuangbanna travel is the most appropriate time this time the temperature is not high, not cold; if 6-9 months to travel to Xishuangbanna have the opportunity to taste the tropical fruit there, cheap So that the North people surprise, really wonderful 5 - October into the rainy season, but here the road traffic is better, so still can not stop here the arrival of the tourist season.
3. Banna temperature: April - - - October, daytime temperature: 29 - 32 degrees; at night 19 - 22 degrees around
November - March, daytime temperature : 24-29 degrees; About 20 degrees;
4. Banna style: ethnic minority settlements should pay special attention to respect the local customs. In the visit to the bamboo floor, remember to take off your shoes, to freely access and peek into the bedroom of ethnic minority residents, do not hand to touch the local children's head. Xishuangbanna ethnic minorities for religious beliefs are very devout, in the tour and religious-related scenic spots, the temple is prohibited to take pictures.
5. Banna special: ID card, passport, if it is with the best book with a child with a come. Xishuangbanna is easy to go abroad difficult, and the roadside often armed police, need to check the identity card; and Laos, Myanmar are connected, have a day trip to the border, if you want to go out to see exotic then documents are essential.

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