Beijing visit the Forbidden City the most complete skills

Came to the big Beijing, must visit the Forbidden City
beijing forbidden city

To find the Forbidden City precipitation 600 years of memory

The Forbidden City is the place where visitors will go to Beijing, not only in her fame, but also in her cultural complex in every Chinese mind. The beauty of the Forbidden City, not only in her unparalleled architecture and she left the precious antiques, the more people who have lived there, happened, the people in the deep palace though is gone, but the story is still , To the Forbidden City, is to find the Forbidden City precipitation 600 years of memory. Four seasons alternating, spring and summer autumn and winter Palace has his not the same beauty, spring trees spit new buds, colored flowers bloom in the red wall, autumn golden garden, solemn and silence, but the most people like the winter, Beijing has become the Peking, the Forbidden City has returned to the story of the Forbidden City, snow inlaid red walls, broken broken Qiong Fang, to Beijing this three years, often catch the snow on weekends, must be with the camera to the Palace through a few hundred Year heavy and quiet beauty.

The Forbidden City so much, how reasonable arrangements for the route?

Palace covers an area of ​​720,000 square meters, construction area of ​​about 150,000 square meters, the size of the palace more than seventy seats, such a large palace, want to visit the emperor's home, give yourself a day of time Do homework, filled with books on the Ming and Qing dynasties of historical knowledge, coupled with the TV drama lingering in the minds of the picture and the plot, you can open their own journey through the trip. After all, for such a large palace, or to three points to see, listen to, or even fly, it is easy to produce visual fatigue. But the Connaught Museum of the National Palace Museum tour numerous routes, here to share with you about the conventional walk to visit the four routes: Route one (yellow arrow in the figure): Meridian Gate - Taihe Temple - Zhonghe Hall - Baohe Temple - Ganqing Gong - pay Thai Temple - Kunning Palace - Royal Garden - Shenwu Men Route two (green arrow in the figure): the central axis of the trunk of the palace - Yonghe Palace - Jingren Palace - Yanxi Palace - outside the East Road, watch Museum - Treasure Museum - Royal Garden Route three (blue arrow in the figure): the central axis of the military office - Cixing Palace - Shoukang Palace - Tai Chi Temple - Yi Kun Palace - Chu Xiu Gong - Royal Garden (Three lines will be through the Imperial Palace before the three main hall) Line four (afternoon entrance purple word): Wumen Yanchi Lou


First, the central axis to visit - the most elite of the Palace Museum visit, will go!

Play line: Meridian Gate - Tai Wo Temple - Zhonghe Hall - Baohe Temple - Ganqing Gong - pay Thai Temple - Kunning Palace - Royal Garden - Shenwu Men For age groups: the elderly and children, as well as more hurry people. Because this line to walk less time, but also to see the most elite scenic spots, walking time in 2 hours or so.

Former office area: Taihe Temple, Zhonghe Dian, Baohe Dian


The palace of the first three hall is the emperor's office area, they are in the Tai Wo door - the emperor Yu door listen to the place; Tai Wo Temple - the emperor held a large place, that is, the lion hall; in the temple - in addition to the emperor temporary rest, But also the royal family of jade, that is, the royal family tree; Paul Hall - the world where the people looking forward to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, every three years here will be held a grand palace test activities, hand "

The former dynasty represents the emperor's dignity, so it is also the must for all tourists to visit the Forbidden City. The whole building system of the Forbidden City is "the center of the axis, symmetrical", so look at the best location of the Hall of Heaven and Hall, is on both sides of the Hongyi Court and the body beneath the platform, the same, this is shooting Taihe Dian, The location of the Tai Wo Temple Square is excellent.

Forbidden City 308 mouth of the large tank in addition to its inherent fire function, but also added the endless beauty of the Forbidden City. In 1900, when the Eight-Power Allied Forces attacked Beijing and carried out in the Forbidden City, there were many invaders who used the bayonet to wipe the gold on the bronze cylinder. Now, on the big cylinder on both sides of the Hall of Supreme Harmony, To see the invaders left behind the heavy knife marks.


Backstage living area: Paul and Hall, in the temple, dry palace

Go down and protect the temple after the Dan Pi, you can see the left door, dry clear the door, inside the right door, three doors is the emperor and family members living in the inner court, that is, "harem." Of course, since the dry door into the middle line part or all visitors to the traditional tour route. The Qing Dynasty in order to forget the ancestral faith, the Kunning Palace left to change the place outside the shamanism worship, the right is the emperor's marriage room. In the "dry" "Kun" between, is a symbol of the emperor harmony of the "pay Thai temple."

Leisure garden area: Imperial Garden, the traditional tour group in the end of the three main hall after the tour, will go straight into the Imperial Garden, and then the temple, the end of the tour in the Forbidden City. But how does this enjoy, after all, the 720,000 square meters of the Forbidden City has a lot of linger.



Tour of the East - the Three Sights of the Forbidden City, the visit of Shunzhi and Dong Ofei's love of life and the secret of Zhenfei

Play route: the central axis of the trunk of the palace - Yonghe Palace - Jingren Palace - Yanxi Palace - outside the East Road, watch Museum - Treasure Museum - Royal Garden

For the crowd: the history of the great god who are interested

East six palace: Jingren Palace, Chenggan Palace, Zhongci Palace, Jingyang Palace, Yonghe Palace, Yanxi Palace

Pay the east side of the East, go out is the East Palace, these small courtyard had lived in the Forbidden City, the favored woman. Into these courtyards, and film and television drama, the story of the characters in the docking, as if all of a sudden through the year to the Forbidden City. Dongzigong is currently open only four courtyards.

① Zhongci Palace: Cixi Empress Dowager has lived here, Empress who you know, then what is the relationship between Cian and Empress? Many people know that we used to say that the Empress Dowager Cixi, then the Cinderella is the East Empress Dowager, the Empress Dowager Cixi emperor is the emperor of the emperor, Tongzhi emperor mother, and Cinderella is the Queen of the Emperor Xianfeng, but no Heir, Xianfeng Emperor died, Tongzhi to the throne, in accordance with the Xianfeng's imperial edict, respectively, respect for the Empress Dowager Empress Dowager, respect for the mother after the emperor.

② Jingyang Palace: red pill case is one of the three cases in the late Ming Dynasty, Jingyang Palace is the main pillar of the red pills Taichang Emperor Zhu Changluo mother live, not open, but this does not affect our speculation on this historical case and guess.

③ Chengjian Gong: Qing Shunzhi Emperor filial piety to the emperor Dong E's lived here, "Xiaozhuang Queen" inside, comfortable Dong E Fei played deeply rooted in the history of the emperor, in addition to Yang Yuhuan and Li Longji's peerless love, Shunzhi And Dong Ofei's life and death romance also makes people feel poignant.


④ Yonghe Palace: where lived in the Yongzheng's mother, Kangxi's Princess Wu Ya's, and ultimately failed to rely on the mother of their children moved to Cixing Palace, she did not like the film and television as the Queen Mother's place.

⑤ King Ren Palace: blessing dependency, where lived in the Ming Xuan was deprived of the Queen because of the place and survived the martyrdom of Queen Hu, also lived because of the Empress Dowager Cixi to preserve the royal face and make it the best betrayed Guangxu favorite Of Jane Fei.

⑥ Yan Jubilee: Fair Princess Princess Princess is living in the Yanxi Palace, so that the emperor Wei Jia from the initial silence of the ladies became the hostess of the harem, but also Jiaqing emperor's mother.

East Road: Treasure Hall - Watch - Zhenfei Well

① Treasure Museum: a treasure house, there are colored stones, sparkling gold and silver utensils, pearl emerald and so on.

Leaving the Yanxi Palace will be able to turn left along the red wall to the top of the palace to the emperor. Emperor Qianlong 86 years old Zen gave his son Jiaqing emperor, so, became too emperor he specifically to repair their own a nursing home, which is treasures, once Ninghou the whole house - a group of concentrated Forbidden City. Treasure Museum has the most energetic part of the Forbidden City - Kowloon Wall - triple India - hair crystal snuff bottle - the palace of various accessories - Emperor Qianlong's 25 treasure - up to five tons of Dayu flood control Yushan.


② clock table: the palace collection of all kinds of watches and clocks. (These two places need to purchase an additional 10 / person tickets).

③ Zhenfei Well: Although it is a well, but it represents a dynasty into the decline.

Out of the treasures of the export of the left turn straight, you can see Shun Ching Mun and Shenwu Men, Shun Chun door is the Imperial Garden, Shenwu door even left the Forbidden City.

The West line to visit - explore the TV series "Zhen Huan Biography" of the little Lord who lives

Play line: the central axis of the military office - Cixing Palace - Shoukang Palace - Tai Chi Temple - Yi Kun Palace - Chu Xiu Palace - Royal Garden

For the crowd: "Zhen Huan Biography" never tired of the little main Baylor princes.

① military office: Yongzheng emperor after the special advisory body, is the Qing Dynasty central authority, whether it is from the history books, or from the TV series, the Minister of Military Minister has long been rooted in all the minds of tourists.

② Cixing Palace: the famous Xiaozhuang emperor, but also escape the end of life - "Taizong Emperor Feng has been long, I will not be disturbed, and I am most worried about is you and your father, put me buried Your father's mausoleum. "This sentence for hundreds of years many people countless reverie, the Queen Mother married Duoergun, some history can not be restored after all, but these anecdotes also make our journey to increase the infinite fun.

③ Shoukang Palace: the hostess are more longevity, Emperor Yongzheng emperor, Emperor Qianlong's biological mother, TV drama in the Zhen Huan, lived in the courtyard. Xi Guifei live 86 years old, with her son to desert North, tour Lu Lu Jiangnan, Deng Song Yue, enjoy the earth's glory and wealth. However, the courtyard of the longevity of the Qianlong is the example of Chen, although she was the most obscure city of the characters, but she lived 92 years old.

West Palace: Yongshou Palace, Yikun Palace, Chu Xiu Palace, Xianfu Palace, Changchun Palace and Kai Cheung Palace (Tai Chi Temple)] . At present the opening of the palace have Yi Kun Palace, Chu Xiu Palace and Tai Chi Temple three.

① Yikun Palace: Wanli emperor's mother, Ming Muzong Li Guifei lived in the place, of course, the most famous figure is Jiang Xin Hua Fei played the protagonist of the emperor, Yongzheng of the Sukhumvit Royal, but the year and the TV series Shi Lan is not the same, the death of the Royal Suo Royal birth of a woman three sons, but unfortunately there is no surviving world.

② Xu Xiu Palace: Yi Bin, that is, later Empress Dowager Cixi, who lived here, and gave birth here Tongzhi emperor.

③ Tai Chi Temple: Li lived in the last emperor of the Empress Dowager - Long Yu Huang Empress, it is her, personally signed the "emperor retreat imperial edict", so the end of the Qing ... ...

Wandering the West House of the three small courtyard, north can enter the Imperial Garden, out of the Divine Gate even if the palace.

Yanchi Lou - to restore the emperor celebrate the birthday of the grand occasion

Meridian things on the city of Taiwan have some three veranda room, due to the south side of the gate from the south row, shaped like a goose wing, so that the wing wing floor. This is surrounded by the veranda into a square, layers of progressive form of the layout is typical of the "five three three" system, is conducive to highlight the dignity of the palace building. Built in the Ming Yongle eighteen years, Qing Shunzhi four years of rehabilitation, Jiaqing six years and repair. Since 2013, the National Palace Museum began to re-built Meridian door wing, reconstruction completed last year

East Yan wing floor exhibition hall will display a total length of 39.39 meters Kangxi Emperor Wanshou celebration map, the total volume of 18,000 characters, even the number of pressure "Qingming River". In the next volume depicting the Xizhimen door to the gods of the birthday map, you can find one by one Beijing city important geographical coordinates, such as the West four archway, Beihai Yongan Temple Baita, North Sea Mission City and so on.

The entrance free of charge to receive a wireless headset, every area can be a clear list of exhibits to see the history of exports do not forget to put the headset back.

Shooting the two places will go to the Forbidden City

The first row is undoubtedly Jingshan, and climbed the highest point of Jingshan, shooting the panorama of the Forbidden City, than in the Forbidden City, when the tour is more shocking.


There is the moat of the moat is also a photographer of the "guns short gun" will go to the scene, in the sunset against the background, the turret reflected in the next moat, the gods east to west have a turret, Proposed to the northwest corner of the building.


How much is the Imperial Palace ticket?

Off-season (November 1 - March 31 next year): 40 yuan / person (not including treasures, watches and clocks) High season (April 1 - October 31): 60 yuan / person (not including treasures Museum, clock table) Treasure shop / bell watch tickets were: 10 / person

Before the Forbidden City must read

  1. Closed on Monday afternoon, except for statutory holidays and summer (July 1 to August 31 each year), the National Palace Museum will be closed on Monday afternoon. Weekly opening time is 8: 30-12: 00, stop the ticket time is 11:00, stop the ticket time is 11:10, closing time is 12:00.

  2. real-name system to buy tickets, ready to ID card at the door of the artificial ticket office, the Forbidden City ticket sale time 8: 30-16: 00, morning and afternoon market separately sold.

    The National Palace Museum in line to buy a lot of people, the scorching sun under an hour is not impossible Oh, so it is recommended to visit the tourist season in advance booking online, when the direct access to the ID card, do not need to line up. If it is with a child or a baby carriage with the tourists, it is recommended to buy a day trip products, very convenient, but also so that the baby who followed the crime. Because the Forbidden City daily limit of 80,000 people, the Imperial Palace real name system tickets, adults with a good ID card, the child with a good account or identity card, no documents can not visit, remember.

  3. Toilet distribution door Meridian finish, too in front of both sides of the toilet on both sides of the toilet (this toilet is not enough people), things the entrance of the Sixth Palace also have toilets, outside the East Museum of the Treasures and the Museum of the beginning of the restaurant And the bathroom also has a rest area, the Imperial Garden also has a toilet.

  4. Palace Museum to implement a one-way visit All visitors can only enter the south from the south gate, the north side of the Shenwu door out, so when the play must be arranged for the route, try not to take the wrong way, for example, we can refer to the following route.

  5. Suggested rent relief in the Meridian Gate and Shenwu Men, with voice guide rental service. Chinese version, Cantonese version of the voice browser rental 20 yuan / Taiwan, other language version 40 yuan / Taiwan. After the visit, the voice interpreter will be handed over to the interpreting service before discharge. If you can not understand the history here, to visit the Forbidden City is just fly it, understand the history of the Forbidden City to open the dusty story and memory, of course, if you can participate in the study tour or day trip, you can make this Line is more vivid and true.

How to go to the Forbidden City?

Beijing route to the Forbidden City, the easiest and most convenient way is to take the Metro Line 1, Tiananmen East Station, northwest exit, went to the ground is Tiananmen area security channel. After the security channel, left front is Tiananmen Square, through the Tiananmen Square, the door, go straight ahead, you can see the afternoon door.


City bus: City take a road, 2 Road, 52 Road, 59 Road, 82 Road, 99 Road, 120 Road, 126 Road, sightseeing line 1, night 17 Road, night 1 Road, night 2 Road, "Tiananmen East" stop and then walk about 900 meters to reach the gate.

PS. Palace no parking lot, the surrounding public parking lot is also far away, do not recommend driving to come.

In addition to the Forbidden City, generally come to Beijing to visit the places where visitors will have Badaling Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, the Summer Palace, Bird's Nest Water Cube, Wangfujing, Prince Gong House and other famous attractions, especially the Great Wall traffic is not very convenient, bus more , The road about in more than an hour or so, Beijing North Station S at the beginning of the train trips not much, especially in the morning, tickets difficult to buy. It is recommended to buy a day tour of the product, comfortable and worry, and Beijing's attractions for the cultural landscape, coupled with professional explanation will not fly. In addition, come to Beijing's small partner should be no stranger, as long as there is a tourist place, was overwhelming little advertising captured, so be sure to buy from the regular way, do not believe that the streets of small ads, or play not happy to their own Tim block does not say that the economy is more harm than good.

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