The locals in Beijing must play in a niche way

As a Beijing native, he has lived in Beijing for more than 30 years and never wrote anything about Beijing. With this idea, the pen was lifted, but it did not know where to begin writing.

As a big capital, I haven’t had fun playing for 30 years, so I can only talk to everyone about the places I’ve been to and I think Beijing has special features. Of course, each tour group will not list the attractions of Urumqi and Urumqi. In addition to people crowding, there is nothing worth seeing.
It is not a travel guide, not a guide, but a recommendation. It is recommended to young friends who are not coming to Beijing for the first time. They are also recommended to small partners who work in Beijing but have not played in Beijing. They are for reference only.

Forbidden City's Light, Shadow, and Grandeur

Regardless of whether the public or the minority, the first landmark to be punched in Beijing must be the Forbidden City.

I had the honour of being born in Beijing and growing up in Beijing. At the foot of Emperor Tianzi, I was born.
In those days, there were not so many people.
In those days, every day was a blue sky.
That era was the year when my mother fluttered.

Speaking of the Forbidden City, I visited many times from childhood to childhood. “Red City Wall Glazed Tiles” is the main color of my childhood memories. When I grew up, whether it was the instructor training or the reception of foreign guests, the understanding of the Forbidden City was gradually deepened. At this time, we managed the Forbidden City called the “National Palace Museum”. However, I prefer to call him the Forbidden City because the Forbidden City can be in Taipei and Shenyang, while the Forbidden City has only one. Every time I visit, I use my own feet to measure the stone bricks in the Forbidden City. I listen carefully to the explanations of the interpreters, but I don't feel happy every time. After a while, I want to come here and look for it. There will be no new findings.

The Treasure Hall is a one-time charge, but it is highly recommended to visit. There are several rare treasures. ↓

Out of Wumen on Wangjing Mountain. ↓

Bell and Drum Tower Bells

I and Pan Dongzi, two old Beijingers, arranged a visit to each attraction at each party. From childhood to childhood, they were not bored. There is a back-to-back purchase of the entire Hu tour on the same day. At the party this time, the Imperial Palace Beihai had enough, and Hutong was tired and went straight to the Drum Tower. Not to mention the fact that this area has children eating all over again and again. The city has never been seen above. The 30th floor ticket of the Drum Tower is actually a large staircase with 60 steps each. The climb to the top is a row of drums and one is a bell. To put it aside, standing on the top of the square, you can see a scene, a cottage with blue tiles along the children, hovering above a group of pigeons, with a dolphin whistle hula.

Along the Drum Tower is a two-way street. This clock tower is a one-way street. When people are crowded, it is still very horrible.

The Drum Tower is on the clock tower. Facing the setting sun, it's a bit of backlighting - ↑

I was climbing for the first time in the Drum Tower and Drum Tower. It was fun, but in the words of Dong Zi, I spent 30 bucks to buy a Zhang Zhong Gulou fitness card and climbed two snoring snoring bands. After we came down to find a water source and suddenly wanted to drink the Arctic Ocean, it was our childhood spiritual support! Every summer, every household has to approve a few baskets of ice water in the Arctic Ocean. I remembered that each time I was a child, I practiced the accordion. I was rewarded with a bottle of Arctic Ocean and I was going down. Similar to white wine, children are hot and full of gas.

One day tour of Beijing to Prince Gong, Confucius Temple and Guozijian

This time it is still acting with Pan Dongzi.

Dongzi adults landed in Beijing City, and I quickly picked up the driver. Mali arranged a cultural tour, a day trip to Beijing culture. I purify the soul that I haven't purified for a long time. I haven’t improved my cultivation for a long time.

Some people say that most of the Beijingers are Luchi. I admit that I was that the adults of Dongzi had not been, but after escaping from the cultivation of the people of Beijing for 7 years, they have now joined the ranks of Luchi. Applause welcomes me. The North Gate of the North Sea, looking for the way to Prince Gong's Mansion, casually asked the aunt next to him who was holding a drum and locked the car to go to Prince Gong's Mansion. The Grandmother took the chance to raise his hand, and the posture was absolutely absolute. The child said, "That's it!" I suddenly feared, special worship along the direction of her fingers - Peking University Hospital Male Center! ! At that time, I was full of black thread, that sweating, and then answered: Oh, really! Thank you very much!

Once in the tourist season, Prince Gong’s House is full of people from all over the country.

The lotus in Prince Gong's Mansion. ↑

The last time I returned to the Confucius Temple was before my college entrance examination. At that time, a teacher, a senior cynic young teacher from Teriu, was clapping the table impassively with us. “Before the college entrance examination, we must go to three places to worship: 1. Lama Temple , 2, Temple of Confucius, 3, Zhu Xi's tomb, quasi insurance to test well.” Scared that we dare not go, all the way to the temple to the Confucius Temple, carefully paid attention to Confucius old gentleman, even the door of the well are wood Let's go (let's say this well is called Shushui Lake, thanks to a blessing, such as springs), pious and scary. This visit to the old country is mainly to accompany the adults to visit the winter. The adults of Dongzi’s eyes appear as heavenly spirits, and they see the spirits wandering around in the courtyard twice. They do not hesitate to bow to each other. I see you next time you go out wearing high heels! ! !

This stormy weather is gloomy, sweltering, and the rain can't get through and dissolve! Go home and sleep!

Welcome to Beijing to see the sea - West Sea, Houhai, Qianhai

Speaking of Beijing's “sea,” of course, nobody knows that Hou Hai, who is not known to everyone, has now become a bar gathering area. As soon as the night began, it began to be mad, more dazzling than the day. In fact, if you go further and further away, you will find a fairyland with sparse population and yet a quiet environment.

The photographs cover the spring, summer and autumn of the West Sea, Houhai and Qianhai. Each season has its own unique charm. However, I have been stupid and indistinct.

In the green West Sea, there is no shortage of anglers on the shore. ↑

Autumn landscape after the sea. ↑↓

Enjoy cherry blossoms without going to Japan - Yuyuantan

Yuyuantan Park is a garden suitable for the elderly to walk and bring children with children. The passenger flow during the day is not high. However, from time to time during the Cherry Blossom Festival, traffic jams began and the team queued for the crowd.

Just a short distance from the park, a few days before the opening of the cherry blossom festival, they ran for a few cherry blossoms.

Looking far from the Central Television Tower. ↑

Every day, there are many uncles and aunts who come to the gym to work out, and there are also many parents who have children. It's like a street park in front of the house.

Peach, cherry blossoms. ↑↓

Garden in the Garden - Garden Expo Garden

Forty-nine cities play almost, you can walk to the suburbs.

When spring flowers bloom, it's highly recommended to visit Boyuan Garden.

Park Expo Park is called Garden Flower Expo Park. A large garden museum covers the architectural style and features of the gardens throughout the country.

Recommendations make a full day visiting the garden, you can rent a tandem bike, or take the train garden of batteries and spend a leisurely day.

Inside the exhibition hall. ↑

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