Cool summer, to Xi'an Leroy City hot spring water park!

July, the scorching sun, we officially ushered in the summer. Minutes to heat when the explosion, can only air conditioning at home, eat watermelon, ice cream, drink beer, what better way to summer it? Let us or with friends, or lead the child to relax and relax the body, crazy water.

Leroy City 88 degree hot spring water park

If you are a Xi'aner? That you are more or less heard of Hua Lok City Water Park. This is a Caribbean beach style as the theme of the construction of the water park, is the largest in Xi'an. The entire park to the main outdoor, more than 20 kinds of entertainment projects, all finished the need for a day, there are adults to stimulate the project, there are children to play the leisure project, completely suitable for the whole family sent out Oh

Tickets and opening hours

June 24 - August 31 period: 10: 00-22: 00
Tickets: 198 yuan / person; children can go to the area to buy.
Hot days do not want to line up the line, remember to buy online in advance Oh, and cheaper than the area Oh, and the ticket only need to sweep two-dimensional code can enter, convenient and quick.  

Will play the project

Hurricane tower

So many projects, if only let me recommend one, then the number of hurricane tower! This is the most exciting, three slides, similar to the slide, the highest one has 45 meters, from the high altitude rapid decline, screaming screaming screaming!

Isabella Coast

Isabella coast is not really sea, but here is more interesting than the real sea. Vacuum wave pool and wind tunnel wave pool, up to 3 meters or so waves, rough, the crowd with the waves, coupled with high-profile professional DJ, music, the world's best,

Big horn

Thriller 5 stars, big horns and tornado combination slide 20 meters, 4 people take a raft from the height of the rapid dive down, in the big horn swing, tilt, rotation, to stimulate the rapid glide to the water , Qin Liang water suddenly wet the body, happy sound come and go.

1, to bring some cash Oh, lockers deposit of 200 yuan / day, rent 20 yuan / day;
2, in addition to bring swimsuit, towels, bath towels, slippers is best to bring their own, because they are scenic charges;
3, not with food and water, there are scenic spots, are hand brush ring, when closing the hand out.

How to go to Leroy 88 degree hot spring water park?

1.  Free shuttle bus :
take Metro Line 2 at the city sports park stop, D exit 300 meters north.
From: 9: 00-19: 00;
return: 17: 00-22: 30
departure time: every 30 - 40 minutes a trip, car full of walking, the journey takes about 30 minutes.

2. By car:
Xi'an North Ring (Lv Xiaozhai Interchange) - West copper a highway - the origin of Metro - Feng Jing Avenue - Lok Wah 88 ℃ hot spring park, no tolls.

Go to 88 degrees hot springs can also play with here

Le Huacheng addition to the water park, there are music city happy world, roller coaster, jumping machine and other thrilling items there are many, two scenic spots from the very close, also need a day of playing time, you can separate two days to play.

Tickets and opening hours

July 1 - August 31 period: 09: 30-21: 00;
other time: 10: 00-17: 00;
tickets: 230 yuan / person, children can go to the area to buy.   

Will play the project

Dream Trojan

Here, riding a Trojan rotation jump, you are the fairy tale world of the goddess, or with the girlfriend, or the same family, enjoy the romantic time .....

The ridge of the dragon

Like to play the excitement of the gospel of students, more than 30 meters high, take the meteor speed dive, inverted hovering, spiral speed, although the time is not long, but enough to feel the endless adventure!  

1. Lehua City happy world some of the more exciting projects, high blood pressure, heart disease, cervical disease patients, pregnant women, etc. can not play.
2. Food, beverages and so can not be brought into the area for sale.
3. Xi'an summer hot, we must pay attention to sunscreen, drink plenty of water.

Concluding remarks

If you are a standard traveler to travel to Xi'an, then in addition to the museum, a variety of monuments, you can also change the environment to change the mood to the water park to experience a different summer! But if you are a resident of Xi'an itself, then congratulations, the door of the amusement park can go every day! This summer let us Hey!

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