Eight questions to get the Potala Palace (including tickets booking Cheats)

Potala Palace (hereinafter referred to as the cloth palace) is the world's highest elevation, the most magnificent palace, is the most important symbol of Lhasa and Tibet, of course, is to come to Tibet will punch the attractions. The Potala Palace was originally built for the Tubo dynasty Zanpusong Gambo for the construction of the princess and Princess Wencheng. After 1,300 years of continuous construction, there is now such a majestic appearance.
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Just like you went to Beijing, did not go to the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square to make a card, there will be regret. To Lhasa, not to the Potala Palace your journey is not complete.
The palace of the Potala Palace is well known both at home and abroad, and you come to Tibet to find the soul of the sustenance, it must not miss it. But how does traffic solve? How to buy tickets? Do you have any precautions? Then look down ~

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Potala Palace quick answer

How to reach the cloth palace?

take the 8 Road, 17 Road, 24 bus to the White Tower Station;
take a road, 12 Road, 17 Road, 24 bus to pull the station to get off.

Taxi: General starting price is 10 yuan (3 km), followed by an increase of 2 yuan per kilometer.

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How much is it? Open time?

Ticket prices: May 1 to October 31 Potala Palace tickets full price of 200 yuan / Zhang;
off-season ticket prices: November 1 to April 30 the following year the Potala Palace tickets full price of 100 Yuan / Zhang.

① 1.2 meters below the height of the children can be free of charge to visit;
② students (limited to 90) with student ID and ID card, disabled with a disability certificate, active military soldiers with military evidence, in the teacher with teacher certificate, With the old age card can enjoy the price of the week of the street tickets half price preferential policies.

Cloth opening time is from nine in the morning, you can enter the tour, three in the afternoon can not enter the cloth palace, to four o'clock in the closed all unable to access.  

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Is it really hard to get it?

In addition to the four seasons such as spring city, northwest this season is very obvious season, the purchase needs will have an impact.
November - April
, September - October mid to late: be preheated or over the season, this time one day ahead of the day Cloth palace appointment, or the next day in the official website booking;

online shopping, the system will allocate a specific visit time, this time is the second door into the palace of the time period, if not within the specified time, the purchase of tickets invalid. And tickets purchased through the Internet can not be changed and transferred.

July-August: this period, especially during the Shoton Festival, really is a ticket hard to find! So if you are busy season, it is recommended to find online travel agency tickets, or participate in half-day tour and other activities.
Because the peak season, the number of scattered tickets every day only 300, even if the early queue to receive reservations vouchers, but also more difficult to buy tickets. But the cloth palace of the group ticket or Tingduo, every day there are two thousand to Zhang, Senate, then there is a great opportunity to enter the palace to visit. And the delegation will have a professional instructor for you to elaborate on the story, or very worth it.

How do I make an appointment?

As the Potala Palace season tickets really hard to buy, if you do not want to register with the mission to travel, then make an appointment it.

Valid certificates reservation one day in advance: cloth Palace ticket reservation system implemented during the peak season (May 31 to October 1st), during which visitors to require an identification card, military card or passport (except online) To the scene to receive a coupon (free collection), booking time is only one day ahead of schedule the next day booking tickets.

9:00 open booking, a limited number of first-come, first-served basis: open appointment time for 9:00 every day, booking vouchers finished so far. It is recommended to arrive in Lhasa after one day in advance to make an appointment, the appointment site in the Palace of the Office of Management, here is the only ticket booking window. Especially in the July-August time, it is recommended to go at 5 am, because people vote less, the earlier the greater the success rate of appointment.

Reservation tickets, the next day to visit the scene by coupons to buy tickets: After the appointment is successful, you can receive the Potala Palace to visit the coupon, be sure to keep the coupon. On the day of the visit, with the booking voucher and identity card on time from the main entrance into the cloth palace, line to the Palace of the palace ticket window, with ID cards and booking tickets to buy the palace to visit the tickets, after the completion of the ticket, you can visit the cloth palace.

If you want to change the period, please modify: the booking in advance of the tourists, for personal reasons, the day can not visit or can not visit on time, you need to go to the Palace of the appointment window to apply for an extension or cancel the appointment. Otherwise, the bureaucratic ticketing system will automatically add your ticket information to the blacklist, one week can not buy tickets again;

a person can make an appointment of up to four: you can make an appointment with valid documents for their own palace tickets, but also can help others booking cloth Dala Palace Tickets, but each person with a valid document, including myself, receive up to 4 booking vouchers, each document can only be booked once a week.

1. 7-8 months need two days in advance to the palace management office ticket booking window row number;
2. in accordance with the scheduled time ticket 1 hour in advance to the Potala Palace ticket, expired.

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What is the visit route to the cloth palace?

Compared to many scenic spots, the cloth palace is much simpler. The internal tour line is fixed and can only follow the travel route guide card. However, the palace of the palace is often open to change, but the most important of several palaces are basically open every day.
The following picture can take a look at the entrance and exit. Usually from the main entrance after entering, from the North Gate out. Occasionally there may be some activities when the arrangement will change the door of the palace. The specific situation in the palace tour will be broadcast notice ~

Visit the diagram

You must know the time of the visit

Potala Palace's traffic is very large, so in order to better manage the area, every visitor to visit the limited time of 1 hour .
Then the palace of the palace to see an hour from time to time from it? The cloth palace mainly includes the palace under the snow city, the White House and the red palace three parts. Into the cloth palace after the door to reach Syracuse, under the snow in the city there is a formal ticket office, need to get the day before the purchase of the house with the vouchers to buy tickets. After buying tickets, but also climb about 80 meters or so to reach the gate of the palace palace, at the entrance of the palace at the entrance point, through the ticket point began to calculate the time .
Therefore, the cloth palace to see an hour is from the entrance to the palace began to count, self-help tourists must grasp the time to visit. But from the security into the palace after the arrival of the examination to enter the palace of this time does not count into the Potala Palace visit time, so please do not worry, slowly climbing the cloth palace, or may cause altitude sickness.

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What is the best view of the cloth palace?

So beautiful place, of course, to find the best shooting angle can be. The three locations described below must not be missed.

1. Yao Wang Shan viewing platform: 2 yuan a ticket, 50 yuan is in that photo;
2. Kung Kok Lu Park: where the water on the surface of the reflection of the palace of the super beauty, ;
3. cloth palace square: before entering the cloth palace, you can now across the road to shoot the front of the palace panorama. Night cloth palace night is also very good, in the light of the background, absolutely amazing your eyes!

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What are the precautions to visit the palace?

1. Do
not wear shorts, short skirts, slippers, can not wear a hat, can not stamp the threshold, the house is more cold, summer please prepare a coat;
3. can not carry liquid drinks into the palace Inside, nor can carry fire, oxygen, knives and other items into the palace, can not smoke in the cloth or use the fire;
4. because the palace is not smooth and staircase steep slopes, please pay attention to safety, so as to avoid falling Accidental injury;
5. In the specified time 2 hours before the entrance from the main gate (the first door) into the palace, during which you can visit the mountain snow city and treasures free of charge, you can also go to Syracuse Qincang diet leisure area Take a rest.

Post Palace Garden

In addition to the Potala Palace, these are worth a visit

In addition to the Potala Palace, Lhasa city of the Jokhang Temple is also very worth a look. In addition to the traditional tour with the group, I believe that walking will be a very good way to let you in-depth understanding of local culture. Walking through the crowd, go to the sacred monastery, from the spirit you may sublime a lot of it.

After the day after the Potala Palace, if you want to understand the local culture and history, may wish to see a large real drama "Princess Wencheng." This is about 90 minutes to the mountains for the screen to the valley for the Taiwan to cover the outdoor performances, you can let yourself experience what is the snow-covered plateau rough and vigorous.
Tickets can be purchased from the major agents, but also allows you to stay at the hotel front desk to help purchase. The theater on the hillside, you can choose a taxi or tour group tour to visit the way. Overall, the show is still very shocking and worthy of recommendation.

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Concluding remarks

Out of play the most important mind, a good journey is the need for a good mood. If you are bent on the Buddha, the Potala Palace will be a place for you. If you just want to feel the heavy history, the Potala Palace will not let you down. Now I just want to say that Tibet welcomes you and I welcome you too. If there is any doubt, remember to consult me ​​yo ~

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