Emei world show, take you into the famous Buddhist mountain Emei and Leshan Giant Buddha

Mount Emei is a story of the mountains, people talked about folk stories, "White Snake" in the white snake and green snake here to practice. In reality, Mount Emei is one of the four famous mountains of Samantabhadra. In addition to these with profound historical and cultural heritage, Mount Emei there are many amazing scenery.
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Emei world show

Early heard of "Emei world show," until I saw Mount Emei a moment and found it seems more special than I imagined, only the immersive ability to understand it unique. Whether it is respecting the Buddhist culture in Mount Emei or attaching to the endless stretches of Mount Emei, you can all realize its history here. With its beautiful scenery and beautiful scenery, it makes us feel the charm of this famous Chinese Buddhist mountain. .

Emeishan Shuangqiao voice by Safina

There are about 30 temples of various sizes in Mount Emei, and there are countless collections of worshipers in the temple. Here the rugged steep mountain, the four seasons vary: spring can be azalea flowers, the summer can be summer solstice, the autumn red leaves covered mountains, the winter view of the magnificent snow. No matter when you come here, Mount Emei can impress you beauty, will not let you down!

Worth visiting attractions

1. "Show off the world" - Mount Emei

Emei very steep terrain, overlapping peaks majestic, saying it "show" is her best evaluation. Mount Emei is often enveloped in clouds, as if in Wonderland, but also to make this mountain charming. See all things grow in spring, lush; summer flowers show colorful, colorful; autumn looking full of mountains, autumn mountains; winter view of snow-capped, plain wrapped in silver. Standing on the top of Mount Emei looked down, even if there is a list of small mountainous view of both.

Emei Golden Jade Shrine Samantabhadra by Travel photographer Shi Xiu

Travel season, in Emei Mountain can see the performance of cultural performances, such as Sichuan Opera face, acrobatics, Sichuan Opera puppet and so on. Local people call this folk culture "Emei Yun."

2. National 5A level scenic area - Leshan Giant Buddha

The Leshan Giant Buddha is a giant Buddha (Maitreya Buddha) chiselled at the cliffs of Linxia Peak in Qixia Mountain, Lingyun Mountain, at a height of 71 meters. It is also the largest stone Buddha in the world. This huge statue of Buddha is so large that it is impossible to take a panoramic view of the whole area in the area. However, you can take a short boat ride and at the same time add a different kind of interest. The buddha's head is flush with the mountain behind. The shape of the Buddha is very symmetry, look very solemn, even the hair and facial features are clearly carved engraved, it is with thousands of other stone carvings composed of a huge group of stone art.

3. Buddhist Center - reported that the temple

Temple Mount Emei by travel photographer Shi Xiu

Bao Temple is located at the foot of Emei Mountain in Sichuan Province. As a gateway to the mountains, the newspaper Temple is not only the starting point of Mount Emei, Mount Emei is also the center of Buddhist activities. The temple contains a preserved Tibetan scriptures, also known as the first temple Mount Emei. The entire temple covers an area of ​​about 60 mu. There are four temples in the main temple, one courtyard has a view, and all levels are built in the mountains. All of these invariably lament the visitors.

4. Emei first scenery - voiceless Pavilion

Mount Emei by travel photographer Shi Xiu

Voiceless Court is another temple Mount Emei, and the country is different from the temple, the temple has a mountain of water poetic. In the voiceless Court, you can smell the fragrance of flowers, you can hear the flow of clear springs, but also touch the various forms of steles. Tourists who came to the voiceless Pavilion love the multiple feelings here.

Live in Emei

Emeishan accommodation, we recommend that we must book in advance! I am a comparison of various APP on accommodation quotations, screening and then scheduled, not too clear place can be directly to the merchants phone consultation. In the peak season, you will find out how obvious the benefits of advance booking!
Although the Emeishan mountain accommodation options are not many, but the advantages of living in the mountains is more convenient to see the sunrise, the disadvantage is the price slightly more expensive. The price of accommodation in Leping Cave is close to the people, but you can not see the sunrise, and getting up early to see the sunrise will make the itinerary very tight.

Eat in Emei

As the saying goes: "eat the mountains by the back." Emeishan never lack of wild game, snack food and all kinds of Sichuan cuisine, as long as there are people in Sichuan, the food culture will certainly be carried forward. Sichuan food is really delicious does not get angry, the tempting taste, people infinite aftertaste. Such as the following, I saliva saliva!

Sichuan hot pot

Emei Doucao

Leshan characteristic sweet leather duck by travel photographer Shi Xiu

These snacks are very common people, but people can not stop, the more the taste of the market more people can not help drooling.
But to remind everyone that, as far as possible not to choose to eat in the vicinity of attractions, will be "Pit miserable", do not ask how I know, and said that all tears.

Emei itinerary recommended

Day trip

Line 1: Emeishan Day Tour (Departure as early as possible, on the Golden Summit Mid-levels Scenic Area, business people choose)
1. Morning on the golden top Yunhai, Buddha light, gold and silver copper temple, Shippu Samantabhadra and other natural wonders and Buddhist wonders.
2. In the afternoon, go to Wannian Temple and visit the Temple of Buddha without beam.
Tour route: Chengdu - 2 hours by car - Emeishan - Transfer scenic sightseeing car - Lei Dongping - Walk - Then lead the temple - Golden Summit - Wannian Temple - five significant post-2 hours by car - Chengdu.

Line 2: Leshan Giant Buddha Day Tour ( only Fun Mountain Buddha, not to Mount Emei, leisure travel, large groups of older people have the option)
1. Can enjoy Leshan specialties rocker legs beef.
2. Have enough time to visit Leshan Giant Buddha, enough time to visit the Buddha around the East Buddha, Wuyou and so on.
Tour routes: Chengdu - 2 hours by car - Leshan - Commodity stilts beef - Leshan Giant Buddha - 2 hours by car - Chengdu.

Line 3: Emeishan Jinding + Boat Tour Leshan Giant Buddha Day Tour ( Tension can visit Leshan Giant Buddha, Mount Emei Golden Dome)
1. Boat Tour Leshan Giant Buddha, Leshan Giant Buddha, Reclining Buddha panoramic view, leaving the queuing troubles.
2. Mount Emei Golden Summit, Mount Emei view of the best spots.
Tour route: Chengdu - 2 hours by car - Leshan Giant Buddha - Emeishan - Transfer scenic sightseeing car - Lei Dongping - Walking - Jindian Dian - Golden Summit - Yellow Bay Passenger Transport Center - 2 hours by car - Chengdu.

Day 2: (Play through the Leshan Giant Buddha, Mount Emei recommended scenic area !!!)

Scenario 1: (Departure time is late) The
first day: Chengdu - Leshan Giant Buddha - Mount Emei.
Stay in a comfortable hotel one day in advance, it is important to go out to play rest! Wake up in the morning to wake up naturally, eat breakfast before departure is the real enjoyment of travel. First arrived at Leshan ancient town, and then taste the local cuisine, after lunch, they came to the world's largest Maitreya stone Buddha, ebony sites and other attractions. Emei evening face can participate in hot pot party.
The second day: Mount Emei - Lei Dongping - Induction Hall - Jinding - Wannian Si - Voice Court - Sky Day - Emei Ecological Monkey District - Chengdu.
After breakfast, a sightseeing car arrived at Leping Cave and walked all the way to Yin Dian Hall. If tired, you could reach Emeishan Scenic Area by cableway and visit Mount Emei all day. In Mount Emei can feel "a mountain four seasons, different miles," the natural beauty, if the season is appropriate, more to see the beauty of the sea of ​​clouds, Buddha, Jinding. Return to Chengdu.

Program 2: (live in the Golden Summit,
Leshan Giant Buddha, Jinding room is limited, in advance booking) D1: Chengdu - Leshan - Leshan Tianyi Kai cultural and cultural tourism area - Leshan Giant Buddha ship - Emeishan Jinding - the Golden Summit.
Chengdu car, but also enjoy the beautiful scenery along the Sichuan plain. On the way can also visit Heavenly Creations, after dinner lunch, after lunch, take a boat to see Leshan Giant Buddha. Evening to Emeishan Golden Summit check-in hotel, enjoy the sunrise in the morning view.
D2: Golden Summit (see sunrise, sea of ​​clouds, etc.) - Wannian Temple - Qingyin Pavilion - Tientian - Emei Ecological Monkey District - Chengdu.
Golden Summit in the morning, a considerable number of Buddha, light and other wonders; afternoon worship and visit Emei Mid-levels scenic area Temple and voiceless Pavilion. Return to Chengdu in the evening to end the journey.

Three days tour: live in Jinding enough time to enjoy Leshan Giant Buddha Mount Emei scenery

D1: Chengdu - Mount Emei - Bao Guo Temple - Fu Hu Temple - Lei Dongping - Golden Summit
D2: Emei Golden Summit - Lei Dongping - Wannian Temple - Qingyin Pavilion - Emei Ecological Monkey District - Buddhist Temple - Leshan - Jiading Square
D3: Leshan Giant Buddha (Visit Lingyun Temple, Main Hall, Xiajiu Trail to the Big Buddha Foot, Sanjiang Convergence, Lingbao Pagoda, Buddhist Temple, etc.) - Chengdu

Emei Golden Sunrise sunrise cloud landscape by travel photographer Shi Xiu

Finally, for everyone to contribute some warm tips, please laugh satisfied!
1. Emeishan Temple a lot, there is no need to stroll down, there are selective options to visit some of you are interested. Travel time is also very valuable.
Emei Shan scenic area of ​​about 62 km, each can be parked by car points driving, traveling by car friends can breathe a sigh of relief.
Burning incense in Mount Emei is equivalent to burning money, a column of incense to be 60 yuan, the family incense to 190 yuan. Those who sell incense will be overwhelming asking price, advance to Buddhism friends reminded, you can come with incense over, to prevent being pit.
4. Emei Mountain is a year-round attractions can come and play. Winter is very like, not only can enjoy the off-season a variety of low prices (such as scenic tickets, travel accommodation are reduced accordingly), can also see the extreme Emei snow, fog, sea of ​​clouds, sunrise (ps: Winter is the easiest season to see clouds).


Mount Emei, Leshan is one of the famous scenery in Sichuan, Sichuan how to miss them? Not only has the heritage of Buddhist culture, but also in the list of mountains and rivers in Sichuan beauty.

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