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Gang Rinpoche, a world-class monumental monuments, stands in the territory of Ali in Tibet, the Indus, Ganges, Brahmaputra are originated here, far and wide impact on the whole of South Asia, Gang Rinpoche and Ma Pang Yumco, Of the case, the source of water. "
shenshan sunrise by go horizon

Turn to the mountains, why should the Gang Rinpoche?

Gang Rinpoche, with its unique majestic demeanor, is regarded as the greatest sacrifice within the faith of Hinduism, Jainism, Tibetan Buddhism and Bonism, each year from India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibetan All the believers come here to worship. The sects in the way of cultivation, rituals are different, but condensed into the same one of the most primitive, the most simple form: walking. 

Turn the mountain BY three leaves

Hinduism: Before the Indians had accurate written records, they were at the center of the world, and that Gangrenpoqi was the ultimate destination of their souls. At the same time, Hinduism also believes that Shiva and her wife live on the mountains of the river.
Ancient Jainism : In another large feudian religion in India, Gang Rinpoche is known as the highest mountain, and it is said that it was the place where their founder Reese Habasha was freed, and was also considered to be Believers want to get the door to relief.
Tibetan Buddhism: In the legend of Tibetan Buddhism, Gang Rinpoche is also the center of the world, is the most fascinating place in the Buddhist world. In addition, there are many Buddhist monks Dade in here to practice, so that this mountain has added the infinite magic.
Bon teach: benzene believers that Gangren Puqi is the mysterious soul of the Tibetan area, is the "nine-story million words."

Landing Camp - Tacan Township

Tacheng Street View BY Soybean Bean

Tachin is located in the foot of the mountain at the foot of the mountain village, is the starting point of Ali is the end point, every year many believers from here, toward the heart of the faith away.  

Due to the large number of pilgrims each year, so the hotel and housing beds sufficient, but the conditions are not good. To introduce a few hotels for reference: Gangde Si Hotel (with independent bathroom, Zhang Jingchu and other stars a year to live in the mountains are here), the price is high, peak season 350 - 450 / standard room, the hotel has generators Power supply, to 12 pm; Ma next Yumco hotel , 60 yuan / bed;  Lhasa Hotel , in the vicinity of the hotel, in addition to the provision of meals can also stay, 50 yuan / bed. A little better hotel in the winter heating, restaurants to Sichuan-based, vegetable prices 30 yuan / plate, even the cheapest noodles is 30 yuan / bowl. Bagga Township Health Center medical station located in Tacan town, the general discomfort and common high in here can be treated.   In addition, Tachen town pilgrims gathered, some pilgrims to the winding here is not enough to change money, if you look unique, you can also from the town of small shop Amoy to the Tibetan and other antiques. 

219 State Road 1314 km by BYThinker

Reach the path of Tachin?

At present, there are three main routes to the Gang Rinpoche mountains.

The first one Alibei line , 2021 kilometers away from Lhasa, 1670 kilometers away from Lazi. From Lhasa after departure, the Shigatse - Lazi - Coquette - change is - leather - Shiquan River - Tahin. This line a little around, but the way the Qiangtang grassland scenery is very good, can be used as a return alternative.

The second line of Ali , starting from Lhasa, the Shigatse - Lazi - Saga - Zhongba - Baga - Taling Qin, 1338 kilometers away from Lhasa, 847 kilometers away from Lazi.

The third line of the new line , starting from Kashi, Yecheng - Maza - Jieshan Osaka - Duo Ma - on the soil - Shiquan River - the disciples - Taling Qin, 1671 km away from Kashi.

Looking into the mountain BY go horizon

If only for the mountains, take the south line can be, starting from the third day of Lhasa can start in Tachin ready to turn the mountain. But not thousands of miles to go to Ali, in addition to the mountains you may also want to embrace a trip to Ali scenery, so, we must try the whole 13 days of Ali North line. This line in addition to the holy mountain holy lake, the ancient dynasty ruins, Zada ​​soil forest national geological park this series of southern scenery, and the East African prairie can be comparable to the Qiangtang grassland, the wrong wrong third Lake area, Ali Starry Night Park ...

What car ride to Tachin?

A shuttle bus

318 days of the card section of the first five

In the northern suburbs of Lhasa, the bus terminal can take the bus to the Ali Shiquan River, halfway in the Tacon get off, can only buy full ticket, fare 652 yuan, 11:00 every day departure , 24 hours to the Shiquan River, 20 hours to Tachin; because the shuttle can not stop to play halfway, so only for the specific pilgrims. (North suburbs passenger station Tel: 0891-6507373)

2. chartered

There are two forms of charter, divided into daily and count by the number of kilometers, each with advantages and disadvantages.

By day most convenient , reckon they have to travel in a few days to do the Raiders, but the driver may tell you which way you think the place is not so beautiful, so as to reduce the number of kilometers you;

according to the number of kilometers counted most Science , but you have to do a lot before the trip Raiders, research lines, attractions, and travel a variety of reasons if you want to give up a trip, the driver may be unhappy.
But in general, chartered is the most free, if you are photo control, walking control, or want to ride on the way, then you can only choose chartered.

Cornela Glacier

high season chartered regular travel license off-road vehicles 4.5 yuan / KM, commercial vehicles 4 yuan / KM, day off the off-road vehicles 1600 / day, commercial vehicles 1400 / day. Must find a regular qualification of the tourist car, if you find drops, or private cars, the price can not be much cheaper, and can not protect your legitimate rights and interests.

3. Carpool

Carpool is actually sharing the chartered, Ali South line is almost all distributed in the G318 and G219 on both sides, so the derivative of the Ali South tour, as long as the advance to the travel agency booking, basically can travel smoothly. It is recommended to choose off-road vehicle travel, people are more mobile and more flexible, especially for photography, walking and other special needs of the crowd, want to meet the individual needs, large commercial vehicles almost impossible to achieve. In addition, compared with the chartered, looking for travel agents carpool, you can charge d'affaires border defense, which also save a big trouble.

The foot of the mountain at the foot of the spring spring

4. aircraft

From Lhasa Gonggar Airport to the Shiquan River Kunshan Airport take off every morning 07:00, 09:00 arrived, the full price of 2640 yuan , the season almost no discount, as far as possible half a month to buy, near the only possible only 5K To the small 8K business class. The advantage of the plane is that in addition to its timeliness, you can also browse the air from the air across the Great North Line. After arriving at the Shiquan River, you can chartered to Tachin.

5. By car

BYD Ali BYThinker

From Lhasa by car to Tacan town, you can refer to the following play routes:
DAY1 Lhasa → Sheep Lake → Koruo La Glacier → Gyangze → Shigatse (264KM)  
DAY2 Xigaze → Day → Everest Base Camp (350KM)
DAY3 Everest Camp → Xiabang Ma Pei blight measures peak → → Saga (335km)
DAY4 Zhongba Saga → → → Laon wrong Pa Yang (ghost Lake) → Champlain (550km)
DAY5 Zada clay forest Champlain → → → Zada Guge Kingdom (335KM)
DAY6 Zada ​​→ Tarkin (Gangrenpoqi) → Mabang Yumco → Saga (700KM)
DAY7 Saga → Lazi → Shigatse (450KM)
DAY8 Shigatse → Tashilhunpo → Yarlung Zangbo River Valley → Lhasa (264KM)  
Although this line along the facilities are more complete, but due to the high altitude of the hypoxia, drowsiness and the road conditions are not familiar with the various security risks, we do not advocate ordinary tourists traveling by car.

318 National Road 5000 km BY A five

Turn the mountain path to explain

(54KM), within the turn is due to Jie Tuo Shan as the core of the small mountain route (30KM), the need to change in the transfer Complete the turn after 13 laps only eligible to get involved, and the completion of the whole need to turn over the cliffs, the risk is great, when you really qualified to turn, and that time has been estimated and experienced local people into one. So we are only detailed solution to the outside line.

Turn on the way people go to the horizon

One day the time axis of the mountain (horseman choice)

There is a certain on the footsteps of experience or will be particularly strong people can try to turn one day, one day is finished with the time race, so I use the timeline to show the path (because this is the time I personally walked through the time, so want to try 1 day Walk out of the Walker can be fully reference):
04:00 discredited from Tachin, followed by the Tibetan light flashlight forward;
07:00 dawn, to reach the first supply point, the mountain appeared in front;
11:00 arrived at the temple , At the stop of the temple only a little rest, and then ready to cross the Zhuo Ma La Pass (way celestial burial, good holes, a total of five beams);
14:00 to reach Zhuo Ma La Pass;
16:30 cross chaos after reaching the mountain rocks supply point a little rest;
19:00 to Dazu Chu Temple, the road becomes good to go, gradually dark, after dark side there are bottomless canyon, the water out loud, do not be afraid, According to their own rhythm, will soon pass;
20:30 to reach the border checkpoint, can look into the town of Tachen;
22:00 arrived Tachin.  

Turn the mountain road map BY pole Tianhe

Two-day turnaround route (selected for hikers)

For most of the Walker, two days is the most scientific, both can take into account the play, there are certain walking intensity.
As the time limit is not the primary constraint, I mainly from the scenery to elaborate:

DAY1 Tachin → Qu Temple → Zhisi Temple (24KM, 8 hours or so)

Prayer Square BYicelogo

The streamer square : 6 km west of the tower to reach the streamer square, where is the distance to see the first place of the mountain, so as a formal turn the starting point, where covered with colorful prayer flags. Can be arrived from Tacan here, but this road is extremely bumpy, not recommended ride.

Rascal Canyon + Qu Gu Temple : After the streamer square will soon be able to hear the sound of the left side of the gurgling sound, here is the curvature of the canyon, 1 hour before you can see the left side of the cliff on the temple. Temple for the main amount of light Buddha, the temple is said to have a lot of peanuts under the practice of the hole.

Tantric three presume : 6 km from the temple before the temple, there is a tent supply point, behind the three towering cliffs, Buddhists think they are Manjusri, Guanyin Bodhisattva and King Kong Buddha,

Toujong Temple : from the Tantric three presidents starting 6 km to reach the temple, the only temple on the way to turn the biggest rest point, but also to watch the best location on the back of the mountain, so the vast majority of people will be here Stay on the night, the next morning to leave the second half.  

Temple of the only temples BYcafelover

Jujube Temple behind a row of white cottage for accommodation, a total of 10 rooms, each room 6 beds, are mixed, each bed about 50 yuan a night, about 15 square meters per room, placed 6 beds are very crowded, but the bedding and blankets are available, 6 ~ September temperature is appropriate, with the blanket provided by the store feel cold, but afraid of dirty people can be in accordance with the above mentioned sleeping bag to prepare.

DAY2 antipollus → Zuchu Temple → Tachin (34 km, 10 hours or so)

celestial burial + good evil hole : from the temple only 4 km to reach the celestial burial, celestial altar there are many Mani heap, the ground discarded a lot The old clothes of the pilgrims, the stone has a portrait, hair and bones, do not touch, because to abandon their own personal items, a symbol of a death, can be exempted from a cycle of suffering. The locals say that those who succeed in drilling from good holes can immediately escape the sins of this life, but others say that from the good holes can see their past lives.

Zhuo Ma La Pass BY traveler @ A sea

Zhuo Ma La Pass : turn the mountain to mention the most locations, before arriving to turn over five hills, the pain of the body and the heart of the longing here in the intertwined, the top of the hill with a large stream of prayer and the Mani pile, Full of the unique holy religious rituals of Tibet. Generally due to the departure time is similar, Zhuo Ma La Pass is located in the middle of the mountain path, so after the Zhuo Ma La Pass, often encounter reverse benzene.
Tuoji wrong : after the Zhuo Ma La Pass is not far to see the right side of a green little lake - Tuji wrong, Tibetan means "Mercy Lake", Gang Rinpoche Xuefeng melt water into the lake , Are surrounded by gray rocks, barren is not raw, very strange, it is said here is Hindu Shiva's wife god Pawati bathing place.

Toggi wrong BYcafelover

Rocky mountain : over the Tuoji wrong, soon to the rocky mountain, from the Zhuo Ma La Pass to the rocky mountain, a total of 6 km distance, 500 meters above sea level, chaos Hill this section of the road for the partners is very difficult Go, and some places even need hands and feet and go down, make good use of climbing sticks, is the only way to smooth customs clearance. After the rocky mountain, to the fourth supply point, if not Zu Chu Temple overnight, here will be the last supply point.
Zu Chu Temple : starting from the fourth point of supply, into the east side of Gangren Boqi Feng, the road has become a good walk, 10 km before the trip to Zu Chu Temple, where there are legendary Mira Diba hole.
Turn to the end of the point : from the ancestral temple to continue to walk 6 km, to reach a border armed police set the green tents, where to check the border card, then you can ride back to Tachin, stubborn walkers will walk the last 4 km, but This 4 km for many people who turn the mountain are very painful, obviously see Tachin in front, but how to go also go, need strong ideas.    

Turn to the people of BY soybeans

back husband and horses, basically Taqin hotel can help to contact, back husband 200 - 300 yuan / day, according to 3 days charge, even if you finish 1 day, also need to pay 600 - 900 yuan is not Wait. If you need to hire a horse, you can go to the temple after you can ride to Zhuo Ma La Pass.

Before the line to prepare

Border pass

Travel to the Ali area travel need to apply for border permits, or not allowed to pass, there are two specific methods:
in their own residence where the Public Security Bureau: each city for different ways and procedures required, if any city only to carry their own identity Card can be handled, and some cities not only need an inch of photos, but also need to prove that the specific call directly to the local public security bureau asked for details of the matter.
② in Lhasa handled: the general reception of tourists travel agencies, CYTS, the inn can help the boss, but charge d'affaires to charge 50-200 yuan / person range, generally 1 day can get, and some need ID card, there are The need to personally apply for themselves. But in Lhasa are team defense, usually 4 (or 4 or more) share a border card, so that if you want to act alone will be very troublesome.

Before the preparation of equipment

Tibetans need to equip, Shouban, leather aprons, bedding, military shoes ... we do not have Tibetan tough, but also need to use professional outdoor equipment to arm themselves, here we take care about what entry-level equipment on foot?

From the only hot temple to see Gangren Boqi BY go horizon

① clothing

6 ~ September Ali climate is pleasant, but sooner or later the temperature difference, need to prepare the waterproof breathable fabric two sets of Jackets , during the day exposure, you can wear a single layer when the skin with sunscreen, two at night with a warm wind.
Plateau weather changes fast, both wear-resistant and breathable waterproof footwear is also necessary, it is recommended not to wear fleece pants , although sooner or later wearing the right, but during the day exposure to wear it will be very hot.
Hiking shoes in addition to choose a good grip products, be sure to choose a foot larger than their feet shoes, because the foot down a lot of people will be swollen feet, shoes, if crowded feet in the long distance will be very painful on foot.
In addition, a pair of comfortable cotton socks are also essential.

Outdoor supplies (picture from the network)

② climbing sticks

To the right hand each one, two with the use of the correct use of climbing sticks, will make you like a long four legs, generally about 100 yuan, or the town of Taqin inn owners can borrow, they are Hiking master, will teach you how to use the mountaineering sticks correctly. In the choice of time, as long as the handle feel good, solid stability can be, in the overturned Zhuo Ma La Pass, as well as from the rocks down the road, the mountaineers will play a very big role.

③ backpack

According to the number of days to prepare, to prepare a day to finish with 30L within the lightweight backpack can be prepared to turn 2 days of friends due to stay in the temple only, flashlight / headlights, folding chairs, sleeping bags, washing bag, Shoes and socks may have to take, you need a lot of backpack, but then do not more than 50L . In addition to the backpack, it is recommended to prepare a pockets , so easy to put some things to be taken at any time, such as mobile phones, sunscreen and so on.

Walking equipment (picture from the network)

④ sleeping bag

Sleeping bag material is divided into fleece, cotton sleeping bags and down sleeping bags, 6 to 9 months with 5 to 10 degrees weather down sleeping bags is preferred, followed by cotton sleeping bags (slightly cheaper), only from the dirty role, with Fleece sleeping bags can be. Due to the limited conditions of the two camps of the temple and the ancestral temple, it is recommended to bring your own sleeping bag. Fleece sleeping bag as a result of easy cleaning, can be used to shop on the bed, and then use a down or cotton sleeping bag on the foolproof.

Turn to the beginning of soybeans

⑤ kettle

Double-layer movement of the kettle is both light and heat, is the first choice, the way to supply points when the rest can be installed with butter tea.

⑥ flashlight / headlights

Two days to finish the preparation of flashlight can be, in Tachin, in the only hot temple out at night are used, one day turn from 4:00 to 10 o'clock at night, the best prepared headlamps, the liberation of both hands.

Prepared before 丨 other

① sunscreen: sunscreen + long-sleeved clothes + gloves + sunscreen

Recommended sunscreen (picture from the network)

There is no cloud shelter for a long time exposure, will make a small partner from the plains open skin, must be from head to toe and their own sun isolation, starting from 09:30, SPF50 sunscreen almost every hour painted once, the magic scarf although sunscreen The effect is good, but not conducive to breathing, in the plateau environment to cover the nose and mouth is very uncomfortable, so all-round sunscreen multi-purpose quick-drying cap is necessary. Suggestions in Tibet, as long as not riding a magic scarf must be used to prepare a full range of sunscreen.
Long-sleeved trousers is a must, and even take the mountaineer's hand to wear sun gloves .
Sports sunglasses must be brought, especially in the 6 to 9 months outside the snow, no sunglasses protection is likely to lead to snow blindness.

② energy supply

Energy glue, energy bar (picture from the network)

Turn on the way there are 3 to 7 supply points (mostly Baga village local Tibetans opened, the summer supply points up to 7, after October reduced to 2-3), which fixed sales of butter tea (15 yuan About 3 pounds), mineral water, Red Bull (8 ~ 10 yuan), instant noodles (10 yuan). So when the water can be less with, bring their own chocolate, marathon energy bar, beef and other snacks.

Tibetans in addition to the liquid with glucose, will be in the foot of the mountain shop to buy a similar sugar candy Nepalese candy, play a role in the addition of physical, turn on the way encountered, especially in the Zhuo Ma La Pass , Often will share with each other, you can also prepare some, there are to have to.

③ drugs

Anti-high anti-drug (picture from the network)

Essential : ibuprofen sustained-release capsules (response to high altitude fever, headache), glucose oral solution (supplemental strength), complex vitamins, motion sickness drugs, quick rescue and other first aid drugs;
election : American ginseng tablets and other help to relieve fatigue Drugs, Yunnanbaiyao, Fengyoujing, Band-Aid, eye drops, cotton, gauze, bandages and other topical drugs.
Note : Although the drug is important, but the mountains are very hard, some pedestrians over the mountain before the tension, with a lot of unnecessary drugs, in fact, according to their own needs can be prepared, as far as possible light battle.

④ digital equipment

As little as possible with, as long as not a professional photographer, climbing hard enough to offset your desire for photography. Do not shoot a good work, but will be your cumbersome on foot.


Whether it is a pilgrimage or pilgrimage, is a very common thing in Tibet, like "Gang Rinpoche" the film tells the same, the life of the pilgrims, simple and comfortable, want to do anything to do, do not ask why.
To turn the mountain, because every time a mountain symbolizes a rebirth, 52 km road, 48 hours, the completion of China's top ten classic hiking line fourth, turn the water to the stupa, not for the afterlife, but can be heavy Be born new. The The

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