Easy to visit Changbai Mountain, just understand these five things

To Changbai Mountain, do not want to take a quick look at this tour, but want more accent all over the most beautiful place in Changbai Mountain, and freeze these beautiful, how to play? In addition to Tianchi, waterfalls, what fun spots? Today I will give you a detailed account of these lines of Changbai Mountain

First, Changbaishan how to play?

1. Changbai Mountain day trip.

Only one day, is a day trip to the North Slope and West Day Tour it? Here to hit the blackboard to focus on planning must be good. A simple analysis of them, the same is that the two slopes can see Tianchi, the difference is the west slope Tianchi sight better than the northern slope, and the northern slope of the attractions than the west slope. But exactly how to choose or according to their own physical strength to decide. The north slope is a reverse car ride arrived in Tianchi, save time and effort, down the mountain you can enjoy the characteristics of Changbai Mountain hot springs boiled eggs, this is only the northern slope of Oh, in addition to boiling eggs up to 68 meters north Changbai Falls, but also a Do not miss out; want to see Tianchi in the west slope need to board 1442 steps on foot, you need to have some physical strength. The total length of the steps is about 900 meters, what are the concepts of the 900 meters steps? Equivalent to board 80 floors. You do not mistake is 80 floors, up after you can see the entire Tianchi, without any shelter. West Lake except Tianchi is the most famous is the Alpine Garden, the Alpine Garden, also known as the "sky garden", he is the only primitive Alpine vegetation in Northeast Asia garden, annual 6.5.25-7.20 days is the alpine garden (the western slope) the most beautiful time, florescence The whole mountain is covered in all sorts of flowers, countless exotic flowers and flowers, just like the pictures of heaven.

North Slope Attractions and Maps: Changbai Mountain Waterfall, Julong Hot Spring, Little Tianchi, Luyuan Lake and Underground Forest.

West Point attractions and maps: Alpine Gardens, Changbai Mountain Canyon, Ladder River, Wang Chi (forest fire does not open)

Changbai Mountain attractions are far away from each other, you need to take a ride from the green car, the red point on the map for the station stops, we can get off at any time in the car waiting for the car. Under normal circumstances, each slope takes a day to fully explore, so this requires us to plan the attraction in advance. The order of the attractions can be from far to near, from near to far, and according to the weather conditions of the day, if So clear that the weather went straight to Tianchi, cloudy or light rain can visit other attractions before exploring Tianchi.

2. Changbai Mountain two days how to play?

Changbai Mountain two days of play is divided into two categories, namely:
1. A slope + a slope is not much to say is to choose one of the North Slope of Changbai Mountain to visit. As for "one place" refers to what is it? One is the literal meaning, a place, a foot of the foot of Changbai Mountain, so many places at the foot of Changbai Mountain which one is better? Of course, Dunhua, Dunhua from the traffic that is very convenient, whether it is Changchun, Yanji, Hunchun, Mudanjiang have direct motor vehicles here. To Dunhua not only because of convenient traffic but also because he has a long history of cultural relics. The most famous is Jinding Mountain Jinding Buddha. Jinding Buddha sit Zhengjue Temple after the mountain top, sitting north south, back against Mudanjiang, Zheng Zheng Temple, Yuanbai Changbai Mountain, and Hong Kong Tian Tan Buddha distant relative, in fact, a Buddha body, sub-office north and south, he is also the world's largest Sakyamuni Buddha seated. So you can not miss Dunhua for the best name in the world.

2. North Slope + West slope
with two days of vacation to visit the two slopes of Changbai Mountain I do not recommend, of course, this is not absolute, if your home in Dunhua or Erdaobaihe from the vicinity of Changbai Mountain where you can One day a slope of the tour, but if you are in Changchun, Hunchun, Mudanjiang and other places come by car I really do not recommend this tour because you are too tired. Normally speaking, each slope tour time is about 7 hours, two days early get up late, not suitable for all people. He is only suitable for energetic young people and the first day did not see Tianchi do not want to stay regrets companion. Of course, if you have enough time, then you can turn the two-day trip into a four-day trip, which not only increases the chance of seeing Tianchi, but also able to catch all the attractions in Changbai Mountain and make it good for both days Will not feel so tired.

3. Changbai Mountain personality three days tour.

If you want to play in Changbai Mountain for three days, you must first choose a good route, the choice of route is crucial. At the same time to arrange tour rhythm, the key is to be happy and relaxed. Finally, to make safety measures. Here we talk about in detail what the Northwest Changbai Mountain slope tour should be how to play.
The recommended routes are:
Day 1: North Slope
Day 2: West Slope
Day 3: Dunhua Jinding Buddha or Changbai Mountain Rafting
Be sure to visit the North Slope first. Why do we have to visit the northern slope first? There are also mentioned above, the west slope need to board 1442 steps on foot, the next day will certainly feel tired, want to sleep more, in order to avoid affecting the next day's trip, so be sure to first visit the North Slope. If you are in Changchun, then suggested that the proposed purchase of the car c1005 / c1003, arrived in Dunhua time is around 8:30 car, carpool or chartered in Dunhua directly to the north slope, such arrangements for the time to visit the northern slope of the time fully, but must be set in advance Cars and rooms, the peak season there will always be no case of caravan appears. Early the next day to visit the west slope. The third day like to experience the speed and passion of small partners can choose Changbai Mountain rafting. If you feel tired to play the day before you can sleep naturally wake up, and then to Dunhua six tripod mountain Jinding Buddha to see, Jinding Buddha is the world's first high Sakyamuni Buddha sitting Buddha, or world-renowned Nepalese Dojo is Manchu worship unique holy sites. Afternoon, Dunhua back to Changchun, Yanji, Mudanjiang and other places can be.

Second, Changbaishan traffic how to solve?

When it comes to traffic, we must remember the following locations and names:
1. Changchun: It is the capital of Changbai Mountain recently, the aircraft and high-speed rail are very convenient. (Changchun to Dunhua 320 km)
2. Dunhua: No matter where you have to pass a county, from Changchun, Yanji, Hunchun are passing here to reach Changbai Mountain. (Dunhua to Erdaobaihe 160 km)
3. Erdaobaihe: a town from the northern slope of Changbai Mountain. There are many hot springs hotel, there are seven five-star hotel, four-star hotel has about ten. (Erdaobaihe 35 km to the northern slope of the mountain)
4. Songjianghe: the nearest town from the west slope, Changbaishan Wanda Resort is here, the hotel has Westin, Hyatt, selection, holiday, ibis five hotels A total of about 3,000 rooms. (Only 40 km from the western slope of Changbai Mountain)
5. Changbai Mountain Airport: There are not many major airplanes directly reaching Changbai Mountain Airport, including Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changchun, Qingdao, Harbin and Yanji. Arrival in Wanda town hotel is very convenient.
6. Longjia Airport: Longjia Airport is located near Changchun, both in the distance north and south of Shenyang or Dalian, Dalian have direct access to the plane is very convenient.

Third, to live in Changbai Mountain?

Accommodation in Changbai Mountain is mainly distributed in Erdaobaihe town: (only 35 km from the north slope, 110 km from the west slope, there is a line shuttle directly to the north slope and the west slope)
1. Five-star hotel with Blue View Hot Spring Hotel, Hotels, Gem Township Hotel, Golden Crane Hotel, Crowne Plaza Hotel. Off-season (October - next May) the price is generally between 300-600, the peak season (May-October) the price between 600-1500. Including hot springs.
2. Four-star hotel has a hotel in the mountains, beauty pine hotel, East Wo hotel, a mountain a blue hotel, Royal Luquan hotel. Off-season (October - next May) prices are generally between 200-400, the peak season (May-October) price between 400-800.
3. Three-star hotel is better Lanjiang Hotel, Changbaishan Mansion Hotel, Yongxu Hotel, the United States Pine Hotel (Samsung), Cinda Hotel. Off-season (October - next May) the price is generally between 100-200 yuan, the peak season (May-October) the price between 200-400.

Fourth, where to eat Changbai Mountain?

At the foot of Erbaihe Town, at the foot of Changbai Mountain, Korean-style snacks are featured. Fresh-flavored dishes mainly include North Korean cold noodles, dog meat, kimchi and kimchi, but I think the most distinctive is the fresh grilled meat , To sweet and savory-based special curing method makes the tender outside the barbecue tender while still very tasty. Experience is the fresh beauty of the meat in the mouth to escape. One of the more famous two Korean-style hotel is: Gangwon-do Hotel and Jindal Hotel (per capita consumption between 50-80) It is noteworthy that barbecue grill has "local" the word meaning Is in his hometown, away from homeland, no second heart meaning.

Five, to Changbai Mountain Travel Notes:

1. Changbai Mountain has a volatile weather, often wet and foggy in summer and strong in sunny days. It is necessary to bring the necessary warm clothes and sunscreen appliances before the main peak. As Changbai Mountain weather changes quickly, often rain, please prepare rain gear (raincoats), do not use the umbrella in the top of the mountain.
2 .. be sure to bring long-sleeved jacket and trousers, Tianchi high altitude, so much colder than the mountain, wear more wear more is your best choice, or to the top of the hill you regret it too late.
3. With food, things on the mountain are more expensive, but also nothing delicious, ah, ah, ah, what are hot springs boiled eggs, the back of the move a little more.
4. Before going must plan a good order of excursions, scenic spots within the distance between all very far away, if not planned it is easy to travel endless.
5. Some show off taxis are usually for individual hotels, individual taxi solicitation business, strong liquidity, providing services is difficult to guarantee the quality, because tourists do not understand the local situation, once fooled, no place to complain.
6. Into the district according to physical condition according to their ability to travel, suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease tourists should not mountaineering.
7. Changbai Mountain high road insurance, and often rolling stones, rockfalls, the general wind on the main peak, please tourists pay attention to safety, not close to the cliff too close, but can not chase the play, so as to avoid unexpected consequences. Changbaishan Tianchi at the border of China and North Korea, and deep, low temperature, please tourists do not enter the Tianchi swimming and other activities.

Seven, Changbai Mountain ticket prices.

North Slope: 125 RMB on the North Slope - 85 RMB for Environment-Friendly Car - 80
Slope on the Sipo Station : 125 RMB on the Slope of the West Bank --- 85 RMB on the
South Slope for Green Car : 125 RMB for Green Car - 85 RMB for Environment-Friendly Car

Eight, concluding remarks.

Having said that, we should know something about Changbai Mountain! Is it just starting to get around? Before you start, repeat it. Whether you play crazy games with your girlfriends, honeymoon with your beloved, or looking for occasional single dogs, do not forget to bring a raincoat! Changbai Mountain's day like a child's face that change will change at any time to show you rain. Get rid of your luggage as soon as possible!

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