Not the same Changbai Mountain, this winter's perfect vacation plan ~ 4 kinds of play

Two of China's most sought-after resorts in winter are either the southernmost Sanya or the snow-capped Northeast. When it comes to the northeast, you can not fail to mention Changbai Mountain, the most suitable place for winter holidays in Northeast China. In people's inherent impression, the most famous attraction in Changbai Mountain is Tianchi, and there are many people who go to Changbai Mountain in summer and autumn, and are relatively deserted in winter. However, since the first two years there Changbaishan International Resort, convenient facilities and full of Swiss style so that the winter here is no longer off-season, even more popular than summer, where I introduced four kinds of winter Changbai Mountain The gameplay, if enough time, can play all over these four, it really can not be more praise it!

Play a: Wanda resort town skiing

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in Northeast China's most famous are two ski resorts, one is Yabuli Ski Resort, one is Changbaishan Wanda Ski Resort, Wanda Ski Resort is located in the western slope of Changbai Mountain Wanda Changbaishan International Resort, and Yabuli different Yes, here is a large resort town, eating, living and transportation shopping is very convenient, the resort area from ibis to Park Hyatt, suitable for all levels of accommodation, staying in these hotels, some are free skiing, free swimming, free fitness . When coming out from Changbaishan Airport, there is a shuttle bus to and from the airport where you can catch a shuttle bus to Wanda Resort.
[Hotel] Since it is a holiday, then the hotel must ultimately book, so many hotels in the town, how to choose?

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Ibis and intelligent selection: For pure ski enthusiasts, then I will first recommend ibis and intellectual selection, the two hotels together, also in the resort The innermost, next to the Kedong ski resort, these two hotels are budget hotels, the cheapest resort.
Holiday Inn Resort: Because Holiday Inn Resort is close to the center of the resort town, it is more expensive and less expensive than the ibis budget but cheaper than the rest of the hotels.
Suite Holiday Inn: Suites Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn next to two people are brothers, the difference is Suite Holiday Inn which is inside the suite, and bed room, twin room difference is that the unity of this hotel room type is a Room, two-bedroom, three-bedroom. Very suitable for family travel, in addition, the suite out of the holiday is the ski center, do not have to ferry buses, take a few steps is, but also in the center of the town, surrounded by a circle of restaurants, Pizza Hut on the first floor, McDonald's is opposite.
There are other hotels is more expensive. For example, Park Hyatt hotels, as well as Sheraton and Westin, Hyatt hotels are all very good.
[Small town food] Pizza Hut, KFC, domain vegetarian vegetarian halal, Halla barbecue, Dezhuang pot, there Huang Huang, although in the area, but basically like these chains will not be poor there, of course, located in the small The price of the town center is not where to go cheaper, per capita at about 100 yuan, in addition to catering, the town there are supermarkets and Watson, the need can be purchased in the past.
【Wanda Ski】

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ski resort costs are contained in the double plate and veneer, helmet (only the Wanda Ski Resort is required to bring a helmet), snow shoes, as well as including the ski center Blue cabinets, cabinets smaller, can only put shoes and smaller packages, it is recommended to bring less items, valuables on the safe, as ski suits and ski pants there are goggles are not provided free of charge, if necessary Rental, snow clothing is 100 dollars a day, goggles is 40 yuan, Wanda Ski Resort has two service centers, both sides are independently operated, even the shoe size is somewhat different, sub-East Ski Service Center, And West Ski Service Center, the online magic carpet is at East Ski Service Center.
East Ski Service is located in the resort town, and Holiday Inn, Sheraton or The Westin can be close to the East Ski Center.
West Ski Service Center (also known as the Songsong Service Center) Behind the mountain, next to the Samsung hotel group like Changbaishan Wanda Holiday Inn, ibis Styles Hotel, you can skiing near the West Ski Service Center, Katsushika service center than people East ski service center less people.
Skiing costs:

Night time and price of skiing: Night skiing time is 18: 00-21: 00, the price is 300 yuan / person (only open in the peak season at night skiing), if it is the hotel guests skiing rights and interests, is only Skiing during the day
Ski equipment: 1, gloves: do not wear wool, sticky snow can not get the last all wet, and very uncomfortable. Need a pair of thicker, cloth sports gloves.
2, clothing: ordinary jeans is also possible, as long as not sticky snow wind on the line. If you have the best outdoor pants, jacket can wear short paragraph jacket.
3, goggles: If you want to buy a pair of goggles for such a ski a bit worthless, ordinary outdoor sports glasses on it (you can also rent in the ski center, the price at 30 / yuan or so)
[Other entertainment]
near the ski resort can also play Mara sled, Alaskan sleigh, ice skating, bumper cars on ice, the town there Wanda Studios, crazy play a day after eating a movie to see a movie is a good choice Oh!

Game 2: Devil + Changbai Mountain North Slope

[Photographer's paradise - Devil Scenic Area]

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demon world is located in the northern foot of Changbai Mountain jungle, Changbai Mountain Tianchi flow down the hot spring water in this area to form water in a specific climate environment to form a fog, flowing in the water and forest, The scene is like a fairyland. There was once another Hong Kong resident who took a photo here and later won a prize. Early morning is the best time to come to the magic world, especially in winter fog the most beautiful backdrop. Devil Scenic Area not far from the North Slope, "Devil" water system is not frozen all year long, every winter, when the temperature reaches minus 20 degrees Celsius, the fog began to transpiration. When the weather is sunny, the sunshine at the beginning of the sun rises from the fog through the trees hanging crystal clear, dry trees on the water, the ripples on the shore and the misty red mist and transpiration mist together, the picture is beautiful.
【North Changbai Mountain】

Changbai Mountain North Scenic Tickets: 125 yuan / person Green car: 85 yuan / person Downstairs car: 80 yuan / person (on the Tianchi)
North slope development more mature earlier, relatively more tourists. Scenic area with Tianchi, Changbai Falls, by the river, green Yuan Tan, waterfalls, small Tianchi, underground forest.

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This mysterious monster's infested land is located on the top of the volcanic cone of the main peak of Changbai Mountain. It is called "Tianchi" because it is located at a height of 2,150 meters above sea level. Tianchi is the most famous attraction in Changbai Mountain, and it is also a must-visit place for people to visit Changbai Mountain. Tianchi was oval, is volcanic eruption naturally formed volcanic lake. At present, the north slope of Changbai Mountain and the west slope can both reach Tianchi, but due to different perspectives, the scenery of Tianchi seen from two places is also different.

Figure @ @ 33
came to Changbai Mountain must try the hot spring boiled eggs, hot springs boiled eggs are known as "god egg", is a long white and odd. The magic is that the egg yolk is cooked, while the egg white is still sticky.

Play three: Changbai Mountain original style - West slope

November to April every year for the Changbai Mountain off-season, the implementation of the Northwest joint ticket to buy any ticket on the northern slope of the west slope, you can go to two slopes, the extra money is the money on the mountains of environmentally friendly vehicles and SUVs. The development of the western slope of Changbai Mountain is relatively late. Because of this, Xipo completely preserved the original features of Changbai Mountain. There is a mountain garden with magnificent sea and sky, a ladder river with deep and clear water, and a magnificent Jinjiang Grand Canyon. From the west slope to the top of Tianchi can be opposite to the north slope. Peak and North Korea connected with the Sino-Japanese boundary monument.

Figure BY @ thirteen crazy
compared to the northern slope, less people on the slopes, Tianchi view than the northern slope should be open to see the whole, the disadvantage is that in addition to other attractions outside the Tianchi no more northern slopes, if the two choose one , I see you focus on that, but if you have plenty of time, it is recommended that both go, there will be different feelings.

Figure BY @ jessiay The
west slope also has a very famous 1442 steps, there are signs on the ladder to tell you how many steps you have climbed.

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sometimes winter snow will submerge the steps, so that you can not pass, off-road vehicles also go up, so can only take the snow to the top of the motorcycle, snow motorcycle is quite exciting, only the western slope of winter Have a try, it is recommended to do, but be sure to do a good job warm-keeping measures, snowmobiles to open a great wind.

Figure Jinjiang Grand Canyon BY @ thirteen crazy
Changbai Mountain Grand Canyon is formed during the eruption of the fissure zone, is the source of Jinjiang, the gorge about 70 kilometers long, the widest place has more than 300 meters. Valley slope on both sides of the bottom river appears unusually steep. Coupled with years of freezing weathering, the rock canyon in the canyon in the years of wind and rain erosion, the formation of a colorful and magnificent natural landscape.

Game 4: Snowflake on top of the hot springs - Blue View Hot Springs

Blue King Spa is located at the foot of Changbai Mountain, Changbai Mountain is the best outdoor hot springs, since it came to Changbai Mountain will have to experience minus 30 degrees outdoor overhead snow flake hot springs feeling, try to book in advance, the high season when the queue for 3 hours is not an exaggeration ( Not feel cold at all, swimwear, swim trunks to bring Austria, the area is very expensive to sell, it is recommended to soak 1-2 hours best). Blue Hot Springs Tickets off-season 178, peak 240 or so.

How to reach Changbai Mountain?

[Wanda Changbaishan International Resort] Aircraft: Changbai Mountain Scenic Area has its own special airport, is China's first forest tourism airport, the airport is located in the Fusong County, Baishan City, Jilin Province Songjianghe Changbai Mountain Protection and Development Zone in the pool west, from the Changbai Mountain West Scenic Area 15 km, got off the resort after the shuttle bus.
Train: Changchun to Songjiang River only a train trip is at 3 pm, do not recommend this train, you can choose to take the bus to the Songjianghe Terminal, Changchun sent Songjianghe morning there are two cars, one eight A half past nine is from the high-speed bus terminal. A taxi from the Songjianghe Terminal (40 yuan, you can bargain Kazakhstan, directly to the hotel entrance), or take the bus, from the bus terminal is part of the distance from the bus terminal to sit inside the scenic area is a four-dollar , The end is Ibis and Hotel Select. Get in the car can ask the driver, tell him where you live in the hotel, he will tell you where to get off. A stop sign, will also report station, return the same. Or choose to Erdaobaihe, carpool or chartered to Wanda Resort.
【North Changbai Mountain, West Slope】 Aircraft: From Changbai Mountain Airport to Erdaobaihe Airport bus.
Train: If you take a train to Changbai Mountain, there are two train stations to choose from. One is Antu Station, 160 kilometers away from Erdaobaihe Town. The other is the "White River" station on Erdaobaihe. We can choose according to their own situation trips. Erdaobaihe railway station is "White River" station, this railway line travel longer, and the train less frequently. It is recommended to take the "Antu" train station, because more train to Antu train station, and the train arrived at a more reasonable time for tourists to arrange play itinerary, then transfer bus to Erdaobaihe, about 3 hours by car.
Erdaobaihe to Changbai Mountain bus schedule:

Can also consider carpool charter service, the price is not expensive and convenient, but it is recommended to book well in advance to prevent the car is now looking for chaos asking price situation.

What characteristics of Changbai Mountain food?

Changbai Mountain area, fresh ethnic Han Dongbei traditional snacks or everything here. Take Erdaoobaihe for example, here is to go to the northern slope of Changbai Mountain tourism must pass through, the town's tourist facilities, various grades of tourist hotels are also more tourists eat and live here is very convenient. Changbai Mountain local diet is full of rich North Korean flavor, taste are cool, spicy-based. The daily staple foods of the Korean are mainly soups, sauces, pickles and some kimchi. The dishes are accompanied by unique Korean spicy sauce. This spicy food not only tastes delicious but also enhances appetite. Korean restaurants can be seen everywhere in small towns, and Korean cuisine in the Northeast is much more authentic than other places. Manchu gold meat, Changbai Mountain Zhen Ban, Manchu eight bowls, Korean spicy cabbage, rice cakes, cold noodles, stone bibimbap are all recommended ~

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