Changbai Mountain winter car tour N kinds of games N routes, there is always a suitable for you

Changbai Mountain is the holy mountain origin of Manchu culture, from Tianchi to the waterfall, snow sculpture to the forest, where the scenery has a unique advantage, attracting many people come a thousand miles. How to play how to play car play, this Raiders give you the answer ~
figure north changbai mountain   tianchi by thirteen crazy

First, Changbai Mountain where?

Changbai Mountain is located on the border between China and North Korea in southeastern Jilin Province. There are four east, south, west and north slopes. Among them, except for Dongpo located in North Korea, the remaining three slopes are in Jilin Province. Changbai Mountain in winter is only open to the west slope and the north slope. The west slope is located in the west of Songjianghe Town, Fusong County, Baishan City, while the northern slope is located in Chihpen District, Erdaobaihe Town, Antu County, Yanbian Prefecture. Plan well in advance.

Changbai Mountain want to fly to Changbai Mountain Airport can also be the first to Changchun Longjia or Yanbian Chaoyang Chuan, then turn the car can be. If you choose to travel by train, you can go to Songjianghe Railway Station near Changbai Mountain or Baihe Railway Station. If it is to play the western slope or stay in Changbai Mountain Wanda resort bee, it is recommended to choose the train to the Songjiang River; if it is to play the northern slope or the bee bees living in White River town, it is recommended to choose Shirakawa station. Want to choose the bee beehive travel to Dunhua moving station, and then to Changbai Mountain about 3 hours.

Second, what is worth visiting Changbai Mountain and the surrounding attractions?

1. Changbai Mountain

Changbai Mountain has a total of four east, south, west and north slopes. Because the east slope can not enter the DPRK and the southern slope is not open to the public, the northern slope and the western slope can enter. The scenery along each slope is also different. Which Changbaishan Tianchi can be seen from any slope, but the perspective will be different.

Figure: Changbai Mountain Slope - Tianchi by thirteen crazy

Changbai Mountain tickets 125 yuan / person, environmentally friendly vehicles 85 yuan / person, 80 yuan counter-stop tickets / person, SUV 80 yuan (on the Tianchi must ride SUV), insurance 5 yuan. Among them, Jilin Province promulgated preferential policies, from November 1, 2017 to April 30, 2018, Zhejiang Province, Shanghai, Jiangsu Province, three provinces half-price concessions for tourists is 63 yuan tickets, Hangzhou citizens can also be free tickets, environmental protection Tickets and off-road tickets oh ~

① Changbai Mountain sights on the northern slope of the rich, the most mature route, you can visit the Changbai Mountain Waterfall, Silver Lake, Green Yuan Tan, underground forest, Julong Hot Springs, Little Tianchi, which is the choice of most bees.
② Changbai Mountain West Lake look Tianchi point of view will be more broad, but want to go to the viewing platform, to experience the 1442 level. The development here later, the scenery is relatively primitive, but will be more physical exertion, according to their ability.
③ Changbai Mountain walked during the day and night to recommend you to hot springs, do not mention how pleasant it! You can also point a hot water boiled eggs, taste super good!

2. Devil Scenic Area

Figure: Devil Scenic by the sea boundless

Compared to Changbai Mountain, the Devil bored a lot, but here is simply a paradise for photography. Because in the Changbai Mountain coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forest zone, the hot spring water flowing down from Changbaishan Tianchi is not ice all year round. When the winter temperature reaches minus 20 degrees Celsius, there will be fog and tree hanging. Wonderland, so the photographer called "Devil."

Figure: Devil Scenic by the sea boundless

① Tickets: 98 yuan.
There is no public transport here, can only choose chartered or carpool day trips.
③ to the Devil must see the field sunrise, sunrise in the demon in light and shadow changes more attractive, generally see the sunrise at 4:30 will start Oh.
④ shooting to the Devil must pay attention to low-temperature electronic equipment is very easy to automatically shut down, it is best to buy a camera warm jacket; cell phone has been used to keep charging Po continued, do not prolonged exposure to the air.

3. Old Rick Lake

Figure: Old Rick Lake area

Old Rick Lake fame is relatively small, but the ecology here is very well preserved, with a sense of the silence of the virgin forest. There is especially much snow here and snow is especially pure. Snow kept flying, fell between the lush branches, it naturally formed a different shape of the natural snow sculpture and foggy landscape. If you do not like the noise of noisy places, it is recommended that you come here to feel the beauty of the fairy tale world.

Figure: Old Rick Lake area

① Tickets: 98 yuan.
② here is very suitable for crossing, like outdoor bee friends do not miss it.
③ There is no direct local car, you need to chartered or car bee friends to go, you can choose a day in the cellular ant tour group travel, travel cost even higher.

4. Wang Swan Scenic Area

Figure: Wang Swan Scenic Area

Wang Swan area known for its unique and unique waterfalls, or flew down, or slipped, can be magnificent, but also quietly quiet. In the winter, the water of these waterfalls all form ice and transform into icefalls, very spectacular. In addition, many unique volcanic geological landscape can also be seen here, the special rock landscape, the natural landscape makes people feel the gods of nature.

Figure: Wang Swan Scenic Area

① Tickets: 100 yuan.
② here located in the border of China and North Korea, you can also see the scenery of the border is not the same.
③ There is no public transport available here, the need to charter, but the chartered in the past a higher price is not recommended bee bees can choose to report a day trip.

Third, Changbai Mountain charter travel N kinds of play, do you know a few?

To Changbai Mountain, the most suitable way to travel is chartered. There are three reasons:
First, Changbai Mountain and the surrounding attractions scattered, travel is very inconvenient;
Second, very few public transport, especially most of the lives in Wanda Changbaishan Resort, which basically no public transport options, only chartered;
Third, Compared to other destinations, Changbaishan chartered or day trips cost is very high, but we must choose a regular travel car, there is more confidence in regulation.

1. Changbaishan winter classic day trip

To Changbai Mountain If the time is limited, it is recommended to choose a day trip to the North Slope or a day trip to the west slope.

Figure: Changbai Mountain Tianchi panoramic view

① North Slope, then you can get up early in the morning to go to the Devil to see the sunrise, especially if you do not have time to see the fog and the island, you can come to the demon world. From the Devil scenic area to Changbai Mountain north slope 30 kilometers, about half an hour by car, come out from the Changbai Mountain, it is recommended that you can run a comfortable hot spring at night to remove a tired.

Figure: Changbai Mountain - waterfall by the backpack walking horizon

North Slope Line:
Devil - Changbai Mountain north slope of the door - the main peak to see Tianchi - Green Yuan Tan - Changbai Mountain Falls - Julong Hot Springs Group - a small underground Tianchi forest

Figure: Changbai Mountain - Green Yuan Tan by backpack walking horizon

Due to the special geographical location of Changbaishan Tianchi, the weather often fickle, and sometimes Blizzard will be closed, so the scenic area will be closed for safety Tianchi attractions, can see Tianchi need to rely on luck. The general encounter Blizzard, scenic snow will be arranged in the morning, noon to see the odds of Tianchi area is very large. At this time the formation can be adjusted as: Devil - Changbai Mountain north slope of the entrance - Changbai Mountain Falls - Julong Hot Springs Group - Green Yuan Tan - Little Tianchi - Tianchi see the main peak - underground forests, so you can see the odds of Tianchi larger.

② compared to the western slope of the North Slope, in addition to a more primitive, like hiking climbers can trek to see Tianchi friends. North Slope Scenic For security reasons to see Tianchi must take 80 yuan off-road vehicles, and the western slope can be hiking.

Figure: Changbai Mountain West - Tianchi panoramic by thirteen crazy

Figure: West slope-1142 steps by Liming

Winter Slope only open Tianchi and the Grand Canyon, it is recommended to go to the Grand Canyon go Tianchi, Tianchi can see a greater chance.

Figure: Changbai Mountain Western slope - the Grand Canyon by thirteen crazy

2. Old Rick Lake walk through day trips

Figure: Old Rick Lake. by

To the northeast, walking through the snowy forest is the favorite of many outdoor enthusiasts want to experience the most. Changbai Mountain surrounding you can go to the old Rick Lake hiking in the alpine Pinghu met the primeval forest, overlooking Longbai Mountain and Longxianfengling, walking through the snowy forest. Generally from the scenic entrance, about 7 km round trip, walk about 3 hours can be traversed, more than 3 hours are walking in the virgin forest, if you feel physically handicapped elderly or children can choose to take the snow To motorcycle Oh.

Figure: Old Rick Lake by the bright stars

Although the old Rick Lake walk through the more relaxed, but we must pay attention to keep warm on the road ready high-calorie snacks (such as chocolate, beef jerky, etc.), with a good insulation cup ready hot water, this is the only way you cross the supply .

3. Northeast original wooden hut experience day trip

Figure: wooden house village

Fusong County, Changbai Mountain Manjiang River town has a primitive tribes cottage village, the original wooden house was originally created and lived on behalf of the real woman of the Jin Dynasty, also known as wood Fang Leng Fang, with wooden walls, shingles, wooden chimneys, wooden fences, Firewood pile ... ... the entire village only more than 30 houses, known as "Changbai Mountain last cottage village."

Figure: wooden cottage - Yu Hui

Figure: Mala sledge

There are tofu village in the village, wineries, pancake shop, you can experience grinding, sharing pancakes; sit on the kang school Shehua, you can also see the original northeast Yangko; can go out to see cattle pull the sledge, hear the forest Son; also can learn Shaman culture and anti-history.

Figure: Experience Northeast Resistance

After the village back in the village can go to experience the health spa, health Changbai Mountain Springs are generally from the Yongbai Changbai Mountain, the general sub-sulfur spring / strontium spring, you can choose according to their physique. Sulfur spring is a medicinal spring that can treat skin diseases, as well as soften the effectiveness of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular; strontium spring with radiation protection, enhance immunity, anti-thrombosis, the treatment of gout and so on.

Figure: Day Mu hot springs

Figure: Day Mu hot springs

4. Sino-Korean border look at the Swan ice waterfall photography day trip

Figure: Wang Swan Scenic Area

There is a saying in the northeast, "South Jiuzhaigou, North has fifteen ditch," Wang Swan Scenic Area before the formal name is also known as fifteen ditch. Hope of the swan in winter can be photographed ice jade puzzle appearance, the area is very large, ice and snow in different poses and with different expressions, strange volcanic geological landscape can slowly pat along the road.

Figure: Wang Swan area

Before looking at the swan, you can first go to Changbai County, China and North Korea border to get some. Opposite is the third largest city in North Korea, Huishan, looking down from the Yalu River to see the houses and clothing the Korean people live in, just like crossing China to the seventies and eighties of the last century.

Figure: North Korea Hui Mountain City

Be sure to give your camera battery ready for the day before shooting, and have a spare battery ready. Winter temperature is low, the battery discharge quickly, you can prepare a warm baby posted on the back of the phone or camera, so as to avoid equipment due to the temperature is too low and cause crashes.

5. Hunting day hunting in winter

Figure: yard hunting

Changbai Mountain has a Lu Shuihe International Hunting Ground, about 60 km north of Changbai Mountain, where the forest coverage rate of 95%, preserved in Asia's largest natural korean pine forests, but also the northeast region's largest forest hunting base. Domesticated sika deer, red deer, pheasant, mountain rabbit, prickly heat, wild boar and other animals, the hunting ground equipped with standard shotguns, ammunition and professional hunting guide, also has a standard mobile shooting range, very exciting!

Figure: sika deer

Out from the hunting grounds have time, you can Nongfushangquan production base to visit a circle, where you can see the Nongfushangquan production line and Nongfushangquan water source - Momo Spring. Standing in the Nongfushangquan tower overlooking the virgin forest, with children bee bees can also take children to visit a small natural museum and water experiments interact.

Figure: Nongfushangquan base

Figure: to explain high-end water

Figure: Production workshop

Fourth, play the Northeast Link, the route should be how to go?

Winter to the northeast, only to play Changbai Mountain children feel not fun, it is not easy to trip to the Northeast are playing again. Northeast addition to Changbai Mountain, the most worth to go is Xuexiang and Fog Island!

Changbaishan, Fog Island, Snow Township Recommended between the three children chartered / carpooling, because there is almost no direct access to public transport, if not afraid of trouble, then you can choose the train turnover, but more time-consuming. If you think the car is relatively expensive, you can choose with the group, not for the sake of cheaper, we must find a regular and secure car.

Figure: Jilin - Fog Island by the devil crying

Figure: Mudanjiang - Jingpo Lake by At sixes & sevens

Figure: Heilongjiang - Xuexiang night

Figure: Harbin - Sophia Cathedral by Nanshan Nathan

Play these three places need about about six or seven days on the road can also incidentally mirror Jingpo Lake, the general departure from Jilin or Harbin. Generally do not go back to the most time-saving and labor-saving routes can go like this:
Day 1: Harbin - Wuchang - Dongsheng Snow Valley
Day 2: Snow Valley - through the Leymus Hill - Snow Village
Day 3: Snow Township - Jingpo Lake winter capture - Erdaobaihe
Day 4: Devil - Changbai Mountain North Slope - Open-air Hot Spring
Day 5: Changbai Mountain Ski Resort - Wulidao Island Han Tuen
Day 6: Fog Island - Return to Jilin

If you do not want to go according to the established route of travel agencies, recommend you can choose to customize the route, according to their own ideas to play more comfortable. Pick a professional reliable local driver, with your travel experience of pure Northeast is also a good choice.

① winter dress suggestions:
△ snow assault coat + down jacket + fleece sweater
△ snow assault pants + fleece pants
△ thick scarf + ski hat + sunglasses + gloves
△ snow hiking shoes + snow cover
② northeast winter is more dry, Girls remember to bring moisturizing creams and lip balm.
③ hiking through the Leymus Hill ready for high calorie dry hiking food and mug, if you want to play a splashing ice, then you must remember to prepare a pot of boiling water.
④ To the northeast must sleep northeast kang, eat authentic northeast specialty flavor dishes, such as pan package meat, chicken stew mushrooms, pork stew sauerkraut.

Changbai summer summer play, winter and winter play, enough to play long white mountain N route can choose, I believe there is always a is for you! This winter, we will get up in Changbaishan ~

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