Changbai Mountain in the end to the North Slope or West? This Raiders tell you the answer!

Changbai Mountain is one of the top ten famous mountains in China, where the top of the mountain is covered with snow all the year round. It is called "the fairy mountain" in "Shan Hai Jing" here. There is also the legend of Tianchi and the wonderful Tianchi monster. Suitable for summer play place! However, Changbai Mountain has four slopes, what is the difference between each slope? Which slope is the most fun? Listen to me slowly tell you.

Changbai Mountain has four slopes, you know?

  Changbai Mountain is divided into 4 east, south, west and north slopes. However, because the east slope is within the territory of North Korea, only the south slope, north slope and west slope can enter China. In this southern slope and because of traffic problems, temporarily not yet open. So come to Changbai Mountain, you can only visit the northern slope and the western slope.

First, how to play the northern slope?

The best season for enjoying Changbai Mountain is from May to August, while the duration of the tour is two to three days. If you are coming to Changbai Mountain for the first time, I suggest that you play the North Slope first, because the northern slope of the most attractions, but also the most classic choice to visit Changbai Mountain. Moreover, the northern slope of the scenic spot can take the car upside down directly to see the main peak Tianchi, but also between all the small attractions there are environmentally friendly vehicles connected, do not have to climb a lot of roads do not go, especially for elderly people with their own children or physically less not confident .  

1. Feel the wild nature of the underground forest

The underground forest is located in the foothills of the northern slope, is the first small spots into the Changbai Mountain area, at the same time here is also the lowest elevation Changbai Mountain. From the entrance to the underground forest, you will need to walk down a narrow winding path along the boardwalk and into the abdomen of the primeval forest. If you have the guts to the bottom, you will experience the wild nature of wildflowers more deeply. Raging roars at the bottom of call sign, the inverted wooden cross in the rock cluster, from time to time heard the bird's call, all this allows you to feel the most real nature. However, the stepping down of the underground forest is rather steep. Although it is still protected by chains, it is still very thrilling. It must not be easily risk-taking.

2. View small Tianchi, see the two lakes each other

Little Tianchi actually two. A hidden in the quiet Yue Hualin, water depth of 10 meters, the lake green. The other is particularly shallow water, only a few meters deep, sometimes revealing yellow soil. Ascend to look down, a blue, a red, like a pair of gold and silver cups, so people also called small Tianchi for the Lake, unique scenery. Yes, here is the "Snow Mountain Flying Fox" and "Journey to the West Hongzhu" shooting, small Tianchi, though not as real as Tianchi so shocking, but here as a real look before the Tianchi overture is quite good.

3. Green Yuan Yuan Tan, near the waterfall deep secluded

Green Yuan Tan is located in the northern slope of the Changbai Mountain area, named after the deep green water secluded. Green-yu Tan also has a "small Jiuzhaigou" reputation, the main attraction is a straight down the waterfall, a huge water fog. Water mist filled the summer, just like paradise on earth, because the temperature is low around, it is also a good place for summer. But it is not recommended to play in winter, because the temperature is low, the waterfall into a glacier, ice and snow, the usual waterfall also disappeared. Go to Luoyuankan, you can play on the small Tianchi first, but the road is rugged, you need to go through a difficult boardwalk, we must pay attention to safety.

4. Poly Julong hot springs, enjoy the health resort

Julong Hot Springs Group about 900 meters away from Changbai Waterfall where you can walk to arrive, you can also take a green car to go. Its best viewing angle is standing on the wooden path along the mountain, you can view the hot springs and mountains, but need to pay attention to safety. Changbai Mountain Scenic Area North hot springs can not bubble hot springs, but hand soup pond can experience to ease the coldest mountain temperatures. If you want to soak in the hot springs, you can experience it at the Yamashita Hot Spring Hotel. Which recommended Blue View Resort, the hot spring area is the hot spring pipeline to introduce the hotel. Hot water temperature in all seasons, and contains more beneficial elements and minerals, suitable for convalescence. Of course it is best to taste the hot spring boiled eggs, there is a touch of sulfur, on the salt to eat, the taste is particularly good!

5. Look Changbai Feili, crossing Tianchi portal

To the Changbai Mountain Waterfall, not far from Tianchi. Changbai Mountain Waterfall, Tianchi is the only outlet, Tianchi water straight down from the top of Changbai, steaming extremely spectacular, to mid-October, Changbai Falls will become ice, snow, fog, glaciers, it is definitely worth one look! 

6. Holy Tianchi, Changbai Mountain will travel around

Located at the top of the main peak of Changbai Mountain, Tianchi is the largest crater lake in China and the source of Sanjiang. At present, the north slope of Changbai Mountain and the west slope can all arrive in Tianchi, but due to different perspectives, the scenery of Tianchi can be seen differently. If you are with a child or the elderly to visit the Tianchi Changbai Mountain, it is recommended from the north slope, because the northern slope of Changbai Mountain can take the inverted car down to the main peak, do not have to climb a lot of roads do not go mountain, for the elderly and children, you can save Pay for physical Oh. 

Yes, look Changbai Mountain Tianchi is the need for luck. In general, from May to August when the weather in Changbai Mountain is relatively stable, Tianchi is also more easily seen. Yes, see the best time in Tianchi is 11 noon -13, want to see Tianchi's friends must take a good time.  

Second, the west slope how to play

The western slope of Changbai Mountain is relatively not famous for the northern slope, but the scenery here is more unique. Deep underground river and stalagmite Jinjiang Gorge and Mingyan alpine garden are worth seeing everywhere. However, it should be noted that West Slope does not directly reach the top of the inverted car, from the mountain of green car parking to the summit need to climb 1440 steps, but if it is physically poor you can spend the ride up the rod, according to their own needs need to choose.  

1. Ladle cut river, turmoil deep only hear the sound of water

Ladder ladder River is located in the west of Tianchi Ladder Yunfeng, the steep river, rapid Jianshui, cliffs erect two walls, deep river. Because it is located in the alpine zone, it is a seasonal attraction. Every year in late June, the river surface starts to freeze, and frozen prey can often be picked up in the river.  

2. Jinjiang Canyon, feel the gods of nature

Jinjiang Canyon is located in the western slope of the Jinjiang Valley, Ladder River downstream. Is a natural wonders found in recent years, comparable with the United States Grand Canyon. This is the largest volcanic canyon landform, lush forests, there are many small creatures in the valley. Jinjiang Grand Canyon is a circular path along the cliff, about 45 minutes to visit, where the snow worth a beat, like the reality version of Lin Xue Xue Yuan. Jinjiang Canyon is also very convenient to reach, you can walk, you can also take a green car to go.

3. Tour Alpine Gardens, the most beautiful place to experience photography

Alpine Garden, also known as "sky garden", due to the location of the sun, the end of June each year in early July, in the high ground in the Western Slope, flowers bloom, as many flowers, a vast area, are all amazing. It is hard to come by and has excellent scenery. It is the treasure house of the only original alpine vegetation in Northeast Asia. It is also a paradise for photographers. Alpine garden is ideal for photography enthusiasts shooting material can be described as Changbai Mountain will go through attractions, like photography friends do not miss! 

4. Tiger back, breathtaking peaks surprising

Tiger back is the last pass to the west of Tianchi, located in the southwestern side of Tianchi Ladder peak, very curious. Gazing over the back of the tiger, the scenery is very strange four seasons. Spring Rhododendrons and Candelabrum; summer green grass lush; autumn scenery is the most beautiful beauty; winter silver-wrapped. Here is the last step to see the Tianchi, you need to climb the 1440 level to reach the peak on the Tianchi, in fact, the steps here are not steep, and have a barrier, hiking for most people are not a problem.

Changbai Mountain, so the most cool to play

Having said that, Changbaishan in the end how to play the most cool? My answer is, with the group tour.
First of all, Changbai Mountain traffic is not so convenient, the general train ride by train can only reach Changchun, Changchun from Changchun to Changbai Mountain due to lack of public transport, so very troublesome, it is better to directly participate in a multi-day trip starting from Changchun, both to solve the traffic problem , There are people playing with you, worry and effort.
Moreover, you must know that Changbai Mountain not only has this mountain, the beautiful looking swan, full of Korean characteristics of Hongqi Village, are also bound to go to Changbai Mountain attractions. Buy a multi-day tour product, this trip to play Changbai Mountain!  

  Slowly approaching the pace of summer, disgusted with the annoying high temperature, come Changbai Mountain summer it!  

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