Go to Dali Cangshan do a day free mountain people

If you think Cangshan just climbing it, then you are wrong. Cangshan not only has excellent mountain climbing experience and beautiful environment, but also the best viewing platform Dali. Sitting on the ropeway, or leaning on the terrace of the Mochao tea room, or in the Peach Valley, can get the best view of the view. And the mountain air clear, walking on a section, it is suitable for lungs. Therefore, the beauty of Cangshan lies in its unique geographical location, vegetation environment and life culture. No experience, not Cangshan. So how does Cangshan experience?
dali best viewing platform picture provided by mo mo tea room

First, the regular play

Tour Cangshan, has always been the most conventional route is to take the cable directly up the mountain, direct access to attractions. Because Cangshan nineteen peaks eighteen streams, huge volume, and climb the path is also relatively steep. And its depletion of physical strength on the road, it is better to take the cableway up the mountain, you can save the physical play more fun, but also the Erhai Lake and Cangshan at the foot of the unforgettable scenery Oh,

Dali Cangshan a total of three cable:
1. Sensitive Temple feeling through the cableway (also known as the cableway), the end to the clear Bixi, the way you can watch the Cangshan Grand Canyon;
2. Tianlong eight film and television city to wash Ma Tan Cableway (also known as the big cableway), the longest route, the end of the highest level of washing Ma Tan, return to the seven women's pool;
3. Street next to the Cangshan cableway (also known as the cableway), belonging to the old basket , The terminal to the temple, next to the river, direct access to the head of the wandering Jade Road.

Route 1 (big cableway): Tianlong eight film and television city - wash Ma Tan - seven dragon female

Cangshan top wash Ma Tan, four or five full of azaleas (picture from the network)

Big cableway starting point is located in Tianlong eight film and television city, near the national geological park, interested in these two places, you can arrange time to visit together. The ropeway can go up to the top of the mountain. Five or six months, when the end of the big cableway - wash Ma Tan can see the mountain azaleas, very spectacular. Way seven dragon female pool, the legend is the Erhai Dragon girl's bath, the lake is crystal clear, seven pool springs almost no, graceful graceful, the scenery is very beautiful.
Winter and windy weather is not recommended. One is the top of the hill is cold, the wind is big, seven dragon female pool to wash Ma Tan station cable car was thrown was very scary. And the top of the mountain is full of fog, viewing effect is not good. In the sunny weather climbing, but also ready to warm clothing.

The aerial ropeway can go up to the top of the mountain (picture from the network)

Big cableway opening hours: 8: 30-17: 00
video city opening time: 8: 00-17: 00 ticket time after 9:00
price: Cangshan big cableway 182 yuan (one way, including Cangshan tickets), round-trip 282 yuan ( including Cangshan tickets, Dragon movie tickets and movie car battery costs);
tickets: 40 yuan (into the mountains fee); Dragon movie tickets 52 yuan / person;
transport: Shimonoseki Station or the North Bus Station door can Take the 8 bus 2 yuan / person to reach the ancient city of Dali (also known as Cang Shan door) March Street, where only 2 km away from the film and television city, near the taxi 10 yuan or less

Route 2 (in the cableway): Sensual Temple + Jade with cloud road

In addition to overlooking the Erhai Lake, the ancient city of panoramic view, you can also enjoy the Qingxi Creek, Qilong female pool, the mysterious Cangshan Grand Canyon, jade with cloud travel road , And in the temple and other beautiful scenery. This is also the most tourists a line.

Foreign visitors often visit (picture from the network)

To Zhonghe Temple, you can see there is a bluestone road from behind the temple and rampant through, which is Cangshan jade belt wandering. This road width of 2 meters, about 18 km. Yutong Yunyou Road from the south of Cangshan Malongfeng, after Longxi, jade bureau peak, green Yuxi, Longquan peak, in the river, and peak, Taoxi, Guanyin peak, Meixi, stop at Yingle peak. Jade Clouds is a street designed for pedestrians, because only walking, in order to enjoy the picturesque scenery of Cangshan.

Mountain bluestone road (picture from the network)

Distance: 8: 30-17: 00
Price: Sensual cableway 80 yuan (round trip);
Tickets: 40 yuan (into the mountain fee);
Bus - in the door at the gate of " Road bus, by 12 stations, in the "Dali town two" station to get off, the fare 2 yuan / person; along the mountain road to the temple, about 3 km, next to the temple is the cableway entrance.
By car - the whole 9.3 km, with about 15 minutes;
taxi - about 25 yuan.

Second, the literary line

If you do not love to join in the fun, do not want to take the conventional route, then you can find some places in the Cangshan historical and cultural accumulation of places, such as the Nanzhao era of Dali emperor monks of the inaction of the temple, full of meat plant silence of the temple, Cangshan the most beautiful Tea room Mo Mo tea room, as well as excellent scenery, little known Peach Valley. These are the places where people live in Dali favorite places, the general tourists rarely go. Every place can make you daze for a long time, think quietly.

1, quiet and inaction for the temple

Wuwei Temple

Wuwei Temple is not Jinbi glow, but it is Dali Nanzhao royal clean sanctuary, eight monarchs are in this monk, including "Tianlong Ba Bu" in the middle of the prototype of the wide wide division and reputation. Through the Ling Jiufeng's arch, feeling through the Tang and Song dynasties of the Nanzhao country, deep path, wasteland leaves, drizzle silent. The mountains are particularly fresh air, every deep breath, as if in the dust inside the dust, let people forget the troubled world.
Wuwei Temple is very suitable for people who like the clean atmosphere. Here perennial incense strong, is the local people often come to worship the temple. In front of the temple there is a small piece of open space, some people will be here morning exercises. Good luck to catch up with the temple inside the practice, you can also participate.
There is a small parking lot behind the temple, near the spring - rescue spring, you can drink directly, cool incomparable, tea is also very sweet estimate.

Tickets: no
bus - no direct bus by
car - from the ancient city of Dali to Wuwei Temple parking lot, the whole 5.7 km; from the Wuji Temple parking lot to the Temple of no more than 1.7 km, along the beautiful scenery, the proposed walk. Wuwei Temple there is a small parking lot, navigation "Wuwei Temple" can be, from Simon to Wuwei Temple full 7.4 km;
taxi -20 yuan or less.

2, art nuns silence through the temple


Silent silence is obviously a place where someone is particularly careful. Inside and outside the cleaning was spotless, both sides of the road placed neatly arranged orchids, flower garden also planted with large flowers of hydrangea and other plants. Here is the pilgrimage of the meaty lovers, and therefore also known as the most literary nunnery. Perhaps the old times, perhaps the Buddha light shine, perhaps a careful care of people, in short, the plant within the flowers feel a lot more than others lush.
There is a tea room and a canteen. Tea free, vegetarian 30 yuan a must be booked in advance, limited supply.

Free tea for visitors

Tickets: no
traffic: silence of the temple and Sitting Temple adjacent. Access Style Reference Roadway.

3, tea products eager to remind the reminder

Mo reminders tea room overlooking the tea garden (picture provided by the Mo reminders room)

Mo reminders room is located in the peach valley in the rural pastoral style hotel Taoxi other homes of the tea room part, but also a separate business. The main body of the tea room is filled with stones, such as the European pastoral farm general castle, next to a tall hi trees, shade under a wide viewing terrace. Sitting on the terrace, the ancient city, Erhai at a glance, beautiful scenery. Mo reminders room is called the most beautiful tea room in Dali, terrace is Dali best viewing, take pictures of the location of the panorama.
There are a large organic tea garden below the tea, spring and autumn can come to experience the adoption of tea, tea system. Tea room with homemade organic green tea, black tea supply.

Tickets: no
tea: 30 yuan per person a cup, tea produced by their own organic tea, green tea optional. There are kung fu tea to choose from, the price according to different tea.
Transportation: by
car - from the ancient city of Simon to Taoxi other months on the 4.1 km. Now only in the roadside a small flat to the tea room also need to take a small dirt road. See the tea house, you can find the tea room friends.
Taxi 10 yuan or less.

4, cool walk on the peach valley

Peach valley gurgling water

Peach Valley Valley in the Mo reminders next to the tea room. Along the way to the pastoral scenery scenery, with flowers to describe it is not too much. Through a piece of woods, flower garden, marching covered with moss slate path, listening to the gurgling water, eyeful are full of wild wild weeds. The whole journey is about 3 km. If you want to easily walk, enjoy the scenery, come here the most appropriate.

Tickets: no
traffic: Mo Mo tea room as a starting point, along the side of the path to go inside, Shuo River and about 1.5 km, went to the source of the original return.

These attractions are very worth to go, Mo Mo tea room is located near the Peach Valley, you can visit together. Wuwei Temple and Silent Mount Um relatively far, and there is no direct access to public transport, very inconvenient. My advice is that if you like quiet, just want to find a place quietly daze in the literary fresh, choose a place best suited to their own to be half a day full enough. If you do not want to leave regret, two or three points a day want to go, it is recommended chartered.

Third, experience the route

The general tour of the water is to see the scenery to take pictures only, play Cangshan also experience playing Oh, Cangshan play more than climbing, unique experience will give you a deep impression, so that your holiday travel more colorful.

1, dynamic stimulation - ATV mountain off-road vehicles through Cangshan

If you think the above recommended routes are too self-cultivation, and that we recommend a sports to stimulate the play: ATV mountain off-road vehicles through Cangshan. Cangshan ATV off-road vehicle base to know people not too much. This kind of exciting movement makes a lot of love and love. Motor roar, mountain bumps, through the jungle mountains, the feeling is really great. Half a day to play off-road vehicles there are plenty of time, you can visit the Tao River Valley, Mo Mo tea room to drink a cup of tea, take a break.

This project is more professional, it is recommended to choose directly to fly the travel company to experience friends, you can travel in the ancient city of the store consulting, you can also buy online.

ATV mountain sport utility vehicle crossing Cangshan (picture from the network)

2, hand a cup of tea - tea garden tea experience

Mo reminders tea room with about 100 acres of ecological tea, tea age about sixty years. Tea growing at an altitude of 2200 meters above the snow by the Cangshan snow spring irrigation, growing environment be richly endowed by nature, and no pesticide fertilizer, green pollution is pure green tea.
Every year in mid-March to the end of October, tea garden can be opened to visitors to experience picking and making tea. Cangshan with the spring, a cup of their own concocted green tea, the United States died! The proportion of tea produced is 5: 1, that is, 1 kg of fresh leaves can be made 2 two green tea.
Tea experience generally 2-3 hours to complete, if there is half a day, between the experience, you can also go to the nearest Peach Creek hiking tour.

Tea garden open for visitors to experience picking tea

Experience the price: 150 yuan / person, including picking, making, tasting, finished products can be taken away.
Transportation: traffic reference Mo Mo tea room.

Freshly picked tea

3, hiking alpine meadow - drunken flower bow

Cangshan has unknown beauty, in the top of the mountain clouds get peaks, Canglang peak between an unknown prairie, where there are blue sky and white clouds, there are sheep wild horse, there are stone piled old houses, there are tens of thousands of Azaleas. Here is a virgin land, little known, but beautiful and exquisite. Huaadian dam has the size of two dams, large flowers to meadow cattle and sheep, the farm is here, small flowers have large concentration of azaleas.
You can also eat in the local farm roasted whole sheep, chicken and other original ecological delicious. You can spend the night here, the room and board are very cheap.

Line Recommended:
Day 1: After breakfast, proceed to the Hi Chau Cultural Revolution Village, walk along the mountain road to the Pass, through the beautiful alpine meadow to the big flower, half-way lunch (dry food). Enjoy the scenery along the way, photography, afternoon to reach the flower shop, at the end of the day to eat flowers and vegetables. Live: the
second day of the hospital: get up after breakfast for half an hour to a small flower Austin, watch the mountains and plains alpine cuckoo, through the mountains and meadows, along the stream down the mountain to reach the
Zhouhua Dayi dam far, whether walking or driving, Are advised to spend two days to visit.

The best tour season: you can visit the whole year, the most beautiful season of the flower bow is 5-6 months, azalea is very spectacular. The season is also Dali rainy season, to carry rain gear.
Transportation: by
car - from the ancient city of Dali, about 70 km, with about 1 hour.
On foot - one way 20 km, about 7 hours, medium difficulty.
Accommodation: Flower Dayton farm has a simple clean room and hot water, you can spend the night.
Take the
car - the ancient city - hi Chau, chartered to the Hexi Cultural Revolution Village Yamaguchi, the cost is about 60 or so;
return down to the city of Zhou, chartered about 70, the city of the city, But also to the National Road side of the Butterfly Spring or Eryuan return to the ancient city of Simon car, 7 yuan per person.

Mountains and rivers azalea (picture from the network)

Recommended accommodation

Cangshan did not specifically eat the hotel, restaurants, before climbing must eat enough rice, have the strength to swim and play water Oh. Before going up the mountain must bring enough snacks and water. Here recommended two delicious place, we can come down after a meal to treat yourself.

Zhangjia Garden near the snack street

Local specialties (pictures from the network)

Zhang Garden from the temple around 3 km, 10 drops within the taxi. Zhangjia Garden near a snack street, recommended frozen fish, raw hides, where Dali is also the best to eat peas powder, inexpensive.

Traffic: in the south gate of the South Gate Cangshan door "March Street mouth" station take the 4 bus, by 11 stations, in the "Guanyin Tong" station, the fare 2 yuan / person
per capita: 30 yuan

Cat Wolves Walsh (Cangshan Santa Temple)

Bed and Breakfast (picture from the network)

If you do not like the noisy in the ancient city, you can choose to live at the foot of Cangshan, quiet, quiet, then mountain aura. Cats and fruits are Dali reputation brand, three tower shop is located in the north gate of Dali, Cangshan of the foot, next to the three towers reflection park. Walk to the three towers reflection park, March Street, Dali ancient city. Dali's most famous cat's cat's kindergarten is next to it.

Price: off-season 400-500.
Bus - take the 8 bus from the train station to get off at the north gate of Dali City, about 1.1 km walk towards the three towers park. Bus fare 2 yuan / person.
Taxi - from the Dali Railway Station to the inn about 18.8 km, the cost of 50 yuan, from the Dali Airport to the Inn about 30 km, the cost of 100 yuan.

Inn does not package breakfast, but can be booked in advance, 15 yuan a.


1, the weather: Dali weather and most parts of Yunnan almost no extreme weather throughout the year, high temperature and rainy summer, cold and dry winter, the windy throughout the year. Cangshan peak at an altitude of more than four kilometers, and year round clouds filled with snow.
2, clothing: no matter what season climbing, we must remember to wear warm clothes, rainy season but also carry rain gear. Outside you can wear cold, waterproof Jackets, or warm down jacket.
3, mountaineering preparation: try to wear light casual clothes and sports shoes, with dry food and water. Choose a high degree of difficulty of the route, you can consider with a cane and other professional mountaineering tools. General leisure routes as long as the attention to safety on the line. After all, play out, enjoy the most important. The camera battery should be filled in advance Oh, do not miss the beauty of the mountains ah
4, the final advance to buy a good ticket, check the travel route, climbing before the full rest, come back down with hot water after the bubble feet, or find a professional local massage is also good oh

Cangshan of the United States, to see endless. You can look at it in the Erhai Lake towering steep, you can also feel in the foothills of her blessing, but not personally into the mountains experience, it is difficult to understand her inner implicit implicit beauty. The recommendations of this article is basically the most characteristic of the Cangshan lines and games are played, hoping to give you really appreciate the charm of Cangshan.

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