Heavenly beautiful six hiking, do you know a few?

There are many ways to travel, but walking is the closest natural way. Do not need complex procedures, as long as you are willing to step on both feet, you will find the real meaning of travel. Perhaps life itself is a trek through thorns and swamps, and we will end up with the most beautiful scenery. Better take advantage of now, take the luggage, a walk and say it away.

First, the walk Yu collapse - Pilgrimage Meili Snow Mountain

Trekking difficulty: ★★★★★
Yubeng village is located at the foot of Mount Wuzi in Meili Snow Mountain, within the territory of Yunling Township in Deqin County, Yunnan Province. It is named after a large rock with the shape of scripture in the village edge . Because there is no road available, into the rain collapsed, to be on foot or horse riding 18 km, 3700 meters pass Pass, in addition, Yubeng village is located in Meili Snow Mountain nostalgia peak at the foot of Wuzi Feng, beautiful scenery, simple folk. Like Medog, it is not accessible to the rain and landslides. There is only one road leading to the outside world from ancient times. There is a need to rely on two legs to walk in. Therefore, some people say that this is the "paradise" written by Tao Yuanming.
Rain collapse on the Raiders Raiders Portal   walk rain collapse, with you to explore the final paradise!

In the ALICE legend: do not go to heaven, went to rain collapsed. The rain falls in the village can lead to the ice lake, and the collapse of the collapse of the village is the rain collapsed waterfall, along the ancient seal scriptures can be seen along with the wonders of five trees with roots, feel the rare "chopping wood, feeding horses," the calm. Here also have the honor to watch Meri thirteen according to Jinshan, I heard Kawagebo "Snow Mountain God," the legend, which made the rain collapse has become a place to have to go trekking.

Second, Daocheng Aden - the footsteps measured west paradise

Walking Difficulty: ★★★★
Daocheng Aden, passing by all over the world, has sacred snow-capped mountains, vast alpine meadows, gorgeous colorful forests in autumn, colorful prayer flags, blue azure sea, beautiful snow-covered plateau It seems all concentrated here. Like the local devout Tibetans, hiking is the best way to experience the Aden scenery.  
Daocheng Aden walk Raiders Raiders   Daocheng Daocheng Yading 丨 footsteps measure the depths of paradise in western Sichuan

Third, Siguniang Mountain - Trekking "Tease" sister

Difficulty: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  
Although it is snow-capped mountains, but Siguniangshan did not refuse people in a thousand miles. Siguniangshan only 150 km away from Chengdu, the relative elevation of 5700 meters, which is the closest to China from the big snow-capped mountains. 4 hours drive from Chengdu will be able to reach her feet. At Mt. Siguniang you can watch snow-capped mountains, go hiking, ice-climbing and camping. You can also enjoy the joy and sharing of stories with friends to experience the fun of outdoor sports with different levels of difficulty.
Siguniangshan walk Raiders Portal ☛   beautiful girl Siguniangshan Raiders, a good place to explore outdoors

The charm of outdoor sports, like dealing with girls, is deeply attracted by its realization. The beauty of the Siguniangshan people memorably, her posture throughout the year are all kinds of changes, no matter how many times are not too many, then brave to explore her.  

Fourth, Sydney - into the local life

Difficulty: ★★★
People often say that the best way to visit a city is to get lost in the city. The reason why you are recommended to walk Sydney on foot is because Sydney downtown attractions are more concentrated, not far away, but also the scenery along the way, more suitable for walking depth of travel, given the ABC three routes if you are playing It is recommended to set aside two days down, do not need to go back, and almost covers Sydney's most enjoyable attractions.
Sydney Walk Raiders Portal ☛   walk can visit Sydney! Classic trekking line is open

Fifth, Xinjiang - into the depths of the soul

Difficulty: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
People say that Xinjiang is a paradise for walkers, highly respected and like outdoor hikers. Those who walk in Xinjiang's walkers, they will tell you: walk with your feet, you can walk deep into the soul of Xinjiang, Xinjiang really feel the beauty. Only the two feet on the road, in order to experience the desert of Xinjiang's glorious desert Gobi, lingering tenderness of the forest meadows, empty wide glacier cold valleys, there is the remnants of the wilderness that civilization ...
Xinjiang walk Raiders 门     Xinjiang 4 Large outdoor light walking line list, take you to enjoy the beauty of the Western Regions!

When it comes to walking, in many people's eyes are dressed in andestry, carrying a large backpack, set up tents in the outdoors, wind and rain in the mountains. However, what is "light trekking"?
Light walk is "light", it is easy to relax it, we do not need to reload the front, no luggage constraints, as long as wearing light sportswear, wearing comfortable shoes, walking, without professional walking Knowledge, too, can go light outdoors. Chartered all the way, light trekking, willing to go out, leisurely walk, feel the beauty of nature to us.  

VI. INDONESIA - Conquering the Lignanoi volcano

About walking, different people will choose a different destination. Some like to explore the forest, some like to visit the canyon, glacier, while others are looking forward to the mysterious volcano. For volcanic walkers, voluptuous, volcanic, or vibrant, green volcanoes; their true charm lies in breathtaking and stunning coexistence, which is not available on other hiking trails.  

Difficulty: ★ ★ ★ ★
Eruption of the magma erupted solidified in the green volcanic lake, rolling clouds reflect the sunset, crescent-shaped craters of God's fireworks bloom, the vast night of the Milky Way tells the ancient legend. ... This is the famous volcano of Mount Linagni, Lombok, Indonesia, which is 3726 meters above sea level. Many people come here every year. For most people, the active volcano looks out of reach, after reading this one, you can also conquer the active volcano!
Indonesia walk Raiders Raiders    总 life always want to conquer a volcano was complete - Raiders Rajaghani walk Raiders

Hiking is a more exotic and unique way of traveling, if you want to add a unique memory for yourself, then come and say a walk away! Only with this soothing pace can we dedicate ourselves to the natural world and avoid the noise of the earth. Only when we challenge ourselves with footsteps will we be able to double our courage and find our dreams. Maybe those who have never been on foot once started the first time, can not stop it!

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