How to play in the ancient city of Pingyao

The trip to Pingyao, I led, but also my first team leader (outdoor club called team leader, travel agency called tour guide) identity wrote the first travel.

About Pingyao Ancient City:
China's four major ancient cities refer to the ancient city of Huizhou in Anhui Province, the ancient city of Langzhong in Sichuan, the ancient city of Pingyao in Shanxi Province, and the ancient city of Lijiang in Yunnan Province.
These four ancient cities have a strong ethnic style and local characteristics, is part of the brilliant Han cultural heritage. Respectively represent the characteristics of the region and the style of a certain historical period, with distinctive features.

Pingyao Ancient City is located in Pingyao County, central Shanxi Province, was built in the Western Zhou Dynasty Xuanwang period.
Pingyao, Shanxi is known as one of the "Four Ancient Cities with the Most Perfect Preservation" and one of the two ancient cities in China that has succeeded in declaring the world's cultural heritage with the entire ancient city. National 5A-class tourist attractions.
The ancient city of Pingyao is an outstanding example of ancient Chinese cities in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and all the features of the ancient city of Pingyao are preserved.

▼ About Qiao Courtyard:
Qiao Courtyard is a national AAAAA-level tourist attraction, also known as Zhongtang, located in Qiaojia Village, Qixian County, Shanxi Province. It was built in 1756 and has a double "hi" shape. 6 courtyards, 20 small courtyards, 313 houses, building area of ​​4,175 square meters, three facing the street, surrounded by up to 10 meters of fully enclosed green brick wall, the gate for the city gate-style hole, is one with Northern traditional houses architectural style of the ancient house.

Qiao Courtyard is a majestic architectural group, with its exquisite design and elaborate craftsmanship, which reflects the unique style of dwelling houses in Qing Dynasty in China. It has a very high ornamental, scientific and historical value. It is an unrivaled treasure house of art, Known as "a pearl of northern residential architecture."
Known as "the Imperial Forbidden City, home to see Qiao home," said the famous San Jin, Yu-feng at home and abroad.

Red Lanterns | Joe Courtyard

Tickets on the Qiao Courtyard, store 138 yuan.
In fact, I had to Tucao look, since the repair into the country 5A scenic spots, the ticket is doubled up.
On-site window to buy: 138 yuan
Each online booking: 135 yuan (two hours in advance) with two-dimensional code directly into the
site for the brush season WeChat buy: 134 yuan
1.2 the following free, discount documents such as student ID / elderly ID card must be used in conjunction , Military officer card, soldier card, tour guide card, free of charge for more than 65 weeks (free ID card needs to enter the computer system, you know)

From the ticket gate to the ticket gate about 200 meters, sculptures on both sides, fully demonstrated the original Shanxi business activities daily.

Although there are N courtyards in Shanxi worth watching, and there is no shortage of bigger houses like Wang Family Courtyard or Changjia Manor, but after I finished these famous palaces, I was still the most famous and also the most popular tourist. Courtyard.

The reason is just that the most famous red lantern high hanging yard, really exquisite, so perfect ... ...
Chinese red with Chinese gray, supplemented by simple and sophisticated furnishings, no matter how long will be very fond of.
This may also be my Shanxi house has a special favor it.

In fact, objectively speaking, the drama "Joe Courtyard" I have not seen how, just looked at a few episodes, maybe I do not like the ending of the tragedy.

When people are few, after you read "Joe Courtyard", walk in this deep courtyard, your heart is sinking.
You can not even speak loudly, dare not go too far to think of associations.

▼ wood carvings
and more charming place, that is everywhere the exquisite plate painted craft and intricate wood carving art, sculpture has all its own folk custom. Each hospital's front door is carved with a variety of different characters. For example, the front entrance of a hospital is a rolling gatehouse with vertical columns of marijuana and vertical columns on the beams of the previous month, the winds of a card, and the heads of thirteen heads, of which there are columns, horns, bullies and nine crows Good first-class craftsmanship. Two and one door, as the daisy bayonet, the window has a drought pattern, the middle of the dragon spin board. Three wooden door bayonet grape figs.

▼ plaques
Qiao Courtyard courtyard hanging plaque in all the many, there are four most valuable. Among them, three plaques are Qiao's and it is also worth Jo's pride and honor. That is, "Ren Zhouyi Pu" written by Li Hongzhang himself in the fourth year of Guangxu period and the "blessing kind of Langyu" sent by the Shanxi governor Ding Baoquan by the Ci Xi Empress Dowager Cixi and Qiao Yingkui's " Equipped with six lines. "

brick craft is more visible everywhere, the subject is very wide. A wall carving, ridge carving, screen carving, handrails carved.

▼ stone
Qiao Courtyard in the stone carving process is relatively rare, but it is very fine. There are several pairs of lions, lions in different shapes, naive. Some stone lions for the pacing before the line, knife pattern such as new, cutting edge still, behaved alert, mighty, active. It looks forward to proud of the head, lift the body of the air, the performance of the magnificent lion, invincible without distortion, giving a healthy, active, full of vitality.
There Yinmei line carved, such as the five hospital door stone lions seat for the "Golden Lion white elephant," in the "immediate closure monkey (Hou)", "Yanshan teach children", "generation of Feng." Southern-style stone columns at the end of pad for "fishing Qiao farming read", "Magu offer life" and so on. Six courtyards stone lions on the basis of "out into the phase", "God tea Yu base" (according to legend, the ancient tea, Yu Lei door god, you can resist evil spirits), "victory back to the North" line , Clear images, smooth lines, lifelike images.

Qiaoya courtyard every door needs special attention! Engraving no matter from design to technology are awesome! There will even be "Joe home return door" idea! 
Red lanterns hanging high! 
The main building is the old hometown movie "Red Lantern hanging" an important place to shoot, both sides of the lantern was left when shooting.

It is said that this is Joe's most valuable stuff.

"Raise the Red Lantern," the "Joe Courtyard", a total of 6 generations after the depression!
Qiao Jia is not the richest family in the Shanxi business, but as 40 films to view the film, which renowned at home and abroad.

From the beginning to go west, to "Huitong world", and finally because of the Japanese invasion of China, the financial crisis led to the demise, as well as future generations will Joe Courtyard donated to the country free of charge.
Students are brilliant, live and wonderful, glorious death.

And Merchants advocated "learning and excellent official" is different, Shanxi business advocates "learning and excellent business," individuals prefer this set of merchants, although the geographical reasons for a long time by the Huizhou more affected.
Joe's fortune and now playing "futures" are very similar to the small, dead afterlife.

Courtyard atmospheric stage. 
Corridor on both sides of the stage, covered with Peking Opera's face, it is spectacular!

Chasing sunset | Pingyao ancient city

Pingyao, Shanxi is known as one of the "Four Ancient Cities with the Most Perfect Preservation" and one of the two ancient cities in China that has succeeded in declaring the world's cultural heritage with the entire ancient city.
July 13, 2015, the ancient city of Pingyao become a national 5A-class tourist attractions.

The ancient city of Pingyao road is easy to find, horizontal and vertical, very easy to find, feel free to open the map, you know your location.
Many people ask Pingyao tour route, I personally think that no need, unless you want to go to those few attractions.

The ancient city of Pingyao was built in 827 BC ~ 782 years ago during the King Xuan Wang period, for the Western Zhou Dynasty general Yin Ji-fu stationed here.

In Pingyao, everywhere the ticket number (now the bank)
these attractions are not obvious, many of you accidentally miss ...

Pingyao is a very suitable place for taking pictures, and the folk customs here also made me very pleased. No matter in which store pictures, no one stopped.

Bloodline | See also Pingyao

"See also Pingyao," the performance is located outside the West Gate, about 1 km from where we eat, we set aside 1 hour, a take a picture, while enjoying the night view, slowly stroll forward.

15 minutes ahead of schedule to arrive at the show, reported to the phone number to take the ticket after admission.

"See also Pingyao" theater, with loess and tile as the main vocabulary, into the traditional and modern integration, and two thousand years of ancient city of Pingyao echoes. It is completely different from the traditional theater, there is no lobby, no main entrance, no auditorium, the audience from different doors into the theater, all the people through to a hundred years ago the ancient city of Pingyao at the end of Qing Dynasty, being flow coerced came Escort, Zhao Courtyard, Market, South Gate Plaza, people come in close contact with people in the play. People are like spectators and witnesses. These fragmented pieces and scenes are created through drama, dance, video, Music reproduces a period of history, telling a tear-telling story.

The entire performance lasted nearly 2 hours, has been close to 11 o'clock, a lot of battery cars outside the theater are pulling people, we pack a few car battery, 5 yuan / person.

Funny than youth | runaway Pingyao

Here is the south gate of Pingyao, there is a normal Kaesong ceremony, but the off-season thing in November Well, are canceled.

November morning, or some chill, when the tourists on the street less, in addition to selling earlier, most of the facade also did not open the door.

We basically walked yesterday, the main road this morning, the main purpose is to wear lanes, hoping to find something.

No idea crashed into the vinegar Square, really professional, full house full of vinegar.
I do not like jealous, this is not the most interested, just look at the store's enthusiasm will go to visit the processing process, invited us to taste, but the price of vinegar is indeed a lot of money, looks like 50 / jin, anyway, I feel very expensive. However, we all agree that we can taste, I have no say.

Pingyao residential building layout rigorous, clear axis, symmetrical, primary and secondary clear, contours, the appearance of enclosed, compound deep.

Delicate woodcarving, brickwork and stone carvings combined with the rich rustic flavor of paper-cut window grille, lifelike, lifelike, embodies the history and culture of the Han nationality before and after the 14th to the 19th century AD, to study the social form, economic structure, military Therefore, it is an important reference value for mankind's living form of defense, religion, traditional thoughts and ethics. It is the most well-preserved ancient inhabitant community in the Han ethnic region so far.

Rain House, be regarded as an iconic Pingyao, and next to the county government.

At this moment few people, Miss Dong to jump up, in fact, this scene to take into account the towers, it is not very good to shoot the effect.

Pingyao County Government is located in the center of Pingyao ancient city, was built in the Northern Wei Dynasty, stereotypes in the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, preserved the earliest building built in Yuan Zheng is six years (1346), dating back more than 600 years of history.

The entire Yamen sat north south, axisymmetric layout, north and south axis length of two hundred meters, east-west width of 100 meters, covering 26,000 square meters.

Pingyao County Ya as China's existing preservation of one of the four ancient Ya, but also the country's largest existing county government.

The entire building of county government from the orderly, patchwork, rational structure, is an organic whole, May 19, 2004, the eleventh Panchen visit the county government is pleased to mention: "Pingyao County Ya Ancient Ya most".

Since we did not buy pass, although I can go in without spending money, in order to be with everyone, I still did not go in.

Pingyao city walls, was built in the Western Zhou Dynasty King Xuanwang (BC 827 ~ 782 BC) as rammed earth wall. Ming Hongwu rebuilt three years (1370), from the original "Nine Lightest Step" expanded to "twelve miles eight centimeters" (6.4 km), changing rammed earth wall as masonry walls. Ming and Qing dynasties have twenty-five repairs, the city wall was square, perimeter 6162.7 meters, 10 meters high, 2 meters high stack Duo, top width of 3-5 meters, wall body soil compaction, outsourcing brick, within Wall brick drainage 77. Wall crest 2 meters high crenel wall (also known as the wall) take Confucius disciples, the number of sages, set up crenel 3000, 72 dwellings, built wall daughter. Four corners of the floor, four, a little bit on the wall of the east wall, southeast corner of the city built on top of the building and Wenchang Wen Kui House.

1, Pingyao ancient city pass: full price 130 yuan / half-price ticket 65 yuan / person (Pingyao Ancient City tickets are not required online booking, the scenic window to buy)
2, Shuanglin Temple: 35 yuan / person half price ticket 15 yuan / person
3, Zhen Guo Temple: 25 yuan / person half-price ticket 10 yuan / person
4, preferential policies: children under 1.2 meters, active servicemen, the disabled, people over the age of 60 with valid documents to be exempt, 18 years of age (including 18 years of age) Of young people, students can purchase half-price concession tickets with valid documents. [39] 
Opening Hours
High Season (April - October): 08:00 - 18:30 Low
Season (November - March): 08:30 - 18:00

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