Huashan how the most fun? These three kinds of games you have to know!

If you want to challenge yourself, be sure to come to Huashan! Do not worry about their physical strength is not enough, do not be afraid of rugged mountain, after you will feel the trip to bring you the satisfaction. Want to Fun Huashan is very simple, I share some of my experience, hoping to help plan to Huashan small partners, so that everyone safe, easy and convenient Fun Huashan, enjoy the beauty, a worthwhile trip.

How to Huashan more convenient?

Most people will choose to go to Xi'an, and then ride from Xi'an to Huashan. The city arrived in Xi'an, a lot of traffic, aircraft, trains, cars, by car and other options. From Xi'an to Huashan suggested to choose high-speed rail or motor car, trips are very much time-consuming. Do not recommend everyone by car to Huashan, because the climbing on the physical consumption is very large, down the mountain after the general are no energy to drive again.
From Huashan North Station to Huashan Visitor Service Center can have a free bus ride, if it is night climbing Huashan, then do not take the bus, because the night climbing Huashan Kai points in Yuquan hospital, you can directly hit the car arrived.
1. By train to Huashan station, transfer to the bus, 3 yuan that is to the area; or take a taxi to the area, the fare of about 15-20 yuan;
2. If the arrival of Huashan North Station (high-speed railway station ), There are tourist routes before the station can reach Huashan "Visitor Center" or Huashan Yuquan (hiking). Travel line car 10 yuan / person;
3. Xi'an Railway Station in the East Plaza, take the travel green car "tour 1 Road", the fare is about 25 yuan. 8:00 train station east square, through the Xiyue Temple, the terminal station Yuquan Court mountaineering; 17:00 by Yuquan Yuan return, about 2 hours by car. Off-season (1-3 month) outage. In addition, the Xi'an Railway Station bus company bus directly to Huashan, a lot of flights, about 30 yuan / person;
4. Xi'an Chengdong Bus Terminal, every day to the bus to Huayin City, 7: 00-19: 15 Between about 15 minutes. The way will be docked in Huashan, get off is Yuquan hospital mountaineering, the need and drivers to the "Huashan" get off.

What do you need to go before climbing Huashan?

1. Be sure to wear light and comfortable clothing, especially shoes. Choose hiking shoes or the best travel shoes. Can be more with a coat, sweat and sweat waterproof jacket better.
2. Shoulder bag, must not bring shoulder bag or handbag, climbing is very inconvenient. Choose a larger capacity, lightweight shoulder bag is more appropriate.
3. gloves, this is sure to bring. Climbing the process requires the use of hand pull iron, gloves can protect his hands.
4. raincoats, it is best to bring a one-time raincoat, so as not to rain on the mountain, do not bring an umbrella, there will be wind after the mountains

What do you need to pay attention to climbing Huashan?

1. If you have children and the elderly is best to take the cable from the road, do not recommend walking down the mountain, the physical will be too much.
2. winter climbing more need to be adequate preparation, if the snow, the difficulty of climbing will increase.
3. It is very important to plan ahead in advance. Walking on the mountain or riding a cableway, playing only one day or two days, depending on the sunrise or not, these problems will completely affect the itinerary arrangements.
4. Try to do, if the way in the mountain feel tired, down the mountain when the choice of cable better, although the downhill compared to the mountain is easy, but the burden on the knee is still very heavy.

How to play Huashan the most fun?

Huashan play and choice is more diverse, according to their own physical fitness, travel time and like to arrange the attractions. Here, I will share with you about my personal comparison of several kinds of play, hope to help everyone Oh ~
do not take the cable play:
play one: night Huashan, full
ride on the cable ride play:
play two: Xifeng cableway up the mountain, north peak Ropeway down the
play three: cableway up the mountain, the second day of the hiking / cableway down the mountain
if it is a day trip, then it is not recommended on foot down the mountain, one time is not enough, the second is too much physical exertion, most people unbearable.
Take the cableway, then the choice is more, the North Peak and Xifeng have cableway, do not recommend the same way back, too time-consuming, you can choose the north or west of the north, the individual recommended west to the north, because the West Peak Ropeway off, from the main peak area is relatively close, from the North Peak cableway to climb up to the main peak area, then need to walk 4-5 hours.

On the Huashan scenic area after the relevant issues

1. Ropeway price
Xifeng cableway (one way):
peak season (March 1 - November 30): 140 yuan. Off-season (December 1 - the end of February the following year): 120 yuan
North Peak cableway (one way):
season (March 1 - November 30): 80 yuan. (December 1 - the end of February the following year): 45 yuan
2. Ticket price
season (March 1 - November 30): 180 yuan, off-season (December 1 - the end of February the following year): 100 yuan. Military card, disability card, 65 years of age, 1.2 meters below the children free of charge, school tickets half price. Tickets include Saiyue Temple Scenic Area, Xianyu Scenic Area, Yuquanyuan and Visitor Center to various attractions. Tickets do not contain Huangfu Valley, urn Yukou tourist bus passenger transport costs. Tickets in the validity period, the second into the mountains (limited to me), Huashan tickets 48 hours effective.
3. How do I get to the cable car? How do you get back to the area when you take a cableback?
In the two cableway stations are scenic car ride, but need to charge. North of the cableway area car is 20 yuan, 20 minutes or so arrived at the visitor center; Xifeng cableway scenic car is 40 yuan, about 50 minutes back to the visitor center. Unless the whole walk, or have to take the scenic car to and from.

Play one: night climb Huashan (two-day trip)

night climbing Huashan afternoon, then take the high-speed rail to Huashan can arrive after the Yuquan Yuan can be a little rest, add material at night and then climbing. Normal play speed is concerned, from the foot of the climb to the Dongfeng viewing platform about 7 hours or so, the general sunrise time is 5: 30-6: 30 within the specific sunrise time will be in the area of ​​electronic screen scroll display, So it is recommended to start climbing more than ten o'clock in the evening is better. We can according to their own physical and estimated mountaineering time departure time.
Yuquanyuan near the place to eat quite a lot, not very expensive, you can arrange dinner here, and then purchase a little mountain food and water. Night tickets Huashan tickets can be purchased in Wulongqiao, here is 24 hours of business.
Since ancient times Huashan a road, so we do not have to worry about climbing at night will not find the way or the wrong way, as long as the road will be able to arrive. At night the official start of the trip, along the road through the Wulongqiao went to the mountain gate, into the mountains after a long slope, but climbed to the back to know where the road is very flat. Just go to the rest of the mountain more places, we can slowly adapt, the roadside there are shops selling goods, selling cucumber, water, etc., but the price is also up the mountain up, so would like to buy as early as possible to buy better.

Continue to move to the Shaluo Ping can take a short break, after the road will become so steep up. After the break, the foot of the road have become a step, if you want to shoot Huashan night, to take advantage of now! Looked up at the white light belt, at night as the stars in the sky; overlooking the front cliffs, domineering steep shocking.
And then go to thousands of feet after the building, it is necessary to phone, camera and other items away. This time in advance prepared gloves finally come in handy. Must hold the chain, and keep it upwards. The colored lights are decorated with Huashan at night, making it vivid. Even if the scenery and then the United States, it is best not to stop here to take pictures Oh, one is worried about the camera, the phone accidentally fell down the mountain, the second is for their own and others to consider the safety of life, do not stay on the steep cliff!
Tips: thousands of feet and hundreds of feet between the slightly flat some, like a short break, then you can choose here, add a little ability to move forward. Tips for timid or fear of high disease partners can not look back, steep cliffs may make you leg soft.
And then along the last point of the steep stone ladder up to arrive at the North Peak! Vision suddenly see, overlooking the foot of the mountain, light as Panlong, Huashan show another beauty. In the North Peak can take out the camera, the Huashan hazy beauty freeze. Continue to go right can go to the dragon dragon ridge, and then arrived at the gold lock, and finally can padlock it! Directly here you can buy, the price is almost with the foot of the mountain, so we do not buy back in advance in the bag. Sincerely promise to wish, this beautiful message hanging on the Huashan above, my heart quietly pray.

Leave the gold lock off to go up there will be a fork in the road, go straight to the center, the left is to Dongfeng, after the Dongfeng, you can go to the viewing platform to take a good location to sit sunrise friends ~ general view Jingtai people are more, if the arrival of the East when the viewing platform has no suitable location, and to go next to what is possible, the same can watch the sunrise.
Waiting for the sunrise to
wait for the process of sunrise and tough, low temperature and fatigue invasion of the body. When the sun crosses the clouds, the whole sky is bright. The sun is so no omen out of the clouds, jumped on. Even if this night more sweat and tired, for this moment, really feel too worth it! Believe you go, will think so.
Look at the sunrise, drowsiness to come! Warm sun sprinkled on the body, drive away the night of the wet and cold, people could not help but lay down. Tired of the night, and now finally can take a good rest, and for the back of the beauty of storage. This time you can take out the food in the bag to eat, add body energy. Do not rush hurry, or down the mountain, you have been exhausted.
Continue to arrive on the kite to stand up, and then experience the ladder, and then along the mountain road before, you can reach the fork in the Xifeng cableway. After crossing Nantingmen, you can experience the stimulation of the sky plank road. Want to challenge themselves, the pursuit of stimulating small partners can choose to experience it. Continue to move toward the direction of Xifeng, you can look into the small Cang Longling, make up at night to miss the beautiful scenery of the dragon dragon. If you already feel tired, as early as possible ride Xifeng cableway down the mountain, do not force yourself!

Continue to go back to the gold lock off, and here the last ride the opportunity to ride the cable, you can take the North Peak cableway down the mountain. Down the mountain can see the palm of the cliff, the day of the palm palm cliff shocking, extraordinary momentum. Continue to walk through the Huashan Road, you can go down smoothly. Although the mountain is easier than the mountain, but after the night before climbing, physical strength has been almost the same. So we have to go down the mountain when the slow, pay attention to protect themselves Oh!
It is worth mentioning that in the mountains on foot during the process, I also met Huashan mountain workers, had to admire their spirit of perseverance. So that once I have been feeling exhausted, they are so daily. Even if Huashan again risk and then difficult, they also step by step to go firmly, no they will not have the current Huashan, so I admire the heart of this group of tough tough mountain workers. I hope you go to Huashan play when not in the mountains littering, can be packed in the bag down the mountain and then lost, because the mountains of garbage to the staff to deal with and then down the mountain, really harder.

1. Night climbing Huashan best to carry a thin jacket or jacket, because waiting for the sunrise when the temperature is still relatively low, if you can not carry the inconvenience can also rent a coat in the viewing platform where. 2. Do not carry too much food and water, or will be overloaded, food as much as possible to carry Shi Li rack, chocolate, dried meat and other high-calorie food, you can bring a bottle of functional drinks, such as Red Bull. 3. Walk on the physical consumption is very large, if you feel tired, it is difficult to continue, the best choice for cableway down, do not force yourself too.

Play two: Xifeng cableway up the mountain, north peak cableway down (day trip)

If the time is not so abundant or the strength is not so good little partner, you can choose to ride the cableway. Huashan's main attractions are still more concentrated, Wufeng distance is not far away, so do not worry about riding a cableway to miss the wonderful scenery.
Directly from the tourist center to take the scenic car to Xifeng cableway station, the next cableway after about 40 minutes walk to the main scenic area, you can visit Nanfeng, center, Dongfeng and then take the North Peak cableway down the mountain.
If the time is to go to the season, Xifeng cableway too many people queuing, and more in a hurry, do not want to wait for a small partner can also try to go north to the mountain, maybe you arrived at the North Peak, and Xifeng tourists still line it! And then after the rub cliff, black dragon ridge, tour Dongfeng, center, South Peak, the last tour Xifeng, and then from the Xifeng cableway down the mountain can be. The whole walking time is about 6 hours or so.
Scenic area is the most thrilling is the Dongfeng kite stand up and close to the south wind of the sky plank road, and now there are protective measures, do not worry about security issues. But these two spots in the weather conditions may be closed when the bad, and people are more, want to go, then need to line up.
Mr. Jin Yong inscribed the title of the Huashan sword is also going to the attractions, with the martial arts feelings of small partners do not miss! At that time more than eighty years old Mr. Jin Yong came here, also Huashan steep beauty impressed, under the "Huashan sword" four words.

1. take the cable ride back and forth, we can choose according to their own ride plan, but to plan a good time, the season is about 7 pm or so out of the off-season, about 6 pm outage. 2. Even if the cableway is still the best to prepare a pair of gloves, do not have to bring their own gloves, buy cheap gloves can be. Because the rope after the sun blowing, it is inevitable from the rust, will glove dirty.

Play three: cableway up the mountain, the second day of walking / cableway down (two-day trip)

Travel time is more relaxed, you want to see the sunrise, do not want to go too many small partners on the way to play this game it! We can go to the first day of Xiyue Temple tour and then take the cableway up the mountain, stay in the mountains, the next morning to Dongfeng to watch the sunrise, and then visit the attractions last down the mountain.
The benefits of this arrangement is plenty of time, easy travel, can be adjusted according to their own preferences to play the order. You can play the other day the first day, then up the mountain, the next day after the ride and then take the cableway down the mountain. You can also the first day of the mountain, visit some of the attractions, the next day and then visit some of the attractions on foot.
Huashan accommodation on the selectivity is more, each mountain has a place to stay, but the mountain conditions certainly better than the foot of the mountain, there is no hot water bath. If the next day to see the sunrise, you can choose accommodation in Dongfeng, you can also remind the store morning to call you up.
Huashan accommodation prices will be adjusted according to the short season, if the mountain is relatively early, you can also try to cut the price with the store. Ordinary words, multi-person bed is 80--120 between the two relatively expensive price between the two, 600 - 800 have. If it is the season, the price may rise in half.
As for the attractions of the tour order to completely look at personal preferences and accommodation address to arrange, if down early, we can also enjoy the hot springs to enjoy the hot springs, relax the tired body and mind. Came to Xi'an, although not as Yang Guifei Huaqing pool in the bath, we feel in the jade hot springs is also a good thing! Jade Spa facilities are also good, but also built tatami, there are ostrich garden, you can eat ostrich meat Oh ~
finally ride back to Xi'an urban area can be, or suggest that you return to urban areas, the conditions are better, the price is more affordable. Go back early can also go to the night Gulou, Hui Street, the next day you can also play the city or to Terracotta Warriors, Huaqing Palace, Lishan and other attractions.

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