important! Taierzhuang visit ancient city must listen to explain

Bid farewell to the city to sneak here for three days, the summer of the bridge under the sunshine, Montpellier Mongolian Qing Shiban Road, walking in the early morning few people walk in the quiet, the night to shuttle the bright lights of the beginning of the bustling, Into the ear, Fuxing Square, the mighty drums resound through the sky.

This is Taierzhuang.

Taierzhuang and explain

Play Taierzhuang commentator ultimately

Many places in the ancient city need professional staff to talk about interesting, this is a pleasant surprise on this trip, so I realized that the original Taierzhuang and Taiwan also have deep roots.

Please explain the location and price of the staff

Disembarked you can see the ancient city of Simon, through the West Gate, in front of the tourist service center, where you can take a map of the area, but also here please explain.
Explain the price] Explanatory FIT is 160 yuan, the team is 100 yuan.

Explain the route and guide

[Route] to explain the route is basically fixed, and the route on the map about the same.

Taierzhuang to explain the map

【Explainer equipped with】 beauty instructors are wearing blue Chinese clothing, singing and dancing.

Taierzhuang instructors

Taierzhuang explain the vote

Those behind the story, need to explain the attractions

【Taiwan City site】

The tour of the ancient city from the site of the original site of the West Gate of the city of Taichung, many places in the ancient city are close to the old photos, visited before their own are ignored, retained under the pictures of historical and cultural reappearance of the appearance of Taierzhuang once.


Before I paid any attention to the words on this archway, here is also the place for cross-Strait exchanges. The interpreter told me very carefully the origins between Taierzhuang and Taiwan. I only had to make a long story short. Before that, because of the contradiction between the KMT and the CPC, History has been obscured until Prime Minister Chou En-lai proposed the film Taichungzhuang, Taichung's victory, to improve the relations between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait after it was released.

The movie affirmed the positive affirmation of the Kuomintang's military achievements in the war of aggression. Many Taiwan leaders came here to visit. The Kuomintang government wanted to rebuild the ancient city of Taierzhuang long ago and has not been able to achieve it. It is with emotion that Taierzhuang, after its restoration, is filled with emotion. As such, Taierzhuang has also become a place for cross-Strait exchanges.

Ancient City Building and Bridge Gallery

When I first started to visit the ancient city, I found it very strange. There were also Huizhou buildings and the appearance of Jiangnan Water Village. There were also Jinpai buildings and the temples, the mosques and the mosques. It was a hodgepodge.
Knowing the history, I learned that Taierzhuang, as an important post station on the Grand Canal, has a particularly large number of merchants going south and going south, often corrupting bureaucrats. It often takes several months for liners to line up and pass through the border. Many rich businessmen simply place their homes in Taierzhuang, The same hometown will also be gathered together to set up the Fujian Hall, Shanxi Hall, so there will be a fusion of different styles of buildings here.

Forward is a step cloud bridge, the beautiful style of the bridge, which is the first bridge into the ancient city met, but also one of the most beautiful bridge. There must be a bridge water, a bridge before the way, the most essential is the water bridge, Taierzhuang ancient city can also be said to be a five-step river, a step by step bridge, the other side of the bridge is a Buddism godness Guanyin temple, see children can see .

【Fufeng Hall】

This Fufeng Tang, formerly a million compound, is a typical Jin school buildings, courtyard structure, to see a lot of buildings in Jinyin to send to Pingyao, most of the peripheral roof is half-Alice, is to rain, rain into their own yard , Meaning no fertilizer outside the flow of people outside the field, because Taierzhuang rainy, 10,000 homes made a little improvement of the roof.

The ancient city in front of each attraction will have such an introduction card, tells the past here.

Risheng Changji

Changsheng Ji, how to see how familiar, remember before going to the ancient city of Pingyao, but this is the first Chinese ticket number, semicolon spread in the country, as merchants gathered in Taierzhuang, there was a sub-day rose Changji not surprising , Where Rishang Changji external architectural style for the Lunan, into the look there is a simulation of the original transaction scenarios.

Rishengchang Ji Pingyao County, Shanxi Pu Village Lee created. In 1824, it officially handled the exchange business facing the whole country and collapsed in 1914. It has made an indelible contribution to China's modern financial industry for nearly a century. Couplet: "Profit to the world as a meter, a fortune is the meaning of justice." Implies Taierzhuang Rishengchang ticket number origin and business philosophy.
 Now there is a carving restaurant bar.

【Ship Street】

A little forward is the ship's street, the ship's street is particularly beautiful at night. This street is like a giant sailing ship sailing, meaning "river boat, smooth sailing." Not only is the shape of a boat shaped like a giant ship, but there are also many small boats shaped and painted on the doors of the street shops. The middle of the boat, is the Dragon Boat Emperor Qianlong appearance. This stone carving is a water animal, to ensure that the waves of the river is not Xing, sailing safely.

After the latrine on board, regularly scheduled Liuqiu play, this is a local native drama. Liuqin opera, one of the traditional opera drama. "La soul chamber" and "Elbow drum" combined to form. It was formed in the middle of the Qing Dynasty, mainly distributed in Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan Province, bordering the junction of the four provinces. In 2006 Liu Zuoxiu declared by Shandong Zaozhuang, included in the first list of national intangible cultural heritage.

Liuqin opera, one of the traditional opera drama. "La soul chamber" and "Elbow drum" combined to form. It was formed in the middle of the Qing Dynasty, mainly distributed in Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan Province, bordering the junction of the four provinces. On May 20, 2006, the Liuqin Opera was declared by Shandong Zaozhuang and approved by the State Council for inclusion in the first list of state-level intangible cultural heritage.

Want to see the time to pay attention Oh, Monday is to stop playing, rain will stop playing, every day from 8:40 to 17:10, every 40 minutes.

【China Canal Sapporo Museum】

On the second floor of the Ship Street on the right is the Chinese Canal Casino Museum, do not understand what the strokes, into the museum to understand that the original is the meaning of billboards, long experience.

In ancient times, the signs and pretexts of shops were the symbols of shops and industries, collectively referred to as Saipan. Exhibition of the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the Republic of China all kinds of more than 500 pieces of strokes, attracting more than 60 kinds of sound of the city, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal along the commercial prosperity, especially Taierzhuang, merchants gathered when the initial response to the grand occasion.

Up on the second floor, oncoming This white sign is the Republic of China textile industry signs, the whole piece is white marble carved stone, very precious.

Further forward is the cacophony of the colored markets, restore the past lively scene of the market, selling things to sell in the past, are dialects really do not understand a sentence.

The last part there are pictures of foreign countries to see the past signs of Harley-Davidson motorcycles have been bold use of beauty map. This museum listen to explain quite interesting, in ancient times a lot of people are illiterate, you need to identify the shop under the guise of the front door to identify what the store is selling, and only teahouse wrote the word tea, literati ascended the place.

【Official Office】

Zhaguan Department in the boat street, next to Lanting book apartment. In fact, the Official Office of the Officials is equivalent to the present high-speed toll station where the official of the official gate office is located. Currently, it is playing an exhibition hall for the Taierzhuang Canal.
Once the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, the Taizhuang Gate is located in front of the gate. It is the first gate to go northward to Beijing from Jiangsu to Shandong. Therefore, it is called "Shandong's First Gate" and there is a monument at the gate.

The canal diverted to Taierzhuang, which stipulated that the southbound watercraft had to go to the river via Taierzhuang to go to Beijing and return to the Yellow River Road. Therefore, the ships passing through the Tarzan gate came from the lower reaches, . In order to bless the safety of the ship through the gate, the gate in front of the gate official will have the theme of "Shengping" word, meaning "all the way safe."

The right entrance of the hall also retains the original old monument, in the northern bank of the ancient canal of the site of Taizhuang gate excavated this pass "rebuilt Taizhuang brake" remnants.

The West Wing is a hall of sparse exhibition hall, playing sparse is the ancient courtiers to the monarchs into the text of the instrument, the Warring States before becoming a letter, the Qin became a play after the six countries became the Han dynasty, the Qing Dynasty evolved into a memorial.

The north hall's screen is "Taierzhuang Canal eight gates map," a detailed description of the Qing Dynasty Gud canal hydrological situation and Taierzhuang Canal Bazha the specific location. Taierzhuang Canal west east low, the main source of water from Weishanhu.
In the opening process, have built eight locks to control water flow. Taizhuang Gate is located in the east gate 8, north of the ship into the first ship lock in Shandong, known as the "first gate in Shandong."          
The prosperity of Taierzhuang can not be separated from the opening of the canal. At that time, the geographical position was very superior. It shows that the traffic convenience is very important to the development of the city. Zaozhuang was originally a small village far from Taierzhuang. With the development of land transportation, Taierzhuang Geographical location is not as good as it used to be.

【Lanting Book Apartment】

Lanting book office next to the official office, the name is thought to be bookstore, did not expect here is brothel.

A door, hanging on the right wall of the famous brand, the ancient flip brand, the higher the brand name in the brothel, the higher the purple smoke is the first card 啦.

There is a three-inch Golden Lotus Hall in the brothel, showing off the vulgar past. In ancient times, the smaller foot wrapped the more beautiful the United States, leading to serious deformation of the female foot, only the door does not go beyond two, to the elderly is miserable.

There are three inches on the ground the size of the foot, and than their own, if I was born in ancient times certainly not married, but fortunately living in a civilized society.

The reason why there are brothels here is inextricably linked with the canal. Due to the special geographical location, a large number of ships are detained in Taierzhuang and a large number of migrants gather in Taierzhuang. As a result, the commerce of Taierzhuang is greatly prosperous. In particular, Culture is also accompanied by business came into being.
In fact, the earliest brothel is not self-employed, orchid book apartment is the literati scholar to relax in the past to appreciate the talent of the place. On the second floor of the Lanting Book Apartments show the development and evolution of brothels.

Feng Shui Illustrated in the Republic of China, although the original shooting technology is poor, but this looks. . . Can only say that each era aesthetic or very different amount. . .

【T Street】

Go to T-Street, here are European-style buildings, like Shanghai Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, T-Street was built in the late Ming Dynasty Wanli, Xianfeng rebuilt during the Qing Dynasty, most of the Republic of China was the style of the Republic of China, there was no name at that time because of Yamen Street and here into T-shaped street named Ding, Fuxing Square in front of.

Before the war, Taierzhuang was the most prosperous place with as many as 45 shops on both sides. Now it is a hotel restaurant and a post office. It looks normal during the day and the lights are pretty at night.

This arch is the only well-preserved site on this street, with walls left by the war.

T-Street also has a post office museum, for postcards collectors how to miss.

【Taishan Palace】

Tarzan Palace is also known as the Taishan Temple. "According to the original Ming Dynasty architectural style restored the Bixia Temple, a Buddism godness Guanyin temple, God of Wealth Temple and other major buildings, according to the original site of the Republic of China restored the mountain gate and so on.

In the early Taierzhuang War, Taishan Palace had been used as the defensive headquarters of the Chinese defenders and therefore became the focus of contention. The corpses inside and outside Taierzhuang were infiltrated into a river of blood and the two sides fell into bitter fighting. At night, defenders units with the death squads attacked the Japanese stronghold, by the house by house melee, eventually forced the Japanese troops outside the city. After the war Tarzan palace, into a piece of rubble.

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