Leshan Emeishan and Dujiangyan Qingcheng Mountain, Chengdu, which is surrounded by landscapes strong?

Chengdu, Sichuan, some people live here, some people pass here, hurriedly, did not have time to look at the city. In fact, there are very good surrounding landscape in Chengdu, take a day to explore; and the main destination is divided into two: Mount Emei Leshan and Dujiangyan Qingcheng Mountain, then the two destinations in the end what is the difference, how should we choose? ?
figure golden summit in the sea of clouds by sky

First, the natural environment

Leshan Giant Buddha and Dujiangyan are all artificially constructed landscapes, so when it comes to natural scenery, the main difference is the difference between Mount Emei and Mount Qingcheng.

Mount Emei: beautiful scenery

Mount Emei is 3099 meters above sea level, much higher than the 1,260 meters of Mount Qingcheng, and a higher altitude can bring a richer landscape. Such as the famous "Emei Shijing" and temples all over the mountains; Listen Shuangqiao voiceless gurgling water feel freehand brushstrokes, listen to Wannian Temple's dusk morning bell experience Dharma dignified, leisure time but also molested Mount Emei monkeys; even if Is to want to slowly play, but also have sufficient content to experience. Although there is no Emei "Five Sacred Mountains alone," the first name, but in the golden sunrise like Jinding can bring you a kind of "will be extremely Ling, list of small hills" feeling. If there is affinity, but also to see the Buddha light and holy lamp, although in nature a natural phenomenon, but still with a miraculous sense of solemnity.

Qingcheng Mountain: quiet deep

Figure: Qingcheng Mountain stone steps. By Wo Green

For those who want to leisure mountaineering, Qingcheng lower elevation apparently much to be suitable. Qingcheng Mountain landscape does not take the beautiful route Emeishan, but with layers of jungle to create a deep and quiet feeling. When you think the front seems stagnant, take a few steps it is superficial. Different from the solemn Buddhist atmosphere in Mount Emei, the Taoist atmosphere in Qingcheng Mountain is more aura, and the smoke-filled sandalwood brings the illusion of "emergence and immortality."

Second, humanities

Leshan Mount Emei: Buddha statues and temples

Figure: towering Leshan Giant Buddha. By sky

Leshan Giant Buddha and "one of the four famous Buddhism" Mount Emei, in the overall cultural atmosphere have shown a strong Buddhist style. Leshan Giant Buddha's path along the cliff there are many small Buddha statues, and Mount Emei more Wannian Temple, reported Temple and Emei Golden Temple, as well as the famous statue of the four sides and ten square Samantabovetsu. For those who love Buddhist culture, you want to burn incense and worship is a very suitable place for tourists.

Qingcheng Mountain in Dujiangyan: Water Conservancy Project and Taoism

Figure: Qingcheng seven real temple. By Qidu Hill Earl

The landscape of Qingcheng Mountain in Dujiangyan shows a more integrated style. Dujiangyan belongs to the ancient water conservancy project, science and education is more important; while the scenic area of ​​the two kings temple is civil in order to commemorate the construction of Li Bing and son of Dujiangyan and built. Qingcheng Mountain is one of the "four famous mountains of Taoism". There are many Taoist buildings and Taoists in the mountains. If you want to pursue more than two thousand years of monuments and Taoist culture, then Dujiangyan and Mount Qingcheng more appropriate.

Third, the schedule and recommended route

Leshan Mount Emei: fast one-day tour or depth of two-day tour

Leshan Mount Emei as the tour more content, so you can have more and more rich arrangements, such as a day trip, two-day tour or even three-day tour are possible. Of course, the longer the time schedule, the more natural experience.

Figure: Golden Night View. By card than bear

Mile day tour: the most efficient way to visit, only the most beautiful part of the tour. In the morning to visit the Leshan Giant Buddha, in the afternoon to visit Wannian Temple Emei town treasures - Pope's statue, by the way to ecological monkey area to tease the monkey, day trip for Leshan Emei, although slightly shorter, but not too cursory flower.

Figure: Leshan Giant Buddha. By 阿凡 驴

Two-day tour of Mindanao: The two-day tour experience is much better and can experience the cultural atmosphere and natural landscape of Leshan and Mount Emei in depth. The first day to take a look Leshan Giant Buddha natural scenery, Emei yard to experience the traditional life. Stay at the top of Mount Emei or mountainside at night, the tranquility of the mountain can effectively relax. The morning of the next morning go to Jinding to see the sunrise and the famous "four wonders", visit other attractions in the afternoon after the safe return to Chengdu. Although this kind of play takes two days, but can completely vent their own, if you have plenty of time, then choose a two-day tour will be better.

Dujiangyan Qingcheng Mountain: a quick day trip, take a look at the panda

Leshan Mount Emei content more, so you want to visit in depth at least two days. Dujiangyan and Qingcheng Mountain as a whole the content of the tour is relatively small, even if the day can also be spent on leisurely tour is completed, there will be no glimpse of the feeling.
From early morning, go to Dujiangyan. Morning tour of Dujiangyan scenic area, watch the entire Dujiangyan engineering structure and from the heap Park, you can board Yudang Pavilion to see the spectacular panoramic view of Dujiangyan. Go to Qingcheng Mountain in the afternoon and slowly climb this Taoist famous mountain to go to Shangqing Palace for incense sticks or take a cruise on Moon Lake. If enough time, you can also go to the nearby China Panda Conservation Research Center Dujiangyan base to see the panda.

Fourth, the fare information

Leshan Mount Emei

Figure: Emei Shuangqiao voiceless. By sky

Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area : Tickets 90 yuan / person, cruise tickets (watch sleeping Buddha panorama, etc.) 70 yuan / person.
Emei Mountain Scenic Area : peak season (January 16-December 14) 185 yuan, off-season 110 yuan / person.
Emei Mountain Scenic Area Transportation : Jinding cableway from 120 yuan / person, Wannian ropeway return 110 yuan / person; sightseeing car all the way from 90 yuan / person, sightseeing car Mid-mountain from 40 yuan / person.
Some separate attractions attractions : Wannian Temple 10 yuan / person, reported that the temple 8 yuan / person, Fu Hu Temple 6 yuan / person, the monkey area insurance 5 yuan / person.

Dujiangyan Qingcheng Mountain

Figure: Dujiangyan fish mouth. By stupid bear

Dujiangyan Scenic Area : Adult ticket 90 yuan / person.
Dujiangyan scenic traffic : the parking lot to the south gate traffic 10 yuan / person, sightseeing car scenic area 10 yuan / person, Yu Lei Court viewing escalator 40 yuan / person.
Qingcheng Mountain Scenic Area : tickets before the mountain 90 yuan / person, tickets 20 yuan /
h after the mountain Qingcheng Mountain Scenic Area Transportation : Cable car formerly Shan 35 yuan / person, from 60 yuan / person. Sightseeing car 5 yuan / person, Moon Lake tickets 5 yuan / person. After the mountain Jin Li cable one-way 30 yuan / person, from 55 yuan / person; Baiyun cable way 45 yuan / person, from 70 yuan / person; Cui Ying Lake ticket 2 yuan / person.


Landscape attractions around Chengdu, the most important is the music and are green, I hope this Raiders can help those who do not know where to play bee fans to make a decision. After all, have fun and have good memories.

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