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The second season to explore the town of food, will view the scenery on the south of the six towns - Nanxun, so that this low-key and elegant town of Jiangnan into the public's vision. Some people have said that if the Xitang compared to small home jasper, the Wuzhen compared to ladylike, then Nanxun is the return of the thirty-three aunt, elegant atmosphere there is so little rebellious, reveals the concept of Chinese and Western. So what is the "three hundred aunt of the return of the ocean" Are you not curious? Do you want to know? So soon look at it!
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1 picture seconds to understand Nanxun geographical location

Nanxun town by @ Lin love to read

Nanxun is a town in the north of Zhejiang Province, located in the eastern part of Huzhou City Nanxun District, adjacent to Jiangsu, Jiangnan is one of the six ancient town.

Nanxun can not go to several reasons

1. less business atmosphere

Compared to other towns such as Wuzhen, Nanxun is not too much modern business culture hustle and bustle, some are very nostalgic maltose, mottled stone road and winding small river. Nanxun ancient town are basically aborigines, they live here, life status has not changed, the river in the wash, the river's morning tea, are a modern civilization in a spring. It can be said, Nanxun is everyone looking forward to the quiet look in the water. Night Nanxun no other town of the "feasting", quietly like no earthly fireworks.

2. Famous lake lake pen town, merchant culture developed

Nanxun town by @ Lin love to read

Nanxun was the most prosperous ancient town in the south of the town, the town of wealthy gentry, almost all rely on operating silk industry fortune, modern silk merchants group "four elephants", "eight cattle", "seventy two golden dogs" are Formed here. Folk "Huzhou a city, less than Nanxun half town" said.

3. The only Chinese and Western town

Nanxun town by @ Lin love to read

Nanxun town is Jiangnan only Chinese and Western water town. To a town of the land, and has five parks, real Jiangnan only see, and here the building is rich and beautiful manor, because the Western style has been popular in this, so the building is elegant atmosphere, Chinese and Western.

4. Nanxun food famous Jiangnan

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Like other towns, Nanxun also has a lot of food. Some people say that Nanxun's gourmet stone is unique. In this "unique" in the special recommendation: Nanxun trotters and double noodles. For this one Xunhuo, "twelve Taoist taste" made a special trip here, to explore the Millennium town of traditional culture and the essence of Chinese food.

Nanxun not to miss the attractions

Nanxun attractions map by the network

Nanxun attractions are small, but also relatively concentrated. The whole town can be divided into three blocks: First, Nanxun tourist attractions rich area, Zhang Shiming's former residence, Liu's ladder and other attractions included; Second, by the small lotus village, Ka Yipang library and other attractions composed of the center area; Third, east of East Street, Zhang Jingjiang former residence and hundreds of floor-based northeast block.

1. Xiao Lianzhuang: Nanxun one of the five famous gardens

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Xiao Linzhuang, also known as "Liu Yuan", is the late Qing Nanxun "four elephants" Liu Yong's private garden, is also one of the five famous spring Nanxun. Here with the Ka Yatang library building across the river, from Yizhuang, the temple and the garden composed of three parts, garden sub-park, the park, corridor song bridge, Lou Ting Pavilion, do not lose the famous Suzhou garden.

2. Jia Yintang Library: one of China's three private library

Ka Yintang library by @ Lin love to read

Ka Yitang library building, separated by a small river and small Lianzhuang, Liu Yong was built by the grandson, due to the Qing Emperor Pu Yi gift "Chin if Ka Yip" Kowloon gold plaque named. Here is a cloister-style two-story buildings, Chinese and Western garden-style layout, outside the building is a large garden, ponds, rockery.

Ka Yintang library by @ Lin love to read

Jia industry library is Nanxun town of the most historical value of the place, if to Nanxun, do not miss here.

3. Zhang Shiming old house: Jiangnan first house

Zhang Shiming old house by @Meconopsis

Zhang Shiming old house, also known as "Yi De Church", is Jiangnan wealthy, Nanxun "four elephants" one of Zhang Songxian Sun Zhang Junqi built a large house. Before the ancient Guxun River, sitting west to east, there are five into four and in the Western-style all kinds of buildings 150, Jiangnan rare to maintain the basic history of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, one of the giants, known as the "Jiangnan A house ".

Zhang Shiming old house by @ Lin love to read

The largest feature of the mansion is the combination of Chinese and Western, the first half is a typical Jiangnan architecture, the latter part of the building is a Western-style building, the whole building gives the feeling more like a Chinese mansion in the possession of a Western-style buildings, The end of the nineteenth century and Western economic, cultural and artistic exchanges and communication.

4. Liu's ladder: the perfect combination of Chinese and Western characteristics

Liu's ladder, also known as "red house", is Nanxun "four elephants" Liu Yong's first three Liu An's home. With Yi De Church similar, but also the combination of Chinese and Western buildings.

The whole building consists of the south, middle and north parts, the biggest point is that the north and south part of the Roman style into the building. From the outside of the Red House is a typical architectural style of Jiangnan Water Village, into the West is found in the building.

5. Guanghui Bridge: Nanxun one of the three ancient stone bridge

Guang Hui Bridge by @ Lin love to read

Guanghui Bridge is located in the town of silk industry near the museum, across the South River, according to legend after the Yuan Dynasty Zhang Shicheng uprising after the Guanghui Palace for the palace, so Guanghui Bridge, also known as Zhang Wang Temple Bridge.

Guanghui Bridge by @Feeling

Guanghui bridge for the single hole stone arch, the beginning of its construction has been lost test, the bridge before a pair of stone lions, authentic bridge water people here reflected most vividly.

6. hundred buildings: Nanxun the most beautiful Ming and Qing ancient buildings

100 House by @ Lin love to read

The most beautiful of the hundred buildings, is said to be the Ming Dynasty Rites Shangshang Dong Nangxun after the female housewife built HOS house, when the original built about 100 buildings, so called "100 floor", still live in the original Residents.

100 House by @ Lin love to read

Hundreds of floor east of the suspension bridge, north to the gate pile bridge, according to the river floor, arcade-style corridor along the river winding meandering, closed volcanic wall, river port stone steps, wooden pillow canopy, together with the water reflection, a good Jiangnan pillow The picture of the water people

Daren recommended day trip

(Red house) - Guanghui Bridge - in the Lake Museum - Tongjin Bridge - Hongji Bridge - the town of Li - - Zhang Jingjiang former residence - 100 rooms, and then in the hundreds of floor on the edge of the three bowls of tea to drink about the characteristics of Nanxun three bowl of tea.

Practical information tips


100 yuan, 80 yuan online tickets, as well as parent-child tickets (1 large and one small) and family tickets (2 large and one small) package, if there is a trip plan, it is recommended to buy a day in advance, time-saving convenience.

Opening time

Summer (April - October): 7: 30-17: 00
Winter (November - March next year): 8: 00-16: 30
※ The opening of the major attractions is closed, the town streets are free to enter.


Driving 1. Shanghai direction: A9 --- Shen Su Zhejiang and Anhui high-speed (Nanxun export) --- Wu Yue Road --- Nanxun
2. Hangzhou direction: Hangzhou-Nanjing high-speed transfer to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui high-speed --- Shen Su Zhe Wan High-speed (Nanxun export) --- Nanxun / Hangzhou-Nanjing high-speed --- Shenjiahu high-speed (under the export of Nanxun City Road --- Lake Salt Road --- Nanxun
3. Ningbo direction: Hangzhou Bay Bridge - That is, Su Jiahang high-speed) - Shenjiahu high-speed (under the export of Nanxun city) - Lake Road - Nanxun

Route by car

Passenger 1. Shanghai - Nanxun: Shanghai passenger terminal, Hongqiao long distance West Station, long-distance passenger South Station, Hu Tai Road passenger station, Pudong long East Station has Nanxun car, fares 50 yuan, driving in 1.5 hours -2.5 hours between.
2. Hangzhou - Nanxun: Hangzhou North Railway Station every day there are dozens of classes sent to Nanxun bus station car, fares 42 yuan or 45 yuan, about 2 hours by car, arrived at Nanxun station can take the local tricycle to the town of scenic spots.
3. Suzhou - Nanxun: Suzhou North Square Station, Suzhou South Bus Station have to Nanxun or Nanxun Bus Terminal car, fare 27 yuan, about 1.5 hours by car.
4. Jiaxing - Nanxun: Jiaxing North Station to reach the Nanxun Bus Terminal, the fare 21 yuan or 23 yuan, about 1 hour by car.
5. Huzhou - Nanxun: ① the original Huzhou bus terminus (now called the North Zhejiang passenger center) every day to express to Nanxun, about 15 minutes; ② Huzhou New Station sent to Nanxiao Tai'an Road passenger station car a lot of fast Guest 20 minutes a week, about 1 hour by car, the fare 8 yuan. ③ 101 Road Huzhou - Nanxun B line to optimize the adjustment, the line extends to the Huzhou high-speed railway station, and opened the night bus, to Nanxun Tai'an Road passenger station, about 20 minutes, the fare 8 yuan, about 1 and a half hours, Get off after the tricycle 3-4 yuan to the town tourist area.

Nanxun town by @ Lin love to read

"Everyone said Jiangnan good, visitors only Jiangnan old." Yi Jiangnan, the most memory is Nanxun. In Nanxun, you can forget the time, from the quiet floor of the hundred buildings, to the garden filled with glaucoma stone road, the sun, casually walk through the alley, walked the ancient bridge, is the most Good time.

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