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In Beijing, how did Hu spend the same night?
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The Hutong represents the old Beijing. Nowadays most of the hutongs still live with local people. However, the gray wall cottage houses often contain hidden people. Apart from the celebrities' former residences, private homes, the coolest buyers in the capital, net cafes, and folk songs. Rock livehouse (live music performances) and taverns all run low-key in the alleys. You can't find the doorway and you will miss it. This week's second article in the Beijing series will take you deep into Hutong Night.

19:00 | Saffron: Beijing's best paella

Photo: Signboard paella. From Weibo@Wisdom Wisdom

Saffron Western Restaurant is known as “the best Spanish paella in Beijing” and is famous in Hutong restaurants. One step into the traditional streets and lanes, he enters the chef's meticulously-created eating space. He specialises in Spanish creative cuisine. He has already established four western restaurants in Beijing. The saffron has an unconventional environment and is open to the outside world. In the courtyard, there is a balcony on the second floor, and the movie “Jiao Jiao and Zhiming” was also shot here. Each dish of saffron has been carefully designed and matched with ingredients. Even before the meal, butter is a special feature of the private house . Spanish Shuangpai Paella is a must-visit dish. Crabmeat avocado salad and Pan-fried Sea Bream are also good choices. .

Practical information

Business hours : Monday to Sunday 12:00-14:30; 18:00-21:30
Address : 5 Daoying Hutong No. 64 (Southeast of Andingmen Bridge)

Saffron Western Restaurant

21:00 | Evening Dawn Club: Indie Music Scene

Photo: The folk and the group left Ansisi performed. By Sheng Ya Yu

Photo: Jazz musician Zhang Jing performs. By Sheng Ya Yu

After the meal was over, it was the highlight of the night. The Dawn Club (DDC) was an outstanding representative of Beijing’s independent music scene. Under the pavilion and outside walls, it was totally unexpected that the inside was full of music rhythms all night. DDC will have a performance every night starting at 21:00. It will be dominated by jazz, rock, and electronic performances, and will often be performed by folk and jazz singers or emerging rock bands. DDC has become an important venue for music and cultural exchanges in Beijing. Drinks are provided here, but it is not OK. Unlike commercial bars, people can enjoy the performance of real independent musicians and live music atmosphere.

Practical information

Time: typically 21: 00-22: 30, as the sessions are different
performance information: Watch DDC micro-channel public number "Dusk Dawn Club" show can be found all the information and details
door tickets : online / on-site tickets, Daily performance 50-80 yuan; Special session 100-120 yuan
Address:  Beijing Dongcheng District Art Museum Houjie Shan Lao Hutong No. 14

Evening dawn DDC

Twilight Dawn is located in the courtyard of the Old Hutong Courtyard. It is a unique combination of Chinese and Western decoration. Every evening there are different styles of performances. From home and abroad folk music, music major brand performance, to the overwhelming Oktoberfest, it has become one of the most important choices for Beijing Live House.

23:00 | Peiping Machine: Wine is not afraid of Hutong

Picture: Peking Machine.

Picture: Peking Machine.

After watching the show, most of the hutongs are still in the darkness, but the Beijing pub in the depths of the hutongs also reveals a lively atmosphere. Peking Machine is a craft beer bar, which belongs to a typical old factory industrial style. It is rude and unassuming. It sells beer from many wineries across the country, and there is also a self-refrigeration store. There are dozens of flavors to choose from, each one is marked on the small blackboard. The degree of bitterness and alcohol content of the late supply. Peking wheat is the main spot here. Apple West beats sweet tastes for girls. In addition, if you want to try a variety of tastes , you can try a tasting set ( ¥68/set). You can taste 6 signature beers with different bitter tastes.

Practical information

Business hours: Monday to Sunday 16:00-02:00 
Address: No. E101, No.46 Fangjia Hutong

Hutong Beijing Night Tour Map

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