The top ten alley in Beijing, China

Some people say that the alley is the soul of the old Beijing, one day disappeared like a lost soul. But for the majority of people who rush around the streets of Beijing every day, the alley is only a vague concept, is a more and more rare existence. Spring Beijing, sunny, full of infinite vitality (do not haze this matter). Shan a car seat on the soil, riding a two-wheel ride a visit to Beijing, when a back to the alley, shoot a beat of horns in Beijing, is the most play in Beijing.

Explore the authentic Beijing flavor in the alley

Soybean candy gourd, alley above the pigeon whistle, on both sides of the courtyard, open the door quietly sun. Gossip, uncle aunt, children frolic, the birds chattering. Beijing's alley, any years of change, still in no hurry to stretch, like walking through the vicissitudes of the old man for many years. Perhaps only to the alley, you can understand the authentic old Beijing taste.

NO.1 Nanluoguxiang Lane

American "Time" magazine selected in Asia 25 you have to go to the fun, Beijing Nanluoguxiang list. This 800 meters long alley, Beijing is the most lively and most fashionable Hutong District, bar neon and gray wall gray tile fusion. Where the most authentic possession of the Beijing taste, street alleys are packed with dignitaries. From the Ming Dynasty General Wen Chen to the emperor of the Qing Dynasty, there are literati scholars poetry master, alley in every house have endless romantic characters, each can be involved in a period of history or story.
South of the north and south direction, north of the Drum Tower East Street, south of the East Gate Street, a total length of 786 meters, 8 meters wide, and Yuan Dadu (1267) completed the same period, is the only complete preservation of the Yuan Dynasty alley courtyard texture , The largest, highest grade, the most resource-rich chessboard traditional residential area.
Today, here opened the style of the personality of the shop, compact and stylish private museum, the ancient alley in the Yuan Dynasty old and new, this rebirth, the global tourists love to "lost Beijing."

How to arrive

To reach the north exit: by 107,124,204,635 Road in the treasures alley station, 107,124,204 Road in the small plant under the station, or take the Metro Line 6 or Line 8 Nanluoguxiang station.
Arrived at the south exit: by 13,60,118,612,623 Road in the gongs and drums station, 104,108,113,201,612,758 Road in the north of the troops and horses station, west through the East cotton alley that is.

NO.2 cigarettes oblique street

"After the sea wave Han Liu fog cool, a cigarette bag point sun. Silver Bridge can be loaded Western Hills heavy, old shop still burst burst belly. Dream nose pot wiping drunk, soul tour tile lane turn melodious. Slanting street is shorter than the smoke pole, A few steps Ming and Qing years old. " The verse is written in Beijing's famous bagway, located in the heart of the Shichahai sanctuary. The origin of the name also said that the people living in the North City, the pops hobby cigarettes, tobacco installed in the cigarette bag, and later the surge in demand for cigarettes, ramp on the smoke shop is also growing. In addition, the bagway is just like a cigarette bag, and the slender street is like a cigarette bag. Now here is the Beijing people leisure time looking for food antique, painting and calligraphy and painting of the ancient building a good place.

How to arrive

Bus: take the 5,60,107,124,635 bus Gulou Station and walk to 202 meters.
Subway: take the Metro Line 2 Drum Tower Street Station. Take the subway line south of Nanluoguxiang station or North Sea North Station.


Want to visit in Beijing to explore the history of a cultural journey, that sub-guard street will be you can not miss one. Here for the Confucius Temple and the Imperial College named, just the history of Confucius Temple can be traced back to the yuan, the history of light can be seen. The capital of the museum is worth a visit, Beijing's only six archway here there are four, the road of the ancient trees in the sky woven into a large network, along the quiet streets meandering forward, two military officers dismount under the monument Side, tells the glory of the past.
In this historic street with more than 700 years of history, there are traditional culture and memories of the buildings, such as the Matsuten Museum and the Beijing old objects showcase; there are many simple and not mediocre shops dotted with this simple streets, such as Van Gundy living room and good white store.

How to arrive

1. Metro Line 2, Line 5 Lama Temple Station
2. Bus 118,684,13,117 Road Lama Temple Station
3. Transit 113,108,104,803,124,758,950 Road side home alley car

NO4. North percussion Lane

Through the Nanluoguxiang, through the Drum Tower East Avenue will reach the north gongs and drums Lane, and Nanluoguxiang the hustle and bustle, the North percussion with a rare clean and idle. Trivial day is its most pleasant look. There are also hidden in a variety of surprises shop, there can be quiet sun sun afternoon coffee shop.

Soil small Yao Lv.20

This alley is really very quiet, no Nanluoguxiang where so noisy, riding a car stop and go, take pictures, or very comfortable. Lz individuals are very recommended to a small partner here to turn a turn ~ along the way can see a lot of decoration chic shop ~ North percussion Lane ride to the head, across the road opposite the noisy Nanluoguxiang the ~

No.5 alley

Wudaoyou formerly known as Wu Dewei camp, the camp is a military unit, the garrison of the land is also known as the camp. In 1965 to rectify the names will be small headlines, small two into, renamed the five battalions alley. Five camps alley next to the Lama Temple and the Imperial Palace, this alley shape Nanluoguxiang, charm is different, it is both commercial noise, but also unique to their own charm. All kinds of coffee, pubs, art shops, is the gathering of Beijing petty bourgeoisie, is also one of the places where foreigners love to live. Five camps, but take pictures of a good place to take pictures, street shops have their own characteristics, retro style, small cute, tide coffee, Wenqing can find here for their own pictures of good times.

How to arrive

1, take the Metro Line 2, in the "Andingmen Station" or "Lama Temple" stop.
2, take the Metro Line 5 in the "Lama Temple" stop.
Bus: take 90 or 104, in the "Andingmen" stop and then walk to the five camp alley.

NO6. Hat children alley

Hat hut, familiar with the people of Beijing will not be unfamiliar with the name. It is east of Nanluoguxiang, west to the door of the street, north and beans alley, South and East no pressure bridge alley connected. Qing Dynasty because of hat-making workshop, so renamed. Here the capital of the most representative of the private garden can park, the last Queen Wan Rong, the Ming Dynasty generals Hong Chengcun, the Northern warlord Feng Guozhang have lived here. Hutong attached to the bustling streets of the bustling, dense Lin Yin, the fashion car and the ancient tricycle staggered driving in the red door gray walls, faintly become a symbol of status.
Hattle Hutong existing well-known courtyard are: hat hummer 5, hat Hutong 9 (Park), hat children alley 11 (Wen Yu house), hat children alley 13 (Feng Guozhang former residence), hat hutong 21 No. (Zitong Temple Wenchang Palace site), Maoer Hutong 37 (Wan Rong's former residence), hat hutong 45 (Qingtao Yamen, Republic of security team) and so on.
Traffic: take the 118,13 Road, 42 Road, 60 Road, 612 Road, 623 Road, 701 Road in the East Gate Station.

NO.7 East and West Liulichang

Liulichang is Beijing's most important ancient culture street, located outside the Beijing Peace Gate. It originated in the Qing Dynasty, when all over the country to participate in the imperial examination of the lifts are mostly concentrated here, there will be a lot of books and ink and paper shop. Now there are still a lot of selling antique, four treasures of the old shop, you in Huaiyin mountain house, Rong Bao Zhai, Cuiwen Ge, a court can buy a good traditional calligraphy and painting pen. From the beginning of the glass kiln factory to the antique calligraphy and painting rare books of the distribution center, which is difficult to speak of history, but as long as walking in this street, the history of the hustle and bustle of silence, the elegant charm of the book ink, came blowing.
Traffic: bus - take the 7 Road, 14 Road, 15 Road, 66 Road, 70 Road in the glass factory stop

NO.8 brick tower alley

"Hutong" concept began in most, when there were 29 alley, but only one alley has written records, this is the brick alley. From the yuan, Ming, Qing, Republic of China, and then to today, the brick tower alley Beijing is the only one can always test the alley, it can be said that it is Beijing's alley "root". Such a long history, naturally, no less than the former residence of celebrities. Lu Xun and Zhou Zuoren repeatedly moved here and wrote a number of works, and the mandarin duck and butterfly writer Zhang Henshui is here to finish his life journey.
Address: West Fourth South Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

NO.9 eight alley

Eight alley was synonymous with fireworks Lane, eight alley from west to east in order: Baishun alley, rouge alley, Han Jiantan, Shaanxi Lane, stone alley, Wang Guangfu ramp Street (now palm trees ramp Street), Zhu alley, Lee Yakao alley (now small force alley). Beijing's alley is so numerous, but the eight famous alley is famous. At the end of the Qing Dynasty in Beijing, there was a good slip of the mouth of the eight alley: "Eight alley from ancient times, Shaanxi Baishun stone city. Han Jiatan string song mixed, Wang Guang slanting street lights Ming million Buddhist temple before the convergence, two camps vertical and horizontal. Mink Qiu Hao know how much, cluster rouge slope on the line.
Traffic: by 2,5,8,17,20,22,48,59,66,67,69,71,82,120,126,201,203,301,626,646,690,692,723,729 , Special 4, special 7, special 11, Bus 1, 1, 2 in the foothills or front door station

NO.10 flowers deep alley

In Beijing's alley, many people love the most than "flowers deep", not because the alley is what special, but the name of the alley to bring unlimited reverie and poetic. People remembered the "flowers deep" alley name, feeling as if into the flowers around the depths of the spring, which is the Chinese language has a special implication. Gu Cheng has "the essence of the flowers," a poem, "flowers are deep, the world is not clear. Small courtyard half wall, old temple three feet grass. Autumn has not forgotten, Will be the old. "
Hutong deep," Xinjiekou hundred flowers in the depths of the alley on the 16th "is Zhang Xiaowei where the flowers studio. Flowers should be one of the earliest recording studio in Beijing, when many musicians here tossing music, tossing a dream. Now the depths of the flowers, whether it can find the taste of rock?
Address: Xicheng District, Beijing Xinjiekou South Street
traffic: Metro Line 2,4,6

Hidden in the old Beijing courtyard in the characteristics of the restaurant

The courtyard was once the place where the old Peking people lived, but now the traditional architecture has become rare, and it is harder to experience the feeling of living in the courtyard, but it is very easy to eat a meal in it, Today we chop a steal those hidden in the old Beijing courtyard in the characteristics of the restaurant!

Huajiayi Garden (courtyard headquarters)

Open in the Gui Street, the tall arches at the door shows the difference here, inside the court deep wood show, Ming Tsui Pavilion, ancient meaning, people feel instantly through the ancient princes of the mansion in general. This King of the King is very famous, has been praised by Hong Kong star Anita Mui! Roast duck is also delicious, crisp skin tender, draped with traditional sweet sauce and not the traditional pineapple, hawthorn, very creative! After dinner a cup of cheese, very solution tired.
Address: Dongcheng District, Dongcheng District, No. 235

That small hall

Humble brick red door, but there is no cave! Imitation of the decoration, simple and elegant, wooden tables and chairs, celadon tableware, the details of the deal was in place, people could not help but put on costume, had a "Princess, Elder brother" addiction head. Small museum main court dishes, the taste is also good, secret system of pastry shrimp, Huangjizi, homemade tofu and so worth a try!
Address: Chaoyang District Jiuxianqiao North Road on the 2nd

White House compound

White House compound is converted from the Prince House, courtyard pavilions, curvature corridors, full house yellow table chairs gorgeous style, the waiter are wearing court dress, met the guests first say you auspicious, catch the time There are also playing the song children's "wait", great Qing dynasty feast guests trend ah! Eat the palace dishes, materials stress, selling fine, small snacks are very pick, if the banquet foreign guests, come here to quasi-wrong, figure atmosphere it!
Address: No. 15, Suzhou Street, Haidian District

Hongyuan South Gate shabu-shabu (former sea shop)

Copper pot charcoal, authentic old Beijing Shabu Shabu! Good location, good looking! Mahjong small material on a small piece of bean curd, a small piece of chives, watching there is appetite. Hand cut lamb, louvers will point, coupled with a few petals, like this mouth children! His family's Bayu slippery is also very unique, you can try, eat almost again a sesame cake slipped, fun!
Address: South official room alley on the 1st

After the sea on the 16th

Nostalgic courtyard restaurant, full of old Beijing taste, very style of the box. Dishes to do the fine, yellow stew maw delicious, tea and shrimp crisp ... ... no wonder a lot of celebrities are willing to come
Address: Houhai big gold wire alley

Dali yard

This is the story of the restaurant! It is said that there is a couple, unbearable hustle and bustle of the city, deeply miss the wind blowing cicadas good times, they find a large compound, and then in accordance with the hostess's mind, transformed into the "Beijing Dali courtyard", that Pomegranate tree is shed in the winter warm sun, the wind blowing is the thick old Beijing style, such a Yunnan-style yard but bit by bit to reveal the old Beijing mark. Lemongrass grass, chicken bacteria, jasmine cold dish ... ... the hustle and bustle of life for a long time, and occasionally have to change the taste.
Address: Beijing Drum Tower East Avenue small plant with alley 67

Courtyard (deanmen shop)

"Pear house dissolved lysis month, catkins pond light wind." Into the courtyard, went into the old time. Water gurgling, subtle fragrance floating, a look back, like a hundred years, the shuttle in this simple courtyard, reminding us of scenes home. This is a private restaurant, dishes to take the creative line, but also retains the style of Beijing flavor home cooking, plain grilled fish, fermented bean milk are good, blueberry double skin milk people happy bursting.
Address: No. 119, Di'an West Street


Kung Pao Chicken Pizza Beijing roast duck pizza? Why did the pizza become so? Familiar with the Nanluoguxiang sure to know this store, it is creative to the Kung Pao Chicken, roast duck and so on and pizza together, at first glance like a dark food, but in fact the taste is very good! Dining environment is also very intimate, Gui honey dinner is appropriate, satiate again and again a few self-timer, perfect!
Address: No. 106, Nanluoguxiang

Hutong This unique ancient city alley in Beijing has become the carrier of Beijing culture. Old Beijing's life in the corner of this alley, in this courtyard of a brick and a tile, in the neighborhood between the residents of the situation. The taste of spring, but also to here, only to feel strong and different kind of business.

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