Parents haven't been to Beijing yet? Use this guide to round up a Beijing dream for parents!

Want to travel with their parents, the first choice must be Beijing. Beijing is the capital. There is a belief in Chairman Mao and a red patriotic complex. Therefore, going to Beijing to look at it will become a dream for the older generation. How can I play with my parents in Beijing? What route should be chosen? What needs attention? Let me use this guide to help you round your parents a dream of Beijing!
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What are the attractions in Beijing that are suitable for parents to punch?

1. Tiananmen Square Revolutionary spirit and heroism

Tiananmen Square is located on the south side of Chang'an Avenue. The center is the Monument to the People’s Heroes and Chairman Mao Memorial Hall. On the west is the Great Hall of the People. On the east side is the National Museum. On the opposite side of the square is the Tiananmen Gate. Opposite Tiananmen Square, Tiananmen Square can be seen on the stairs.

According to the parents' strength and willingness to arrange whether to watch the flag-raising ceremony. In general, the time for raising the national flag will change with the daily sunrise time. It is necessary to check in advance so as not to miss it. Look at the many people raising the national flag. Every holiday and summer holiday is a three-story building. It is recommended to go out two hours in advance. The sooner you go, the better you will be late. You can only see the elderly. Shadows.

Tiananmen Gate Tickets and Opening Hours

1 Tiananmen Tower opening hours: 8:30-16:30 off-season, 16:00 stop selling tickets; 8:30-17:00 peak season and 16:30 stop selling tickets.
2 The ticket is 15 yuan/person, and the elderly aged 70 or above is 5 yuan/person.

Photo: Tiananmen Square

If parents do not want to see the flags, they can go out later and take them to the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, the People’s Heroes Memorial and the National Museum. These attractions are near Tiananmen Square and are free of charge.

Photo: Tiananmen Square

1 There are rest areas around Tiananmen Square. The trip should be relaxed and leave enough time for the elderly to recover.
2 At about 22 o'clock in the evening, Tiananmen will start clearing the field and leave it open at 5 o'clock in the morning. The parents must go to Tiananmen Square at night to pay attention to the time. It is advisable to go better during the day, and the time is sufficient for easy viewing.
There are many people with 3 liters of flags and visits to various attractions. They have to wait in line for longer, and can prepare small snacks and plenty of water in their accompanying bags in case they need it.
4 If the old man wants to see the flag, the night’s accommodation proposal should be arranged nearby or near the Metro Line 1. The Line 1 line should be debuted at 5:05 in the morning. It can be in the east of Tiananmen Square and Tiananmen West Railway Station. People do not go to the basics as soon as possible. Can sit on the seat. When entering the Tiananmen Square, it is necessary to queue up for security inspections at the four-week round. It is important to set aside time.
5 The Chairman Mao Memorial Hall is closed on Mondays. It is only open from 8 to 12 in the morning from Tuesday to Sunday. It is closed in the afternoon. Visitors can only visit with a valid certificate.

2.【The Palace Museum】Royal Palaces of the Ming and Qing Dynasties

After visiting the Tiananmen Square, the Jinshui Bridge will enter the Forbidden City. Here, the three major halls of Taihe Temple, Zhonghe Temple and Baohe Temple are located in the center of the court. The inner court mainly centers on the Qing Palace, the Jiaotai Palace, and the Hougong Palace. There are still many rare cultural relics in the palace, and the well-known “The Qingming Riverside Map” is hidden in the Forbidden City.

Picture: Entering the Palace Museum from Tiananmen Square

Palace Museum

Palace Tickets and Opening Hours

Tickets: 40 yuan/person in the off-season (excluding the Treasure Hall and Clock Museum); 60 yuan/person in the peak season (excluding the Treasure Hall and the clock museum); the Treasure Hall and the clock museum must purchase another ticket; the Treasure Hall is 10 yuan/person. , watch museum 10 yuan / person. 60-year-old or older (including 60-year-old) senior citizens with valid documents, tickets half-price concessions; retired cadres with free of charge card to visit.
Tickets for the National Palace Museum are all purchased online. The ID card or the original account book can be directly admitted to the hospital at any ticket gate. There is no need to redeem paper tickets. Those who buy tickets together online must check for tickets at the same time. They cannot check tickets separately.
Opening hours: In addition to legal holidays and summer holidays, the Palace Museum implements closed-day measures throughout the year. The opening time is 8:30-12:00 every day, the stop ticket time is 11:00, the stop ticket time is 11:10, and the closed time is 12:00.

1 If it is not the morning peak (7:00 to 9:00) and the evening peak (16:00 to 19:00), it is advisable to take buses 1, 2 and 52 or the subway line 1 to arrive at Tiananmen Square. The car can basically have seats between 9:30 and 15:30 in the morning. If it is a holiday or morning and evening peaks, you can choose to travel according to the time of the trip will be a lot of comfort.
2 There is a Jingshan Park behind the Forbidden City. It is a place to view the panorama of the Forbidden City and 360° to enjoy the panoramic views of Beijing. Tickets cost as little as 2 yuan and student fares are 1 yuan. Enter the park and climb the highest Wanchun Pavilion in the park, overlooking the Forbidden City and the North Sea.
3 The Forbidden City covers an area of ​​720,000 square meters. It is very large and very crowded. It only allows one-line visits. Generally, the maximum number of people is between 11 am and 3 pm. You can try to avoid the peak period and choose a one-tail tour. Comfortable.
4 Due to the protection of cultural relics, there are not many rest breaks in the palace. The food in the restaurant is not necessarily compatible with the taste of parents. It is best to prepare food and water before going out.

3.【The Badaling Great Wall】is less than the Great Wall

The Badaling Great Wall has a difficult terrain. In ancient times, it was called “the risk of Juyong is not in the Badaling,” and it is the best preserved part of the Ming Great Wall. Boarding the Great Wall of Badaling is a good choice because it is far away.

Photo: The Great Wall of Badaling

Photo: The Great Wall of Badaling

Badaling Great Wall Tickets and Opening Hours

Tickets: 35 yuan/person in the off-season, 40 yuan/person in the peak season, 25 yuan/person for students and the elderly, and 80 yuan/person for the Badaling Cable Car. The return ticket to the Great Wall Museum is free.
Opening hours: 06:30-19:00 for the high season and 07:00-18:00 for the low season.

1 If you go to the Great Wall of Badaling with your parents, you are not recommended to take the Suburban Line S2 because at least 1-2 hours in advance need to wait in line at the Beijing North Railway Station. If you can’t get a seat, you can only stand if you run slow. 1.5 hours to Badaling. You can go to Deshengmen to take bus No. 877 or 919. You can pay 6 yuan for one-way card and 12 yuan for tickets. It is suitable for elderly people to sit and go to Badaling.
2 The bathroom on the Great Wall is particularly small and the water does not drink much. Some sections of the Great Wall are relatively steep, and there are many people in the busy season. We must pay attention to support the old people and rest more in the middle.
3 Enter the Great Wall ticket office at Badaling, walk left is the South Line, and go right is the North Line. The Badaling South Line climbs from the ticket office to the top and back again. It takes about two hours. If you go from the entrance to the North Line to the ticket office via the Xiong Paradise Exit, it takes about three hours.
4 It is advisable to go to Badaling in the morning for early departure. If you go up on the cable car in the afternoon, you need to have a long queue. If you still want to climb the Great Wall in the morning, you can visit the Great Wall Museum at the foot of the Great Wall.

4. [Summer Palace] The head of the classical garden

This is an imperial garden specially created for the Empress Dowager Cixi. The Summer Palace has four seasons to visit, enjoying flowers in the spring, boating in the summer, watching the scenery in autumn and snow in winter. The Summer Palace is built on the West Lake in Hangzhou. It is close to the Summer Palace and can be played together.

This is the largest existing imperial garden in China. It covers an area of ​​290 hectares. It is very large and there are no means of transport. Old people can walk slowly and arrange a day here.
The Summer Palace is mainly divided into three parts: Wanshou Qianshan (with Buddha Fragrance Center as the center), Kunming Lake (with a South Lake Island in the lake, connecting the two banks for the 17-hole bridge), Houshanhou Lake (Suzhou Street in the west section, There is a harmonic garden in the east.)

Picture: Summer Palace

Summer Palace tickets and opening hours

1Off-season tickets for 20 yuan/person, students and senior citizens with half-price concessions of 10 yuan/person, ticket coupons of 50 yuan/person; peak season tickets for 30 yuan/person, students and senior citizens with half-price concessions of 15 yuan/person, coupons for 60 yuan / People; Note Park Garden need to buy another ticket: Germany and Park 5 yuan / person, Foxiang Court 10 yuan / person, Wenchang Institute 20 yuan / person, Suzhou Street Suining Church 10 yuan / person; ticket including park tickets Heyuan Park Tickets.
2 In the high season, the Summer Gate opening hours: 6:30-18: 00, Garden Park opening hours: 8:30-17: 00, quiet garden time is 20: 00; off-season gate opening hours: 7: 00-17: 00 , Garden Park opening hours: 9:00-16:00, quiet park time is 19:00.

Picture: Summer Palace Buddha House

1 Summer Palace is very suitable for elderly people to play, whether it is a rest place or leisure facilities in the park are very rich, slowly strolling inside is a good choice.
2 Take the elderly to visit the park from the Donggong Gate to visit Renshou Hall - Kunming Lake - Seventeen-hole Bridge - Magnolia Garden - Le Shoutang - Promenade - Shiqi - Suzhou Street, from the North Palace Gate, or from Shi Yan The boat arrived at the Dragon King Temple from the South Gate of the Summer Palace, which saved the most physical energy.

5.【Yuanmingyuan】Garden of Wanyuan Garden

The Yuanmingyuan, which has the title of “Garden of Wanyuan”, was once a royal museum with a rich collection. It was the place where the Qing emperor took a summer vacation and listened to politics. After the eight-nation allied forces invaded China, there was only the leftovers and the history of the vicissitudes of the land. Yuanmingyuan is mainly composed of Yuanmingyuan, Changchun Garden and Wanchun Garden, with a total of more than 150 views.

Picture: Yuanmingyuan

Yuanmingyuan Tickets and Opening Hours

1 Opening hours: January-December, November-December: opening hours: 7:00-19:30, ticketing time 7:00-17:30; April, September-October: opening hours: 7:00 -20:30, ticket time is 7:00-18:30; May-August: opening hours are 7:00-21:00, ticket time is 7:00-19:00.
2 entrance ticket is 10 yuan/person, Xiyanglou site scenic area (including Dashuifa, exhibition hall, maze) 15 yuan/person, Shengshi panoramic model exhibition 10 yuan/person; 60-64-year-old can enjoy half-price tickets , 65 years old and above can be free, especially suitable for playing with the elderly.

1 Yuanmingyuan is bigger than the Summer Palace. It takes about half a day for parents to visit. There are plenty of lounge areas in the park. There are plenty of restaurants and fast foods to fill in.
2 To Yuanmingyuan, take the No.319 and No.320 roads under the South Gate Station of Yuanmingyuan Garden. The No. 4 subway line to the South Gate Station of Yuanmingyuan Garden exits from Exit C, or arrives at Yuanmingyuan Station and exits from Exit B. However, it is not recommended to take the subway for the elderly. There are fewer people in large seats. You can call the network about the car, more convenient and comfortable.

6. [Bird's Nest, Water Cube] Beijing Olympic Games Heritage

The Bird's Nest and the Water Cube are typical examples of modern architecture in Beijing. They are Beijing landmarks and Olympic heritage. The structure of the bird's nest is unique and cleverly designed, and the water cube at night is particularly beautiful under the mapping of colored lights.

Bird's Nest Water Cube tickets and opening hours

1 Bird's Nest Ticket: Ordinary ticket is 50 yuan/person, including 80 yuan/person for the air corridor, and 110 yuan/person for the air corridor, VIP area, student, 60 to 70-year-old, disabled People and active military personnel can purchase half-price tickets with relevant documents, and senior citizens over 70 years old can enjoy free tickets.
Water Cube tickets: visit 30 yuan/person, students, soldiers, aged 60 to 70 years old 15 yuan/person, 70 years old or older free of votes.
2 Opening hours:
Bird's Nest: The peak season is 9:00-19:00, and the low season is 9:00-17:30.
Water Cube: Monday to Sunday 9:00-18:00.

Figure: Water Cube Night Scene

1 You can take bus lines 82 and 207, or the subway line 8 to the Olympic Sports Center Station, and walk to the Bird's Nest and Water Cube attractions.
2 At night, parents can come to the Bird’s Nest and the Water Cube to take a night view. The Bird's Nest is separated from the Olympic Square by the Olympic Square, which is about 800 meters away. You can walk for 10 minutes. The Bird's Nest and the Water Cube will generally light every night from 7 to 10 o'clock.

7.【Tiantan Park】The Ming and Qing emperors worship the sky

The Temple of Heaven is the place where the Ming and Qing emperors prayed for the harvest of grain, and it is also China's largest existing ancient sacrificial building complex. The Temple of Heaven has two double walls that form the inner and outer altars. The main buildings are in the Inner Altar. The main sights are the Miaoqiu altar and the Qigu altar. The two altars are on the same north-south axis. This is generally a leisure place for the elderly. In the morning there are many elderly people who exercise here.

Photo: Temple of Heaven, Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven Park Tickets and Opening Hours

1 Tickets for the Tiantan Park in the high season are 15 yuan/person, ticket coupons (including tickets, the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, Luqiu, and the whispering galaxy) are 34 yuan/person; for the off-season, the tickets are 10 yuan/person, and the joint ticket is 28 yuan/person.
2 There are attractions such as Tiantan Palace, Tiantan Park, and Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest. The opening and closing time of the four gates of the park is different from the opening and closing time of each attraction. The four doors open at 6:00 in the peak season, 6:30 in the off-season, 20:00 in the off-sale time, and 22:00 in the gate. The attractions are open daily at 8:00, the closing time in the high season is 17:30, and the off-season closing time It is 17:00.

Photo: Temple of Heaven, Temple of Heaven

1 There are four gates in the east, west, south and north of the Temple of Heaven. There are many bus lines here. It is advisable to enter from the East Gate. It is very close to the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, the Echo Wall and the Sengqiu Altar.
2 There are few restaurants in the Temple of Heaven. Outside the Temple of Heaven, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from, such as Tiantan East Road, East Side Road, and the North Gate of the Temple of Heaven.

8. 【Princes of Princes】 and the residence

"A Gongwangfu House, half of the history of the Qing Dynasty", formerly known as "China's largest corrupt official," and the house of the monk were later given to Prince Gong. Prince Gong’s Palace has a “blessing in the world”, which is the “long thin (blessing) blessing” of the emperor Kangxi of the year. The folks have the blessing word “blessing in life, longevity and happiness” and carrying their parents to Prince Gong’s Palace. It is also good to have a blessing on your own home. In addition, the Ximen Gate and the Grand Theater are also worth a visit.

1 The ticket for Prince Gong's Palace is 40 yuan per person (only visits to open attractions and exhibition halls). The discount for the elderly is 20 yuan/person. Tickets for the series of tour services are 70 yuan/person, and the old man offers half-price 35 yuan/person, including: professional explanation services, visiting open sights and exhibition halls, watching the Wangfu Theater and enjoying the Beijing traditional show performances in the theater, sipping the palace bowl tea And snacks.
2 Season ticketing time: 8: 00-17: 00, stop time: 17: 00, exhibition hall opening hours: 8:10-17: 50, clearing time: 18: 30; off-season ticketing time: 9:00-16 : 00, stop admission time: 16: 00, exhibition hall opening hours: 9:10-16: 50, clearing time: 18: 30.

You can take bus No. 13 and get off at Dongguanfang station. If you take the subway, you can choose No. 6 line under the Beihai North station.

Second, how to choose a suitable line for parents?

For parents, travel is indeed a relatively exhausting task. Therefore, before going out, you must meticulously arrange your itinerary, do a good job of the Raiders, and choose a route that saves you time and effort.
1. General Beijing's elite sights with parents for 5 days are sufficient. The planning route must take into account whether the parents' rhythm can keep up, and try to arrange the schedule leisurely. Based on my many years of experience, it is recommended that you walk with your parents like this:
Day1: First
visit to Beijing, make some adjustments, taste Beijing cuisine Day2: Tiananmen—The National Palace Museum—Jingshan Park
Day3: Badaling Great Wall—Bird's Nest, Water Cube
Day4: Summer Palace - Yuanmingyuan
Day5: Temple of Heaven Park - Beihai Park - Gongwangfu
the first day we can be flexible according to the physical arrangements of the elderly, physically if relatively abundant, they can take a trip around Beijing Wangfujing or Houhai, Beijing experience as an international metropolis Modern avant-garde style.
Next, visit two to three attractions every day. The distance between the attractions is very close and the trip is very relaxing. This also ensures the physical strength of the tour and sufficient rest time. All the major traffic in Beijing is crowded and inconvenient. Everyone needs to be thoughtful about the elderly. If you do not have time to accompany the elderly to travel around Beijing, it is recommended that you give your parents a high-quality elderly group. The elderly will not be crowded when traveling. There are seats at any time to rest in the car and many scenic spots can be saved. With group tours, the trip can be more extensive in a limited period of time, and professional team leaders and doctors accompanying the team will be more reassuring.

If there are only three days to visit Beijing, there are fewer attractions that can be walked freely. After playing the Badaling Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and the Summer Palace, there is almost no time to go elsewhere. If time is limited, it is recommended that you travel with the group, so that parents can see more attractions in a limited time, but also save time and effort, they can also worry less. The history of Beijing's sights is heavy. It must be guided by tour guides during the tour. It is more cost-effective and more considerate to travel with groups than to be free.
Day1: Prince Gong's Palace - Tiananmen - Palace Museum
Day2: Badaling Great Wall - Bird's Nest - Water Cube
Day3: Summer Palace - Yuanmingyuan

1 If you choose to travel by public transport on your own, you are advised to open a $20 bus card at any subway station in Beijing. The bus and subway are common, and the bus can enjoy a 50% discount. There is no old-school bus card in Beijing, and 65-year-olds can still use public transportation free of charge. Old people are required to apply for an Old Age Permit in the local area.
2 Beijing taxis are expensive and often traffic jams. The morning and evening peaks of the subway are particularly crowded. It is better to consider what kind of transportation is appropriate before traveling.
3 Traveling with your parents, you need to do a good job in the early stages to ensure that they play comfortably. If there is no time for good arrangements, it is advisable to report a tour for the parents. However, it should be noted that there are many black groups in Beijing, especially small advertisements for leaflets on the roadside. The prices are also uneven, and after they are reported there are traps everywhere! It is highly recommended to choose a regular high-quality senior group on Ma Ma App, so it is more secure and more worry-free.

3. What foods and specialties must be eaten by the elderly in Beijing?

Beijing must eat food

[Peking Duck] Roast Duck is a famous dish in Beijing with world-renowned reputation. It is a court food during the Ming Dynasty and is a must-eat food for Beijing. The roast duck is divided into two kinds of oven-mounted roast ducks represented by Quanjude and roast duck served as stoves represented by cheaper squares. Beijing ducks are used as raw materials, and charcoal fire is used to make roast duck. The meat is not greasy but crispy and crispy. The cooked pancakes, sweet noodles and scallions were eaten together and they tasted delicious. In addition to Quanjude Heyifang, Dadong Roast Duck and Jinwan Million Roast Duck Restaurant are roast duck restaurants frequented by Beijingers. Beijing Roast Duck also has vacuum packaging, you can buy home to send relatives and friends, but the taste of vacuum packaging is far less than the roast, so I recommend friends and relatives or come to Beijing to personally taste it.

Photo: Beijing Roast Duck

【 Old Beijing mutton 】 Mutton mutton is an authentic old Beijing hot pot flavor, using copper pot charcoal fire, lamb is also very particular about the need for delicate meat and no smell, accompanied by a unique sesame paste is delicious. The mutton restaurant is also quaint and has a strong sense of classical Chinese culture. The most famous is Donglaishun. It is a century old and has more than 20 stores in Beijing.

Photo: Old Beijing mutton. By 小可依

Photo: Old Beijing mutton. By White Fluttering

Old Beijing traditional snacks

【Old Beijing noodles】The old Beijing noodles are made from dish code and deep-fried noodles. The dish code is usually cucumber, toon, bean sprouts, green beans, soybeans, etc. Stir fry and then add soy sauce or sweet noodle sauce made with soy sauce. The first place to eat noodles must be the sea bowl, and the dishes are very rich and full of sauce.

Picture: Old Beijing noodles. By kitchen knife

Donkey Rolling Donkey Rolling is one of the traditional snacks of old Beijing and Tianjin Wei. The finished yellow, white and red are clear, and it is beautiful. Because the final production process was to sprinkle the yellow bean noodles, especially when the wild donkeys on the outskirts of Beijing rolled up the bursts of loess, which was named after the donkey. Generally, the well-made donkey rolls the outer layer with bean-surfaces and is golden yellow. After the soybeans are put into the mouth, they can be unchewed and savored, especially for parents.
Peas yellow is famous for its cicadas. It is grated, peeled, washed, boiled, fried in sugar, condensed and cut into pieces. Yellow pea yellow rice is sweet and refreshing. Pea urinates, relieves sores, also has the effect of lowering blood pressure, removing fat, and losing weight.

Picture: Peas yellow. By mosq25

Old Beijing specialty

There are many traditional snacks that are unique to old Beijing. There are countless kinds of pastas, hot pots, fried dishes and drinks. As everyone knows, bean curd, braised, lamb dumplings, coke rings, fried cakes, and popping belly are all worth a try, but it should be noted that old Beijing pastries and fried elderly people are not easy to eat. If you need to bring some special products back to friends and family, you can take a look at the following recommendations:

Daoxiang Village The Daoxiang pastry was founded in the Qing Dynasty and has a long history. There are many types of cakes here, sweet and salty, which can be recommended by the clerk according to their own tastes. Buying a gift box can take home a dozen different kinds of snacks. If it is too much trouble to take home, Daoxiang Village also has an online shop, which can be purchased online and sent home.
[8] Beijing Eight "King" are Beijing style pastries with different shapes and tastes. It consists of eight materials such as jujube, omelet, raisin, rose, bean paste, sugar, banana, and salt and pepper. It is filled with oil, water, and noodles. Including Fuzi cake, Lu character cake, life character cake, hi word cake, Taishi cake, salt and pepper cake, date cake and Saqima. Beijingers always give gifts to “Beijing Eight Pieces” and take them home to send relatives and friends to the table with delicious and decent food.

Photo: Daoxiang Village Pastry Gift Box. By 忻

Figure: Beijing eight. By Sydney Pear

【Jing Tai Lan】 Beijing's unique handicrafts are most famous for cloisonne. Cloisonne, also known as bronze fetal silk enamel, is a colorful and colorful arts and crafts made by attaching various colors of enamels to copper tires or bronze tires. Products. Cloisonne was born in the imperial palace. It is the main display of the palace hall. If sent to friends or displayed at home, it is exquisite and atmospheric. Cloisonne's bracelet is also very delicate, as long as pay attention to daily maintenance, with all kinds of apparel are decent.

Photo: Cloisonne. By 懵丶羙羙

Fourth, to lead parents to play Beijing which need attention?

1 Wearing: Beijing Liupus flying in April and May, must not forget to wear masks to avoid allergies or asthma; Beijing in the morning and evening temperature difference is relatively large, we must remember to remind parents to change clothes in time. It is generally recommended that everyone bring their parents to Beijing in summer and the skies are clear. The temperature is also suitable. It is not recommended to come to Beijing in winter. Beijing has low temperatures outside winter and there are often severe haze difficulties. Beijing's palace courtyard is generally relatively large, so be sure to give parents a pair of comfortable shoes.
2 Health: When you are away from home, be sure to prepare the medicines that are commonly used by the elderly. Prepare regular medicines such as cold medicines and gastrointestinal medicines. Pay attention to their physical conditions.
3 Documents: Bring your parents' ID card and senior citizen's card. Some attractions in Beijing must have a document to purchase tickets. If you have an old age certificate, you can use the old age certificate to enjoy the benefits at many attractions.
4 travel: Beijing has always been a lot of tourists, crowded people, try to choose comfortable travel. Be sure to pay attention to your parents at large spots and don’t lose them. Freedom to plan the route in advance, try to avoid taking the wrong road.

V. Conclusion

With their parents, they have to round off a Beijing dream they missed for a long time. Feel the red complex of Beijing, feel the feelings of Chairman Mao of Beijing, and feel the history and culture of Beijing. Let them no longer regret. As long as you want, with this Raiders, you can start at any time ~~~

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