A quick tour of Beijing in a matter of hours. Let’s go!

1 hour to visit the bookstore, 3 hours to learn flower arrangement, 5 hours skiing, real Beijing is more exciting than you think!

Beijing 1 hour

Beijing Square: Market Gas? More foreign gas!

Next to the front door, half of the East side of the world's new tower of Gemini, Beijing Square, is expected to surpass Dashilar to become the newest tourist circle. There are old houses in the hutongs, a 100-year-old buoyancy building, and the high-end atmosphere of the Harrods store in Beijing. The new Beijing freestyle is a combination of east and west.

If you like the Chinese style, here is a custom gift shop "home biography", you can make the ancestral wind of the Forbidden City "heir family treasure", only the Palace can sell Meng, "family biography" dissatisfied!

TBH British Garden opened. It was a vote of Chinese students who had a strong British sentiment in Harrods China, British Fan's windbreaker, plaid scarf, three-tier afternoon tea set, and the British representative Paddington Bear. These are all United Kingdom.

Next month, another 24-hour bookstore, PAGE ONE , was added 24 hours a day . The design of the store is simple and high-end, which is the hall of knowledge and the “photo-holy spot ”. The bookstore is also dominated by art and design books, but supplemented by "store-in-shop," "flash-flash area," and cultural and creative centers, reading has become a cool thing!


When it comes to SKP, is there still a somewhat boring shopping mall for its impression? SKP's bookstore is now open. SKP RENDEZ-VOUS, which is set up on the fourth floor of SKP, is a living space that SKP operates on its own . There are also many people who say that it is an enhanced version of the former China Trade Fashion Gallery.

In SKP RENDEZ-VOUS, it is not just a simple bookstore. It integrates bookstores, cultural and creative, borderless cuisine, tea houses, independent coffee shops, cheeses, and red wines. In SKP RENDEZ-VOUS, there is no clear division of functional areas. Each book is divided into sample books and package books sold. There is no excessive commercial atmosphere. Reading is an enjoyment.

Beijing 3 hours

Luo Hong Art Museum: A black swan from Africa

First of all, this subtitle is a false proposition. Africa is the only continent in the world that does not have a swan to live (except for Antarctica). However, Luo Hong Museum is such a magical existence. The black swan is a hollyland high-end dessert brand founded by Luo Hong. The quality of the afternoon tea dessert is known as Michelin II.

The photo gallery next door is a completely different style. The black-themed photo hall records Luo Hong’s story of more than 40 trips to Africa, two trips to the Antarctic back on the prairies and glaciers. There are no quiet years here. They are animal migrations, lion prey, and the cruelest scene in nature.

You can enjoy a photo exhibition ticket with an afternoon tea set in the gallery.

Vase: Talking about a Love with French Flower Arrangement

3 hours do not know how to send? Better to pick a sunny afternoon and learn a flower class! Compared to other floral classes, the guide recommends VASE because the florist here studied in France before studying dress design and French floral art.

The entire shop is full of strong neo-classical romance. There is also a Shiba employee named HOHO who serves every guest meticulously and thoughtfully. Here, follow the florists to get acquainted with the types of flowers, learn the colors, and create a bouquet of romantic French flowers to add a touch of color to your home.

Beijing 5 hours

Tsinghua School: Returning to Ivory Tower

There are a few labels in Beijing that cannot be missed. In Sanlitun's foreigners and Haidian universities, more than 2 million college students make Beijing young forever. If there is a half-day time to find a university and return to the ivory tower, one of the most popular is Tsinghua University. Go to the steps of the library and watch the students ride the train to catch up. Go to the cafeteria to “get food”, buy a pancake with 5 yuan, 5 yuan. Buy bottle Arctic Ocean.

It is also possible to take a companion to watch the exhibition in Tsinghua University. Although the Tsinghua Art Museum is an academic exhibition hall, the exhibits have always been very stunning. The Mario Botta's architecture and Buder's sculpture are currently on display. Mario is also Tsinghua. The designer of the art museum itself. Don't forget to overlook the Tsinghua campus on the top floor of the museum!

Changping: The best match for skiing and hot springs

In winter in Beijing, riding is no longer a consideration for travel. In this seemingly depressing winter, it's better to go skiing and pamper yourself! Compared to the turbulent Nanshan ski resort, the Jundushan ski resort looks romantic and although it is not as large as the old ski resort, it is only 30 kilometers away from the city and the price is relatively low.

Because it's close to Xiaotangshan, it's definitely the happiest thing to do this winter when you choose a favorite hot spring after snowfall. Of course, if you are still full of ideas, you can stay overnight near the ski slopes. Xiaotangshan has many hot spring hotels of different styles. From the private soup castle to the open-air gardens, there is always a type you like.

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