How to take the Beijing subway

The subway is a public transport that is guaranteed to travel in Beijing in a congested city. What attractions can I play on the subway? This article covers a list of attractions around the subway and related considerations.
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Beijing currently has 16 subway lines and 1 airport light rail line, covering the main streets and locations in the urban and suburban areas. It is the most convenient public transport in Beijing. What attractions can I play on the subway? This section covers a list of the attractions around the subway and related precautions.

List of attractions around the subway

According to the statistics of the rail transit lines in Beijing in May 2017.

Fare and ticket purchase

The Beijing Subway adopts the method of segmentation pricing. The lowest fare is 3 yuan/person. The fare is calculated according to the number of kilometers. There is no need to exit and repurchase between transfers.

Tickets can be purchased directly at the subway station. Tickets can be purchased through self-service ticket machines and manual ticket sales windows . In general, self-service ticket vending machines can avoid queues. But no matter which way you buy tickets, you can only use cash to buy tickets.

The fare for the Airport Express is 25 yuan/person, which is billed separately and can use the bus card.

opening hours

Each line will be different between 5:00-23:00. You can ask the staff at the station "the last bus passed the time" to ensure that you can catch the last bus.

In the case of large-scale performances, some routes may extend the operating time (such as the large-scale concert in the Bird's Nest, Line 10 will extend the operating time), and in some cases, there will be early termination of operations. Please pay attention to the broadcasts in the station to avoid causing trouble for your own travel.

Rush hour

The subway is the most important means of transportation for the commuters in Beijing, so the subway will be very crowded during the peak hours of the day. The peak hours are generally 7:00-9 am, 5:00-7 pm, but the actual peak time will be longer than this time. Try to avoid taking the subway during this time.

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