Play over these before Tengchong ginkgo village count

If you use a color to describe the autumn Tengchong, it must be gorgeous yellow! Recently, friends sent photos, Ginkgo Village has been beautiful! Autumn glitz the most unforgettable beauty has come, what are you waiting for? Ginkgo village early, in the end when to go? How to play?
ginkgo village door by tour of burma

First, the origin of Ginkgo village

Tengchong Ginkgo Village area, located 37 kilometers north of Tengchong City, close to the National Volcanic Geological Park, 48 kilometers from Tengchong Airport, 39 kilometers from the exit of Baoteng Expressway. Because here has the ancient Yunnan ginkgo forest, it is named Ginkgo Village. Ginkgo Village area covers an area of ​​35.42 square kilometers, adjacent to Myanmar. Here has been named "National Ecological Culture Village", "30 most attractive villages in Yunnan Province", "Yunnan Top Ten Embroidery Village" and other honorary titles.

Ginkgo Village

Ginkgo Village embroidery. By tour of Burma

Village farmhouse. By tour of Burma

Second, Tengchong Ginkgo best time to watch

Every year there will be some differences, mostly in 10-12 months.

Ginkgo village. By tour of Burma

Ginkgo village. By tour of Burma

Ginkgo village. By tour of Burma

Third, can not miss the main attractions

Play map. By tour of Burma

1, ginkgo ginkgo

Ginkgo Village The village has natural contiguous ginkgo Linyi 10000 acres more than 30000 strains, the oldest "Ginkgo biloba" more than 1300 years old. Autumn ginkgo village, into a golden world, volcanic stone walls and ginkgo trees with unique colors for the village portrayed a beautiful landscape. Formed into the "village in the forest, at home, people in the painting," intoxicating beauty.

Drunk the United States ginkgo. By tour of Burma

Drunk the United States ginkgo. By tour of Burma

Drunk the United States ginkgo. By tour of Burma

2, Shimen ancient battlefield

Shimen ancient battlefield is located in the southeast of Jiangyun Village halfway up an area of ​​450 square meters, since ancient times is an important official Road, Business Road, Bing Road. Known as "a husband when Kwan Wafu open" reputation.

Shimen ancient battlefield. By tour of Burma

Shimen ancient battlefield. By tour of Burma

3, Thousands feel one line

In the east side of the ginkgo village gorge, 240 acres of pine forest camp, camping, sightseeing, but also overlooking the gorge, overlooking the waterfall, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Thousands feel one line. By tour of Burma

4 billion years volcano

Plate collision, creating spectacular volcano, standing volcano Gyeongbuk Observatory, volcano wonders at a glance, feel the infinite charm of nature.

Hundred years of volcano. By tour of Burma

5, colorful garden

Ginkgo covers an area of ​​about 1,000 acres of multicolored fields, cultivated by the villagers themselves, where you can see the beautiful rural scenery, close to nature, feel the joy of harvest.

Colorful garden. By tour of Burma

6, amazing valley

The collision between the Asia-Europe plate and the Indian Ocean plate makes Tengchong have magnificent volcanoes and magical canyons. In Ginkgo Village, a legendary Volcano Canyon across two plates, walking in the canyon trails, is walking in the Asia-Europe plate and the junction of the Indian Ocean plate, kicked across the two plates, feel the infinite charm of nature.

Amazing Canyon. By tour of Burma

Amazing Canyon. By tour of Burma

7, Ginkgo Story Museum (under construction)

Ginkgo Storyteller is the story of Ginkgo Village Cultural Consulate general. Settled garrison edge, a Hongwu frontier village history; farming reading passions, a volume of Tang Yue culture customs; fingertip heritage, a handicraft dream factory. Three chapters show a feast of Ginkgo as a spiritual totem pole culture experience.

Story Hall. By tour of Burma

Story Hall. By tour of Burma

8, 天工 Market (under construction)

Market restoration "Heavenly Creations" for the farming and handicrafts era all kinds of techniques, utensils, tools and other scenarios, the establishment of experiential factories and hand workshops. Here there are all kinds of native products, feel the most pure taste of Ginkgo Village.

Heavenly market. By tour of Burma

9, non-inherited

Ginkgo Village is a bright edge of the polar edge of the Han style beads, shadow, pottery, paper umbrellas, papermaking ... ... people use traditional culture to write their own customs, perseverance and gentle care of their nostalgia.

Oil paper umbrella. By tour of Burma

Shadow By tour of Burma

Pottery. By tour of Burma

Papermaking. By tour of Burma

If you are planning a Tengchong autumn tour, it is recommended that you choose this poetic day tour, first visit to Tengchong must visit attractions.

Fourth, Ginkgo Village photo take a ride guide

Ginkgo so beautiful to see, it is important to take pictures! How to shoot beautiful pictures to brush screen friends circle?
The following skills you have to master!

Clothing ready

Before taking pictures, choose what to wear clothes is a crucial step.
White is the most wild and most secure color, white dress shuttle in the ginkgo forest, cents! Of course, if you can hold bright colors with (red), then shoot out is also a large effect!

Clothes color By tour of Burma

2 clothes pattern

Pattern to concise as the best, local Floral, printing are possible.

Partial printing. By tour of Burma

3. Style

Soft dress is the first choice, long section best.

Beauty long dress. By tour of Burma

4 small accessories

If it is white or light-colored clothes, it is best to have a brightly colored hats, gloves, scarves or ornaments to play the effect of the eye.

Beauty accessories. By tour of Burma

5. Photo position

Please put away your scissor hand, do not "stand military posture!" These few POSE camera quickly learn to pack you take pictures Mei Mei's!
Throwing leaves, lying on the ground, pick the leaves by hand, with a camera, scarf and other blocking the face, from the side shoot, staring at the leaves, lying on the ground ......

Photo position. By tour of Burma

Photo position. By tour of Burma

Photo position. By tour of Burma

Photo position. By tour of Burma

Photo position. By tour of Burma

Photo position. By tour of Burma

Photo position. By tour of Burma

6. Shooting time

Early morning and evening is the best time to shoot ginkgo. If you catch an early morning go, more able to avoid the troubles of the crowd, harvest a quiet environment gingko blockbuster.

Photo time. By tour of Burma

Photo time. By tour of Burma

Want to leave the United States and the United States of the photo, no one to take pictures of a person? Or two people want to enter the country at the same time, you can choose to buy a travel product in the ant cell, so you are responsible for the beauty of flowers like it ~

Five, in addition to watching ginkgo do not miss these ginkgo delicious

1. Now fried ginkgo

Ginkgo village produces ginkgo, a fried wok, sweet and soft waxy.

Now fried ginkgo. By tour of Burma

2. Ginkgo stewed chicken (Jade Phoenix soup)

Top grade ginkgo, the original ecological chicken, fresh meat, sweet soup.

Ginkgo stewed chicken. By tour of Burma

3. ginkgo stewed intestine

Ginkgo plus small intestine, slow fire stewing fragrant floating overflowing.

Ginkgo soup

 Ginkgo and the perfect integration of eggs, taste silky, fragrant lips and teeth.

Food. By tour of Burma

Six, ginkgo village traffic


Tengchong has opened flights in Beijing, Chongqing, Changsha, Guangzhou, Kunming, Nanjing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taiyuan, Xi'an, Zhengzhou and Zhuhai

If you are worried about life unfamiliar to the urban area is not convenient, or because of the lack of understanding of the local airport, and so on; you can choose to buy a pick-up machine in the ant cell to solve your troubles in different places.

2 shuttle

Shuttle information. By tour of Burma

4. Railway

There are currently no trains to Kunming and Dali (Li) railroads under construction. After the traffic can be in Longling, Luxi, Ruili station car to go.


From Tengchong downtown to Ginkgo Village about 40 km, take the shuttle bus to Gu Dong and transfer to Gudong town or get off at Xinhecun (with a big sign) on the way and transfer to. You can also take a shuttle to visit Volcano Park first, and then take a van to go (11-12 month peak season from the city to the Ginkgo Village car, to the tourist terminal opposite to ride).

6. chartered

Experience better, and more at ease and convenient.
Cost: chartered eight hours about 300-500 yuan (cars can sit 1-3 people; commercial vehicles can take 4-10 people)
Chartered car is relatively safe and easy, road-learning drivers can save a lot of time for everyone in the journey , But also may encounter some surprises.  

Seven, Ginkgo Village into the village convention

Han style ancient land, looking tourists as the Romans do, do not try customs:
1, both sides of the hall into the house, do not take the middle;
2, Zu Tang house to whisper, a hundred days do not enter the temple;
3, Do not pass by the elders room to move;
4, young men and women off to sit down, do not cross the woman was the owner Fang, a married woman bogey to sit back;
5, do not place the spoon up, chopsticks landing said "fast (chopsticks) music (down ) ";
6, after a meal chopsticks bogey put right and on the left is called variant chopsticks (zhù);
7, into the distillery does not say" acid "," bathing "businessman eating not to mention;
8, do not climb trees Millennium , Please leave the name of the main fruit.

Ginkgo village. By tour of Burma

Eight, conclusion

Location, route, camera skills have, and now you are bad action! About about everybody, pat pat!

Thank Oriental Garden Brigade Group to provide some text and pictures

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