Wuzhen in the Utopia - Wu Village play experience

Wuzhen there is a utopia, its name is Ukrainian village. A rare fate, that Wucun such a place. At first glance, I really do not know where, and then check the Internet only found that it was adjacent to a famous ancient town - Wuzhen. If you think Wuzhen too much noise, then set off to this Wucun it. Wu village is a village, but this village is very ideal, very perfect.
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Play experience

In Wucun's "one price all-inclusive", in addition to eating, but also play. As for what to play? In the village when staying, there will be a project schedule. From morning to night, if you really want to participate in all activities, then simply can not stop. The village committee is Wucun affairs center, the hotel check in is here.

Village committee | enjoy peasant painting exhibition

Figure: farmer gallery.

Villagers can enjoy the exhibition of peasant paintings, peasants can also participate in drawing.

Village teahouse | Experience the hand-made fun

Often arrangements for the experience of hand-made, for example, pipette lobster braided straw cloth shoes.

Figure: Pipette lobster.

Wu village experience activities, spread in every part of the village. The weather is good, you can also tie scarecrows (unfortunately we go to the rain), you can catch crayfish, wildfire rice can be burned .... but also rent a bike, swinging in the village.

Figure: cloth woven straw shoes.

Youth age | Close to small animals

As the original ecology of the countryside, a variety of animal plants are essential. Get up early in the morning and stroll through the village of Wukun before eating breakfast. If you have children, you can really bring them around to see the young animals. A pig, a cow, a sheep, there are not afraid of the birth of a small rabbit.

Figure: cattle are grazing.

Everywhere | Discover the world of natural melons

Cultivated land is planted with crops everywhere. Speaking of crops, or early years, "Happy Farm" swept the time to play vegetables to steal vegetables to recognize a lot of vegetables, or else this time really be despised as "four-body unscrupulous, grain regardless of" .

Figure: Wugu eggplant to the ground.

A large field of wheat is our favorite. See this piece of wheat field, suddenly felt really, what is "the joy of harvest."

Figure: Wu village wheat field.

Wuzhen | appreciate the Millennium bustling Yangtze River

Of course, this is Wu Village, we naturally can not forget it adjacent to the famous Wuzhen. Wuzhen beauty basically do not need to do more to introduce it. Its night view is worth a visit. Wu village and Wuzhen, not restricted access, so I can live in Wu Village, play in Wuzhen. Only now Wuzhen reputation is too high, arena status is too high, so tourists too much. Go out to play, always want to find a quiet place to go.

Figure: Wuzhen.

From Wu Village to Wuzhen is very convenient, 24-hour direct shuttle car battery, only two or three minutes by car.

Food experience

Good quality room, is half the comfort of the holiday. But for food, the most important thing throughout the holidays is still food. To be honest, originally for the "one price all inclusive" type of catering facilities, the heart did not report much expectations, first imagined a variety of hotel buffet.

Figure: Ukrainian village mill.

You know, even the slightest hotel, the delicious buffet is still small. In Wucun's two days and one night, we ate 3 meals, 45 kinds of snacks, the practice proved that regardless of dinner or snacks, Wu Cun Royal Diet's technology, absolutely beyond our expectations. Especially that Dayton-based buffet dinner, it is amazing!

Breakfast | village cafe

Breakfast has always been my favorite part, I can eat many, many, dining is still in the village cafe.

Figure: Western breakfast.

Western breakfast: whole wheat toast + butter + two lettuce + a fried egg + two slices of bacon.
Chinese breakfast: small wonton + burning wheat + fritters + side dishes.
This is not a bad thing to eat, but it's delicious. I just ate the wheat, and then go back to get, actually there is no! The taste of the crowd is really Lingling!

Figure: Chinese breakfast.

During this time of playing in Um Cun, except for these three meals, there is always ready snacks in every accommodation area. Through these two days we found that many people have overlooked Wu Village there are all kinds of snacks this important and must not be missed.

Lunch | soil stove farmers food buffet

After we arrived in Wu Village, we ate Chinese food at the mill's restaurant. Self-service, cuisine is very rich, with Jiangsu and Zhejiang characteristics of freshwater fish, there are soil stove farm vegetables. Good dishes, fish and shrimp such ingredients are fresh, has subverted our awareness of the buffet.

Figure: Wu Village lunch.

Dinner | Western buffet with claypot

Perhaps in order to avoid the same, dinner is arranged Western buffet. Dining point is located across from the mill, village cafe. Came to the rice store before dinner, it is said there is a very good pot claypot. On the way we have to discuss it, decided to dinner here to solve. Until the time of ordering, the staff at Yonekura reminds us: ate claypot, dinner can not eat, are you sure you want to eat?

Figure: Ukrainian Western buffet.

Take the meal, stay in the pasta counter for about two seconds after the counter is very enthusiastic brother asked me if I want to eat a pasta. Often, I never give up on the delicacies that I take the initiative to bring to my door, so I am glad to agree and do my own DIY. At my request, the pasta was served with bacon, onions, bell peppers, minced meat, black pepper sauce, sprinkled with cheese, and two broccoli embellishes. But let alone, this pasta is really tasty.

Figure: Wukun pasta.

In addition to pasta, we also found a Need! That is the big crab leg! ! Eat more dry and shriveled crab legs in other hotels, eating here, just blissful, too plump! ! This material is absolutely elegant! So small partners do not miss it!

Figure: crab legs.

In general, Western food buffet to eat the last, is when all kinds of dessert debut. Highlights the following carrot cake and vanilla pudding.

Figure: carrot cake and vanilla pudding.

We have been satisfied with this western buffet. Later, when I was chatting with the staff, I knew that their chef was hired very much.

All-day | Delicious snacks ready to catch

Village teapot dumplings
eat dumplings can drink tea refreshments, which is the village life ah!

Figure: inch tea room dumplings.

The shop behind the dessert shop in Taoyuan is not very eye-catching. It looks like an empty room where nobody runs a business, but you have to push the door brave enough to eat it. The variety is also a lot of choice, we drank osmanthus lotus root starch, red bean paste, Tremella soup.

Figure: dessert shop.

Rice Clay claypot
which are installed into the casserole with raw rice is burned, so it takes some time. But the finished product is absolutely amazing. We ordered the ribs and sausage, Wow, that smell of people hungry fragrance, it is fragrant Shili ah!

Figure: delicious claypot.

In addition to the above paragraphs, there are green balls in the bamboo house. Umura cuisine, generally can hit 9 points (out of 10 points). A food to do outstanding place, is the soul of the place. Must have good food, in order to win deep love loving food. More importantly, these foods are free of charge.

Accommodation experience

Reservation | "One price all inclusive" village people

As I mentioned earlier, U-village restored an ideal rural area. So how do we become a villager here? The specific way is "one price all inclusive." The so-called "one price all-inclusive" means that one-time payment at the scheduled time, into the Wucun you can play around with the wallet, eating and drinking in the best! Sounds pretty cool mad pull.

Figure: Wuzhen tree house.

The official introduction of "one price all-inclusive" means that booking a room package, you can enjoy the following items accordingly.
1, Wu village tour experience.
2, Ukrainian senior bed room / standard room accommodation.
3, early, middle and late meals specialties.
4, the village tea room to enjoy tea drinks and snacks scattered throughout.
5, for a variety of friends, parents, couples to experience the activities.
6, Xizha scenic tour.
7, Wu Village and West Gate scenic tour bus.
Package of the scheduled, you can pass "Wuzhen travel official booking site." Room price shows the double price, the price of less than two thousand on weekdays, the weekend will rise to two thousand in the early.

CCO help you solve problems

Wu village can check in at two points.
First, the VIP processing center in the Xishan Visitor Center, this area specializes in Wu Village stay.
Second, Wucun village committee. Usually arrived Wu Village, the village will send someone to receive such people in the village known as CCO, in fact, can be seen as integrated services in the area of ​​professional steward, every customer solve problems. Have them in, do not worry about everything.

Figure: Wucun signs.

Experience | Tour in the country, sleep in the bamboo

Wucun accommodation, made me feel very interesting. It is said that Wucun was predecessor of many independent production brigades. After the transformation, each production brigade gathered into their own accommodation area. Now they are divided into fishermen's houses, mills, wine alleys, bamboo houses, rice warehouses, Taoyuan and youth educated youth. Each accommodation area is dominated by an independent courtyard.

Figure: Wucun Bed and Breakfast.

Into Wuxun, a block of two-story low-rise housing is located in the tree-lined between, really like to the countryside, an original look. Wu Village, the highest two-story houses, the first floor of the room will have a small courtyard, the second floor of the room with a balcony.

Figure: Wu village.

Our room is in bamboo house, second floor. Open the balcony door, tall bamboo grow in front of the courtyard, all eyes are green, it happened to rain, wet bamboo leaves seem more green. Take a deep breath, refreshed, the natural leisurely taste, vacation should be like this.

Figure: Wu Village houses.

Under the cloak of the cottage, the room was comfortable. I do not know what other theme is the style, bamboo IKEA style won my heart. Bamboo bamboo house, a house should be decorated with bamboo theme. From the beginning into the residential area, along this bamboo trail, which is unique.

Figure: Wu Village houses.

Luggage | Tired without moving yourself

Living in Wu Village, there is a special way of baggage checked. If you check in Wuzhen Xizha Visitor Center for check-in, you can check in, commissioned by the front desk to help you to the luggage Wu Village. Similarly, in the Ukrainian village check out, you can also entrust the front desk to send luggage to Xizha visitor center. Get rid of the luggage, we can sprinkle a playful friends, this service is not very thoughtful.

Figure: Wu village scenery.

Luggage delivery time in about an hour.

Traffic experience

Personally think that there are two more convenient: First, by car, the second bus.
By car: the car can park in Wuzhen Xizha parking lot (parking lot 1 recently, followed by 3, 2 furthest), Wuzhen parking fees are not expensive, we stop for two days and one night, only 15 dollars .
Bus: Wuzhibu bus ride to the bus station, and then there is a bus directly to the West Gate, about 5 minutes by car.
The rest: Like high-speed rail, Tongxiang Railway Station to the West Gate, take the bus or take some time, it is not very recommended. From West Gate to Ukrainian village, sit directly in the scenic battery car on it.

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