Tengchong Ginkgo Village to make the autumn more beautiful

November is the most beautiful autumn season, came to Tengchong, Yunnan, where there is an ancient village with its own filter, the fall of beauty out of another heavy realm!
Cade said: Yunnan Tengchong ancient ginkgo village

About ginkgo

Ginkgo, also known as ginkgo, dioecious plants, is one of the oldest relic plants in the existing gymnosperms, known as "living fossils." Ginkgo grows slowly and has a very long lifespan. It takes more than 20 years from planting to the end of the year. Only after 40 years can a large number of results be achieved. Therefore, it is also known as the "Gongsun Tree" and has the meaning of "public and grandchildren get food". Life expectancy of more than a thousand years old, more than 3500 years of survival of the trees are still branches and luxuriant fruits. May flowering in May each year, mature in October, the fruit is orange-yellow seed drupe.

Nowadays, ginkgo yellow leaves
are seen as an upsurge in autumn. Many cities also have ornamental ginkgo trees.
There are large ginkgo trees in Beijing, Sichuan, Guangdong and other places.
Today, the ancient ginkgo village in Tengchong, Yunnan Province is introduced.

Ginkgo Village, also known as Koto Village

Ginkgo Village in Tengchong County, Yunnan Province, the name is called Jiangdong Village.
Driving north from Tengchong County, more than 40 kilometers, less than 1 hour to the ancient ginkgo village.
More than 3,000 ginkgo trees are dotted inside and outside the courtyard of a farmhouse.

Most of the ginkgo tree ages here have hundreds of years,
Jiangdong Village has become the most popular autumn Tengchong destination.
This may be the largest concentration of Yunnan's oldest piece of ginkgo forest.

Yunnan's autumn is not too cold, late gingko leaf yellow.
From mid November to early December every year, it is the best viewing period for Ginkgo Village.
The whole ginkgo village is naturally integrated into the ginkgo forest.

The villagers in Jiangdong Village are said to have migrated from the Central Plains.
The shadow culture here has a history of more than 600 years.
Ancient ginkgo village was once the movie "martial arts" one of the filming.

Jiangdong village houses before and after the house has large and small ginkgo trees everywhere,
to here "full of gold", the most comfortable early morning and evening.
Ginkgo trees are higher, love to bring a telephoto lens
photography, both to avoid shooting the crowd, but also photographed ginkgo yellow leaves close-up.

photography skills

Ginkgo biloba can be taken as the background of the blue sky,
post-processing, remember to use the optional color,
the blue and cyan interference color yellow reduced.

Jiangdong Village has a lot of peasant music and inn, you can go to visit,
even if only take pictures, the host family are also used to it,
but photography friends do not disturb other inn guests as well.


Now in the tourist season into the Koto Gung Village, separate charges,
from the Gingko Square Chen Jiasi is the most intensive visitors,
in fact, as long as the ginkgo village went inside, a lot less people.

Accommodation is not available during the viewing period, so book in advance.
Worried about missing yellow leaves can contact the local inn by phone in advance.
There are also some kiosks and villagers selling handicrafts in the village.

Ginkgo biloba contains a large number of trace elements such as amino acids,
fried ginkgo fruit while hot to eat, full mouth fragrance, soft waxy fruit.
Ginkgo stew also recommended local food, nutrition and delicious.

The middle and late November is the yellowsthrough of Ginkgo biloba , the
local reception capacity is limited, the construction of public facilities is relatively weak,
especially in busy season people need accommodation in advance.

Attractions nearby

Around the Ginkgo Village there are many other playable tourist destinations,
you can go to Tengchong volcano hot sea area soak a hot spring.
Tengchong Heshun ancient town also do not have some flavor.

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