Riding a bike to visit the capital 丨 this five riding the most suitable line!

In Europe and other developed countries, bicycles gradually completed from the travel function to fitness, environmental protection, tourism, fashion function conversion, cycling has become the daily favorite outdoor lifestyle. Today, sharing bicycles has become an indispensable part of our daily lives, they are not only environmentally friendly means of transport, but also can take you to understand the old Beijing own story.
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Perhaps, riding is the best way to know the city

There are many ways to know a city. Walking on foot, always feel that the scenery can be too little tour, the car and feel the lack of leisurely taste. The most comfortable, but also to enjoy the scenery on the road, is the bike trip it

To the city of Beijing, will find that Beijing said big, that small is also very small. Sometimes riding a bike, riding a stop street, some unique Beijing taste will be unexpected in your discovery.  

One, alley tour line

Line Recommended: Shichahai - Prince Gong House - Tobacco Slip Street - Bell and Drum Tower - Nanluoguxiang - Wudaoyou Hutong - Imperial College

This ride line contains the most representative of the alley in Beijing block - Shichahai, tour the palace, view of the former residence, visit the ancient street, and then boarded the bell tower overlooking the central axis of the alley on both sides of the city; afternoon to the two major literary capital alley - Nanluoguxiang, Wudaoyou alley, a taste of a different kind of old town new style; finally go to visit the "Siye" home Lama Temple, to the Imperial College and Confucius Temple taste thick flavor.  

Second, the old Beijing old and famous

Line Recommended: West Cross Lane, Dashilan, Pearl City mouth, Liulichang, Rui 蚨 Cheung, Zhang Yiyuan, within the rise, Beijing Square, Ji Xiaolan former residence, Liulichang Cultural Street.

Qianmen Street has been south, arrived at the mouth of the city of West Street, the junction has been west, will pass the Catholic Church, Fortress Park, Ji Xiaolan former residence, Huguang Hall. After arriving at Huguang Guildhall, go north into South Xinhua Street and arrive at the glass factory after about 700 meters. Liulichang is a famous cultural street, where the sale of four treasures of the shop lot.  

Big fence chart by Pxuanxuan

Third, the imperial city of ancient monuments tour

Line Recommended: Fu Jing Street, the ancient emperor temple, Miaoying Temple White Tower, Guangji Temple, Lu Xun Museum, Imperial Root Park, Beihai Park, Jingshan Park.

Huangcheng root ruins park, built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties Beijing City, the second city wall of the "East Imperial City root" site, restore a small section of the wall, showing the bustling downtown in the fresh, landscape, elegant, modern urban environment. Along the attractions characteristics: Beijing rhyme culture, ancient style

Beihai Park Photo by Nanshan Nathan

This trip is definitely the focus of the North Sea Park, and let us dangqi ballet children inside the white tower in this, as a native of Beijing chicks, a child is the happiest thing to the North Sea Park rowing. Beihai Park is one of the oldest and most preserved royal gardens in China. The towering mountain tower is the symbol of Beihai Park. Beihai Park, the vast waters in Beijing is extremely rare, and its garden style also combines the South of the graceful and the north of the vast, unique. 3-5 months each year is the spring of the North Sea flowering, 7-8 months lotus exhibition, 10-11 month chrysanthemum show, all year round, are attracted to a large number of visitors to spend flowers.

Fourth, Olsen West Beijing big oxygen bar

Line Recommended: Olympic Forest Park - Summer Palace - Xiangshan Park  

The line is more suitable for a certain riding experience of friends, the whole more than 20 kilometers, and mostly flat, only to close to the Xiangshan Xiangquan ring island annex to the mountain, and the slope is not steep. This road to the majority of the park, riding enthusiasts can stop more than enjoy the scenery.

Summer Palace map by the Sydney sauce

Five, Chang'an Street and along

Line Recommended: Yuyuantan Park - Jun Bo - Xidan - Tiananmen Square - Palace - Wangfujing

This ride should be the best ride in Beijing, the most beautiful scenery of the road, the whole Chang'an Street is very wide road, along the way is also the most beautiful place in Beijing, riding a tired can also go to the bustling Xidan, Wangfujing Street shopping Shopping, something to eat. To the Forbidden City feel the majesty of the Forbidden City, to do a return through the ancient people.

Tiananmen Figure by 123 tabloid

The Forbidden City, also known as the Forbidden City, is China and the world's most complete preservation, the largest wooden structure of ancient buildings, known as "the world's top five palace." The Imperial Palace was ordered by Yongle Emperor Zhu Di to build, according to its layout and function is divided into "outside" and "inner court" two parts. To dry clear the door for the community, dry out the door to the south for the outside, north to the inner court. There are a large number of precious cultural relics in the palace, according to statistics, there are millions, accounting for one-sixth of the total number of cultural relics. Watch the clock 11 o'clock and 14 o'clock every day there are watches and clocks, not to be missed.

Museum of the Imperial Palace

Other riding theme recommended

Axis Heritage Tour: Yongding Gate, Temple of Heaven, Beijing Museum of Natural History, fish mouth old food court, Liu Laogen big stage, Qianmen Street, China Railway Museum, Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall, Tiananmen Square, the National Museum of China, the working people's Cultural Palace, Changpu River Park, Huang Shi, the Imperial Palace, Donghua Men, Bell and Drum Tower, Imperial College, Confucius Temple, Gui Street, Wen Tianxiang Temple.
Midline celebrity tour: Ancient Observatory, Asbury Church, Dongjiaominxiang, Police Museum, Imperial root Ruins Park, the former residence of Lao She, the Red House Peking University, China Art Museum, Beijing People's Art Theater, Theater Museum, the Interior Ministry Street, Shijia Hutong, of wisdom Temple, China Women and Children Museum.
North line country tour: Liu Yin Park, the altar, the altar east wall, the Lama Temple. North line creative tour: Dongzhimen Qingshuiyuan water plant, St. Tangguo cultural and creative park, five camp alley, Fang alley, Andingmen old objects children Museum, Drum Tower East Street, Nanluoguxiang, the new Poly Museum, Culture and leisure street.
South Road, non-travel: the Chinese National Museum of Fine Arts, Wu Yutai Chazhuang, Tong Ren Tang, Ming City Wall Ruins Park, East Gate Kong Kok, Donghua City Community Museum, Beijing Public Transport Museum, Capital 100 Workshop, Beijing enamel factory.

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