Summer to bring children to Dali can be rich? Read on the starting!

But also belong to the world of the small utopia, there are beautiful scenery, there are humanities, as well as the summer of the 15 - year - old, the world 's food, 25 comfortable temperature, is to take the children to enjoy the beauty of summer and broad vision of the choice.
from the photographer

From the photographer

One, summer with children to Dali what chic experience

1, cat cat fake kindergarten visit

Cat Cats Kindergarten from network

In the vicinity of the three towers of Chongsheng Temple, there is a small well-known kindergarten in Dali and even the country. In the cat cat on the kindergarten, free, not rigidly, do not learn every day is also, but vegetables, painting, do birdcage, like "three silly big Bollywood" Li Lanchu created natural school , The greatest degree of retention of the child's creativity.

The children and the teacher assembled the motorcycle from the cat fox community

2, around the Erhai sea to the family trip

Erhai riding by bikego

It seems that people always like to ride in the lake or the beach, a kind of listen to the wind to see the sea of ​​fresh arts it, Erhai Road is very suitable for riding, if the children will ride, then ride together than the car can create more Memories, but also to increase the interaction of it.

See the good scenery to stop taking pictures by photographers

But the Erhai almost 130 km, to ride a circle with a child unrealistic, want to ride and the sea have, 4 +2 is the most appropriate program: 4 rounds of commercial vehicles +2 round bike, within a day Can be around the sea, but also riding.

3, get a new skill: canoeing

Parent yacht by bikego

It seems that some dangerous canoeing is very easy, very safe, this is the first step in the child's hydrophilic, Erhai is very calm, very open, unique kayak base is Cangshan, general beginners are designated double skin Rowing, with a child, dial the oars, accidentally met the sky color Xia.

Canoeing sunset by bikego

Now many city parks have kayaking, but the field of vision is poor, there is no coach to play on their own, can not appreciate the fun of kayaking, and once the master can not grasp the skills tired, professional training Kayaking can be very easy and safe.

4, climb out a new perspective: climbing

Foreign children attending summer camp by bikego

The outdoor sports are also very safe, but more suitable for children like to conquer, different from the indoor climbing museum, rock climbing more difficult, but also need skills, of course, more return to the rock climbing of the true, professional coach will escort, Dali Only this one, often received foreign children to China summer camp training Oh.

Children can also rock climbing by bikego

Climbing to choose a professional team, there will be coaching teaching, but also full escort, parents also need to give children confidence Oh, do not recommend fear of high children to participate.

5, to the local folk experience: tie dye

Zhapping is the Bai people from the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty since the traditional folk crafts, heritage so far, in the city of Zhou (tie dye town) from 10-year-old girl to over sixties grandmother will tie dye, tie dye used dyes are plants Made, mostly Banlangen. Bring the child, so that the white lady a needle line to teach children of this nation's craft.

6, the good childhood: flying kites

Sunset when flying kites

Remember that we will be a child to do their own kite, the flying feathers of the sky and a sense of joy that has been accompanied by our growth, Dali with "romantic" , Bring the child, leaving TA a journey of innocence.

7, met the stars

Shaxi sky

Relatively speaking, in the ancient city of Dali to see the stars going to the distant mountains, unsafe, Shaxi is a small town, very quiet at night people also sleep early, no light pollution, choose a rooftop inn, Rooftop on the head can see the stars, and relatively speaking, Shaxi and other winds cost-effective, if the fear of children out of the night out of her house there are stars, in the room will be able to see the stars it.  

① sunny cloudy weather can see the stars Oh, optimistic about the weather forecast
② see the stars must be selected late at night, when the light pollution, the general after 00:00

8, tea horse road horse horse Pentium

Riding a child by bikego

See more costume martial arts drama, will certainly have a bit longing for riding, although not like the ancients generally gallop battlefield, but it is also a very fresh experience, enrich the child's growth experience. Shaxi is the only surviving ancient horse market, still retains the caravan culture, summer in the Shaxi can also be led by the horse pot horse riding on the mountain mushroom Oh, at noon to return to eat the year Tea Horse Road to help people eat The horse to help rice.

Shaxi Tea Horse Road by bikego

Transportation: Dali to Shaxi has two and a half hours by car, there is no direct car, mountain road and bend, not recommended by car, charter about 600 / car, you can also participate in bikego trip, including Dali City, Traffic and various experiences.

9, early morning to the mountain baskets of mushrooms

Wild bacteria from the network

The rainy season, the bacteria are out, the air is full of bacteria smell, Yunnan is the kingdom of wild bacteria, every year 7-10 months is the best time to eat bacteria, it is the restaurant's popular dishes, has become the home of ordinary people dish. To taste this seasonal food can have several ways: restaurants, early morning of the food market, personally picked up the mountain.

The mushroom of the little girl from home in the Shenzhen community snow off silent

Personally pick up mushrooms have a certain degree of difficulty, and Yunnan a wide range of bacteria, some mushrooms may be toxic, need to have a well-known local people with Yamagata.

Second, the summer with children to Dali what unique scenery

TOP1: Rainbow after rain

Dali into the rainy season, the rainbow became commonplace, in Dali this plateau area, coupled with greatly Erhai Lake refraction, it is easy after the rain rainbow, and often are double rainbow, so the scene is full of reinforced concrete city In the rare Oh.

Dali Rainbow from Digital Tail

Dali Rainbow from the network

TOP2: Choi Ha & Jesus Light

The sky is no longer just appear in the animation scene, Dali in addition to "romantic" four landscape, the most famous is undoubtedly the cloud, and this cloud of course not only Choi Ha, there are all kinds of grotesque, eye-catching sea of ​​clouds The Summer time, it is easy to see the sky color Xia. The best way to see the sunset is almost at sunset, personally row kayak, 0 from the Erhai Lake, dial pulp, into the Erhai Center, quietly waiting for the arrival of sunset, accidentally met Day color Xia.

Dali sunset by a lot of big fish

Fire cloud by bikego

Jesus is actually the effect of the Dindal, when the thick clouds hit the towering Cangshan, through the clouds of light shining to the sparkling Erhai water, I swear: This is my life seen the most spectacular "Dindal effect".

Haitong Jesus by by bikego

Sea tongue park Jesus light by Lois Lu

TOP3: mountain springs

Cangshan has nineteen peaks of 18 streams, a lot of hidden in the Cangshan stream has your unexpected cool and green, these streams of natural formation, clear and pure extremely, a lot of local people will go to take the mountains and rivers to go home tea.

Peach Valley Water

People go to the more peach valley, had a Mo reminders room, but because of the reason why Dali environmental remediation turned off, a lot of people whom sad for a long time, before Mo reminders of tea is taken from the peach valley water, bubble Cangshan snow tea system. To go to the Peach Valley do not need tickets, about 20 minutes on foot can see Taoxi small waterfalls, along the small ditch, listening to the gurgling streams of sound walking mountain, but also from time to time to hear the birds call, this close to nature Oh, nothing else

Taoxi play water

traffic: by car - from the ancient city of Simon to the peach valley about 4 km to the mouth of the peach valley there is a small flat to stop, about 20 minutes, a taxi up about 10 yuan, just bad down the mountain.

Third, for the four-day experience of parent-child travel recommended

In view of the summer, the children are on holiday, and parents are mostly holiday leave baby travel, not as usual in general so hurry, so the recommended more casual 4 day tour, the main focus on the child's diverse experience.

A family on the sea by photographers

Day1: learning to ride

Haha, to Dali is definitely to the ring Erhai, the summer atmosphere of the Dali is very suitable for riding, sunny light is also very good to take pictures of it, with the children to the lake around the lake 4 +2, easy not tired, riding skills get.

Day2: visit the mountain springs + tie dye experience or kayak

To the Dali must not miss TOP2: Cangshan, today's trip is to visit Cangshan small public attractions, Cangshan foot has a white village: Zhou City, Dali's most famous tie-dye town, you can take children to learn national craft, Belong to their own dye cloth, afternoon and children personally walked into the Cangshan, to visit the Cangshan clean - Peach Valley.

Day3: squeeze milk + reward the stars

Shaxi, a town favored by foreigners but neglected by the people, where there are many pristine villages, people planted arable land, cattle and sheep, and now the children rarely have access to such a primitive village , With children to the field, the simple local people will teach children to squeeze milk, stay in the town at night, after 10 o'clock the whole town to quiet down, wait until 12 o'clock will encounter large stars.

Day4: riding + picking mushrooms

In the sand to sleep naturally wake up, walk to the river, Ma pot will be there waiting for everyone to tell you about mushroom knowledge, and then personally lead the child and you go to the mountains to adopt the most fresh mushroom, tired after riding The horse leisurely down the mountain, Ma pot head for you to prepare a horse to help rice, this day a simple trip to ensure that children can learn in the city a few years can not learn the knowledge Oh.

Fourth, Dali food recommended

No. Bakery88 West Point shop: ultra-popular French dessert, the people on the road segment (per capita ¥ 41)
leading a poor more than the ancient city restaurant  : part of the new eco-restaurant, material produced in their own farm, (per capita ¥ 43) in Lu Yu Ye
clouds Restaurants: there porridge, but also Yunnan cuisine, dim sum to his house for the whole family, under section Renmin Road (per capita ¥ 50)
Ishii private kitchens: arguably the most popular restaurant Bai, Yu er Road (per capita ¥ 45)
Da Dong (Per capita: ¥ 117) Eagle Moon Cookies Wild mushroom health soup pot: Dali City, Ye Yu Road, No. 214 (per capita: ¥ 131), the ancient wild mushroom hot pot  : want to eat wild mushrooms can not miss,

Bacteria soup from the public comment

5, summer Dali accommodation recommended

Dali is the most distinctive part of a variety of inn all over the streets, although the sea view inn are closed, but many in the Cangshan or the ancient city of the inn is still Fengshengshuiqi, even more precious, many summer prices Will be slightly up, even so, sought-after inn will soon be booked, it is recommended to book a good morning in advance.

Daoxiang Pastoral Inn by bikego

Cats and cats garden courtyard inn  is very suitable for parents living in the inn, in the three towers cat cat kindergarten next to the
address: Sanwen pen village Kam Garden Lane, the price: 199-499
dwelling boutique holiday inn  public area is very large, wide open field of vision , The city of the small quiet
Address: the ancient city of people Road, the price: 480-870
Dali City on the 1st hospital  many stars live more than the inn, the price is more expensive
Address: Ancient Bo Road 9, near Hong Longjing Water Street, Price: 1115 - 2750
thousand Baidu: very literary yard, there are multiple rooms type Optional
Address: Ancient City Dongyu Street 7 (between the people of the road and Yu Er Road), Price: 499-757
Dali Daoxiang Pastoral Resort  stands in the pastoral A white residence, zero distance contact pastoral, very quiet
Address: Hercynian Scenic Area Health Village long pastoral, price: 587-1536
Tang Cafe INN  Dali most famous boutique coffee shop, upstairs there are 6 rooms, all with coffee products Named, there is a great rooftop, viewing is very good. Address: Renmin Road, No. 350, Price: 249-328

 If you choose to live in Tang cafe, you can use a lower price to experience the hand-washed coffee course ~

Six, before the line to prepare

In fact, we travel like the light into battle, and now business is also very developed, where a lot of things can be bought, but with a lot of things can not care for children, so here will introduce some of the goods.

1, with good clothes: adults, of course, is to bring a little thick clothes, Dali sooner or later temperature difference, the child is also a set of a good match, to facilitate the choice of children, but also save travel time.
2, toiletries: Dali is not every place where there are disposable toiletries, towels, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb the best of their own belt.
3, locator: mobile phones, watches and other devices with positioning function, the most afraid of children away from the outside.
4, sunglasses must bring: sunglasses can be installed in the sunshine strong Dali, blocking ultraviolet light is its most important function.
5, cash: the best carry a little cash, if you want to go from Dali to Lugu Lake, Meili and other places, then it is necessary to take a place in the bank where the money, Lugu Lake and Meri there is little ATM.

Focus to carry:
1, sunscreen: Dali is located in the plateau, strong ultraviolet, adults can not afford to sun, children should pay attention.
2, moisturizing cream / lip balm: Dali is located in the south, but the air is dry, so bring moisturizing skin care products is necessary.

If the age is still relatively small baby also pay attention to bring the following things:
① baby familiar and often play a small toy, to appease the baby sentimental
② bring the children's tableware cup, baby stomach than adults fragile, the best Separate tableware
③ coping with the baby usually physical condition, bring the usual medication

Seven, with children to Dali to pay attention to what

Haidong sunset parenting by bikego

1. pay attention to the weather: relatively speaking, 6-9 months summer, graduation trip to Dali a lot of people, accommodation, meals and traffic will be followed by doubling the road at night will become crowded people, this time is Dali Of the rainy season, bad luck every week in the rain, so choose this period to travel in advance to weather forecast.
2. pay attention to safety: In fact, this point, where to pay attention to, especially in the summer to Dali more people, relatively speaking, quite a mixed bag, the child is too small to remember the child is optimistic, do not run around, it is easy to go in the sea Scattered
3. Note Diet: Dali local food to sour and spicy mainstream, a lot of specialties, such as: hot and sour fish, raw hides, milk and other food, especially raw hides, give the child to eat when certain attention must be ready for gastrointestinal medicine The

Eight, always happy to grow

Huanhai East Road by photographer Journey

The significance of traveling with children is not only to relax and consume the holidays, but more importantly, to learn from children with a broader world, to learn more about human differences, and to cultivate children love the heart of nature, the most important thing is to create more and The child's good memories, let the children grow up in love.

Nine, related Raiders recommended

Parents Raiders to here slightly, if there is any need to consult the question, you can comment on the message or click IM advice Oh, in addition, recommend some of you may also need to use other Dali Raiders.

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