Easily not tired, "4 +2" Tour Erhai Lake, than riding and driving is also fun!

Erhai Lake there are many ways, bus, car, riding, shooting ... ... If you give Erhai reserve is a day, want to be more complete, deep finish along the attractions. So to introduce this "4 +2" new game for you, the perfect combination of riding and driving, both the core attractions of the punch card, there are 0 contact Erhai experience.
take a bike and travel freely photos from bikego

What is "4 + 2"?

 "4 + 2" = 4 wheels of a car + 2 wheels of a bicycle is a new way of traveling in recent years.
Bicycles through the frame, fixed in the car / business roof, or foldable bike into the car behind the long distance driving with the car to get, the bike is for you to ride for fun.
Such a combination of ways in Western cities, has also been increasingly popular. Whether it is an afternoon workout fitness (coinciding with the idea of ​​"the last mile" of a bike ride), weekend excursions or holiday bike tours are good choices.  

Poke the video and see how fun "4 + 2" is?

Why do we want to "4 +2" way Erhai Lake?

Dali to play, how can not ring Erhai! Play on a circle, you can see the Erhai Lake scenery, play along the way attractions.
Why in the pattern of a variety of ring around the Erhai way, to give everyone recommended "4 +2" this game?

Across the window to see the scenery regret

Erhai has a mild climate, good sea environment and beautiful scenery. The international bicycle race has been held many times, which is actually very suitable for riding. If you report a car by sea Mission, across the window to see the scenery, do not experience the ride, it is a pity.

Embarrassed riding all the way

Although riding is the right way to open Erhai Lake. But around the Erhai Lake a total length of about 130km. Ordinary people riding at a speed of 12-15km / h, that is to continue to ride 10 hours, the middle has not yet considered eating, rest time, let alone to stop playing. From time to time is not easy to achieve, while long long distance riding will be very tired, covered with sweat, slightly awkward, but also how to take the United States and the United States soap tablets? Therefore, in addition to professional riders or riders, it is not very suitable for the whole ride. 

Best of both worlds "4 + 2"

And do not want to want to ride too tired, "4 +2" cleverly embodied it ~
Select the most beautiful sections of the Erhai Lake loop experience the fun of riding, the other trip to the car to complete. This day to play down, the time is plenty, you can stay more points, there are more time to take pictures ~ ~ all aspects are taken care of.

Image from bikego

Erhai best for cycling the best sections

Dali as the old driver, of course, to be familiar with where is the most suitable for riding, the best scenery of the road. Circular Erhai numerous times, selected the two sections, recommended to everyone. Two different styles and views, each not long distance, riding time suitable, more suitable for most people. Believe that these two paragraphs can give you a ride experience plus points!

Central West Road: pastoral Daoxiang

Recommended section: Asahi Long - Fu Mei Yi, a distance of about 8km, about 40min riding time .
Due to the recent remediation in Erhai Lake, the Sewage Interception Project is being carried out in full swing. Therefore, the original village of Hoh Xil Road in the countryside is currently free to ride and measure with ease. This section of the first half of the journey to spend the sea field scenery, flowers everywhere along the blue sky and white clouds. The second half of the wetland landscape of the sea, the trees grow in the water and reed and Erhai partner, it is cozy.

Hercynian riding pictures from bikego

Hercynian flowers picture from bikego

Waypoint photos recommended:
1: extending into the sea hydropower station: wedding photographs and photographer's favorite favorite.
2: Tree beauty lying in Erhai Lake: Across the RV campground, passing by during this ride. 

Hydropower ~ pictures from bikego

Tree beauty ~ ~ pictures from bikego

Sea Road East: sunset beach

Recommended road: Little Putuo to the tin boat, a distance of about 8.8km, about 45min riding time.
This section is a classic coastal road scenery. One side of the rock wall, while being within easy reach of Erhai Lake, you can also look across the Cangshan the whole picture. Ride against the setting sun for the rest of the world to experience the speed and rhythm of freedom. Although the summer is the Dali rainy season, it will unexpectedly bring the rainbow, the light of Jesus, the sky clouds surprise.

Haidong sunset riding pictures from bikego

On the way to take pictures Recommended point:
1. Vintage iron boat: Here can be said that the network red shooting point. A row of abandoned tin boat can concave a variety of shapes ~ panoramic or close shots are very good looking.
2. Coastal Road Tracts: Haidong Road is very suitable for filming road films, looking for a point along the road are very nice, with a sense of the level of the mountains and the sea ~

The beauty of the metal boat ~ picture from bikego

If you drive, it is recommended to try this new trend of play, let the journey more than sightseeing, but also 0 distance experience. There are no restrictions on the age limit, except for the very elderly, almost all can participate. If you do not have a car, or not easy to find the right bike, it can participate in the local "4 +2" small group of commercial vehicles, children can also provide a bike. Team leader will be more familiar with the local design and schedule itinerary more reasonable, can recommend some authentic inexpensive food, but also take you to find a more fun along the Erhai Lake, suitable for taking pictures of the place. Poke me ↓↓↓

Erhai Lake fun around the other places

Xizhou ancient town: residential + cuisine

Dali Bai tribe, full of unique Bai people is a major bright spot. Hundreds of Republican mansions there are many modern elements of the West. Xilin House, founded by the couple of Linden couple from the United States, was listed as a national key protected cultural relic and was restored by the Yang Family Courtyard of Bai people's old courtyard. When time comes, they can visit.
Another highlight of the ancient town of Xizhou is the specialty snack here: "Tongue 2" symbolizes the food of Xizhou Chau, pure fragrance of "Granny Popsicle" ......

Sea tongue Park: shoot beautiful shrine

One can 270 ° enjoy the Erhai Lake: water surrounded by three sides, pastoral, Cangshan, Erhai are all in front of the exhibition, you can experience a little bumpy little carriage. Here is not only quiet, but also a very suitable place for taking pictures: romantic couple tree, groups of reeds, vicissitudes of trees, wanton sunshine ...

Zhenhai big print - small Putuo

Haidong a very small island, but very famous, the legend is Guanyin had left the Great Seal of the Sea, to calm down the storm, to protect the fishermen here. The island is a two-story pavilion-style building, a layer of worship, a layer of worship Tathagata. Every year from November to April next year, there will be flocks of seagulls circling in Little Putuo. It is easy to meet the divine light of Jesus in the early morning or evening

Zhenhai Da Yin Pu Putuo pictures from bikego

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An immutable trip is boring. A new way, maybe you will see Dali different side, more importantly, find more possibilities in the journey. Plow Dali for several years, just want to recommend the best game in Dali, hoping to provide help and reference ~ have any questions please leave a message.

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