Erhai Lake accommodation, pro test favorite inn recommended

Erhai Lake Inn mentioned below: Erhuo, wide sea, lemon trees have been shut down, and Sunrise 66, Cats and Cats in the ancient city of Dali is still continuing to operate.

This year, Dali City Government issued a special rectification notice, located in the protection of the core area of ​​Erhai Lake Basin Restaurant operators operating households, all by April 10 all their own business, subject to verification. Even Yang Liping's art hotel "Sun Palace" has not been spared. Erhai Lake Inn have been shut down, for tourists preparing to go to Dali, it is inevitable that some regret, but I believe this rectification can better protect Erhai Lake, in the near future, the beautiful Erhai Lake, the beautiful Dali inn will Back.

Er Duo Inn

This inn was discovered last time I went to Dali, has been remembered, and then travel to Dali must live this time. Favorite home pool, water and sky are beautiful. Unfortunately, this time in the Erhuo when the weather is not good, do not see the blue sky, only to see the yellow water, gray sky

Although you can not see the most beautiful time of erhu, but it is still beautiful. Like the inn side of the boat, it is suitable for taking pictures.

There are lovely cats and dogs, so rainy days of Er Duo become angry.

I booked the summer is the Seaview room, if the couple or to honeymoon, recommend his family's 360-degree sea view room, very beautiful.

Inn offers free breakfast, check will ask you when you choose Chinese or Western, Chinese Xizhou Chau won my heart.

Sunrise 66

This inn is near Er Duo, this time we did not live here and was a good place to discover it.

Too love its home this building, through the glass window to see the Erhai Lake, so beautiful, this is the scene before the storm, if it is sunny, blue sky and Erhai Lake, how beautiful!

Inn is a Mediterranean-style design, too won my heart, and next time you have a target inn.

Wide sea inn

Also in the vicinity of Erhu Inn, the inn's public areas beautiful, Southeast Asian style, came here, a kind of feeling to go to the island of Southeast Asia.

Lemon tree

Stayed in a double-corridor inn, double corridor is now in the road, appalling (behind will be introduced), lemon tree is our only consolation in the double corridor.

Cat fruit fruit tile homes

An inn living in the ancient city, a few days in the ancient city are early and late, did not pat the inn, in fact, this inn is still very good, the public area is very small and fresh, the location is also very convenient.

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