Tour of Erhai Lake deep, camera location recommended and how to arrive

Do not be shocked by what I said, in fact, Erhai is still very beautiful, but it is not so famous before, and now more and more people come here.

Erhai Lake and the last ring around the feeling of very different, two years ago, Dali is still very quiet, riding in Erhai Lake experience is freedom, many people have no pictures of the camera, a private enjoy a good scenery; Erhai second ring, feeling Erhai still beautiful, but a lot of photographs are taken wedding photos of "occupation", and pictures to be queued, but also charges, the most popular white table in Dali and crystal ball, so Erhai Lake some places Someone put a white table, a crystal ball in there, and then take a photo 10 dollars a person, too pit father! The key is that many tourists (including me) are also willing to be pit ... ...

Integrated Dali Erhai Lake tour twice, I sorted out this Dali photo map, Tour Erhai Lake, generally starting from the ancient city of Dali, clockwise around Erhai Lake Tour, of course, you can also counter-clockwise tour to see personal preference Ha. Now, we start from the ancient city of Dali, open the journey of Erhai Lake!

Hercynian water station

It is very suitable for wedding photographs, so I waited for 34 wedding photos before it is my turn, already almost dark ha ha.

Erhai boundary pile 0304

And the Hercynian water station is close, where there will be seagull flying Erhai side, there are white table crystal ball and other props, but more people, we did not shoot these props.

The exhaustion of so many journeys finally calm down before the sea.

Every winter, Erhai Lake will usher in a group of elves from distant Siberia trek - the red-headed gull, it seems to have become a "never-ending" agreement. These lovely elfs flew in November and left in March and April of the following year. In Dali at the end of March, I was fortunate enough to see scattered seagulls flying beside Erhai Lake. Colorful clouds accompanied the swirling seagulls, leisurely tweeted and circled freely, waiting for the beautiful Erhai Lake.

Tree in the water

Wedding photo shoot is the Holy Land, many people, you need to line up, there are two trees in the water are very suitable for taking pictures.

Covered bridge

This place is called the Covered Bridge, high German map can be found directly, wedding photos, small fresh personal photos are very suitable.

Xizhou around

Xizhou town is a place worth the visit, and the road outside the town, the field is also very suitable for shooting place.

In this endless paddy field, in this sky blue low town.

White bus

A very literary fresh photo points, but unfortunately when we arrived, the weather is not very good, so there is no shot. Photographed here to charge: 20 yuan a person, a group of 100 commercial shoot, wedding photography is also a holy land, many people, to line up.

Couple tree

Couples tree is very famous for taking photos, spring, summer, autumn and winter will have different colors, the environment is very fresh, the summer will feel particularly cool and comfortable.

Zhoucheng tie dye room

The car passed the Xizhou, Butterfly Spring, will encounter a stranger to many people's place: the city of Zhou. Zhoucheng is the largest Bai gathering village, where you can see the rich ethnic tie-dye products. Tie-dyed Zhouzai Bai people in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty folk traditional crafts.

Zha Dianbu sutured by hand needle stitching, repeatedly cold-soaked dip, color green with Cui, dignified and elegant, Seiko production, fresh designs, colorful.

In Zhou City, free to enter a tie-dye Square, the face is a piece of dye to the blue-based white-colored fabrics, drying in the sun.

Blue and white colors show the incomparable charm, fresh and elegant revealing a moving charm, maybe Zhouzheng tie-dye solidification is the natural color of the local: ink color Cangshan and blue Erhai.

A lot of boat's place

This is also where accidental discovery, the key is no one! no one! FREE! FREE!

March Dali, cloudy and uncertain. Here is still blue skies, that side is cloudy, this is one of the ten strange Yunnan, "the eastern rain raining the west."

Rainy Dali, not necessarily the way you imagine, but not necessarily worse than imagined. The chance of seeing Jesus light after the rain is very high. The sun sheds a ray of light through the gaps in the clouds and splashes into the water of Erhai Lake. That picture is definitely more stunning than Erhai Lake in sunny days.

The rain on the plateau, like a woman's temper, come quickly to go fast, rain with the cloud, the rain goes with the cloud. Perhaps suddenly looked up, have glimpsed a slight rainbow in the sky slightly sunny.

White table crystal ball

Many girls travel to Dali, should be like me like to make white table and crystal ball it. In fact, many places in Erhai have these props can take pictures, I went to a corner of Haidong, 10 dollars a person Oh.

Spiral staircase

Erhai Lake Tour twice have to go to the place, but the first is to go in, the second is to climb in, because this point is now sealed, there are things stopped, although not easy to go in, but because of Was sealed, there is no wedding people here, you can enjoy taking pictures!

This point in addition to taking pictures in the spiral staircase, you can also shoot in the Erhai Lake Oh.

Dig color waterways

Is also a wedding photographed "contract" place, haha, so we are just here to visit.

Inverted ship's place

A lot of ships mentioned earlier, is a normal docked boat, this point is "abnormal" inverted boat, at dusk, if you are lucky, you will see the beautiful Jesus light, it is suitable for large areas.

There are always some pictures that are not categorized

If you feel a little bit of trouble to find a point, then go as you wish, Dali, the most beautiful scenery on the road, to see like the scenery stopped, that is also a very wonderful thing.

Pursuit of light travel.

In many parts of Dali, there are shrubs that are submerged in water.

Bougainvillea everywhere.

Many places along the Erhai Lake, the government said the sign can not go vertical, dangerous, but there is still an endless stream of people to take pictures.

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