Heshun + Dali, the inn I stayed in and loved

This is a romantic journey.

1, and Shun if the hostel inn

Facing Hershey's golden wheat fields, the third floor will look better. There is a rooftop terrace on the top floor where coffee and the owner's own wine are free.
Here to Heshun town about 10 minutes walk, the best is from here along the river into the town of Heshun can bypass the ticket office, which is inadvertently "fare evasion" into the town
I live in the sun room, especially Like the bed curtains and the window by the tea table, but the perspective of the second floor was blocked in front of the house point.
The boss is not bad, the big kitchen into the inn is also very attractive, housekeepers will give you breakfast every day, although simple, but are now doing.

2, Heshun and Church really beautiful inn

Homhomtang and the temple in Heshun the ancient hillside, overlooking the entire town, broad vision.
Large rooms, the entire space to pick empty design, outside the room terrace has been extended, and the whole landscape blend.
The room has a big bathtub, bath plus points!
It can be said that this is my favorite inn in this trip, and highly recommended!

3, Dali Erhai Na Li Inn

If not a few years ago a chance to see this swing against the Erhai Lake room, I think, I and Na Li will be missed.
Nari in Yinqiao Town, Ying Village, few people choose to live here. When I saw Nari, Dali under the snow, Nali just open for business, wrapped in silver, the wife records where the guests live in the smile, I was so attracted.
Lying in bed watching the sunrise and sunset in Erhai Lake became my dream, if you also have such thoughts, this room called "III" you will also like.

4, Shuanglang Seminyak Hotel

Shuanglang Seminyak is easy to find, but live well. I chose the 1st floor tatami sea view rooms, the basic terrace in Erhai, this is my closest Inn in Erhai.
Night at the Gallery to buy bottles of plum wine, sitting on the terrace, legs hanging on the sea, if the water is not too cold, you can intimate contact, so look at Erhai month. . .

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