The ancient city of Pingyao, the surrounding travel Raiders (including the Royal Courtyard)

When it comes to Shanxi, many people will blurt out Qiaoya Courtyard, fame is too large. But this time I did not go to Joe Courtyard, but chose the most representative, but also the most classic, located in Lingshi County, Jing Sheng town [Wang Courtyard].

The smell of the compound - Wang Courtyard

Jing Wang Sheng Jing Ming and Qing Dynasties by the two families, built over 300 years, including Wuxiang six Fort Street, with a total area of ​​250,000 square meters, but also has "noble and not expensive expensive, expensive and elegant, not expensive Delicacy "architectural features. And condensation of natural simplicity, fresh and elegant, bright and simple native flavor. Therefore, there is "Wang's return to the hospital", "Huaxia residential first house" arrogance!

After war and destruction, now only one-fifth of the opening of the Royal Courtyard, Gao Jiaya and Hongmen Fort two parts, a total of 231 courtyards, houses 2078, an area of ​​80,000 square meters. Even so, than the big courtyard than Joe House do not know how many times. Do not stroll do not know, a visit tired half dead, which is the hospital children ah, clearly do city!

Wang family, the source of Taiyuan, Yuan Renzong emperor during the Qing Dynasty (1312 - 1313), the ancestor Wang Shijing moved to Jing Sheng Village, the static king Wang from cultivated land, selling tofu started from farming and business, by the business To the officers and men, day by day, good money, it is necessary to set Zhaizi, so prosperous construction, building Zhaidi, the housing can not stop, from west to east, from low to high, the left a hospital, a Fort right , And finally built a huge complex of buildings such as "Three Alley Four Fort Five Ancestral Hall".

Family from the thirteenth Century into the Qing Dynasty. Peak in Kangxi, Qianlong, Jiaqing years. And in the local school, road construction, open water channels, disaster relief ... good keep constant. Unfortunately, from the eighteenth century (Qing dynasty) gradually decayed. After another sale of the compound, during the war, I heard that Wang fled to refuge in Sichuan, and then the compound was uninhabited.

After entering from the East Gate, first see is the high cliff.

By the seventeenth generation of Wang Ruyu, Wang Rucheng brothers built in Jiaqing years (1796 - 1811), an area of ​​more than 10000 square meters. All buildings in strict accordance with the feudal hierarchy system, not only shows the profound cultural heritage also reflects the Wang family unique and rigorous concept of governance.

It can be clearly seen that the architectural style of the Qing Dynasty is obviously more ornate than that of the Red Fort. The traditional auspicious flowers, rare birds and beasts, historical allusions, etc., are inscribed or expressed in the style of ancient artisans or Pin their hopes, or encourage themselves, or admonish the younger beautiful picture. The Red Fort is the Ming Dynasty building, pay attention to the elegant atmosphere.

The architectural pattern of Wang's Courtyard inherits the courtyard style of the former Tang Dynasty, which was formed after the Western Zhou Dynasty in China. Diplomacy has a spacious lobby, Fully reflects the official dignity and the patriarchal rituals regularity.

It may be stereotypical and conservative in the eyes of the people nowadays. However, in ancient times, this was called tutelage and flourished for hundreds of years and must have its truth.

Thousands of bed, carving, embedding, drawing, painting and other decorative techniques are all used, coupled with bright red Chinese, highlighting the rich gold paint, married enough to have a face to face.

Look at the Royal Courtyard, the most important is to appreciate its three carved art. Brick, wood carving, stone carving.
A large number of the popular use of the secular popular symbols, metaphors, homophonic art form, the birds and insects, rock and water boats, allusions, theatrical figures carved decoration in the courtyard, the Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism and traditional folk culture Condensate as one.

This small semi-circular hole is a cat hole, such a large house of rats and more, that time the cat still dare to catch the mouse.

The shrine located on the gables opposite to Ruyi Gate is very particular about a small palace. Because the people at that time believed that God of the earth can provide blessings and virtues, they are devoutly devout.

A wall is a crane, a wall is a shell, meaning auspicious longevity.

This large monkey back monkey statue there are many, but also by the homophonic, meaning back seal Hou.

This is a five-character official's medal, with it equivalent to the top five official, although there is no real power nor salary, but with honor.

This is a 6-storey lantern style, a piece of stone carved, the first layer is the drum, on behalf of the sky; the second layer is the brocade, on behalf of the beautiful future; The third layer of the cloud clouds, on behalf of Fortune double to; the fourth layer is a dragon of evil spirits; the fifth floor is the wish base, on behalf of all things wishful;

A column of pebbles are so much stress, the ancient family is more care about auspicious, which is called psychological suggestion today? Regardless of what you see in your own home, there are implied auspicious meanings everywhere decorated with allusions. Well-intentioned design bless the Royal 300 years, left us is the history and culture can be touched. Walking in this antique environment, I try to use people's mood at the time to think about the rise and fall of a family is how the feeling?

Three lions on the stone pillow, by means of homonyms with the teacher, implies that the teacher is too young, less teachers, and hope future generations of the official Yun Hengtong.

Red Fort Fort complex, is fort, it seems that it is simply a city, built by mountains. Arranged from low to high four courtyards, about symmetry, the middle of a main road, forming a very regular "Wang" shape. At the same time implied "dragon" shape. Fort 88 courtyards have their own characteristics, none of the same.
Built in Qianlong years (1739 - 1793), a total area of ​​25,000 square meters.

Now go, that is, "Wang" that vertical, this main road is also the watermill waterways.

Drip, pouring water on the edge of the eaves, mostly floral patterns, along the triangular edges have shallow lines, easy to water out.
Vatan is the look of cats, silly smile seemed lovely. The original deep courtyard are not all that serious and rigid.

Wang Yuan courtyard ridge at both ends of the beast, he is one of the nine dragons - kissing, because it always likes to look around cautiously, and like to spit water swallowing fire, so it as a roof decoration, used to fire.

Jing Wang returned home without seeing the hospital, this circle shopping down, legs are thin, sitting in the pavilion to rest, sit and never want to stand up.
Think of such a big yard is one-fifth of the original appearance, could not help but praise, it is too rich family!

The taste of faith - Temple

The Confucian Temple was the site of the official ceremonies of Confucius built in ancient China and was built in the Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty.
The Temple of Literature in Pingyao, also known as the Confucian Temple of Literature, was built in the early years of Tang Dynasty and has a history of more than 800 years. Up till now, the temple has a grand scale with a total area of ​​35,811 square meters, which is the oldest existing in China Confucian Temple, but also the most complete preservation, but also to see China's largest Confucius and Confucianism statue group.

Here is also the ancient school, I live in the South East Sea Bin close to the Confucian Temple, the old house also has 300 years of history, is also said to be part of the Confucian Temple, said the ancient Shanxi business clubs, I guess maybe once As a student dormitory, think so, my heart is still beautiful.

The main entrance is magnificent 棂 Star Gate. According to the "Post-Han Dynasty" records, the star is Tiantian Xing, the ancients think it is the sky of Wenxing, literary talent in charge of the selection, meaning Confucius is Wenxing Fanxiang.

Ancient emperors offer sacrifices to heaven, offering first stars. Confucian Temple set 棂 Star Gate, we can see the lofty status of Confucius in Chinese dynasties.

Dacheng Hall behind the wall, a text Tianxiang handwritten "Quebec" word (ghost without a head written), is hoping that one day Pingyao can out of a champion by the champion personally put on this one, unfortunately so far no one to assume this responsibility.

However, there is also a history exhibition of China's largest extant Chinese imperial examination in the Confucian Temple, displaying the only exam paper currently available in China.

I looked around for a long time around this type of volume, had to praise, handwriting neat, beautiful small letters so I thought it was printed in trance, another think, ah, this can be genuine, the words are all handwritten! Really worthy champion ah!

Red circle painted on the paper where the phrase is very commendable, I saw all dense red circle, more people look at it, began to think it was a punctuation mark yet.

Mountain adults - Xu Jiyu (is the principal). Once the governor of Fujian, then dismissed, pay attention! It is dismissed from office, I have heard of the strike, this is the first time I heard dismissed from office, Father quite a personality ah.

In the mountains of Pingyao Chaoshan College for 10 years, advocating democratic politics, opening up the wind of Western learning, is China's modern history, "open eyes to see the world" thinker. When he left Pingyao, the team sent off stretches more than 20 kilometers of people.

Kirin haunted office, there must be Auspicious. Kirin sometimes used to describe the outstanding metaphor, both ability and political integrity.
Confucius Temple backyard is only beautiful little unicorn, but also because Confucius and Kirin are closely related.

According to legend Kirin each appearance will be a very special period. According to records, according to legend, before the birth of Confucius and before the death of a unicorn, it is said that before the birth of Confucius, there is a unicorn in his yard "mouth jade book" before the death of Confucius wrote a song: "Tang Yu Shi Xi Lin Feng What are you going to do now? Now that I am worried, I am also regarded as a symbol of Confucianism.

Pingyao City God Temple

Chenghuang is an important god commonly worshiped in the religious culture of China. Most of the gods are played by the heroes who are famous in the local people, and are the gods of the Chinese community who hold the guardianship of Taoism. Just like the landowners, a city with a city gate is said to be still a fourth-rate officer.

Pingyao Chenghuang Temple is a well-religious religious ceremony Taoist temples. It is the main hall of Chenghuang as the center, set six Cao House, Land Church, Temple kitchen Temple, God of Wealth Temple, composed of four parts, the construction of large-scale.

A door, the zodiac on both sides greet us.

"Dare to enter" vigorous and vigorous words, meaning people can not do bad things, my heart daring to enter.

Zaojun Temple and Fortune Temple subdivision in the city hall east and west sides, combined into a "gods live in a temple, together by incense" strange scenery.

The hall covered with yellow mantle account, is the Taoist rain, Shanxi water shortage, so the water is both gold, ordinary people are also in the hospital put a large water tank water deposit.

The blue glazed tile roof on the main hall is a highlight of Chenghuang Temple. It is said that the yellow and green colors can still be imitated now. The blue technology has been lost and the preservation of such a large roof is not easy. Squatting on both sides of one of the Nine Dragons - kiss, and the Royal Courtyard eaves on the same, with the fire of the moral, but these two obviously than Wang Grand Courtyard to see the style too much. Unfortunately, when we visited the morning, just backlit, not well photographed.

Shuanglin Temple

In the ancient city of Pingyao 6 km away, there is a quiet small temple - [Shuanglin Temple], secluded it has no way to know when and who built, only know that it was rebuilt in the Northern Qi Wu Ping two years (AD 571) Existing temples all for the Ming and Qing dynasties architecture, layout, solemn simplicity.

Because of the built in the Old City, formerly known as Temple. Sutra said that the Buddha Shakyamuni Nirvana plateau for the ancient Tianzhu Juzong that city abruptly sand between the river Salo double tree, ascended the ascended the throne, the four double-sided tree suddenly white flowers. Known as "double Lin into the off," because of this alias changed its name to Shuanglin Si.

The temple contains more than two thousand pieces of painted clay sculpture of various dynasties including Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. It inherits the style of the Tang Dynasty plastic painting. It is highly realistic and ingenious. To show people a vivid three-dimensional religious picture,

The front yard is the Shrine of Buddha, Luohan Temple, Wu Temple, Land Hall, Yan Luo Temple and the Temple of Heaven; the middle court is the main temple and the hatchback Qianfudian Temple and Pusa Temple; the backyard is the Niangniang Temple and the Zhenyi Temple.

Vivid and delicate expression of each sculpture, as if each sculpture lived in the body of a hundred years of soul, they are also looking at me. This feeling is very special, when you quietly watching his eyes, it seems to hear his vicissitudes of the vicissitudes of life experienced here, at this time, I also seem to be nine days, ranked fairy classes Fairy, stands in the fairy around.

(Temples are forbidden to take photos for the protection of cultural relics. The photos below are from the internet.)

Look! did you see it? Look at the eyes! It was him that suddenly grabbed my heart. Before, I always thought that sculpture in China was too flat, not as good as the three-dimensional in the West. When I looked at Shuanglin Temple, I completely subverted it.

Zun sculpture do not know what the gods, he was in the left rear of the door, the light is very dark place, is a very humble place, in the delineation of the tourists can only see a side face, but! That is the eyes, staring at you, disdain and despise expression, majestic demeanor, all of a sudden to attract me, not at all vivid to describe, he is simply alive! I tried to move the body from side to side, but his eyes always stared at you.

Beautiful and sophisticated headdress, after hundreds of years so beautiful.

Guanyin sitting cross-legged posture sitting calmly, lotus feet in the audience under the table, the right foot is on the stage, the right hand is also leisurely on his knees, comfortable Guanyin "free Happy" feeling exposed.

The most wonderful colorful sculpture throughout the Shuanglin Temple is that Vedic statue, hidden behind an iron fence, but the strength of the Ang Thong in the aggressive, twisting posture, like the most wonderful appearance on stage Martial Arts freeze frame, Emphasis on the power of the whole body, eyes bright, under the armor of the armor seems to see Bian Zhang muscles, lifelike.

Waving clothes pendulum, as if the clouds are fogging.

Just like the story of the three carved artworks seen in the royal courtyard, the whole impression of me in Jinzhong is also a faith that integrates the Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism with traditional folk culture. From the Confucian Temple to the Temple of the City, and then to the Shuanglin Temple, each has its own characteristics and different deities dedicated to each other. All of them flow through the ancient national soul in Jinzhong and people follow and believe in it. They are simple and straightforward views of good and evil. Obviously, there are three different faiths, but their mashups are inexplicably harmonious. Though I have not studied religion in any special way, I naturally understand and accept the ideas shared by the three. Perhaps this is the inheritance and writing of the nation Belief in the gene need not be deliberate.

Traffic Raiders

【Ancient City ---- Shuanglin Temple】
In the west of the ancient city, Shuanglin Temple is about 6 kilometers away from the north gate or the west gate. It takes about ten bucks to start a car. The same is true. Do not go back to the ancient city too late, or very remote.
【Ancient City ---- Royal Courtyard】
Ancient City North Gate go out about 10 minutes to the coach station.
Pingyao departed to Wang Courtyard (parking lot No. 3): 7:10, 8:40, 12:40, 14:00
Wang Family Courtyard (parking lot No. 3) departed to Pingyao Ancient City North Gate: 10:50 12:30 15:50 17:20
Tickets 17 yuan / person (one way), call the driver on the car before the appointment: 15110663355, half an hour ahead of the car seat. One-way one-way
(From the ancient city to the Royal Courtyard, long-distance car which is the most direct, and there are trains down the bus, take the train to the Lingshi, sit 11 bus. The most recommended is not to find someone in the hotel carpool, Although 50 a person back and forth, not expensive, but because other guests may also go to other attractions, time can not be guaranteed, but also with each other, reduce your trip, chartered driver will be able to promise, to ensure that your request, in fact, Can not, special pit)

Pingyao Railway Station (High Speed ​​Rail Station) about 20 minutes drive from the ancient city of Pingyao.
North Gate of the ancient city outside there is a train station and coach station, are about 10 minutes walk to.

The ancient city is the pedestrian area, only by walking, side of the square about 2 kilometers long, walking is still very tired, especially on the city walls, did not see a bike rental, a lap down 6 km.

About tickets

· Ancient City of Pingyao: 130 / person, you can play for three days into the ancient city at no cost, which 22 votes to attractions, each attraction can only go in once, if you want to go to a spot, can only sell one more ticket . I catch up with the activities of Shanxi Tourism half price, tour guide 100 (online booking, the ticket center will call you to pick up tickets, then you can book a tour guide), but only focus on a few attractions, about half a day, so follow Tour guide time to catch up, but can hear a lot of novel allusions.

Wang Courtyard: 60 / person, online selling can be cheaper. Tour guide 80 (at the door to buy a tour guide tickets, tickets after the door, the tour guide will come), explain the more detailed, can accompany about about 1 hour. Want to play fine point, then visit 3 hours is better. 0354-8558888

· Shuanglin Temple: 35 / person, to the door to buy tickets. Not very large inside, a couple of hours enough. 0354-5690000

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