Walk around Nanluoguxiang, the most should eat in these ten restaurants

Nanluogu Lane apart from those well-known, what else to eat? Monster hamburger, fairy peach stuffed, red net string string incense ... There are also afternoon tea dinner, horizontal meat there are bistros. We have selected 10 for everyone.
nanluoguxiang x

Just next to the Nanluoguxiang subway station, open Beijing for more than a year to stay in line in front of God shop 3. His home in Shanghai, Hangzhou have stores, open a fire home, rely on this cold pot string.

A total of 3 kinds of bottom of the pot , the classic Chengdu old pot bottom, soup pot at the end of hemp and pot , of which the latter two are with soup children . Each of the spicy degree can be optional, love spicy recommended selection of soup stock at the end .

Her home selection of more than 20 kinds of Chengdu snacks, brains flowers, pepper beef, broth ... These are the most people in Sichuan favorite.

Garden decoration, bright and shaded glass house, warm in winter and cool in summer. You can not help but sit down and take a friend's ring.

Store Information

Name of shop: Miss Fu in Chengdu
Address: Metro Line 6 Nanluogu Lane Station A Weaving Completion Project Ground Floor, Building 5, 1st and 2nd floor
Estimated per capita: 87 yuan

One Zero One Lu string snack restaurant

North shadow fairy open dry string string

Beijing alone a dry mix string, pot bottom and pickled pepper all pepper from Chengdu. It is said that the boss is a beauty after 90 North Beauty, the store is also often the North Shadow of the fairy dinner.

His family's meat skewers are marinated one night in advance, using the shop's secret spicy material, more than 10 hours, spicy into the penetration.

In addition to strings, his home also has a format Chengdu snacks. Bell dumplings, mom hoof flowers, rabbit head ... Accidentally point out a big table. The boss also loves to cook, you can try her braised rice and ice cream Oh

There is also a semi-open terrace on the second floor with a yellow lantern lit at night. Suitable for about three friends drink a small wine 撸 a string of children.

Store Information

Name of Store: One Zero One Landstring Snack Culture Center
Address: No. 320 Andingmen Street
Estimated Per Capita: 80 Yuan

Square brick plant 69 noodles

Even Nicholas Tse made a special trip to pull the grass

Fangzhuang Hutong 69 in this private fried noodles noodle shop, to do the face of the old Beijing aunt, amiable. Nicholas Tse also made a special trip to pull the shop.

Point of the face, now freshly cooked fishing, and then filled with a small bowl of sauce, cabbage silkworm, the heart of the United States carrot silk, cucumber silk, soybeans, a total of 4 kinds of yards. Fully into the face, and then pass the mix.

Noodles palatable rice sauce rich and chewy, just like eating at home in Beijing like a child! This feeling, especially friendly.

With Laba garlic to eat, no one ~ like to eat spicy friends can also try Aunt's own chili oil, to the pasta mix, eating noodles speed surge.

Store Information

Name: brick factory No. 69 noodles
Address: Square brick factory alley 69
Estimated per capita: 15 yuan

Big Hidden Pavilion

Hidden in the wall of the bamboo forest wind Museum

Opened in the brick factory alley 38 yard, the front is blocking the wall, access from the next door. The decoration of the bamboo forest in the house will make people's eyes on, calligraphy and painting are direct ink on the white wall.

Only sell 5 smoked chicken every day, want to eat must be booked in advance ~ The whole Qingyuan chicken after more than 20 kinds of herbs and spices of the old soup brine system, and then smoked, took a total of more than 6 hours. Chicken delicacy wrapped juice, Xianwei spicy with a little herbal fragrance.

Variety of dishes and creative. Mutton fried with a spicy chicken approach, the molecular method of making pears tasty at the same time also remained crisp, roasted corns first brine and then roasted, as well as the old Beijing fried red fruit ...

Craft beer, wine, fruit stuffed ... his family's wine quite. This is the most drama [bayberry wine], slender bamboo tube equipment, but also with dry ice blessing, a stream of immortality gas directly into the cup.

Store Information

Name: Big Hidden Bar
Address: Brick Factory Lane 83, Inside the Compound (Shichahai Subway Station Exit C to see the right turn eastbound 100 meters)
Estimated per capita: 115 yuan


20cm high monster burger

$ 68 [Manhattan monster], contains a giant burger and a few large French fries . A table about 20cm high, I do not know how many people planted grass for it.

Tomato, bacon, omelette, beef patty, full of energy, eat a will be very evil. Yes, we must try the fried onion onion alone inside.

Two people point a monster, and then some fried chicken, salad, and then two drinks, propped up perfect ~

Store Information

Name of shop: KATCHUP
Address : No.53 Jiaokou South Street (East of the former Yuan'en Temple Hutong)
Estimated per capita: 89 yuan

Toast at the orchid

Popular brunch to get together by foreigners

His home was originally famous for brunch. Sleeping a weekend to feel beauty, another brunch. Location in the treasure bank alley , a little hard to find, follow the navigation go no problem 啦 ~

A lot of foreigners dining in the shop, the whole atmosphere is like going abroad to eat a brunch.

Want to eat brunch must come earlier! come early! Otherwise, waiting for you may be the epic level of waiting in line. Some friends even went to wait twice in line for 3 hours to eat.

Store Information

Shop Name: Toast at the orchid
Address: Gulou Street East Banknote Alley 65 (near Nanluogu Lane)
Estimated per capita: 135 yuan

Little Sunshine Succulent Theme Cafe

Mogu cats cat is the theme here

As soon as I entered the house, I was surrounded by greenery, filled with flowers and grass and books. Come here to drink a cup of coffee, read a book pretty good, but most people here to cats and dogs.

His house is also divided into cat shop and dog shop , some friends crazy lunch to come to his home but also to come to the dog.

It does not seem to be important to come here to eat, but the store also prepared a number of Western simple meals and special drinks.

Store Information

Shop Name: Little Sunshine Succulents Theme Cafe
Address: No.60 Beiluo Drum Lane (Succulents Museum to go north)
Estimated per capita: 64 yuan


Drink the entire galaxy in the powder house

From the north side of North Gonglu Lane children into the alley, there is a wind ins wind powder house. Drinks are the milky way the wind is walking, it is simply the girls out of the street wave artifact.

[Lychee Milky Way] is the most eye-catching drink in the store , as if the Milky Way into the cup. Layered place also lined with fresh lychee pulp.

Very suitable girlfriends dating, a cup of a take a shot first enough, and then sit in the powder house chat one afternoon.

The owner is a pair of literary young couple, all the drinks in the shop are young couple do it by hand ~

Store Information

Name: Sugar
Address: North Percussion Lane 17
estimated per capita: 30 yuan

Ghost Studio

Suitable for girlfriends drink peach wine

Namo alley in the Chinese tavern, the main 7 kinds of flower mother. Liaozhai Well, that is, "chatting place", combined with liquor literary fresh, very suitable for girls to meet a drink.

Packed in a small pink jug in the】 【peach drunk shop is the most popular. Smell flowers pleasant, sip, a touch of wine revealed a sweet smell of flowers and fruits.

How to drink less wine? Sauce beef, boiled soybeans, sauce, duck tongue ... a row of small wine, a table of side dishes, enough girlfriends chat from the afternoon to the evening.

Store Information

Store name: Liao Zhai
Address: Black Sesame alley 5
Estimated per capita: 58 yuan

Seven Yin wine possession

Japanese deep in the alley clear it

A Japanese-style alley in Ju'er alley away from the noise of Nanluoguxiang pedestrian street. There are all kinds of sake shop, be regarded as a place where Beijing Japanese sake relatively full.

Passionate boss often shop, patiently introduce wine. There are a lot of creative wine shop, will always find a suitable for their own.

The store lit yellow, more quiet, but also put a light music, the time really slowed here, suitable for drink micro talk about life.

Store Information

Store Name: Seven Yin Winery
Address: Ju'er Hutong 2
Estimated per capita: 158 yuan

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