Xi'an Huaqing pool "Everlasting Regret" performance watch Raiders, teach you how to choose tickets

"Everlasting Regret" This drama personally feel that if you do not see the trip to Xi'an, then, like not to Terracotta Warriors and Horses. Whether it is its production, or word of mouth, are an indispensable part of travel to Xi'an, but also worthy of our tickets to pay the money. So, "Everlasting Regret" where the venue, tickets how much money, how to perform time, in my Raiders to give you the answer.
everlasting regret performance by  fengzi a uncle

About "Everlasting Regret" performance

"Song of Everlasting Regret" is a real show of Xi'an Huaqing pool area, Tang Minghuang and Yang Guifei love story happened in Huaqing pool, so look at this show, people have immersive feeling.
This show as a business travel in Xi'an, whether politicians, or celebrities, came to Xi'an is certainly the first to visit the terracotta warriors and horses, and then see "Everlasting Regret." Worship of Datang culture of the Japanese and Koreans is exaggerated, not only to see, when the time to hand a record of the CD.
Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Bureau is even more attention to this show, every year to invest in gold to enhance the stage and costume design. So to speak, the actors wear clothing basically all silk fabric, the stage effect of the use of high-tech is not said. When Lishan sky filled with stars, rising a moon, that moment, people can not help but mad by the camera. That kind of shock, unparalleled.
The whole show everywhere embodies the grand and magnificent grand Tang, plus no one knows the legendary story, really make people memorable.

"Everlasting Regret" Although the fare is expensive, but I assure you that she is the best country to see the real drama, special effects are foreign to do, you will definitely not worthwhile trip, I have seen two old and new versions of "Everlasting Regret", the old version Has been enough shock, and the new version is indeed more beautiful.

"Everlasting Regret" where the show, how to go

Everlasting song of the venue in Huaqing pool area, so want to see Everlasting Regret, need to first Huaqing pool.

How to reach Huaqing pool area

1.  take the bus
in the railway station east square (remember! East Plaza) by 306 Road (that is, tour 5), 914 Road, 915 Road can be reached, but it is recommended to sit 915 or 306 (tour 5), because the two cars High speed faster.
Bus fare of 9 yuan one way.

Because the Xi'an Railway Station has posing as 915 and 306 of the false bus, so I teach you how to distinguish between true and false public transport here.

Regular 306 road (tour 5) bus by the ancient tour - sub-dragon

On the map This is the regular, we must see the red box marked me. Regular side of the vehicle will have the name of the line, the bus will have a bus line license.

2. carpool taxi or day trips go
if you're worried about sitting on the wrong bus, then a taxi or choose a day trip contains Everlasting Regret performance.
This is a high-speed is just widening, two-way ten lanes, about 40 minutes will be able to reach the basic cost of 120 yuan, more than the bus at least 1 hour time, but the fare is also A lot of expensive.
Carpool day tour, a car tour guide, certainly not to the wrong place, and can play with the terracotta warriors and horses, terracotta warriors and horses must listen to the tour guide, or do not understand.

How to go to the venue after the Huaqing pool

From Huaqing pool Simon (Wang Jingmen) into, to the left hand side is that the road signs instructions are very clear. If you encounter Huaqing pool staff, they will tell you how to go. Please refer to the following figure for specific orientation.

Huaqing pool area "Everlasting Regret" performance location by the tour ancient capital - sub-dragon

"Everlasting Regret" nice? What about the plot and how?

The whole show has ten scenes, that is, Bai Juyi wrote "Everlasting Regret" as the basic plot. The most exciting is the beginning of the "Yang has a female beginning to grow into" and the middle of the screen, mainly showing the unprecedented prosperity of the Tang Dynasty, the world's largest and most populous city - Chang'an City, really restored.
The highlight of this show is not just feel the stage of the gorgeous and technological sense, but also must take a look at Datang at that time the clothing, really beautiful.

Everlasting song performance site map by Fengzi an uncle

Xi'an temperature difference is relatively large, if it is 4 to 6 months to watch, it is best to wear a little thick, because it is open-air performances, plus the stage will be splashing water, or some cold
Admission can not eat, security is very strict, check out more trouble.

"Everlasting Regret" performance time

Because it is an outdoor performance, so "Everlasting Regret" winter is stalled. Normal performance time is the end of the year to the end of October. Every day a time is 20: 10-21: 20.
July and August play two games every night, the first performance time is 20: 10-21: 20, the second performance time is 21: 40-22: 50.

See "Everlasting Regret" how to buy tickets

"Everlasting Regret" performance Auditorium similar to the theater, before the low after the high, divided into various regions, each region of the fare is not the same, the Central is a great place to watch the show. Please refer to the map and the corresponding fare description.

[District seat price]
Central District 298 yuan
East District A 268 yuan
East District B 238 yuan
VIP A 988 yuan
VIP B 888 yuan
VIP C 588 yuan
"Everlasting Regret" is a commercial performance, so there is no child ticket that, but 1.2 meters The following children can not buy tickets, but there is no seat Oh, the performance of a long time if the economy allowed to buy a ticket to the children.

"Everlasting Regret" Auditorium division and fare chart by swim ancient capital - sub-dragon

As shown above, we can very intuitive to see the "Everlasting Regret" seat arrangements and fares analysis friends. I recommend to you the highest cost-effective seats is the central area, watch the distance and distance from the stage are good.
VIP seats are relatively expensive, is the chair sitting comfortable point, there are bottles of water to drink.

"Everlasting Regret" performance tickets by swim ancient capital - sub-dragon

If the weather causes rain, will cancel the show, we can refund, you can also change the sign to other dates to watch.
Huaqing pool area ticket office can be refunded, online booking, you can contact customer service online refund.

Night to see "Everlasting Regret", during the day how to arrange the most appropriate trip

Strongly recommended to see "Everlasting Regret" and visit Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Huaqing pool on the same day, because the route is very smooth, do not have to arrange a separate time.
Probably talk about how to go Kazakhstan, 7:30 out of the morning, the first station Huaqing pool, probably visit 2 hours, and then the bus to the terracotta warriors and horses (try not to ride in Lintong, the driver will take you to visit the store). In the Terra Cotta King area near the lunch, where to eat a lot. Terracotta Warriors and Horses visit 3 hours, and then take a break, dinner can also eat in the terracotta warriors and horses. After the bus (306 or 915 Road, fare 3 yuan) to Huaqing pool, 7:30 pm Huaqing pool Simon line up admission.
If it is to participate in day trips, travel and transportation are planning good, do not have their own hard down the bus.

Concluding remarks

In the days of willing to be a winged bird, the land is willing to even the branches, this ancient good love touched today; grand magnificent stage scene will be the prosperity of Chang'an Changfeng style brought to our eyes, so magnificent shock, "Everlasting Regret" worth a look The

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