Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Travel Raiders

Came to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, you will be the hearts of the Naxi people in the mountains of the shock. From the peak of the business dazzle, to the mountain of vitality. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain how to play? What is the difference between it and the big dragon To Jade Dragon Snow Mountain what way of transport? What are the headaches of the charges? Do not worry, this Raiders will answer your doubts.
figure by  sounds of nature xin qing

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Meili Snow Mountain is the same place?

No, they are two different attractions, although all belong to Yunnan Province, but the two are more than 400 kilometers away. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is located in Lijiang City, Jade Dragon Naxi Autonomous County, is China's southernmost, but also the southernmost southern snow-capped mountains, 5596 meters above sea level. Meili Snow Mountain is the Yunnan Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Zhichen County in the west of a large north-south snow group, the average elevation of 6000 meters or more. Friends do not confuse the two snow-capped mountains.

Starting from Lijiang, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Meili Snow Mountain in the end should go to which one?

The local people have a saying, Meili Snow Mountain is to see, both the scale or spectacular degree are highly ornamental, but not climb; Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the only one can climb the snow-capped mountains, standing at the peak of 4680 meters The sight of the scenery is quite shocking.
From time to time, the Meili Snow Mountain near Deqin flying Temple, from Lijiang in the past need to transit to Deqin, and then transferred to the flying Temple, so go to the Meili Snow Mountain at least 5 days, it is best to set aside enough time The Go ahead to understand the road ahead, if the road is not good, then not recommended to go. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Lijiang City, very close from Lijiang, from one day to the time, convenient transportation. Therefore, if the lack of time, you can choose Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Big Jade Dragon tourist attractions and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Scenic Area What is the difference?

Lijiang government to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain near the famous tourist attractions integrated into a large Jade Dragon tourist attractions. Grand Jade Dragon Scenic Area includes Jade Dragon Snow Mountain 5A-class tourist attractions, Yu Shuizhai 4A-level scenic spots, Dongba Valley Ecological Culture Park 3A-level scenic spots, as well as Dongba Pantheon, Dongba Kingdom, Yufeng Temple, Baisha murals of these four scenic spots. Big Jade Dragon tourist scenic spot ticket price of 230 yuan / person, the fare includes Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Yu Shuizhai, Dongba Valley, Yufeng Temple, Yuzhu Qingtian, Baisha murals, Dongba Kingdom, Dongba Pantheon 8 attractions Attractions tickets, does not contain cableway, green car, Lijiang ancient city maintenance costs and other projects. Big Jade Dragon tourist area coupons valid for two days, the first day of the ticket in the visitor center or ticket center for the second into the mountain can be.
Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Scenic Area is the most famous 5A scenic area in the Great Jade Dragon tourist area, including Ganhaizi, Glacier Park, Blue Moon Valley, Yunshan Ping, Yakou Ping five attractions, ticket price of 105 yuan / person, with student card and officer Card can enjoy half price concessions. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Scenic Area Tickets are valid only on that day.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain how to play?

In general, to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain must play the attractions of the glacier park, Blue Moon Valley, Gan Hai Zi, as well as "Impression Lijiang" and "Lijiang eternal love" two must see the show. Other attractions in the scenic area include spruce pits, yak pits, white water rivers, ice tower forest, etc., if time is not enough, you can not go.
After entering the area, buy a large cableway waiting time waiting for the need to take luck, generally about 1-2 hours, which means that even if a big early to go, really up the mountain may be 10 o'clock. In general, one after 12 noon, the mountain will be the wind, the clouds will become more, snow-capped mountains may be covered by clouds. Therefore, the first station suggested that you buy a cable car directly on the cable car on the snow-capped mountains, in order to save the waiting time of the queue, be sure to advance cable car ticket. After climbing the snow-capped mountains can take the cable car to the Blue Moon Valley area, and then return to the way to visit other scenic spots, so you can avoid going back.
Therefore, the best route for the tour: Jade Dragon Mountain Scenic Area entrance - Glacier Park - Blue Moon Valley (Baishui River) - Gan Hai Zi - Impression Lijiang / Lijiang ancient customs (Yunshan Ping and Maonai Ping choose to).

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain area of ​​the core Aspect of what?

Glacier Park BY @ Phoenix flower junction

[Glacier Park] Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the Naxi language is known as the "Oulu", this set of subtropical, temperate and cold belt of a variety of natural landscape in a snow-capped mountains, the legend is the Naxi protection of God, "more than three" incarnation, so Has been the Naxi people as the hearts of the mountain. The cable car will send you to the height of 4506 meters, the rest is to step by step to climb their own, until the highest point of 4680 meters. Standing on the viewing platform look, stand in the sky snow mountain ice peak is particularly spectacular. In addition, there can also be zero distance exposure to ice and snow Oh.

① to the Jade Dragon Mountain scenic area after the entrance, you can take the green car to the big cableway parking lot; to the snow-capped mountains, is sure to take a large cableway.
② into the mountain fee with the big cable fee is not the same thing, we must line up to buy a large cableway tickets! It is best to book a day before the big cableway tickets, otherwise it may be due to delay in the queue and affect the next trip. The general choice of day trips, you can save a lot of trouble, the next day directly to the cableway up the mountain can be, you can make a lot of time for the tour.
③ do not provide food and beverage in the process of the place, it is recommended to bring some dry food to prepare for contingencies.
④ If it is November to March more snow, you can also go to the ski resort, which is the most fun when the glacier park.

Blue Moon Valley BY @ Orange Purple

[Blue Moon Valley] Blue Moon Valley is a famous love of the Holy Land, contains four lakes: Yu Lake, Lake Mirror Lake, Blue Moon Lake and listen to Lake. Overlooking the whole area, really like a blue lake-like stones lying in the mountains. Where the random photographed King and people are super-praise, without any late plus green trees surrounded by green trees, there are high snow-capped mountains set off each other ... ... Blue Moon Valley mysterious color will make you unforgettable.

① from the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain down, you can take a green car to the Blue Moon Valley area. Environmental protection car will go through the first Yunshan Ping, if you want to go to the Yunshan Ping tour can first plan the tour time, Yunshan Ping tour time about 1-2 hours, if the time is not recommended directly to the Blue Moon Valley area.
② Blue Moon Valley area between the attractions of the battery car can ride, but an additional 40 yuan, generally do not need to take the battery car (similar to sightseeing car), walking about 40 minutes.
③ Blue Moon Valley area there are many restaurants can be eaten, usually hot pot or cooking.

Gan Haizi BY @ dawn

[Gan Haizi] Gan Haizi scenic gentle ups and downs, is a natural ranch. Here is also looking up Jade Dragon Snow Mountain panorama recent and is the best place, here not only can see the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain thirteen peaks in turn, but also with the mountain grazing wild goats, cattle cattle photo.

① from the Blue Moon Valley can take a green car to Ganhai Zi meadow.
② Gan Haizi service area around some of the food, there are a little more expensive buffet, hot pot and golf restaurant.

Lijiang impression BY @ Wang Ying

[] Impression Lijiang "friends, and drink! Friend is gone, drink!" Just like the song sung by the way, if you want to really understand Lijiang, Lijiang people to understand, we must first look at "Impression Lijiang." "Impression Lijiang" is a story-based, the whole chapter is divided into "Snow Mountain", "ancient city" and six branches, showing the unique customs of Lijiang. No stage lighting, no choreography shining, more than 500 ordinary farmers just to the snow-capped mountains for the King, with the most natural and simple performance, the most simple song, dance with heaven and earth, and natural, this is a Lijiang culture Gluttonous feast, it is worth watching.

① performance time sub-peak season, the season is 9 o'clock every day, 11 points, 14 points to perform, off-season is 11 points, 14 points.
② "Impression Lijiang" performance is located in Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Gan Hai Zi Blue Moon Valley Theater, tickets 190 yuan tickets, VIP tickets 260 yuan. Season needs to be booked in advance.
③ "Impression Lijiang" is off-site performances, we must pay attention to warm.

Lijiang eternal love on the road

[Lijiang eternal love] is a large indoor professional performance, is one of the performances must see life. It is a variety of incredible high-tech means and stage performance form of the Naxi Genesis life praise, Lugu Lake daughter of the romantic feelings, the magnificent prosperity of the wooden house, caravan legendary shocked shock, Jade Dragon third country life chant. Starred in the play are professional training of the actors, whether it is in the plot, stunts, dance, clothing, effects and other aspects are carefully designed, this is a visual feast.

① "Lijiang eternal love" performance is located in Lijiang Songcheng tourist area, tickets 280 yuan / Zhang, VIP tickets 380 / Zhang, including Songcheng tourist area scenic admission tickets and "Lijiang eternal love" performance ticket. The performance is 60 minutes long.
② Lijiang Songcheng tourist area opening time for the 14:00 to 21:00, amusement park parked time for 19:00, amusement park need to pay additional tickets.
③ "Lijiang eternal love" performance two games, respectively, 16:30 and 19:30.
④ "Impression Lijiang" is a purely natural stage and authentic performance, "Lijiang eternal love" is a partial modern and professional customs, two performances have their own characteristics, according to their own preferences to choose to watch.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain common play questions and answers

Q: Jade Dragon snow-capped mountains need to be equipped with a bottle of oxygen? A: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain's highest elevation of 5596 meters, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Glacier Park, the highest elevation of 4680 meters, but also to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain area can reach the highest elevation. General ropeway end point is 4506 meters above sea level, under the cableway hiking climbing up to 4680 meters, rising height of 174 meters. According to the different physical fitness will have varying degrees of plateau response. Generally slowly climb, most people are still not a problem. Whether you need to buy oxygen cylinders, which need to be based on the actual situation. But still recommend to prepare a tank of oxygen up the mountain, just in case. General a bottle of oxygen can suck on 30 minutes to 45 minutes. Oxygen cylinders in the ancient city of Lijiang to buy inside than in the snow-capped mountains above some cheaper, the price of 40 yuan, the mountain service station to sell about 100 yuan.

Tips: to
reduce the altitude sickness recommendations:
① first to maintain a good attitude, but also to be fully prepared. Before starting to reduce the intensity of exercise, usually do not exercise before the start of fierce exercise, then easier to altitude sickness.
② If you are more worried, or before the high altitude to the high anti-serious, before the start can take the red rhodiola, plateau security, blue tablets and other anti-high anti-drug.
③ mountain climbing process do not do intense exercise, slowly climb up, adjust their own breathing and pace.
④ before the departure of particular attention, do not catch a cold. Cold in the plateau can be small, not only will affect everyone's journey, serious words will endanger life. If you have a bad cold, it is recommended not to barely up the mountain, the first body.

Q: to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain to wear what? Need to prepare down jacket? A: Yunnan belongs to the plateau climate, the weather is changing, sooner or later the temperature difference, so Yunnan eighteen strange inside a strange "four seasons clothing with wear." Jade Dragon Snow Mountain high altitude, mountain perennial snow, mountain and mountain under the temperature difference is very large, sooner or later cold. In the mountains generally need to wear down jacket, even seven or eight months is also true. If you feel trouble, you can rent a snowball at the foot of a. Rent down jacket will be based on the quality and brand of down jacket, the price is different, generally dozens of pieces can be. Other warm clothes have to prepare, long-sleeved sweater, down vest or vest, mountain wind cold.
Q: Is there an age limit for Jade Dragon Snow Mountain? A: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is not age limit, the scenic area and no relevant provisions. Children and the elderly can do what they can. But do not recommend suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease or high blood pressure of the elderly up the mountain, it is recommended that the elderly before going to the hospital to do the whole body and cardiopulmonary examination, asked the qualifications and went to the Tibetan area of ​​the doctor can travel.
Q: to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain also need to prepare some what? ① in the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain for a long time to see the snow prone to snow blindness, the eyes are not good, it is recommended to bring a pair of sunglasses to go out.
② high altitude sunshine strong, before going out must pay attention to sun work.
③ can prepare some chocolate and other high-calorie food to add energy.
④ Yunnan weather uncertain, ready to go out before the umbrella.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain tickets and cable tickets how to buy?

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain ticket price of 105 yuan / person, with student card and military card can enjoy half-price concessions, other documents invalid. Tickets include only Ganhai Zi, Glacier Park, Blue Moon Valley, Yunshan Ping, Yakou Ping five attractions, not including the ancient city of Lijiang maintenance fee, the impression Lijiang tickets, cableway costs, green car costs, tickets valid day. Tickets are equivalent to entering the mountain fee, no longer pay a separate fee.
① into the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain area will need to purchase 80 yuan of the ancient city of Lijiang maintenance fee, if the ancient city of Lijiang has been purchased to produce the bill can be, if not purchased in the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain area to pay. Scenic area of ​​environmentally friendly car costs 20 yuan / person.
Impression Lijiang performance tickets 248 yuan / Zhang.
③ Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Scenic Area tourist cableway (referred to as "glacier park large cableway") full fare is 180 yuan / person (including round-trip), Yunfu Ping travel cable full fare of 55 yuan / person, Yakouping travel cable full fare 60 yuan / person. Among them, take the ropeway to buy cableway insurance 2 yuan / person. As the hiking up the mountain is dangerous, for security reasons Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Scenic Area does not allow visitors to climb their own, must take the cable or green car. General ropeways are limited to the purchase, the season to be purchased in advance. Big cableway length of 2914 meters, the vertical height difference of 1150 meters, take the big cableway up the mountain about 30 minutes to meet the beautiful scenery of the Peak.
④ Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Scenic Area business hours 9: 30-16: 00, if the day the best ticket from 7:00 to 8:00 on the line in the past to buy tickets, the season is likely to appear long queuing or large road tickets out of the situation, the proposed Buy online in advance.

How to reach Jade Dragon Snow Mountain?

In general, whether from Shangri-La, Lugu Lake, or other destinations to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, you need to first reach the ancient city of Lijiang, Lijiang from the ancient city of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.
[Scenic train] every morning at 9:00 to Ganhai sub-snow-capped mountains through train, 17:00 pm return, fare 40 yuan / person. In the ancient city of Yuhe parking lot, south gate parking lot, Lijun hotel and beam gate can ride, you can Yuhe corridor C District 2-3, passenger terminal and high-speed passenger ticket.
[Bus] often see the Internet was suggested to tourists to take the 7 bus, but in fact the official 7-way bus has been redirected, and now the ancient city of the north gate next to the red square on the 7-way bread is a private contract route, fare 20 yuan / Person, season will price. Usually wait until the full man to go, the evening the latest return time is about 17:30. Because the waiting time will be longer, choose to travel trip must be estimated a good time, go out early.
Take the bus, then from the Lijiang Bus Station take the 11 road to 17 Road, about 2 hours and 40 minutes; also from the Lijiang Railway Station (bus station) take the 18 road and then turn 3 Road and then turn 17, about 3 hours. The bus will take a long time to spend, ride the way is also more trouble, so do not suggest that you take the bus.
[Chartered] chartered from the ancient city of Lijiang to Ganhai sub-tourist center, about 40 minutes by car, the general fare 200-300 yuan / day or so, a little better car or off-road vehicle prices will increase accordingly. Many people can choose to fight the car, not only convenient, but also flat down the price of the car and ride the price of the bus is almost the same. If the number is not enough, it is recommended to book a day trip, there will be a tourist bus to facilitate easy access, cost-effective.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain around what is worth the experience?

To pull the city of tea and horse riding a horse ride!

Lashihai is the toast of the toast of the woods, is the toast of the toast of the woods, but also the tea-horse road must pass, came to Lijiang City, the sea tea horse road is worth a go. To pull the city to take a car to help the road, in order to experience Lijiang in the tea horse in the important position, but also a better interpretation of Lijiang this is known as the metropolis of Aventure. Ancient city, whether it is Quartet Street, stone road, or the entire building, in fact, are related to the Tea Horse Road. But Lijiang soliciting the situation is serious, travel agencies are also a variety of prices are rounded fish, then be sure to polish their own eyes! Do not believe some of the aunt 5 dollars to pull the city of the sea, to go after riding a row of pits you three hundred or five hundred. So go to pull the city of tea and tea road recommended with the regular day tour, or chartered / carpool to.

Go to Lake Lugu Lake!

Figure BY beats man

Lugu Lake, known as the "magic of the East daughter country", the lake residents mainly Mosuo people, there are some Naxi people, Mosuo people still retain the matriarchal marriage system. Unique "A summer" marriage, natural and original folk customs, beautiful natural scenery, for this piece of ancient land infected with a mysterious and beautiful colors. In addition to fascinating humanities, the Lugu Lake clear through the bottom of the lake, the back of the goddess of the mountain, the village pier stands the lover tree, floating in the wind on the wind of the wooden boat, the United States if Wonderland. Here you can choose the car around the lake, or rent electric car / bike around the lake, the price is not expensive. As the Lugu Lake part of the route ups and downs larger, more vehicles, riding a lake must pay attention to safety, very prone to traffic accidents!

3. all the way north, dream Shangri-La!

Figure BY @ JOJO take you to the world

Shangri-La, in the Tibetan language means "the heart of the sun and the moon", it is hidden at the foot of the Meili Snow Mountain, people praise it said here is the place where the gods live. Here are the number of people aspire to the tourist destination, how many people included in the list of life must go. Came to Yunnan, must go to a Shangri-La. To the world's deepest Grand Canyon, "one of the top ten domestic walking routes," one of the tiger jump gorge on foot, to our country's first national park Pudacuo national park to find beauty, to Songzanlinsi taste "small Potala Palace" Of the style, to Shangri-La dream ... Shangri-La County elevation of 3280 meters or so, there may be altitude sickness, slow down the pace do not strenuous exercise, but also pay attention to warm sun protection against cold.

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