Yunnan Tengchong & Ruili: that go away, meet you in the four seasons different

Most of the city has entered the winter, the southern part of the clouds are still warm as spring, which makes some of the city of Yunnan can not miss the winter tourist destination.
overlooking tengchong beauty

One, Teng Chong where the United States where?

Tengchong is located in western Yunnan, rich geographical style to build this section of the skeleton, and the diversity of humanities is its soul. Come to Tengchong, you can feel:
tea Horse Road heavy history
and along the town of light and light the ancient town of time
the only volcanic geothermal coexistence of the region, a wide range of hot springs
Gaoligongshan and Nu River Grand Canyon

Second, Tengchong what attractions worth visiting

1. Gudong Ginkgo Village

Gungdong Ginkgo Village

This is a special recommendation to you, the attractions are seasonal attractions, small partners can only be in the year from November to mid-December, before they can enjoy the "Curse of the Golden Flower" beauty, here is the annual photography Enthusiasts gathered. So in order to enjoy the beauty of Ginkgo Village, then need to book 2-3 months in advance of the village house, or only a hurry at the glance of the day.

2. hot sea and hot springs

Beihai Wetland

As Xu Xike known as the "side of the first city", the only one of the volcano and geothermal coexistence of the region, hot sea is very worth a visit to see the attractions, which "big roll" is going to the attractions, small partners We can buy eggs in advance, when you can taste the exclusive "boiled eggs".
Hot spring is also the winter came to Tengchong must experience, although Tengchong weather is not so cold, but this is a very special feeling. Tengchong surrounded by various types of hot springs resort and hot sea area hot springs for small partners to choose, but because Tengchong Hot Springs to natural hot springs, geographical location are far, it is recommended by car or chartered to.

3. Heshun town

Rape season and Heshun town

Heshun town as the southwest of the Silk Road must pass through, has its own unique culture and charm, which Heshun library, Ai Siqi residence are going to go, everyone can walk around to experience the local people Slow life, temporarily away from the city's troubles and fast-paced.
PS: Volcano Park can experience hot air balloons, interested little partners can go to experience it.

Tengchong and the surrounding area of ​​tourism, personal advice chartered tour.

Three, how to Tengchong?


In major cities nationwide to Tengchong:
Chengdu - Tengchong flights: 14:45 class; 2 hours; 800 more than the price of
Chongqing - Tengchong direct: 14: 00-16: 15 two classes; 2 hours 15 minutes; price 650 yuan More than
1,100 yuan or more
Guangzhou - Tengchong (stop Kunming): 7: 25-11: 55 two classes; 4 hours 30 minutes; price of more than 1,300 yuan
Shenzhen - Tengchong non-stop: 7: 15-10: 00 class; 2 hours and 45 minutes; price of more than 900 yuan
Shanghai - Tengchong (stop Kunming): 11: 35-16: 40 two classes 5 hours; price of more than
Guiyang - Tengchong non-stop: one week variable class
Yunnan Province, the aircraft to Tengchong:
Xishuangbanna - 5 hours; price 1700 or more Hangzhou - Tengchong (stop Kunming): 14: 45-19: 55 class; Tengchong non-stop: 16: 30-17: 30 class; 1 hour; price of more than 420 yuan
Kunming - Tengchong direct: 13 classes a day; 1 hour 5 minutes; price 500 or more
Lijiang - Tengchong direct: 16: 30 class ; 1 hour; price of 420 yuan or more


Dali - Tengchong: You can take the bus at Tai'an Bus Terminal and Xingsheng Road Bus Terminal

Dali - Tengchong bus time and fares

Lijiang - Tengchong: only high fast station to Tengchong bus. In Lijiang new bus station ride, day by day.

Lijiang - Tengchong bus time and fares

Kunming - Tengchong: from the Kunming West Railway Station to Tengchong bus more, can choose.

Kunming - Tengchong bus time and fares

Tips: The
above is Kunming / Dali / Lijiang three to Tengchong bus time and price, if they did not buy your location to Tengchong direct bus, you can first take the car to Baoshan, and then from the Baoshan ride to Tengchong County The

Tengchong - Ruili traffic

Every day by Tengchong to Ruili bus has 7 buses, the first bus 7:00 am, the last train for 12:30, fare 57 yuan / person.
Of course, Teng Chong Ruili section, beautiful scenery. If not in urgent need to choose to carpool or chartered to, charter costs in 200-300 yuan / vehicle range.

Tengchong - Ruili bus time and fares

Four, Tengchong and what are the play around?

1. Tengchong three-day tour

D1: Heshun town - hot sea - enjoy the hot springs
D2: the national War cemetery - stacked waterfall
D3: Volcano Park - Gudong Ginkgo Village - North Sea Wetland

2. Tengchong - Ruili border tour

Ruili scenery

Ruili will experience the attractions recommended: a Walled two countries, "a Walled two" attractions located in the famous Sino-Burmese border border pillar 71, is a typical "a stockade two countries" geographical wonders. Here was originally a stockade, but man-made was divided into two countries, the border will be a Dai village divided into two, the Chinese side called the silver wells, Myanmar side called the mans show. Walking in the "one village two", and not because of living on the border line and the kind of careful feeling, on the contrary here gives a kind and peaceful atmosphere.
The port is the largest border trade port in Yunnan Province, which is one of the busiest areas of China's border trade channel. The country is opposite the town of Myanmar. Sister told the port is divided into three magnificent buildings, built by the border, the middle of the main door, the right for the goods channel, the left for the staff channel. In the main country next to a duty-free shops, spare time can also shop some.
Zadu tropical rainforest scenic area with native tropical valley valley rainforest vegetation and waterfalls combined with the Murray Tropical Rainforest, comparable to the world wonderland. Mori is also known as the "Zaoduo", according to legend, the Buddha has been here in the hot springs next to the bath, and later left a huge footprints, to commemorate the Buddha's visit, later with the Buddha footprints of the Indian language "Zaduo" called here. There are more than 1,500 wild plants in the jungle, nearly 500 kinds of flowers and spices, which created the negative oxygen ions of the natural forest oxygen bar.
Manglai unique tree banyan tree in Dehong is a unique and important landscape. Regardless of the mountains and the dam, the village, the road next to the cultivation, either alone forest, or banyan tree into a piece. People see the banyan tree as a tree, only do not cut. Mang order alone into the forest, grow in the Ruili City, 320 State Road side, by a banyan growing, lush, tall and straight, as if standing specifically waiting for the distance visitors, in Ruili also known as " Welcome welcoming ".

When traveling in the border area, pay attention to safety and prevent thieves.

Tengchong - Dehong six day tour

Volcanic geological park

D1: Tengchong - Heshun town - hot sea hot springs
D2: Volcano Park - Beihai Wetland - Gudong Ginkgo Village
D3: Tengchong - Ruili (Night Tour)
D4: Lao Da Tai Tower - Mori Tropical Rainforest - Wanding Bridge - sister Border area - country door - China and Myanmar Street (Friendship Bridge)
D5: Mushi City Appearance - Golden Palace - Golden Deer Temple - Nankan - Yunfeng Tower - Buddha Temple
D6: Mangshi - tree towers - Bodhi Temple

Have seen the beauty of the southern part of Choi Wan, your heart has been flying there?

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