1 day Fun Dali Erhai, can not miss the most in the convertible ring sea brigade shoot

Dali's literary style began from the double gallery, extended to the entire Erhai waters. Spring breeze, summer flowers gorgeous, autumn posture, winter cherry shining, all year round, a ten miles are Shengjing. So the beauty of Erhai, how to play is the best way to open? Today let me Amway to you once the small public play, now the trend of play - convertible ring sea trip to shoot!
figure docked in the dali huan east road side of the lovely smart by sunny day

First, the conventional way of the sea: chartered / car rental

The chariot of the sea

In the train station and the ancient city of Dali has a lot of soliciting master, package one day car costs around 400 yuan, for those who will not drive the car is more peace of mind and freedom of choice, the whole process with the stop, the trip is not planned, but also There is no quality assurance, the basic car is browsing Erhai Lake, experienced visitors most feel very boring.

Car rental sea

Car rental sea optional models: cars, electric cars
car rental:
Dali Railway Station, the city has a lot of nearby car rental, especially in the ancient city of the majority. According to the different models, the use of household vehicles a day between 200-600 yuan range. smart is Dali car rental market, the most active models, 24 hours between the cost of 280-380 yuan, small and flexible, take pictures look good.

Some car dealers can also be part of the daily rent, that day, the day the car also car, so the rent will be cheaper. Choose a good condition, the convenience of the car dealers will be more effort and effort.

Of course, the biggest flaw is that the driver's driving skills in a strange situation and the road environment is also able to cope with. Because the ring road in recent years in the maintenance of construction, part of the poor road conditions also need to bypass the village, road narrow car, easy to produce scraping. Erhai Haihai Road, a total of 116 km, you want to play by car depth, shoot some of the better photos, plus attractions to explore the route, the basic needs of 2 days to meet.

1. Dali car rental is usually 24 hours car rental, that is, from the car began to count, within 24 hours can still car.
2. When you take a car to pay a deposit, you need to pay attention to sign a car rental contract with the car, and carefully read the terms of the contract.
3. Car rental at their own expense, tolls, parking fees. If you want to overnight parking, you can call in advance to consult the inn whether there is free parking. Erhai sea around the circle with the bypass is about 160 km, smart 2 car needs 50 yuan or so, the amount of oil can be added, plus more cars will not be discounted. But if the oil table failure is not over the refueling to the corresponding location, you can keep the small ticket to show the taxi to ask for discount.
4 car dealers did not buy wiping insurance, resulting in less than 2,000 yuan wiping loss, the need for tourists themselves, resulting in the loss of more than 2,000 yuan the first time to inform the car dealers to help report the traffic police and insurance companies, but visitors need to bear 15 % Of the maintenance costs and maintenance costs within the rental costs, this requires special attention. Remote control by car risk, be careful to assess the car technology to make a decision.

② electric car rental car:
here is the electric car is two-wheeled electric car. Visitors gathered in the ancient city of Dali, Shimonoseki, double porch and so there are a lot of electric car rental, the price of 60 yuan / day / Taiwan range, but this electric car full of electricity can run up to 60 km, the basic is a single walking sea West or east of Hoihai East Road.
There are two lines recommended:
① away from the ancient city of Haixi ring road: the ancient city - only village - West sea - sea tongue Park - Xizhou Town - return to the ancient city of Lijiang Road;
② from the sea and left double gallery East section: double gallery - dig color - double gallery (which is recognized as the best section of the sea section of the ride line).
Electric cars on the weather requirements are relatively large, winter Dali style is too large, and particularly cold, cycling simply can not stand, summer Dali rainy, met the heavy rain electric car ride is also more bad.

Figure: Dali Dali Road on the electric car riding the wind riding. by sunny day

If you want to experience the fun of electric cars riding Erhai Lake, but also suffer from the line is not familiar with, no friends to accompany, then you can experience the trip to the West Road, the essence of riding a trip to the team to presumptuous hi, as well as team leader, The journey of the good times. ↓ ↓ ↓

hire electric cars require drivers to be skilled driving electric cars, generally for the day also car, if there is a need for days car rental, you can say in advance with the boss, pay a deposit or documents can be.

Second, the small public way of the sea: Convertible sea

1. The advantages of the convertible around the sea

Convertible Jeep, can be said that the feelings of the logo, the appearance of personality, classic pull the wind, where are the focus of attention. Off-road performance is strong, is the choice of outdoor activities. Sunny day to remove the soft top immediately enjoy 360 ° no view of the viewing angle, make up the chartered view of the fly is not real, rain can rise to the soft canopy, to solve the ride around the sea affected by the weather problems, while electric Car off the sea lack of power, physical exertion and many other issues are also lifted, the addition of the old drivers fun fun and brigade. Can be said to play the form of innovation.

Figure: Convertible jeeps of the maritime road in Dali. by sunny day

2. why the convertible car shoot small people play will become the trend

Convertible advantage of the sea is mainly reflected in the brigade and experience
① what is the brigade: is the way to travel in the shooting, leaving precious memories. Not deliberately set, no stiff smile, everything is the best scenery, the best mood. Convertible brigade is a friend of the brigade, different from the photo studio travel photo shoot, convertible brigade brute more approachable, there is no deliberately clothing modeling, showing the photographer are the most natural state. Of course, the price is more in line with mass consumption.

Figure: Dali hood jeep sea trip. by sunny day

② Convertible experience:
1. Convertible modeling is very cool pull the wind, you can earn enough to keep the rate, take pictures is sucking the weapon,
2. Cabrio put down the soft top, put the ballad, not only 360 ° no view King, but also
a car 4 tourists + 1 team leader driving camera, 1v4 small group service, experience better, but also the same time, The
manager is familiar with Dali culture and Erhai take pictures of the old driver, can shoot will play will chat, one day you can let Dali, Erhai Lake have a more full understanding;
5. Product line carefully designed to ensure that one day around the Erhai Lake at the same time, you can maximize the most beautiful view of Erhai Lake red view, experience the local characteristics;
6. worry and effort, do not need to drive, do not need navigation, do not need to find attractions, Please passers-by to help take pictures, even if the weather has changed, do not have a big mistake. The convertible jeep is a canopy and can be installed or removed as needed.
Like to take pictures, time is limited, or do not want to drive their own or feel too tired to ride a small partner, you can consider the jeep ring Erhai Lake.

3. Upgrade brigade to meet the needs of high-quality people

Erhai Lake diversified landscape style (Erhai, woods, fields, flowers, roads), very suitable for taking pictures. More and more people to Dali hope to take a group of cents cents portrait or wedding brigade, but do not need too grand, too expensive. Professional photography technology + professional photographic equipment + low threshold price = jeep photography version of light travel.

Figure: The swing of the sea west road (photography version). by sunny day

Convertible sea photography version is such a low threshold, but shooting better quality of the film products. For many years to take a photographer with full-frame photographic equipment, to ensure the quality of shooting, presented fine photos.
Envy others in the Dali can shoot beautiful pictures of the sun friends circle write travel, but his other half or little partner photographed poor technology? Or suffer from no one to shoot their own? Photo of the brigade of the product minutes for you to solve Oh ↓ ↓ ↓

4. tips on the convertible travel

(1) how to choose a convertible?
Need to choose the regular fleet, vehicle safety, responsible leader, buy insurance team.
(2) what needs to be done?
① bright dress, makeup, especially eye makeup must be of
② attention sooner or later, warm, rainy day need
③ attention to the sun, cloudy and very powerful ultraviolet
④ attention to wind, can wear hats, shawls
(3) participate in the trip to beat the traffic by sea accommodation & recommended
① one day recommended to stay in Dali before departure;
② the end of the night can choose Check Dali / East sea / double gallery and so on;
③ need to go to Lijiang can take the 19:20 car in Dali back to Lijiang, or drop Dropping the windmill carpool, the time is about 2.5 hours, the cost of 83-90 yuan / person;
④ need to go back to Kunming can get off at the train station, take the 21:00 train trip back to Kunming.  

Figure: Mirror Court (photo version). by sunny day

Third, the sea will be on the sea will play attractions

Erhai the best tour order is from the ancient city starting clockwise tour. Because the clockwise attractions are more concentrated, and the trip can finally enjoy the sunset sunset. If you walk counterclockwise, from the ancient city - Shimonoseki - Haidong a trip is a hurry, easy to consume physical and play interest.
Sea scenery on the sea unlimited, you can shoot the scenery is also very diverse, not to be missed must play the attractions can look down.

1. Glass ball / white tables and chairs

White table glass ball is a man-made attractions, in the seaside field of vision can be taken to take pictures, suitable for aesthetic small awake style. Impressive, beautiful too much. Double Gallery because of the white life and life of the white table and chairs and fame, but because of the double corridor road, and Erhai governance and other reasons, the white gallery is not convenient to take pictures. Now the sea on the West Road, there are many white table glass ball camera point, relatively fixed with Ma Jiuyi, Baita Yi, Yangxi and other places. Shooting about 10 yuan per person.     

Figure: Dali Yangxi glass ball. by sunny day

2. arrest ship

Dali Erhai Bai people to fishing for a living, so far there are many fishermen, after the sea festival to enjoy the generosity of Erhai mother's reward. In the fishing moratorium, numerous iron boat buckle buckle in the sea side of the road, more well-known in the Central West Road Yang Jiadeng, and the Central East Road, near the temple.  
Haixi Haidong arrests as excellent photography points are different. Hercynian seized ships have wetlands and more vast skies. Haidong arresting Erhai Lake and Cangshan as a background, is also beautiful. Take care of the camera should pay attention to safety, summer iron buckle on a higher temperature, careful burns. Take care of the camera to take care of mobile phones and sunglasses and other items, to prevent falling to the arrest of the ship, it is difficult to pick up.

Figure: Dali Haidong arrest ship. by sunny day

3. Take the location of the road

There are a number of dangerous, the camera has a certain risk, wedding photography often go;
Central West Road: Yang Jiadeng near the road there are woods; Central East
Road: a sea mountains, beautiful scenery;   
Road: vision, beautiful scenery, less traffic flow.    

Figure: Dali Huan East Road Road as photos. by sunny day

4. Pastoral scenery

Dali is located in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, Dongnuanxialiang, climatic conditions are extremely advantageous. There are different scenes in the fields. Every year from February to March, Erhai sea blooming rape is also an endless stream of tourists to take pictures of the Holy Land. Rape flowers take the general charge of 5-10 yuan ranging from tickets. In the fall, the field of rice cooked, a golden rice in the Cangshan against the background, the United States to suffocate people.
Dali's excellent weather conditions, gave birth to a number of beautiful Dali flowers. Cangshan Erhai as the background, is the wedding photo shoot will go to the place, but also tourists flocked to the camera point. Dali ancient city near the famous flower has the following:
① flower language pasture: Dali around the ancient city has developed the largest seasons, the fare 30 yuan, mainly to receive travel group. Location in the town of Zixi town in the town of Dili.
② Yunhai Fangcao: Dali City, silver town of sand chestnut wood of the sea of ​​clouds, is Dali larger, more varieties of flowers, the environment is better construction of the sea, the fare 60 yuan, more self-driving and free travel will be Choose the flowers.
③ Cannes town flowers: located in the village of the pier and the Central West Road, the mouth of the fare 10-20 yuan or so, there is a red bus, is the art of small fresh photo shoot the Holy Land, but due to lack of maintenance, slightly outdated.
④ Hongyun flowers: located in the village near the terminal near the Meteorological Bureau, the fare 10-20 yuan or so. New flowers, planning and construction area of ​​1200 acres. Flowers in the infrastructure is complete, there are convertible jeep as props, as well as alpaca, horses can be used as props, ticket prices are relatively reasonable, closer to the ancient city, more recommended.

Figure: Dali autumn rice fields. by sunny day

5. Zhou City tie dye

Is the living fossil white folk, sit down and experience a green with Tsui's tie-dye experience, 0 distance close to the local culture. Experience the price of about 40 yuan -50 yuan / person, time 60 minutes, the recommended tie-dyed Square has two:
① Puzhen tie-dye Square: relatively old, with tie-dye museum, due to more tourists, so responsible for teaching Bai grandmother Sometimes patience.
Location: Yunnan Dali Xi Zhou Zhou Dian Dian Dian Highway No. 60
traffic: by car or from the ancient city of Dali romantic hotel opposite the road ride to the bus to get off, walk to Puzhen tie dye.
② really ancient tie-dyed: the new Bai Zhanfang Square, equipped with the Tea Horse Road Ma Bang Museum, to reproduce the Tea Horse Road culture. At the same time also equipped with the white three tea show and taste. Elements rich and varied, the environment is relatively clean and refreshing, more recommended.
Location: Xi Zhouzhen Zhou Village, the old 214 National Road.
Traffic: by car or from the ancient city of Dali romantic hotel opposite the road ride to the bus to get off to the city, walk to the real tie.

Figure: Dali Jincheng Dyed Experience Museum. by sunny day

double Gallery because the road construction period is longer, recently not recommended to travel around the sea, will delay more time, resulting in other attractions lack of tour.

Fourth, the sea on the sea food supply recommended

Because Erhai Lake remediation, Erhai many restaurants are closed, eating dinner mainly concentrated in the ancient city, hi Island, Shimonoseki.
Old Town Dinner Dining options: subparagraph kitchen (Bai specialties), Mu House restaurant hidden pick up (improvement Yunnan cuisine), bar-restaurant music fans flower (wild mushroom hot pot), I wait for you in Dali (wild mushrooms), plum Wells Restaurant (Yunnan specialties);
snack tongue sea park: fried Erhai fish, fried shrimp Erhai, Xizhou Baba, cold shrimp (dessert), old yogurt, Rushan;
Xizhou town dinner dining options: Hanlin restaurant, kitchen squire character ,
The ancient town of snacks Recommended: milk popsicles, bald head Hi Chubu Baba, old yogurt, milk fan, bait, rake meat bait silk;
small Putuo fried snacks mainly: fried milk fan, Erhai fried shrimp, potato cake,
Shimonoseki dinner recommendation: Bai specialties, Yunnan specialties: such as old milk potato, Qi Guoji, cross the bridge noodle, wild mushroom, stone fish, hot wax ribs, pig Sour Hot pot, etc .;
Recommended restaurants: Red River Park crossing the rice noodle, Dali Bay International Hotel Seafood wild mushroom hot pot, mouth care acid radish black fish village, authentic Yongping flavor yellow stew chicken (Jinniu Lane Tianxiang Business Hotel next to), Ruixiang restaurant.

Figure: Dali wild mushroom pot. by sunny day

You can choose according to their own needs for their own way of play, regardless of the weather is sunny rain, the most important barometer or our mood, with a good mood, I believe you will fall in love with Dali, Love the Erhai Lake.

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