Accommodation along the Three Gorges Greentown Practical Raiders (including Yunyang, Fengjie, Wushan)

Along the entire journey, there are very convenient accommodation. From the unique family hotel, to the luxury five-star hotel, everything. Except during the holidays, the availability of counties and cities are not very tense, the details are as follows


The new county of Yunyang is located in Shuangjiang Town on the north bank of the Yangtze River, enjoying the reputation of "mountain town" and "Jiangcheng". It is also a new town for immigrants in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area. Yunyang New City from the Three Gorges Dam (waterway) 260 km away from Wanzhou District, 41 km from the urban area of ​​310 km.
There are two accommodation to Yunyang to choose from, one is Yunyang County accommodation, and the other is Yunyang Longjing scenic farmhouse accommodation.


Fengjie County, east of Wushan County, the southern boundary of Enshi City, Hubei Province, its tourist resources to natural resources and human resources, mainly Qiongmen, Baidicheng, Tiankeng seam, Longqiao River, Danzhou ancient fossils, Golden Cave, the ancient coffin, Longshan and so on.
Accommodation in Fengjie mostly to live in the county-based, but the hotel type has many choices, from ordinary hotels to the resort can be described as everything.  

Wushan Jiangshan Hongye Hotel, looks like a whirlpool soaring eagle. Impressively stand by the banks of the Yangtze River.

The hotel closely rely on the tourist terminal, the perfect location, standing in the hotel, you can enjoy the infinite beauty of the Yangtze River.


   Wushan County is located in the most eastern end of Chongqing, the heart of the Three Gorges reservoir area, known as the "gateway to the east", across the Yangtze River Wu Gorge, east of Hubei Badong, south of Hubei Jianshi, Fengjie arrived in the west, according to the north of Wuxi The county is located at the confluence of the Daning River and the Yangtze River.

   Wushan accommodation, led by Jiangshan Hongye Hotel, which is located in the beautiful scenery of the high level of Pinghu, stands in the beautiful scenery between the advanced hardware facilities, home away from home service attitude, whether it is Wushan travel or business meetings, All are excellent choices.

   This trip, the Wushan Jiangshan Hongye experience hotel accommodation, the hotel style, from the tourist terminal is within easy reach. In addition to excellent location, first-class hardware facilities, is a very good value for money hotel. If you go to Wushan, it is recommended to select the hotel occupancy.

The lobby of the hotel, magnificent, as the general palace shine.

The lights will shine elevator color gorgeous, as if the future market in general.

Every room in the hotel is comfortably furnished. Make the arrival of guests, enjoy the feeling of going home.

Each room has a separate desk. Above the desk, everything from hot water kettles to telephones is available.

Large area of ​​the bathroom, providing a separate bathtub, and an assortment of various cleaning products, providing guests with the most convenient enjoyment.

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