Take the cruise tour the most comprehensive Raiders

Traveling by train must be a lot of people yearning for something, then you have thought than sitting on a train to see the scenery even more amazing journey it? "As the White Fortune Choi Wan Dynasty, Trinidad Jiangling on the 1st also can not live the sound of both sides of the ape canoe, cockpit has been million mountains", yes, it is following the ancients footprints, stroll the Three Gorges cruise ship ~ is different from the train whistling Go forward, white-washed walk in the Three Gorges green mountains and green water, you can more leisurely and scenery integration.

Moving vacation trip

Travel is beautiful, but always unavoidable on the road and diet on the irregular, if there is a travel allows you to eat in addition to sleep is to see the scenery and venting is not that very relaxed and enjoy? Three Gorges strong world, please take a boat trip! The best way to visit the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River is to take the luxury cruise ship, dawn mist, Cangshan Dicui, every morning and evening, indulge in the landscape between the cruise even if you do nothing, the sun on the deck, Blowing wind, breathing the Three Gorges fresh oxygen, feel the natural landscape and cultural accumulation of natural landscape, is also a pleasure.
Comfortable effortless, but also has excellent camera angle, comparable to moving holiday travel. Anyone who wants to know more about the Three Gorges' great adventure Xiong Xiong, two people want to have a quiet look at the beautiful scenery, or have a family trip with an elderly child is simply suitable.

Sheung Shui and launching itinerary introduction

At present, the Three Gorges cruise line travel mainly between Yichang and Chongqing, divided into two kinds of water and water trips.
Sheung Shui trip to Yichang embarkation, departure from Chongqing, a total of 5 days and 4 nights; launching itinerary for the boarding in Chongqing, Yichang, a total of 4 days and 3 nights (do not stop by their own attractions Sanxia people). The two kinds of itinerary tickets contain the same attractions, the main difference is that more than one day trip to Sheung Shui, more stops at one of their own attractions (Three Gorges people).
In the choice of itinerary, the time is abundant, it is recommended to choose Sheung Shui trip, Chongqing can choose to leave the boat after the Chongqing city tour, the whole trip more leisure. If the time is relatively tight, it is recommended to choose the water journey.

The Three Gorges along the beauty of the Yangtze River

Take a dip in the picture - Three Gorges people

Three Gorges Scenic Area is a state-level 5A scenic area, located in the most fantastic Xiling Gorge in the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. Between the Three Gorges Dam and Gezhouba Dam, it covers an area of ​​14 square kilometers across the beautiful Dengxia Gorge. White walls green tile road, bridge water Diaojiaolou, Kettle old tree magpie nest, machine gun bunkers old trench, Kistler cave ancient castle, beautiful scenery is here, called the leader in the whole trip.

Three Gorges most dangerous - Xiling Gorge

Xiling Gorge is named after the Xiling Mountain in Yichang City, west of Baodong Guandu mouth, east of Yichang Nanjin Pass, a total length of 120 km, is the longest Canyon in the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, historically its winding lanes, strange rocks everywhere , The beach is more urgent, the boat is thrilling and famous, now the water potential has tended to be gentle, but also the most beautiful natural scenery of the gorge section, the Northern Song Dynasty famous politician and writer Ouyang Xiu left the "Xiling landscape world good" eternal phrase .

The world's largest water conservancy project - the Three Gorges Dam

You can take a large outdoor scenic lift boarding dam area to the highest point - Tanjial Ridge, where you can overview of the Three Gorges Dam and five lock , the experience of "gorge Xiaoping Pinghu," the magnificent momentum. Beautiful waterfalls, winding streams and green lawns run through it, as if in a wonderful paradise of nature.

Take the pristine Cape canoe - experience the life of a trapper

Shennongxi is a regular stream in Badong County, Hubei Province, north bank of the Yangtze River. It originates from the southern slope of Shennongjia, the "First Peak of Central China". It runs through the deep canyon from south to north, Into the Yangtze River, a total length of 60 km. Streams across the Taiwan Strait, towering mountains, rolling,,, layers of peaks 叠 层. The formation of Longchangxia, Parrot Gap, Shennong Gap three risks, show, odd natural Gap section with unique characteristics. Gap deep pool of clear water, waterfalls all over, hanging coffin path along the cliff, the original boat, Tujia style, stalagmite cave are all amazing.

Junxiu known, the essence of the Three Gorges - Wu Gorge

Ancient poems said: Badong Three Gorges Wuxia long, ape Ming three tears stained clothes. Wuxiaxia Changqianya deep, twists and turns, Qifeng lynx rolling, smoke clouds around, the quiet scenery of the extreme, such as a beautiful gallant galleries. This section has many famous peaks, such as the twelve peaks, the most famous of which is the Goddess Peak .

Majestic steep - Qutangxia

Qutangxia crosscutting such as cutting, tall rock walls, the river cliffs in the cliff raging rushing from ancient times there is "dangerous Mo Jiange, Xiongmooruo" reputation, is the shortest of the Three Gorges, but it is the most majestic, here is shooting 10 Yuan back of the place.

Liu Beitou solitary land, poem Sin singing city - Baidicheng

Baidicheng is located in the north bank of the Yangtze River in Qutang Gap , Fengjie County, Chongqing. It is a famous tourist attraction on the Baidi Mountain in Fengdong and the Three Gorges. Formerly known as Yangcheng City, built for the late Western Han Dynasty built by Gongsun Shu, Gongsun from Bai Dili, named city as "Baidicheng." Baidicheng is the best place to view the "Xiongmen world". The ancient poets Li Bai, Du Fu, Bai Juyi, Liu Yuxi, Su Shi, Huang Tingjian, Fan Chengda, Lu You and others all had the emperor, tour the door, leaving a large number of poems, so Baidicheng has another "poetry city" in the world.

The world's largest bonsai - Shi Baozhai

Shibaozhai , located in Chongqing Zhong County, the northern shore of the Yangtze River, it is also known as the "Pearl on the River." Shibaozhai tower relies Yu Yuyin build, mountain towering, flying eaves Zhanyi, modeling is very strange. Built in the Ming Wanli years, the Kangxi, Qianlong years to build and improve. Shi Baozhai, as the structure of piercing structure, is a multi-layer structure is rare in China, also known as "one of the world's eight singular buildings." Hillside built red building in the verdant trees seem to be very prominent. Especially after the construction of the Three Gorges Dam, the water level of the Yangtze River has risen. In order not to overwhelm this unmanned building, a circle of embankments was built along the stockade and looked like a giant bonsai in the distance.

Legend of the hell government - Fengdu ghost town

Fengdu ghost town, also known as "You are", "ghost country Kyoto", "China Divine Comedy town." The ghost town is famous for the architecture and styling of various hell. Ghost town Heng Ha Temple, Temple of Heaven, Nai River Bridge, Huangquan Road, Wang Taiwan, Yao Wangdian and many other performances of the construction of the underworld. It is not only a ghost town in the legend, but also a treasure house of folk culture and art integrating Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. It is one of the most famous cultural landscapes on the Yangtze Golden Traveling Route.

Recommended cruise itinerary: Yichang - Chongqing (Sheung Shui 5 days and 4 nights)

D1.17: 00-22: 00 Yichang Boarding
D2. Three Gorges - Xiling Gorge - Three Gorges Dam (Welcome Banquet, Welcome Party)
D3. Shennongxi - Wu Gorge - Qutang Gorge - Baidicheng (ethnic customs party )
D4 Shibaozhai - Fengdu ghost Town (farewell dinner party)
. D5 disembarkation in Chongqing

Recommended cruise itinerary: Chongqing - Yichang (4 days 3 days into the water)

D1.17: 00-22: 00 Chongqing Embarkation
D2. Fengdu Ghost Town - Shibaozhai (Welcome Banquet, Welcome Party)
D3. Baidi Castle - Qutang Gorge - Wu Gorge - Shennong River (Yangtze River Night Fun Evening)
D4. Three Gorges Dam - Xiling Gorge - Yichang to leave the ship

Chongqing and Yichang dock traffic

Three Gorges cruise ship docked in Chaotianmen, Chongqing, dock in Yichang, the dock is not the same. With the presidential cruise ship as a column, Yichang embarks or disembarks at the Guoyue Ferry Terminal in the new century.
【Chongqing Ferry】 Chaotianmen Pier is located in downtown area of ​​Chongqing, away from the Jiefangbei, Hong Yadong close and convenient transportation, Metro Line 1, Line 6 can get off at the small Shizuka Station, Exit 8, Walk past Chaotianmen pier. When leaving Chongqing, you can also change to Metro Line 3 to reach Chongqing North Railway Station or the airport. As for the pier on board, distributed in Chaotianmen Pier 3-11, the day before the launch schedule to inform the exact boarding pier.
【Yichang Ferry Terminal】 New Century Guoyu Ferry Pier, Sanyou Dong Pier and Peach Blossom Village Pier are all docked at various cruise lines, and the pier location is rather remote.
Bus arrival plan:
Yichang Station - New Century International Travel Terminal, Sandou Pier: Yiling Square Station take the 10-way bus, after 11 stations, get off at the Sanyou Dong Station can be reached in about one hour.
Yichang Station - Peach Blossom Guoguntan: the same in the Yiling Square Station take the 10 bus, after 9 stations, get off at the intersection of Nanjin clearance. (Last train at 17:00).
Taxis can also be taken to the dock for boarding (taxis do not call the table, visitors can bargain). Guests departing from the boat can be in advance about a car or take the bus at the pier (35 yuan -50 per month) to the city.

Which season is best to swim in the Three Gorges?

The scenery of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River each season have their own characteristics. Swim in the Three Gorges, and enjoy a few pleasures without delay: pleasant scenery gloriously reflects the humanities, poetic culture, Bachu culture, the Three Kingdoms culture, ghosts and gods culture, immigration culture, fun; ancient architectural landscape, modern water conservancy project pavilions.
Spring tours Bibo colorful, the summer swim the most cool summer of the Three Gorges, autumn thousands of miles Jiangshan red like fire (Three Gorges Hongye). In addition to the winter season, other cruises around the Yangtze River Three Gorges are very enjoyable things.

Tour the Three Gorges how to choose cruise?

Currently the Yangtze River Three Gorges mainstream luxury cruise ships mainly include presidential series, century series, gold series, the United States and Victoria series, the Changhai series, goddess series for tourists to choose.
In the choice of cruise, the proposed focus from the cruise launch time, room size, cruise entertainment facilities, cost-effective four aspects of a comprehensive comparison. Under normal circumstances, the more water time, the more new cruise ships, the more advanced hardware facilities, the more abundant entertainment facilities. Taking Presidents No.7 / No.8 as an example, both of these two cruise ships were maiden voyage in 2013. Compared with the 6th presidential launch in 2011, these two cruise ships have added facilities for children's playgrounds, swimming pools and cinemas. The size of the rooms is also slightly larger .
Suggest that you choose to launch new ships after 2010, tonnage, safety factor, entertainment facilities, etc. more advantages, more cost-effective.

What about boarding and entertainment on board?

【Cruise Experience • Eat】 The brunch is a Chinese-Western buffet, dinner is a Chinese table meal, and the sumptuous cuisine is already quite high standard compared with the meals in the regular travel.
After check-in on board, there will be rooms recommended VIP restaurant, according to the number of people who pay separately and can dine alone. This can be based on personal or family preferences, like quiet environment can upgrade VIP restaurant. If you are willing to contact different people, there is no need to upgrade. The dining atmosphere in the main restaurant is also very good.

【Cruise Experience • Stay】 The room is a one-bedroom structure, two single beds (you can fight together to form a large bed), TV, sofa, make-up table, safe, small refrigerator, wardrobe everything, on the balcony tea Syria, bathed in Cangshan Cuise, feel the mountains and rivers, it is beautiful!

【Cruise Experience Entertainment】 President VII cruise on the rich entertainment facilities, cinema, swimming pool, children's playground, KTV, bars, chess room, gym, SPA clubs, dance halls, reading rooms and so on. Even if you do not go to the coast attractions, there are so many entertainment facilities on board will not feel boring.

Boat trip Three Gorges Notes

1. Valid documents: There is no physical ferry ticket in the Three Gorges Cruise Ship Industry convention. The passenger name, valid ID (ID card or household registration card) information is used as the basis for boarding. At the same time according to the unified requirements of the Changhang Public Security, visitors need to register valid ID (ID card or account book, etc.) information record, so remember to bring a valid document (children also need to provide the corresponding documents), and with the personal information provided at the time of booking, Failure to do so may result in failure to board the ship.
2. Clothing: seasonal clothing can, but the wind on the river is still relatively large, may be appropriate to add some clothing. Central air-conditioning on board, in summer, if the individual does not like blowing air conditioning can bring a coat.
3. Food: Do not prepare too much food and water, there will be two bottles of mineral water in the room every day, there is to provide meals on board, if you prefer to eat snacks can bring some up.
4. Weather: check the weather before travel, try to choose sunny travel, but also with an umbrella just in case, there is no umbrella on board to provide.
PS. The Three Gorges Cruise aboard the night without dinner (tourists boarding time varies, can not be arranged), suggest that you can choose to experience the local food after boarding.

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