Summer to Yichang, the beautiful scenery drifting correct!

Yichang, the ancient name Yiling, because of "water to this and Yi. Hill to the Hill" named. School geography class said: Yichang is the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and the middle reaches of the demarcation point; language class Taoist Yuan a "Three Gorges", although a few words are fascinating; the Three Gorges Dam known as the world project miracle, as Yichang A ringing business card ... Give me four days, I'll take you to enjoy the charm of Yichang!

D1: Ship a dam two dam, the experience of the original Three Gorges scenery

I came to Yichang, I suggest the first day you take a boat tour of the two dams a gorge. For the Three Gorges Dam, I believe we are familiar, but what is the meaning of a dam in the end? In fact, the two dams refer to the Three Gorges Dam and Gezhouba, a gorge refers to the section of the original Xiling Gorge from the Three Gorges Dam to the Gezhouba Dam. This Yangtze River channel between the two dams and one gorge is the only one The original scenery of the old Three Gorges that has not been inundated floats on the Yangtze River by a cruise ship and truly experiences "the sound of apes can not live on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. 

There are two ways to proceed from the dam to the dam. There are two ways to proceed from the Yichang Port Nine Ferry Pier and the Three Gorges Visitor Center. From the Yichang Port Nine Ferry Pier, you can board the ship directly. Then you can tour the Gezhouba Dam, watch the Xiling Gorge, Scenery, and finally visited the Three Gorges Dam scenic ride back to Yichang City. Starting from the Three Gorges Visitor Center, you should first visit the Three Gorges Dam, board the ship from Sandoupinggang Harbor, view the scenery of Xiling Gorge, and finally return to the urban area after passing the Gezhouba Dam. The two routes are actually the same route, but the order is not the same, you can choose according to their own situation.

D2: In the Three Gorges people experience simple Tujia style, there are mountains and water have a single sister

Look at the original scenery of the Three Gorges, the cultural landscape of the Three Gorges you also can not miss. , Three Gorges people hide in the magnificent landscape of Xiling Gorge, Yichang came, do not come to the Three Gorges that is equivalent to white.
People who visit the Three Gorges have two kinds of play, one is the boat arrived in the area, another kind of car arrived in the area, if you have already visited two dams a gorge, then there is no need to take a boat, because the walk is the same gorge , The scenery is the same. Three Gorges people visit the four main plate: water people, stream people, people on the hill, people today. Four sections have different style characteristics, yes, part of the mountain people need to climb, walk up the mountain about two hours, if you bring the elderly children, or not confident enough on their own physical It does not matter, you can choose to take the elevator directly to the Peak, the cost is 30 yuan per person, you can choose according to their own situation.

People in the Three Gorges, I think all the attractions in the Three Gorges is a favorite, bridges ~ Bursting with bursts of bursts of wind ~ when the summer can go to step on the stones in the water, ice cold water flowing through the feet ~ ~ Inside the area there is a small theater, standing on the bridge couple at home backyard laundry beat the sound on the shore ~ ​​everything seemed so harmonious ~

Tickets to the Three Gorges area ticket to buy 150 yuan +30 ferry, if it is to buy a boat pass to the scenic pass or even 240 yuan, the fare is not cheap, I suggest the direct purchase of a day online travel products, from Yichang City, starting directly to the scenic area, including tickets and transport costs, and no other costs, as long as 168 yuan, is still quite worthwhile.

D3: Exploring the Gallery Gather the feeling of the world of Jade Pool

 To Yichang, Qingjiang Gallery is also bound to go to one of the attractions. Qingjiang Gallery scenic tour is mainly cruise based cruise time is divided into daily 10:00 am, 11:00 am and 13:00 pm, be sure to follow this time to reach the place of cruise, otherwise you can only choose local package speedboat Visit the area, not only expensive, and sitting inside the speedboat to enjoy the scenery will be greatly reduced.

Qingjiang River water clear and deep, like a jade; cross-Strait mountains and white sandals, landscapes each other into King; boat Qingjiang, as if in a gallery, every step is King. If you are ready to sit all the way to see the scene, you can choose a cruise ship window location, but will be more boring and noisy; it is recommended to sit on the second floor by the window better, more physical time to go to the second layer of fence side by column sight photography , There will be a good harvest.
Qingjiang Gallery in Changyang County, Yichang City, starting from Yichang City, there are no direct buses to the area, only to reach Changyang County, and then transfer to the scenic area. This is both cumbersome and time-consuming, I suggest that you buy a day online directly from the hotel in Yichang City, direct access to the area. And there are people arranged lines are not afraid to miss the boat time, serve two purposes.

Looking at the flowing water of the Yangtze River, looking at the charming night of Yichang, feeling some sad attachment. Here are world-renowned Three Gorges Project, high gorge out of Pinghu, eight hundred years of Qingjiang picturesque, some people in the depths of the Yangtze River, crying married, Xiajiang son, to stimulate drifting, whether you have seen Yichang in the movie, or Yichang in the media to see, you should personally come to Yichang, Yichang can understand why Yichang    

D4: Yichang rafting in summer to experience the wet body essential

If it is summer to Yichang, I suggest you go to feel a rafting, kayak floating in the middle of the canyon, the river sometimes gentle and fast, experience a bend, the waves have not yet dropped and wet the summer wet Cool, gentle river on the quiet side of the Canyon tours Qifeng Youlin beautiful scenery; rapids against the spray on the swirling river, in the hot summer of drifting experience the infinite pleasure.
Yichang to stimulate rafting Raiders please Mengzhao >>> Yichang summer rafting, we wind and waves

Here are world-renowned Three Gorges Project, high gorge out of Pinghu, eight hundred years of Qingjiang picturesque; some people in the depths of the Yangtze River, crying married, Xiajiang son, to stimulate drifting, whether you have seen Yichang in the movie, or Yichang in the media to see, you should personally visit Yichang, Yichang can enjoy the infinite charm!

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