To the Three Gorges, do not miss these authentic experience

Take a luxury cruise ship, lay down the busy work, starting from Chongqing Chaotianmen pier, down the river, a few days life on board, the mood will be like a river calm

1, go through the Three Gorges

"The sound of apes can not live on both sides of the Strait, and the cockpit is over 10,000 mountains." The poetic world needs taste. Take a luxury cruise ship, lay down the busy work, starting from Chongqing Chaotianmen pier, down the river, a few days life on board, the mood will be like a river calm

2, Pillow lovers shoulder admiring Goddess Peak

Wu Gorge unique climate, year-round clouds enveloped, goddess peaks often in the clouds, disappeared. Can see Goddess Peak is a happy pleasure children, but also the most pillow in the lover's shoulders? Shu Ting wrote: Instead of showing it on the cliff for a thousand years, it is better to weep one night at a lover's shoulder. Travel is pleasure, whether in a cruising ship or in a village on the other side of the Kamiina, as long as it is a beloved.

3, slow tour Dachang town

Dachang Chang Old Town has been submerged in the water, the new town relocated to its current location, the structure according to the original structure. Dachang is not a famous tourist attraction, but it is one of the most representative ancient towns in the hinterland of the Three Gorges. Evening, few tourists, the town is a local, chatting with them, drinking tea, or go to the Daning river to take a walk, tease the children playing on the riverside, the Three Gorges people's slow life can feel real To

4, Fengjie Xiaozhai tiankeng on foot

145-storey height, more than 400 meters of the gap, the eyes of paradise, legs, hell, climbing in a small tiankeng climb down a back and forth, then the road is not afraid to walk. When you get to the bottom of the pit while admiring the outflowing cove, while looking up at the huge precipice of the sky, you will feel the humanity's smallness and the magical nature.

5, hot pot, grilled fish, and all kinds of spicy temptation

If you do not eat spicy, here will be a lot less happy life. In the Three Gorges, all kinds of Sichuan and Chongqing delicious to bring the temptation of travelers tongue. Chongqing hot pot, grilled fish Wuxi, spicy yellow spicy Ding, alpine Laotui, Chongqing facets, jade jelly, spicy chicken ... ... every meal will make you unforgettable. To the Three Gorges to do two things, one is ready to shoot the camera beauty, the second is to prepare a stomach to eat goods. Do not forget to have a bottle of iced mountain beer.

6, Listen to a Three Gorges folk song in the Little Three Gorges

Small Three Gorges more intrepid, more simple. One by one valley, a mountain seat, all tell the signs of years. From the Little Three Gorges to the Little Three Gorges, you need to take a boat to enter, this time you will hear the indigenous folk singing the Three Gorges folk songs, fast paced, sonorous and powerful, very taste.

7, in the mountains "soared" car

Many mountains in eastern Chongqing, although many counties have highways can be reached, but some villages and towns are also connected by the ordinary winding road. Driving in the mountains, it is a test of technology, but it is also a rare experience. Whether it is over the mountains, the car parked Pass, looking back when the road; or driving on one side of the river, while the farm is among the countryside, are very unique driving experience. Uphill, downhill, cornering ... ... People and vehicles together, autumn mountain roller coaster, but also so. Drag racing is limited, happy at the same time do not speed! Safety first.

8, talk about the story gone

After the Three Gorges Reservoir has been impounded, great changes have taken place and these changes have changed people's lives. In the factory town of Ningchang, Dachang ancient town, there are always passionate uncle, aunt took you to give you the past thing. If you do not hurry hurry, listen to their story, to understand the different ups and downs.

9, looking forward to beauty in the city of Fengjie never sleeps

Several mountains in eastern Chongqing, most of the city built along the mountains, combined with water moisturizing, fair-skinned, graceful beauty of the streets are, it can be said that beauty here is the integration of mountain and rivers. Everlasting Fengjie Festival is a city of Fengjie shopping district, similar to the main city of Jiefangbei shopping district, every night, shopping malls, restaurants, food stalls, teahouse lined up, many of them beautiful figure. Mountain beauty, it is an indisputable fact. In addition to water and soil moisture, the daily climbing ridge and maintain a graceful body have a great relationship - every staircase on the first step is a squat, body can

10, feel the door of the male

夔 door is the West Gate of Qutangxia. 夔 door world male, enjoy the best angle 夔 door is on the southeast side of Baidicheng viewing platform. If a boat is pulled out from the bow door, the huge towering door wall contrasts with the foliage-like boat on the river's surface to highlight the magnificence of the door.

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