Zhang Shu tea salt shrimp, the Three Gorges that can not be missed the characteristics of food recommended

To determine whether a place is worth nostalgia, one to see its beautiful scenery, the other is to see its unique local cuisine. The above summary, for the Chongqing Three Gorges counties and cities of some specialties. If you have plenty of time, we suggest that you choose a few samples to taste. For the sake of food, these are wonderful trips on the trip.

Zhang tea duck

Zhangdu duck is a Sichuan cuisine, the production of high-quality selection of duck meat, sugar, wine, onions, cinnamon, tea, star anise and other seasonings more than a dozen, with camphor wood and tea smoked and made, hence the name " ". The crisp crispy skin, rosy color, delicious.

Dong's Cladding

Yunyang Dong's cover, that is, the traditional sense of Chaotian, distinguish soup and red two tastes, broth floating in the surface covered with chopped green onion, with the scent of sesame seeds.

Yunyang bowl cake

Yunyang bowl of cake, Yunyang local traditional snacks, made of rice, brown sugar, sesame and other made of white snow white yellow, soft and sweet, slightly sweet acid, in the streets of Yunyang County street vendors And restaurants can taste this kind of food.

Yunyang salt and shrimp

Yun Yang pepper salt shrimp, the outer coke tender, this product live fresh shrimp, do not have to shell, after the bubble, and then pepper, salt fried, a plate of golden pepper salt and shrimp will be made of this shrimp has a very High nutritional value.

Labrador pork stewed potatoes

La wax flower fat but not greasy, sausage is very full, coupled with Yunyang local specialty taste delicate potatoes. Potatoes can absorb the greasy taste of bacon, bacon aroma can also improve the monotony of potatoes, the two together, it is delicious food.

Chongqing steamboat

Chongqing hot pot, also known as hot pot or hot pot, is a traditional Chinese diet, originated in the Ming and Qing Dynasties of Chongqing Jialing River, raw materials mainly cattle tripe, yellow pig throat, duck intestine, bovine blood Wang, taste Ze spicy, and Chongqing, hot, generous personality is quite similar.

Wushan Konjac Chicken

Wushan konjac chicken, this dish with handmade konjac is not an ordinary soft konjac, but the local unique handmade konjac, ingredients chicken is also selected more than three years old chicken with secret soup, ingredients cooked . Chicken spicy, konjac Q bomb.

Wushan Grilled Fish

Wushan grilled fish, a kind of gourmet food originating from Wushan, is a fusion of pickling, roasting and stewing three culinary techniques, and makes reference to the characteristics of traditional Sichuan dishes and Sichuan-style hotpot. Crisp and delicious fish, spicy flavor.

Fengjie Ziyang Chicken

Fengjie Ziyang Chicken is a typical local farm-style dish. With a selection of chicken and pork trotters, it is delicious and delicious. It is a must-eat delicacies to Fengjie.

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