Ascend to the sea and visit the mountains, you must know these four ways of playing!

"Taishan is not as high as the clouds, it is not as good as the East China Sea." Known as the “First Sea of ​​the Sea” by the ancients, Lushan, with its unique beauty and profound cultural heritage, attracts a large number of tourists from home and abroad. When you search for "Lushan Raiders", when you face all kinds of pieces of information about the mountain, do you feel that you can't start? Here, as the old "indigenous" who lived in Qingdao for N years, all the information about Lushan was sorted out for everyone's reference to choose the best way to travel.
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You may not know about Lushan.

When did you know Lushan for the first time? Is it a little story of the Lushan Taoist who was heard in childhood, or is it the white sand snake grass water that has abused your tongue for thousands of times? You don't even know what fun to play in such a famous place? Then give you a spoiler first:
First, ascend to the sea. Qingdao is a city of Linhai, while the Lushan Mountain Scenic Area is not far from the beach. When you overcome your own challenge peak, when you overlook the blue ocean, the sense of accomplishment bursts.
Second, strange mountains and different stones. The giant peak is also called the dome, and the stone scene along the way is very surprising. Infiltrated by the Taoist thoughts, there is a fresh and refined scent. When you climb the highest peak, the breeze will come, and the sky will be dark, such as immortals.
Third, the willow dark flowers. Drill into the darkness of the 觅天洞, use both hands and feet, feel the yin wind, listen to the reverberation of the sound of the water under the feet, the light that shines in the darkness. When you come out from the hole, you can overlook the entire Lushan Mountain, and the suddenness and clearness of the dark flowers will definitely make you worthwhile.
Look, this interesting Lushan, are you going to visit the field to make a card? Lushan is known as “the first mountain in the sea”, and the combination of mountains and seas is also its biggest highlight. However, after the famous friends who came to visit Lushan, the evaluation of Lushan was mixed. The reason why the evaluation is good or bad is that the newly arrived friends think that Lushan is a mountaineering route. In the end, it is very likely to find an entrance to the mountain. It is possible to take a route that is different from what I imagined in my heart. After the game returns, I will scream at the table. (┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻: This mountain is different from what I thought in my heart! Here I can tell you very responsibly: Lushan Scenic Area is just a general term for the whole mountain range of Lushan Mountain. You may not have played it right.
Closer to home, in order not to let everyone repeat the same mistakes, I will give you a detailed introduction to Lushan:

Do you know that there are four routes in Shangyu Mountain?

Lushan is actually a relatively large scenic area, not just a separate uphill route. This includes the four main scenic spots of Yangkou, Jufeng, Liuqing-Yangkou and Beijiuhui, as well as the branch of Erlong Mountain Scenic Area. (There are very few people here as the remaining veins, so there is no public transportation, this time it is not for the time being. ). Next, let's take a closer look at the focus of these scenic spots, and give a reference to the friends who want to come to Qingdao to climb the mountain, so that you can find the most beautiful mountain in your heart.
01. Essence route - Yangkou: The nearest distance to the mountain to see the sea
02. Qifeng strange stone - Jufeng: ascend to see the sea
03. Public route - Taiqing: Taoist culture Yangkou
04. Change the taste - North Kowloon Water: natural scenery "brook" water flow

01. Essence route - Yangkou: The nearest distance from the mountain to see the sea, the mountain to see the sea

Photo: Yangkou Scenic Area by: Walker 兮兮

Yangkou has the closest hiking route to the beach. “The Ascendant View of the Sea” is here, and the beach overlooking Yangkou is very beautiful. Moreover, it is the only one of the four scenic spots in Laoshan that can be started without taking the scenic traffic car. In addition to the beauty of the Yangkou, the most important thing to miss is the challenging Qitian Cave. It can be said that this route is the most beautiful place. The cave is steep, steep, narrow, and the darkest part is completely out of reach, and the narrowest part can be barely strengthened. If you are too fat, don't try to walk through the hole. Don't say that I didn't remind you. Because there is no light source in the hole, you must remember to bring a flashlight or a charging treasure to ensure that the phone's power is enough to illuminate.
If you are worried that you can't climb the whole journey, you can take the cableway up and down, climb the sky, and finally take a photo at the top of the mountain to see the scenery.
Yangkou Scenic Area is on the east side of Lushan Mountain. If you purchase an e-ticket online, you need to exchange tickets at the Tourist Service Center in the Yangkou Parking Lot. The self-driving partner can also park your car here (free). If you are buying tickets on site, you need to continue to the direction of the Yangkou ticket gate at the parking lot. Walk about 10 minutes from the Yangkou stop. At the ticket office, you can buy the Yangkou ticket and the ropeway ticket. .
Ticket information:
Tickets for the peak season (April 1st - October 31st of the current year): 90 yuan / person
Low season tickets (November 1st - March 31st of the following year): 60 yuan / position
Yangkou cableway: 35 yuan / one way, 60 yuan / round trip

There is no light in the cave. It is recommended to carry a small light source or buy a flashlight under the mountain. After going down the mountain, you can go to the beach in Yangkou and squat on the beach. There is a lot of dark flow at the bottom of the mouth. Don't swim in the sea at Yangkou Beach.

02. Qifeng Rocks - Jufeng: Looking up at the sea

Picture: Jufeng by: ✿North·Tianluliang

Jufeng is the main peak of Lushan Mountain, and the dome is the highest point, with an elevation of 1132.7 meters (although the dome is a military restricted area, visitors are not allowed to enter). Look at its elevation and you will know that this line is an individual force, climbing the mountain, but the scenery is not a supplement. In addition to ascending to the top, the most worthwhile thing to watch here is all kinds of strange stones. Want to know what is awesome? Jufeng tells you.
The core scenic spot of Jufeng is a ring, and it takes about five or six hours to take a photo in it. Although it is not as tired as climbing up Mount Tai, if you are physically fit, it is recommended to take the cable car. The whole route is recommended to be counterclockwise. In this case, you can see the best peak of the scenery in the first place. If you don’t have the physical strength, you won’t miss the essence. There are two roads in Dengling Qifeng, most of which are turned right from Tuen Mun. Another road is more dangerous, it is a one-way road, adventure lovers can choose, but there are also guardrails don't have to worry about it.
There are some small attractions outside the ring line. If you have plenty of time, you can consider the Dan furnace peak, or the Wuzhifeng and viewing platforms. Of course, these are the places to consider after you have visited the main line and have physical strength. Otherwise, you can climb the main line. There are few people on the way, the scenery is beautiful and comfortable.
Jufeng's ticketing and ticketing location is at the Dahedong Customer Service Center. There is a large parking lot here, and the self-driving partner can park the car here (free of charge). The e-ticket exchange office and the on-site ticket office are located in the customer service center. There are many lobby windows, and many staff members can consult. After purchasing the tickets, you need to transfer to the scenic traffic car to reach the foot of the giant peak to start climbing.
Ticket information:
Tickets for the peak season (April 1st - October 31st of the current year): 120 yuan / person (including round-trip scenic traffic vehicles)
off-season tickets (November 1st - March 31st of the following year): 90 yuan / Location (including transportation to and from the scenic spot)
Scenic traffic: 40 yuan / round trip
Jufeng cableway: 40 yuan / one way, 80 yuan / round trip

Jufeng is 1132.7 meters above sea level. If you walk through the whole mountain, you have higher physical strength. You can choose to take a one-way cableway to save energy.

03. Public Route - Taiqing: Taoist Culture + Yangkou

Photo: Huayan Temple by: Walker 兮兮

Liuqing-Yangkou, also known as the South Line, is the earliest developed and most prestigious route in the Laoshan Scenic Area. It is close to the coastline and has the famous cultural attractions Taiqing Palace - the legendary Lushan Taoist residence, is the most popular line of people to travel to the mountains, but also the choice of travel agencies. This line is currently recommended by the Lushan official to vote for two days, but this time it is not recommended to use the two-day tour. If you have time to spend more time playing for the day, I suggest you choose another day to go to Kyoho or Kitakyushu. In addition to the Yangkou Scenic Area introduced above, you can also see other scenic spots with different styles.
If you have to finish the day, you will definitely feel that when you reach the top of the mouth, there is too little time left for Yangkou. I have spent too much time in major temples before, and may feel that it is not worthwhile. However, this route is more suitable for the mode of going to the card, so whether you choose this route depends on what you need.
The ticket sales and ticketing locations in Taiqing Scenic Spot are the same as those in Jufeng. They are in the Dahedong Customer Service Center. After the ticket check, you need to take the scenic traffic car to reach each scenic spot. The traffic car between the scenic spots is running in the water. It can be understood as the inside of Taiqing Scenic Spot. For bus routes, please keep your tickets and show your tickets every time you travel.
Ticket information:
Tickets for the peak season (April 1st - October 31st of the current year): 130 yuan / person (including round-trip scenic traffic vehicles)
off-season tickets (November 1st - March 31st of the following year): 100 yuan / Location (including transportation to and from the scenic spot)
Scenic traffic: 40 yuan / round-up
Yangkou cableway: 35 yuan / one way, 60 yuan / round trip
Taiqing cableway: 45 yuan / one way, 80 yuan / round trip

In addition to the focus on the Yangkou Scenic Area, the human landscape recommended [Tai Qing Palace], tickets for 27 yuan / person. The Taiqing Palace has a history of more than 2,000 years. According to legend, Qiu Chuji and Zhang Sanfeng have cultivated here.

04. Change the taste - North Jiu Shui: Natural scenery "brook" water flow

Photo: Kitakyushu by: Ruchika

If you regard Lushan as a place to play cards only once in a lifetime, then I suggest you not to take this line. After all, the scenery of the stream can be seen in many places, but if you have been to Lushan, you have seen the strange peaks and rocks, and you are looking at the sea, just want to come and squat, then this route is suitable for you. The North Jiu Shui Scenic Area is more focused on natural scenery. There are a total of 10% off the river in the mountains and 18 in the shallow pool. In the hot summer, you can barefoot on the water; in the winter, you can enjoy the ice-covered ice waterfall, and the natural scenery is beautiful.
There are a number of ticket inspection sites in the North Jiu Shui Scenic Area. The ticket inspection place to be introduced here is the Beijiu Water Ticket Office of Wolong Village Parking Lot. This is the transportation hub of the North Jiu Shui Scenic Area. The team bus in Qingdao city, everyone's private cars can park in this parking lot for free, and it is the terminal of most buses. After purchasing the ticket, take the scenic mountain bike inside the scenic spot to enter the Jiu Shui tour.
Ticket information:
Tickets for the peak season (April 1st of the year - October 31st of the current year): 90 yuan / person (including round-trip scenic traffic vehicles)
off-season tickets (November 1st - March 31st of the following year): 70 yuan / Location (including transportation to and from the scenic spot)
scenic traffic car: 30 yuan / round trip

This scenic spot recommends that the friends go to play after the rain, there is plenty of water to form a small waterfall, and the hot summer can take off the shoes, treading water in the stream is very pleasant.

How do you identify those pits in your travels?

Photo: Kitakyushu by: Ruchika

After reading the introduction of the four scenic spots in Lushan, did you pick out your favorite route? Some of the traffic spots in the mountainous area have caused too much time for the departure of the bus. It is a waste of time for the bus to stop and go. Basically, the distance of more than 30 kilometers, the bus will waste an hour and a half more time than driving or traveling with the group bus. Therefore, if you want to save some trouble, if you don't have a self-driving car, you can choose to go to the mountain to play with the group.
However, the price of the group tour with Lushan is uneven, and the price from dozens to hundreds of pieces is dazzling and impossible to choose. But you have to know that the price of the peak season tickets in Lushan is basically above 100 yuan, so the price of dozens of group tours is reliable, you know.
Of course, most of them are reliable, but for the sake of insurance, they still provide some tips for preventing squads. One of the easiest to recruit in the group tour is [Taiqing Connection Tour]. At present, the price range for the one-day tour of the Taishan route with the tour of Lushan and the group is floating within 150 yuan - 400 yuan. What is the difference between a classic line? Among them, the greasy is the [shopping shop], [self-funded scenic spot] and [group meal farmer's banquet].

What do you need to pay attention to in the store?

For those who go to Taiqing for a day trip of less than 200 yuan, they will not enter the shopping mall, but they actually share a tour bus with other guests who participate in the shopping group. When the shopping group's guests enter the store, the bus needs to wait for the shopping guests. In general, the time of the Lushan shopping store is about 40 minutes, spending pure play money, wasting time for shopping groups, and it is not worth the candle. Therefore, when consulting, you must ask whether you are in the same car as the shopping group. If the number of pure play groups in the travel agency reaches a single car, the whole group of friends can still not enter the shopping store.

What is the self-funded attraction?

Before going to Lushan, there will inevitably pass one of two self-funded scenic spots along the way: [People's Republic of China Zero] or [Oriental Bear Ranch]. It is not that these two scenic spots have no play value, but the connection time of Taiqing is really tight. Compress the time of the Lushan tour, and buy a scenic spot that is not related to Lushan for 40 minutes. Finally, the attractions that are at your own expense have not been enjoyed, and the tour of Lushan is not comprehensive. Therefore, I want to play with the group to play the true original taste of the Taiqing line, it is best to choose a group tour of more than 300 yuan.

What are the routines for group meals?

There are no tour groups that indicate meals, and there will be guides to guide you to the designated place to eat. After entering the restaurant, you are not forced to order food, you can eat your own food, and use the free dining place in the restaurant. The mountaineering partners are basically lightly loaded. Where do you think of carrying food? When I arrive at the restaurant, I definitely want to order a meal, but the price of the farmer's feast in Lushan is higher than that in the city. The menu price must be carefully checked. I really don't want seafood. The seafood price of the farmer's feast is relatively high. I suggest you go back to the city to eat. Participate in the tour of the mountains, if it is not a meal group, it is best to take some food. However, if you choose to include a meal group, please remember the consultation menu.

The above is a few aspects of signing up for the Taiqing connection is relatively easy to recruit. Secondly, there is no shopping mall and self-funded attractions in the North Jiu Shui and the group tour. Therefore, the North Jiu Shui and the group tour are basically pure and play-free groups. Since then, all the detailed travel routes of Lushan have been introduced, and I hope to help the little friends who are ready to play in Lushan!

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